The day was bright and a new. Hiyori woke up, to the sound of a new day- Yato and Yukine arguing over another thing. She opened the door, and with one swift slap on the cheek, they both shut up. "SOME OF US ARE TRYING TO GET SOME SLEEP!" She tried yelling, but she couldn't do so as much, because somewhere around the corner was a parent or maybe a stalker, but she didn't care which one it was.

"Hiyori, that really hurts." Yato rubbed his face with his cat-like expression.

"Oi, why are you slapping me?" Yukine rubbed his face almost copying Yato.

"My parents could be in their room trying to sleep or maybe they're eating breakfast." She crossed her arms and waited for the dreadful response, and she knew it was going to hit her soon... at some point.

"They aren't home, I watched them both leave for work, or whatever it is they do." Yato sighed, still rubbing his burning cheek.

She looked angry now. She took to her defense, "Were you stalking me?! Pervert! You were probably watching me from the window!"

He put his hands together and started bowing as if he were praising her, "No, no, it wasn't that. I was just making sure Yukine doesn't get into trouble." His cat like eyes drifted over to Yukine, whom had by then looked away ignoring the God's comment.

"What do you mean so that Yukine wouldn't get in trouble? He's in more danger with you than he is with me!" She flailed her arms around, trying to act angry and it seemed to be intimidating Yato, though, no one knows why.

He made a little pouty face then he mumbled something just loud enough for everyone to hear, "...He stung me while I was sleeping. And I was having a dream where I had my own temple and lots of women and followers and-"

Hiyori knocked him straight into a trance with her slap, this time on the opposite cheek of the last time. "I don't care about your dreams, it's not going to happen!"

"Aww, Hiyori you're so mean." He replied all worriedly, mostly because he was getting hit left and right, literally.

"You should trust me ya minor." Yukine gave him the forbidden comment- calling Yato a minor.

"Yukine, what did I tell you abou-"

"Shut the hell up already! I want to rest in peace!" She yelled, and then slammed the door in their face.

"Hiyori is so mean. Why do you get me into things like this Yukine?" He asked, turning his head just to look Yukine right in the eyes, well for a second since Yukine just looked away again.

"What do you mean? You're the crappy God around here trying to fix her." Yukine had a little smug mixed in that last comment.

"YUKINE! I will fix her you inconsiderate boy!" Still, even when he was yelling, no one could really tell if he was yelling or not. At least not when SHE was sleeping or ready to slap him like pancakes on a plate.

"Uh... Veena?" Kazuma walked in, seeing her lying down on a bed, staring up into deep space... wherever that could be; it must have been a beautiful sight.

She didn't respond. Rather she looked over into Kazuma's direction, then looked back to wherever that was so interesting- the wall.

"Veena?" The regalia asked again, but this time there was a response.

She said it, as if she was pondering through it for so long, and to Kazuma, that was a fact, "Kazuma, if you hated someone for decades and centuries, and you no longer hated them anymore..." she paused, as if she needed about the rest. And then she resumed, "Would you make it up to them... or try to be friends? Or allies? Or even comrades?"

Kazuma knew, that whatever it is she stumbled upon in that brain of hers, it had to do with Yato. He'd been staying away from her for so long, and it wasn't even his fault. She had hunted Yato down for as long as anyone could remember, and now was the turning point. The miracle of god and god- an ended fighting.

"Veena, I feel anyone who can be forgiven, should be forgiven. Everyone has a second chance." He smiled, and walked over to her, and sat down on a couch, somewhat close to the bed, and watched her.

She seemed to close her eyes, out of content, and then replied in a small tone, "Thank you, Kazuma. I would like to forgive the Yato god."

Kazuma sighed. Yes, it's been a revolution of changes and differentiating, but it was a good time. This is the future, the future deserves more than what the past holds, and that future has been brought into the light, for all to see. For all to feel. And it was that future, that 'Veena' had finally taken the path to.

"Would you like me to invite everyone and have a dinner or some sort of party? Maybe we could do something like when we were at the cherry blossoming." Kazuma insisted, although it made Veena blush some, after remembering what had happened that time, even if the memory was somewhat hazy.

"Yes. That would be nice, but make sure there is no wine this time..." And of course, the precautions have been set.

"Okay, I'll invite everyone for the event, or what would you call this? A forgiving ceremony? Let's just make it fir occasion." He got up, and wrote something down and then walked to the door, making sure Veena didn't protest. She didn't. This could get interesting.