Batman and Gotham Sluts Ch. 01

I do not own Batman, or any DC Comics characters. This story is purely fan fiction.

The World's Greatest Detective sat silently across from the Batcave's main computer, staring at the enormous monitor. The cave was devoid of light except for the glow coming from the huge, thirty foot wide screen. The air vibrated with the low hum of working machinery, and echoes of flapping bat wings came from a distance. The Batman grunted in frustration and closed his eyes.

The last week had seen a fifty percent increase in sexual assaults in Gotham. Most of those cases were women assaulting men. Those were the statistics of the cases reported; many more are likely to have occurred due to men welcoming a lot of the advances. The Dark Knight had been looking over data, including locations and time of day of the assaults without finding a helpful common denominator. Save one. The only clue was in each incident — a woman was assaulting a man.

The Batman repositioned himself in his seat to look over the data once more, when the power to the computer abruptly shut off.

Reacting immediately, Batman leapt from his chair and put his back to the screen, limiting avenues for the enemy to approach. He slowed his breathing and kept a batarang drawn. The darkness of the cave engulfed him, leaving no obvious trace of the culprit in view. Bruce knew the back-up generators would start soon, as long as the intruder hadn't disabled them. Sure enough, after a very long minute, the screen illuminated, and the safety lights in the cave turned on.

Batman noticed the black-clad figure in his peripheral vision to the left and swiftly threw his batarang.

The figure produced a whip from behind her back and expertly knocked the batarang from the air. The female lunged toward The Dark Knight, arms spread.

Batman quickly grasped her small wrists, but paid no attention to the legs that wrapped securely around his torso. The legs were warm and slender, but strong. Realizing the stalemate, Batman looked Catwoman in the eyes.

"What is the meaning of this Selina?" he snarled, not releasing her wrists.

"Oh, I do love it when you struggle," she purred, her voice flowing like honey.

Batman turned his body and slammed Catwoman into the computer screen, pushing her wrists to the wall. He tried to shake loose the whip she held, but with no success. Selina giggled like a small child.

"Are you trying to dance Bats? I know something so much more enticing," she lunged her face forward and her lips met his.

For a moment, time did not pass for Bruce Wayne. Catwoman's soft lips pressed against his, noticing she tasted sweet. He was suddenly very aware of her impressive chest pressing against him and her warm body writhing against his mid-section. It was a mere moment, and The Dark Knight regained his composure.

"Not you too, the women of the entire city are afflicted by what you have, Selina," he gasped, pulling away from her face.

"What do I have? The need to take you? To own your body? I don't want to be cured," she protested, trying to meet her lips to his again.

"Oh come on Selina," Batman scoffed. "Even if I were willing, you can't own me."

Catwoman's body shuddered erratically and a sound of glee escaped her throat.

"Oh please, keep fighting," she teased, her pretty green eyes staring at the Caped Crusader.

"If I let you go, can we be civil?" Bruce asked.

"That's not what I'd call it...but okay," she evilly smiled.

Catwoman released Batman from her leg prison and set her feet on the ground. Her body moved slowly and flowingly, her curves accentuated in every motion.

"Your turn stud," she whispered in his ear.

Batman slowly eased his grip on the leather-clad seductress and when she made no sudden movements, he stepped away.

Catwoman, pressed the sides of her costume, which looked quite pleasing to Batman, but he quickly pushed the thought away.

"Never let a woman holding a whip go, Bats," her voice suddenly dark.

Catwoman lashed her whip towards The Dark Knight and it wrapped around his left hand. Before he could reach for the knife in his belt, she ran to him, grasping his right hand. She twisted it so Batman had no choice but to turn his back. Catwoman tied him up securely, his hands now bound behind him.

Batman gritted his teeth, angry with himself. Selina turned him around to face her, quite happy with herself.

"Tsk. Tsk. You should have known better sweetie," she said.

The seductress pushed the Batman into the swivel chair by the computer, and ran her hands down his muscular chest. Bruce only stared daggers at her through his cowl.

"What do you want Selina?" Bruce said, his frustration boiling.

"Oh it is not about what I want," she began to straddle his lap. "It's about what I will take."

Catwoman groped at Batman's penis through his suit. He made no indication it fazed him at all. He continued to stare at her with malice.

"Oh my, I can't stir your interest? I promise you Batman, by night's end, I will make you come around. I will make you ache for my body. You won't be able to think of me without getting hard. That is my promise," the last word was a whisper in Bruce's ear.

"No. Whatever your plan is you will stop," Bruce demanded.

Selina's only response was a coy smile. Catwoman withdrew from his lap and stood two feet away from him.

"Here is my convincing argument," she began.

