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A monster that took the place of Ino was now in the empty and dark training ground. Her mind was kept untouched though. She found herself floating in nothingness. Ino looked to her left and right, but all she saw was blackness. That is until two glowing red eyes stared her down. It began moving towards her and two hands reached towards her. She knew that Kyuubi was up to something but couldn't figure out what.

"Your test starts now kit."

Kyuubi trapped Ino in his hands slowly destroying her mental state and sanity. Outside, the four-tailed beast began to walk towards the village. At the rate it was moving, Ino had roughly ten minutes before it reached the village. To add on pressure, her mind and sanity were slowly decreasing, and she wondered what Kyuubi would do to the village if she didn't gain control and fast.

Ino understood that fighting against Kyuubi's force would be meaningless. He was a million times stronger than her and with just a small taste of his power, she felt like nothing could stop her. What she needed was another outlet. She needed another way to defeat Kyuubi. Her jutsu would be useless since its power won't be able to have an effect on him. What was she to do?

9 minutes left.

She clutched her head as she now heard the voice of hatred and her sanity level was at 78%. Her hands slowly moved downwards, and she let out a mighty scream. She entered her Nine-Tailed state and temporarily stopped the process. She closed her eyes and thought of a crazy idea. She had a calm mind and slowly felt her spirit lifting from her body. She stayed in that calm state until she was fully out.

8 minutes left.

Kyuubi noticed that her presence was gone and wondered what she was planning. Ino entered his mind and Kyuubi smirked. He instantly blocked her from getting further. His chakra took a hold of Ino and shot her outside. She looked at Kyuubi with a hateful glare. He had to ruin her plans of taking over his mind and reversing the process. Kyuubi practically had chakra leaking out of him now. He let out a roar and it sent Ino back to her body.

"You really don't make things easy, do you?"

Ino drew more on Kyuubi's power and the cloak started to form around her. In a sharp scream, the chakra lifted Kyuubi's hand off her and she moved out the way. She then had to side jump since one of Kyuubi's tails was coming toward her. Kyuubi sent another pair after her but she dodged tem and latched on to one with her artificial tail. She ran to the back of Kyuubi and leaped into the air.

"Let's see how you'll handle this!" She took a hold of his tail and pulled him upwards. Ino managed to get Kyuubi in the air, but, as she was making her way to Kyuubi, he launched a Tailed Beast Bomb. With the combination of the speed of the attack and the distance between them, she had no time to move. The attack was on target and Kyuubi landed back on the ground.

5 minutes left.

Kyuubi looked into the smoke cloud knowing Ino would have a little fighting spirit left. After all, he didn't make it too powerful. The smoke cloud began to glow red and Ino came out a few seconds later. She was now the monster that was making its way to the village. She landed in front of Kyuubi, who was snickering to himself. He moved towards her just to get a giant fist to his face. With him on his back, he looked at Ino.

"How…how are you still in control?!"

"You really want to know? Then let me beat you first!"

3 minutes left.

She dashed towards Kyuubi at an insane speed and delivered a powerful kick to his side. Kyuubi tried to gain back his bearings as he was trying to stop. He powered up a Tailed Beast Bomb and Ino did the same. The two launched the attack and they collided. Kyuubi was shocked that she produced one that was equal to his. Ino powered up a next one and fired it. It caused the collided attacks to move towards Kyuubi.

He jumped out the way and was quickly trapped. Ino took the advantage of this form. She made multiple arms from just the original two and had a firm grasp on Kyuubi. She took him and flipped him onto his back. Ino jumped and expanded her hand. Bringing the enormous hand down on Kyuubi, she pinned him and got ready to deliver the final blow. She was sceptical at first, but now she knew this wasn't the real Kyuubi.

1 minute left.

Ino launched her four tails at Kyuubi and divided them as they came closer to him. Kyuubi was now having multiple tails driven through him and screaming in pain. Once the barrage stopped, Ino deformed back to her normal state and stared Kyuubi right in the eye. She was now ready to give her answer. She told him all she did was accept the negative feelings that he pumped into her. Kyuubi smiled and disappeared.

10 seconds left.

On the outside, Kyuubi's chakra left Ino and she returned to normal. When she looked around, she was at the end of the training grounds and was about to enter the village. She felt a new surge of power flowing through her. It was clear from the start that she was now going to nurture and grow this new power. With her goal in mind, it would prove to be rather easy. She decided to go back to the sleeping Naruto she left.

"But when I get back, it's in the shower for me."

She slowly made her way back home feeling mentally drained. Tomorrow would be a better day for both her and Naruto.

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