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Prologue: By a prayer


This was the end of the line, it couldn't be...could it? for him? the one who had rampaged across the heavens, his lone left eye singled in on the man before him...no, the demon before him, with gritted teeth and panted breath's; he glared.

"O-Oda...Nobunaga.." his breath hitched as he struggled to stay concious.

The demon in question simply grinned maliciously, red eyes beaming as he looked down upon his prey, the one-eyed dragon slowly crawled to his feet, behind him, his comrades in battle lay defeated, their eyes drowned in defeat's cold embrace, but there was one to his right who stood up with him slowly, struggling.

"I, Sanada Y-Yukimura will n-not fall here!"

He screamed, letting out a defiant battle cry and raised himself to his feet, his twin red spears gleaming in the darkness, his knees shook from it's weight but nonetheless he stood and charged.

"Sanada Yukimura! wait!" the dragon screamed "Tch!" and then he too, spurred on to help his comrade dived in.

Charging head first into the fray, Yukimura jumped as high as he could "Burn my soul!" he screamed and the enemy before him smirked as a blanket of fire burst across the sky "Suzaku!" a gleaming fiery birdraged across the skies and below on the ground...

"Okay! this party isn't over yet!" the one eyed dragon screamed, settling into his signature stance, blue aura emitted surrounded him and then he threw his five swords at the sixth demon king effectively stopping him in his tracks.

"W-What?!" His red eyes gleamed with fury, he couldn't move and he screamed in distraught.

"Now! Sanada Yukimura!" Date screamed and Yukimura soared, diving straight in to pierce the demon, the one eyed dragon however readied himself as well as he compressed into a thin piercing blue light of speed, he charged forward!

"Jumping jack breaker!"

Red and blue collided onto Oda Nobunaga as fire raged across the mountain top they battled on, the rocks around them crumbled, the mountain began to shake, the skies turned even darker and the area surrounding the mountain began to crumble, earthquakes began to shake the plain, such was the force of their attacks that even the heavens began to tremble and finally an explosion of immense magnitude, smoke, dust, ash all collided as the two warriors landed onto the plain below them.

"G-gah!" Date let out a yelp of pain succumbing to his wounds, he fell to on his right knee, Yukimura however had collpased entirely next to the injured dragon panting hard, he was losing conciousness, his last attack had drained every bit of energy from him, the smoke wasn't clearing and both of them felt dread suffcocate them, two red eyes burned itself from the smoke.

"E-even after all that...heh.." Date murmurmed, grinning at the absurdity of the situation. Yukimura looked on as well, his eyes slowly giving way to the heaviness that threathened to close it, their allies lay on the ground defeated.

"I-Is this the e-end?...O-Oyakata-sama...I'm sorry" He murmured in panted breaths "I-I won't be able to s-see you conquer this country.."

"Oi, oi..." Date interjected, grinning as they both watched Oda Nobunaga walk forward walking step by step towards them "I'm t-the one who is g-going to rule this land, Sanada Yukimur-gah!" violent coughs emitted itself from the injured dragon, blood spilling before him. Yukimura could simply grin at his rival's statement.

Tokugawa Ieyasu, Mitsunari Ishida, Motochika Chosukbe, Maeda Keiji couldn't help them for they all lay defeated and unconcious, they couldn't help them and they had to wonder who could? and the answer presented itself to them all too swiftly.


"T-That voice! h-how!?" Date kneeled in confusion, how could it be? and he watched with his lone left eye, the deceased sister of the demon king approach them, Nobunaga slowly turned his attention away from the wounded in front of him and then to the sister he had coldly murdered.

"Ichi..." he maliciously grinned "Ichi! gaaaaaah!"

Black hands erupted itself from Oichi shielding her from the shockwave from the demon king, she walked forward slowly and slowly as both Date and Yukimura looked on.

"Oichi-dono..." murmured a surprised Yukimura, Date however kneeled quietly, this would be their final chance and if she failed, then all of them would die and so would the land of the rising sun. They watched as she slowly embraced the mad demon king who struggled against her grasp.

"Nii-sama, let us go to sleep"

For a while, it looked as if Oichi's lone statement had done the trick, slowly they both began to sink into the ground but stopped.


And with widened eyes, Date looked in horror as the guns in the hands of the demon king aimed at the back of Oichi, Date screached"Sister of the demon king! let go of him!"" but it was too late as he rained down bullets upon her back and as she was punched full of holes by the unholy bullets, blood splattered all around them and one such splatter fell onto the left eye of the wounded dragon.

She collapsed without a word and in her wake, a malicious laugh echoed through the country, Date stood in shock as did Yukimura who lay down in complete horror "H-how could s-such a general exist!?"

"You..." Date murmured, slowly, struggling to his feet, from his lone left eye, Oichi's small drop of blood teared itself down from his eye and made it seem like he cried a tear of blood, he saw the peaceful smile on her face, though dead now...she was at peace and then in rage he cried out.

"Killing her once wasn't enough for you!" he shouted and in response Oda Nobunaga simply grinned at him, maliciously "That's why I did it a...second time..."

And it hit Date, something was different "You...you reme-!"

Another laugh "it would seem my dear sister's powers awoke my sanity from it's slumber... now then, dokuganryuu...are you angry?" black souless hands emitted itself from it's surroundings slowly claiming the body of his unconcious comrades.

"Damn r-right! I'll kill you and take your head, if that's not enough, I'll keep doing it every time you come back! she was your sister! a thousand deaths aren't enoughto compare what you did to her, demon king! Luckily for you, I'm going to kill you more than a thousand times, You see!?" he screamed and charged forward

"Masamune-dono!" Yukimura screamed as he watched the dragon race into battle and the last thing the lone dragon remembered was a flash of white light, the grinning demon king aiming the guns at his head and a small voice that called out to him.

"Dokuganryū, please don't die..."

And he stood completely baffled "Where?!..." a peaceful plain lay before him, this wasn't Sekigahara, blood was gushing from his wounds, he struggled to stand but it wouldn't stop him, a scream shattered his confusion and before him, a few metres ahead of him laid a white haired girl standing her ground, he blinked and looked up to see a monster that dwarfed him in size.

"Tch!" and without a second thought, he rushed to the girl's aid, blood, purple smoke, screams and finally the sound of his sword being sheathed was all that followed, the young girl he had saved looked at the symbol on his back in awe and before he could even look at her, he collapsed, all he could hear was the girl frantically trying to wake him as his eyes closed, the girl's voice echoed to him.

"Please don't die! please get up!"