Selina slowly ran her hands up her body, tracing the curves from her thighs, all the way to her sizable bosom. She grabbed the zipper at her neck and slowly pulled it down, revealing more pale flesh as it descended. Her cleavage became visible, formed perfectly between her large breasts and they jiggled slightly as she pushed the zipper over them. She finally stopped when Batman could see her navel.

Batman wondered for a moment if her breasts would pop out from their ample size, but quickly dismissed the thought.

"Now tell me Batman," the sex kitten purred. "Do you want to see more?"

"No," he spat.

Selina simply smiled and sat on his lap again. Batman looked directly in her eyes, not breaking contact with them.

"Put your face in my chest," she demanded.

"No." he spat again.

Catwoman forced his face into her cleavage, laughing as she did. Batman felt her warm globes push against his face. They were soft and it felt wonderful against his skin. He tried his best to keep his emotions in check, but he felt himself warming. It would be hard for Selina not to notice. He had to get her off him. He did his best to pull away, and after a moment of struggling, he gasped.


The chest desperately trying to cling to Bruce's face abruptly stopped, and Selina looked down at him with her beautiful eyes.

"What was that, Dark Knight?" she asked softly.

The Batman gritted his teeth, not wanting this to go further, but he had to get her off his lap before...

"Show me," he responded.

"Try again," she scolded.

"Show me more ... please?" he said.

"Just because you asked so nicely," she whispered as she stood in front of him again.

Batman did not want to admit it, but he began to notice how her leather costume clung to her body, showcasing her impressive figure. Selina's body was tight, and slim. But her hips were wide to accommodate her pear shaped butt, and her chest jutted out from her body impressively. These were all things he had to stop noticing.

Just as Bruce stopped thinking about how sexy Selina was, she punched him upside the cowl.

"I know what you were thinking. Don't you think anything until I say so," the woman said sternly.

Selina pushed her breasts together teasing their release, but not quite allowing them to be free. She covered her breasts with one arm as she peeled of the left sleeve of her cat suit. Her shoulder was lean and pale, and Batman watched intently as she repeated the process with her other sleeve.

Catwoman now held her breasts up, covering them with both hands. They wanted to spill out from her grasp, but she wouldn't allow it. She massaged and groped herself, still not allowing Batman to see her bare chest. Small gasps of pleasure escaped her.

"You need to do something for me if you want to see more," she purred, her eyes closed as she groped herself.

"What's that?" Batman asked, immediately regretting the question.

Selina walked to him, and bent over so Bruce could see the canyon that was her cleavage. She pressed her lips against his earlobe and bit it playfully. She whispered softly, her voice like sweet music.

"I need you to get a big, fat erection for me," she said.

Goosebumps covered The Dark Knight's body. Something about her demand triggered something primal in him. He did not want to show it, but his body betrayed him. He could feel his suit tightening as his cock began to grow.

A smile curled up one side of Catwoman's full lips as she noticed a shift in his pants. She knew she would get what she wanted. She teased Batman as she spoke.

"Oh, I just knew it. I knew you wanted to show me your erect cock," she stated matter-of-factly.

"Shut up Selina. I don't want any of this," Batman refuted.

"What about these?" Selina asked, removing her hands from her large breasts.

Batman audibly inhaled. Catwoman's breasts fell from her hands and perfectly jutted out from her chest. Her pink, Hershey kiss shaped, nipples hardened in the cold cave air, pointing directly at The Dark Knight. Her breasts were perfectly perky, and swayed slightly as she fluidly moved her hands down her body. Bruce concluded they were at least DD's. Possibly bigger.

"Oh, Bats, look at how hard my nipples are ... you should warm them," she stated, waving her breasts in front of his face.

"No, release me," he demanded.

"Your dick sure doesn't want that ... let's give it some air," she said, beginning to unbuckle his belt.

"No, stop this," Batman protested, trying to squirm from his bonds.

Ignoring his request, Catwoman threw aside his utility belt. While slowly bending at the knee, she traced the outline of Batman's growing dick with her finger, and hooked her fingers inside his pants. Her eyes met Bruce's for one, long moment, and she smiled devilishly. Catwoman pulled down Batman's garments, and gasped.

"Wha ... what the fuck is that?" she asked, eyes wide with dis belief.

Batman's erect penis was in full view, pointing directly at Selina's nose.

"Is that your fucking dick?" Catwoman asked, astonishment filling her words.

Batman said nothing. His enormous erection just throbbed slightly, excited at how surprised Selina was.

Selina stared, mouth gaping, at the member before her eyes.

"I can't fucking believe this ... this must be ten inches long," she examined, looking up the shaft, amazed.

"But that isn't even what gets me so hot Bats," she purred, almost placing her hand on his throbbing cock.

"This must be the fattest cock in the world. It has to be three inches thick at least," she said, her excitement and wonder apparent.

