Recently, I've had quite a few Harry Potter ideas that went into the one-shot smut territory. And when I thought about it, I also thought "hey, genius, didn't you used to have a story for these things, called the Breeding Ground?"

In March of 2019, the original Breeding Ground ended. It was 350 chapters. Then there was 150 chapters exclusive to my now inactive blog, some happening while the original series went on, some in about a year and a half after I published Chapter 350. I also had the Real World Breeding Ground for about a hundred chapters.(Although that was AO3 exclusive) And MILFs of May and Daughters of Potter were originally part of the Breeding Ground blog exclusive content.

I've decided to bring Breeding Ground back, but not as a regularly scheduled story. I'll write a chapter here and there and post it. There might be several chapters in a short amount of time. Or there might be weeks in between chapters. Depends on my frame of mind.

Let the shameless smut commence. Again.

Perks of Homeschooling(Lily Evans-Potter)

The fact Lily decided to pull her son out of Hogwarts and homeschool him caused a great deal of controversy. Potters attended Hogwarts for generations. Tradition was very important in the Wizarding World. However, with Dumbledore's oh so casual comment about there being a dangerous deadly corridor, Lily pulled her son out of that school so fast friction marks her left behind.

Lily did not doubt her choices. Not with what she heard was going on, over the past five years. If anything, Harry learned more. He excelled in Potions, Charms, and Defense Against the Dark Arts, but he was good at every subject. And every single exam he took.

Spending a lot of time with her son made Lily very proud of him. And also caused other feelings to rise. Taboo feelings which Lily tried to squash, but they got stronger. They spent every moment together they could. While Harry had friends in the village they lived at, Lily was his first priority and Harry's was Lily's.

The thought just made her smile.

"Did they come back, Mum?"

Harry entered the room. He stood shirtless, still dripping from the shower. Lily's eyes traced over every inch of Harry's body. She casually slid her skirt up an inch, without really thinking about it.

Her and Harry had always been casual and comfortable with each other. Many times, during the summer, they just sat around the house, in nothing but their underwear. Lily caught herself admiring Harry's body and caught Harry doing likewise. She did not mind and the thought excited her.

And there were times where Harry made an excuse to leave the room suddenly to take care of something. Lily only imagined. She did not follow. That was one line she was not willing to cross.


"The OWLs just arrived," Lily said. "I haven't looked at it yet, but I'm sure they're amazing."

Harry opened up and grinned. He showed them to Lily.

"Twelve Outstandings," Harry said.

"Oooh, Harry, I'm so proud of you!"

Lily threw her arms around Harry and pulled him in tight. Her covered breasts pressed against his uncovered chest when she pulled him in close. Lily came close to kissing Harry on instinct, but decided not to do it. Not yet.

"I had a good teacher."

Harry held his mother closer towards him. Her red hair shined and she smelled of lilies. Her green eyes and hot face shined beautifully. Her shirt tightened, almost by magic, around her ample chest and rode up to show her tight, fit stomach. Harry discreetly moved down to cradle her hips, shapely and easy to grab. Along with a nice supple ass. Her short skirt showed off her legs and gave Harry a hint of Lily's lacy red panties.

"A very good teacher," Harry said.

"Well, you're a good student," Lily said. "And good students should be praised. I was right to pull you out Hogwars. You've really grown underneath me."

Slowly, Harry and Lily edged closer together. Harry reached down and ran a finger down the smooth creamy flesh of his mother's back. The two entered a passionate kiss with each pinned a hand against her rear and moved down to squeeze it.

"We're really going to do this?" Harry asked.

"If you really want to," Lily said.

"I do," Harry said. "Don't you?"

Lily smiled and nodded. She leaned in and kissed Harry again. Harry's hands slipped underneath Lily's shirt and played with her sexy belly. The two kissed each other, and moaned into the other's mouths. Lily's soft tongue entered Harry's mouth and explored the inside of it. Harry returned.

Very slowly, Lily edged her hand down her son's body and cupped his crotch. Lily kneaded and squeezed his cock through his pants and with Harry pumping his crotch closer towards her. Lily slid his pants down and revealed his large pulsing cock.

"From now on, you're not leaving the room to take care of your little problem," Lily said. "Mummy will take care of it. Understand?"

"Yes," Harry hissed with Lily's hand reaching down and stroking his cock long and hard.

"My best student is going to get rewarded for being such a diligent study," Lily said when she stroked Harry's cock up and down.

Lily worked her top down and exposed her round, juicy tits, in a lacy bra bra to Harry. Her fine body had been on full display. Harry took Lily's skirt and pulled out down. Her athletic, sexy body had been on full display for him. Lily ran her hands down Harry's cock and made him throb.

"Tell me what you want, honey," Lily breathed in a sexy voice

"I want you on your knees, with my cock in your mouth."

Lily obliged, and put her lips on Harry's stiff organ. He twitched and groaned. Lily licked Harry's cock long and hard and made him throb for her. Lily's mouth pinned down onto Harry's cock and swallowed him like a goddess. Those green eyes stared up into Harry's when Lily popped her mouth around him.

Oooh, Harry heard her swallowing his cock. Harry gazed down into Lily's eyes. Lily gave him a passionate suck. Harry pinned a hand against the back of her head and slowly thrusted into her mouth.

"Mum, you're amazing."

Lily pressed her face down into Harry's pelvis. The loud slurps echoed through the room. Lily decided there was no turning back now. These feelings had been building for years. Lily kept humming and enjoying every inch of Harry's cock.

Amazing was a pretty damn word to describe what Lily was doing. Harry plowed her mouth and throat and humped her face. His balls tightened and Lily rubbed them hard. She tightened and released his balls, milking them. Lustful sounds made Harry's hips buck into her mouth. Lily blew Harry in a way which he would never forget. It beat all of his best fantasies regarding his mother.

Nothing beat reality. Lily popped her mouth around him.


The warning did not deter Lily. She kept sucking Harry's cock. She came from the warning and came again when Harry blasted her mouth with his seed. She sucked him harder and formed a very delightful suction.

Harry emptied what seemed like years of pent-up frustration down Lily's throat. She swallowed every last drop of cum down into her gullet. Lily released Harry's prick and licked his dripping, messy head. She flickered the tongue against him and smiled when she tasted him."

"Seems like I'm the one who got the reward."

Lily rose up and licked her lips. She swayed her hips and dropped her bra. Harry's eyes locked onto his mother's round tits. They were big, but perky. Harry started to throb. Lily edged her panties down and peeled them off, exposing her dripping hot slit for Harry.

A big smile crossed over Lily''s face as she laid down on the couch. She crooked her finger and beckoned Harry forward.

Harry threw himself on top of Lily and kissed her neck passionately. Harry peppered every inch of Lily's body with kisses. She tasted great. Harry could not keep his hands off of her legs as they spread for him. Harry kissed Lily's sexy navel and made her way out.

With a smile, Harry pressed his tongue down into Lily's warm, dripping slit. He tongued her pussy and wiggled it up and down.

"Such a generous son," Lily gasped in pleasure. "Keep licking me. Taste me! Do you like it, baby?"

Harry affirmed his enjoyment of his mother's pussy by going down on her. He kept kissing and tonguing her pretty pussy. She just had the right amount of red hair on her nether regions to tickle his face when he went down on her. Harry slurped the sweet taste. He could hear Lily moan and her hands moving down.

Lily groped her chest and arched her back. Harry buried face down between her legs was never a feeling she thought she would have. It was like a fantasy came to life. It was almost like Harry had been brought into this world, to pleasure Lily, and it was her duty as his mother to make sure he got the same amount of pleasure.

Another orgasm rocked through Lily. Harry tasted her damp slit. He climbed up, and ran his hands down Lily's body. Lily wrapped her legs around Harry. She held him tightly, when he kissed her neck and her breasts. Harry kissed and sucked her neck, moving down her ear.

"I want you, Mum," Harry whispered in Lily's ear.

"Yes, baby," Lily said. "I know. "I can't believe I didn't help you sooner."

"You're going to help me every day, then," Harry said in between kisses.

"YES!" Lily moaned while running a hand down his back. "Go ahead and fuck your mother. Use me as your cock sheath. I'll keep you nice and warm every single night. If you just give it to me!"

Harry plunged down into Lily. The wetness of her pussy gobbled him and released his big prick when he entered her from above. His mother had not been fucked in years, and she was thirsty. Harry decided to give it to her and plunge down inside of her.


Lily pumped Harry's cock in between her walls. Harry plunging into the place she birthed him from made her hot and in pleasure. Harry flickered a finger against Lily's nipple and reduced her into a quivering mess. Harry leaned in and squeezed her chest.

The tightness of his mother around him made Harry groan. He never thought this would actually happen. Even during his wildest, most debauched dreams, Harry never thought he would have his beautiful mother pinned down and slamming his big prick inside of her like this. Lily gripped Harry when he rocked inside of her body.

"Keep it up," Lily purred in his ear. "Mummy's going to cum for you."

Lily came and milked Harry's cock. Harry sped up the thrusts and pounded Lily until her body spasmed and twitched hard. Harry kissed her nipples and reduced her to a quivering mess of pleasure. Harry buried his face into her breasts and sucked on them hard. Harry motorboated his mother and made her lose it.

She came, back arching. Harry rubbed Lily's legs and sent her over the tipping point. Lily squeezed his cock and Harry could feel the soft velvet of his mother's walls. She grabbed him, tighter than anything Harry ever had in his life. Nothing compared.

Their bodies moved in harmony. Mother and son worked back and forth against each and matched each other. Orgasm after orgasm drained Lily's energy. Harry kept going and Lily worked to keep up with her son. He deserved Lily to meet his expectations. She could not let him down.

"Mmm, empty your balls into Mummy," Lily moaned in his ear. "I want you to shoot your big fat load and fill me up. You deserve it after all the times I teased you with my slutty body over the years."

Harry thought about all of the times he was sexually frustrated and rode Lily to a finish. His balls tightened and one more groan followed. Harry did not pull out and Lily would not let him do so. Her heels dug into Harry's back and he pumped inside of her.

A shower of cum sprayed into Lily's hot pussy. Lily came alongside Harry. Harry pinned her down and dumped his load deep inside of his mother's tight pussy. Harry toyed with her hot body and kept burying his prick inside of Lily's hot and hungry hole.

"That's perfect," Lily gasped.

Harry laid on top of Lily in the aftermath. Harry's head dropped onto Lily's chest and Lily stroked her hair. Life was wonderful as mother and son basked in the afterglow.

"We'll have lunch when you're ready."

After all, it's Lily's duty as Harry's mother to make sure Harry's belly was full and his balls were regularly emptied.