It was true. Batman's penis was like a small arm. It was thick at the base, all the way up the shaft, leading to an enormously engorged head. Selina's mouth began to water at the thought of tasting the wonderful cock in front of her.

Batman struggled in his bonds, trying to stop Catwoman from touching him. He failed miserably. Selina grabbed his thick shaft tightly and the Batman grunted.

"You like that Bats, I know you do," she said, stroking him.

Selina took her other hand and cupped Batman's testicles, gently caressing them.

"These balls are so big Bats," she purred. "I bet there is so much cum for you to give."

"Fuck you Selina," Bruce snapped.

Selina immediately stopped stroking and looked angry. Her face scowled at the Caped Crusader and she barred her teeth.

"Take this then," she dared.

Her ruby lips parted and her mouth opened wide. In a swift swoop, Catwoman engulfed the entirety of Batman's massive member. The Dark Knight shouted as feelings of bliss shot up his body.

Catwoman shoved his cock to the back of her throat, his head expanding in her deep cavity. Tears rolled down her eyes as she gagged on the biggest dick she could have hoped for. Batman wasn't prepared for her tight mouth. He was not prepared for her lips to lock so tightly on the base of his penis. The feeling over taking the Batman could not be more pleasurable. Then, she began to fuck his big dick with her throat.

Selina gagged loudly and coughed all over Batman's fat prick as she worked it. Without noticing, Bruce began to push his pelvis into her face, fucking her face right back. The penis in Catwoman's throat became more rigid than ever, and Batman audibly moaned.

Catwoman looked up at the Batman through her teary eyes, without stopping her violent deep-throating.

When Bruce met her gaze he knew exactly what she wanted. She wanted him to shoot his load into the back of her throat. She was daring him to make her choke on his jizz. She wanted every last drop of his spunk in her mouth.

Bruce said nothing. He only looked deep into Catwoman's red, pained eyes, preparing for the inevitable. Her eyes smiled at him, feeling his balls readying his sticky load.

Then Batman surrendered.

The Dark Knight shouted in ecstasy as the first contraction of his orgasm overtook him. Catwoman pushed her lips directly against Batman's pelvis, ecstatic to receive his cum.

The first rope of jizz shot deeply into the villainess, making her gag with delight. The cum forced its way down her throat, burning her. The second rope was even larger, almost catching her off guard. She gleefully accepted it and swallowed like a champ.

Batman's orgasm seemed to last for days, Selina's tight mouth coaxing all of the warm jizz from his dick. Batman's body fell limp in the chair as his orgasm concluded, unable to think clearly.

Catwoman slowly released the enormous cock from her mouth, astonished at how much cum Batman shot. With a mouth full of jizz, she spoke.

"Oh fuck sweetie, your cum is as thick as peanut butter," she said, tounging his load around her mouth.

Batman couldn't respond. His orgasm was mind blowing.

Selina swallowed the rest of the cum in her mouth, and stood up slowly, her curves slinking as she moved.

"That was so good Bats, now it's time for something even better," she smiled.

Selina hooked her fingers into her cat suit and began to pull it past her hips. Batman immediately regained his senses when he realized her intent.

The black leather fell from Selina's tight form and she stood in front of Bruce completely bare. Her hips looked silky smooth and her pussy was clean shaven. Batman wondered how tight it was, and immediately regretted the thought. His cock became rigid.

"Uh oh, do you like the sight of my pink pussy Batman?" Selina coyly asked, setting a finger lightly on her clit.

Batman opened his mouth to responded, but was taken by surprise as Catwoman leapt onto his lap. His cock rested on her stomach, coating it in pre-cum.

"That cock is bubbling for me Bats," Catwoman whispered in his ear.

She grabbed his prick and rubbed the shaft against her clit. She threw her head back and gasped in delight, pleasure tingling her body.

"Oh my, this fat dick is going to ruin me," Selina said, her hand still pushing the dick tightly to her clit.

After a long moment of savoring the pleasure, Catwoman lowered her lips to Batman's ear. She spoke softly, almost tenderly.

"I told you I was going to own you Bats, and now I will show you what I meant. I could stick your fucking grossly humongous cock in my tight cunt right now, but I won't. I am going to make you tell me to. I am going to make you tell me you need it. I am going to show you that there is nothing you want more than to plow that dick into my hot hole. You would let the Joker destroy all of Gotham before you stopped fucking my cunt, and I haven't even told you the best fucking part, Bats."

Selina positioned herself so the tip of Batman's penis rested right before her entrance. Batman could feel how warm and perfect it was. He grew hard as a diamond, and the cum in his balls began to boil.

Catwoman's pussy teased Batman's head, circling the tip, coating it in her wetness. Batman needed more. His dick needed more. He gave in.

"What's the best part?" he whispered, gulping.

Catwoman smiled with glee, knowing she had broken his resolve. She leaned towards his face, locking her lips with his, sticking her tongue in his mouth passionately.

After her deep kiss, she looked directly into his eyes through her mask, with a penetrating gaze.

"You are going to knock me up," she snarled.

Catwoman rammed her cunt onto Batman's pole. And she went blind.

Batman's huge cock pushed its way through Selina's tight crevice much too fast, and Selina payed for it. She did not stop screaming.


Batman barred his teeth as Catwoman's pussy engulfed him. It was the tightest thing he ever felt, and his dick was throbbing inside of her. Pleasure ran over his body, and just as he thought he couldn't ever feel better, Selina began to fuck him.

Her hips drove into the Batman's dick eagerly, accepting his ten inches into her warm pussy. The thickness of his member hurt her with each thrust, but it only made her rhythm that much fiercer. Catwoman shouted to the beat of her gallop.

"Fuck. Yes. Break. Me. Hurt. Me. Breed. Me." She demanded.

Her last demand drove Batman wild. His dick grew even larger inside of her thinking of how much she wanted his seed. His hips gyrated with her as her fucking grew more intense.

Selina's arm wrapped itself behind Batman, and untied his bonds with a flick of her fingers.

"You no longer need to be bound," she said through exasperated gasps. "Now grope me."

Batman obliged roughly.

The Dark Knight took hold of Selina's magnificent rack and pawed at her large globes. They were the softest he had ever felt, and he needed to know what her rosy nipples tasted like.

Catwoman gleefully shouted as Batman wrapped his lips around her left nipple, tonguing it inside his mouth. Of course, her nipple was sweet as candy.

"Suck my titties Batman, suck them hard," she demanded, casting her hair back in the throes of passion.

Bruce immediately rotated his sucking to her right nipple, much to Selina's delight. Her toes curled and her body tensed. Her ecstasy was reaching the tipping point.

"Oh Bats, I'm going to cum all over your enormous cock, I can't stop it," Catwoman said smiling, pounding her hips harder than ever into him.

Selina's pleasure went into overload. Her mind went blank as ecstasy overwhelmed her, the precipice she was launched off was more than an orgasm, it was enlightenment. Batman's dick was the dick she was destined to have, and she was getting all she deserved. She rode her orgasm long and hard, deep and loud. When her eyes rolled out from the back of her head she, faced the World's Greatest Detective.

"You did it stud. I have never felt like that. Your giant cock made me cum like never before. I think you have earned a reward," she said, again putting her lips to his ear.

"You earned my unprotected, fertile womb," Catwoman revealed.

Batman lifted Selina's frame and stood up. Palming her firm ass, Batman rammed his cock into Selina's pussy.

"Oh fuck, do it Bats, punish my pussy for being such an evil kitty," Selina dared.

Selina kissed him deeply as she wrapped her arms and legs around him, getting viciously pounded by the upright Dark Knight.

Batman lost all control. He knew nothing but the warmth of Selina's pussy, the softnest of her chest, and the curves of her ass. His giant member pounded Catwoman.

Bruce pushed Selina to the ground, her back hitting the cold cave floor.

"Get rough. Punish me more. Give me a reminder of the night I made this fat cock mine," she demanded, wrapping her legs around him, allowing his cock no escape.

"Do it Bats. Cum in me. Imagine my big tits swelling with milk. My tight tummy will grow so fat with your babies. I will still wear my cat suit. I'll push the zipper over my giant belly and parade around as a nasty knocked up slut. Fuck your cum inside of me. Fuck your baby into me," she almost snarled.

Batman said nothing. He only quickened his thrusts, his orgasm inevitable. Selina pushed him over the edge.

"Impregnate me! Fertilize my womb! Fill me with your baby batter and make me fat. Give me your thick seed and breed me. KNOCK! ME! UP!"

Batman howled as his balls tightened, cum shooting through his cock like a fire hose. His orgasm was harder than any he ever felt, and he would not stop pumping his seed inside of Selina.

"I'm cumming again! I'm cumming as you knock me up like the leather-clad slut I am!" she shouted, riding another perfect orgasm.

Bruce was still ejaculating when Selina finished. She pressed a palm to his cheek and looked up at him.

"That's it. Pump all of it out. Make me a mommy, you big strong stud," she ordered sweetly.

Batman collapsed on top of Catwoman after his orgasm finished. Selina felt so full with his seed. She never let go of his torso with her legs. Her embrace was strong and determined. Every single drop of cum would stay in her pussy.

Both lay on the cave floor, exhausted and in post-coital bliss. Catwoman's grin became devilish as she embraced her Bat-stud. She owned him now.