The cave floor felt cold against Bruce's back, which contrasted with the warmth from Harley's body on top of him. His hands were glued to her magnificently plump ass and were palming it involuntarily. He was breathing heavily and trying to recover from the vicious fucking that had just transpired. Harley placed a small kiss on the Dark Knight's cheek and slowly rolled off his fit body.

"I can't ever go back to another dick after that," Harley admitted, walking over to Selina.

Harley sat her giant ass in Selina's lap with a loud "thump" and licked her lips.

"But I could have a little taste of something else," she coyly revealed.

"You see something you like, Ms. Quinn?" Selina mocked, raising an eyebrow.

Harley dipped her face down towards Catwoman's rosy nipple and graced it with a light lick.

Selina arched her back, pushing her breast into Harley's lovely face. Harley accepted the nipple into her mouth and began to suck it intensely. Selina closed her eyes and let the pings of pleasure wash over her. The woman sitting on top of her continued her new task, alternating nipples as she did.

After a few quiet moments of sexual discovery, the preoccupied women were startled by an echoing laugh.

"My influence must be stronger than I realized," the disembodied voice mocked.

Out of the shadows appeared a lovely green female form, her long legs gliding in graceful strides. As she swayed into view, her two obscenely giant breasts threatened to bounce out of her leotard, which was seemingly made out of small leaves. Her pale green skin contrasted against crimson hair, and she flipped it to one side as she rested her hands on her hips.

"Ivy..," The Batman muttered.

"What do you mean, Ivy? Selina and I got here first, your influence means nothing," Harley protested, frowning at Poison Ivy's arrival.

"Less than nothing," Selina agreed.

Poison Ivy walked toward Harley, still sitting on Selina's lap, and faced her closely. Harley Quinn looked perplexed but did not back down from the newcomer, looking at her defiantly. The green woman pressed her dark green lips together, and blew softly in Harley's face. Harley's reaction was immediate as the warm air hit her.

Harley Quinn swiftly turned and pushed her lips to Catwoman's. Selina returned the kiss passionately, putting her tongue into Harley's mouth. The women surrendered to their sexual needs and moved from the chair to the ground. Harley got on top of Catwoman while Selina groped her huge butt, digging her fingers into the bountiful flesh. The women were a tangle of limbs and paid no attention to the world around them, only to their bodies.

"My influence is everything. Look how eagerly you two grab one another. Should I accuse you of being lesbians?," Poison Ivy smirked.

"You're behind the attacks in Gotham," Batman managed to accuse, sitting up groggily.

"You say that like you're surprised. A city where a known plant controlling, hormone manipulating, eco-terrorist runs free? You couldn't put that together? World's Greatest Detective you may not be," she observed, moving towards him.

"No motive," he responded, his head becoming fuzzy near her powers.

"You are right," she admitted, "I just wanted to create a little chaos to get your attention."

Poison Ivy knelt down next to Bruce, and lifted his face to her lips. An electric charge shot through him as their lips met, an urge in his southern region beginning to surface. He kissed Ivy back, and became a creature of blind, sexual desire.

As Ivy kissed the Dark Knight, she gave a snap of her fingers. All of the leaves forming her leotard, so tightly clad to her body, fell instantly, revealing her naked, light green skin to the air. Her round bubble butt sprung free and her humongous hooters jiggled unrestricted. The heavy hangers were enormous, much bigger than Harley or Selina's, and were blessed with small, dark green nipples. Ivy pulled away from her man's face and smiled.

"You've had Selina's tight body, and Harley's astounding ass. Do you think you can handle my H-cup titties, Batman? Can you take on my stupidly gigantic breasts?" she asked, not caring for an answer.

Ivy pointed upwards with a single finger and Bruce understood the command. Her hormone manipulating powers controlling him, he stood in nakedness. Continuing to kneel below him, Ivy placed her lips right in front of his hardening erection, knowing it would soon be at full mast. When the member stiffened completely, Ivy looked up at the Dark Knight.

"This dick is more impressive than I imagined. I almost regret letting Selina and Harley have it first," she said, pleased with the thick cock.

Ivy dove onto the pole with her mouth with no regard for grace or finesse; her goal was to shove as much as possible down her throat. Bruce grunted as his head hit the back of her warm oral cavern, and her responsive gag shook him. Ivy took the challenge of the bulging cock, and assaulted it with her gullet. The result was less of a blowjob, and more of Ivy fucking Bruce's penis with her esophagus.

The green beauty allowed Bruce to grab two handfuls of red hair as she worked on his manhood. Bruce had never been this deep down a woman's mouth, and the incredible feeling roused a familiar pleasurable sensation in him.

Before he explored the feeling further, Ivy retreated from the log and descended to his heavy hanging ball sack. Slipping a large testicle past her lips, Bruce groaned in elation as she sucked. Ivy savored the salty taste of the round egg, loving how heavy with sperm it felt. Pleasure shot through the Batman as she licked the testicle, covering it in her saliva. Ivy grabbed the base of his shaft and jerked while she switched to the other testicle and sucked more intensely. Bruce could feel himself reaching the limit.

Then Ivy stopped.

Bruce Wayne's face contorted as his bliss was taken from him. Before he could question why the heaven of Ivy's mouth had left him, his wet and throbbing cock was engulfed in unbelievably soft warmth. The welcome feeling surrounded the Dark Knight's genitals, and he looked down to identify the source of his satisfaction.

Ivy's behemoth breasts were wrapped around his thick cock, the entirety of the member completely disappeared in her deep cleavage. Ivy's breasts were so bountiful, even his ball sack was shoved in between her chest melons. The walls of her fleshy and supple pillows embraced him, and Ivy smiled knowingly.

"My tits are nothing less the epic, Batman. You will never be the same after this," she promised, gripping him with her incredible bosom.

At first, the green skinned villainess moved her breasts painfully slow, teasing the member with her boob cage. The fleshy prison enveloped Bruce in a way he had never felt as it lazily squeezed him. Batman became diamond hard, his anticipation almost exploding, and he was rewarded when Ivy felt he was appropriately aroused.

Ivy quickened the pace of her titty-fuck, now steadily working her breasts on the turgid penis. Bruce marveled as she danced her incredible mammaries around his manhood, making him feel more euphoria than he thought possible. Ivy saw her good work was affecting the Caped Crusader, and increased her speed to a gallop.

"That huge prick feels so good slipping around in my massive mammaries. I can feel it throb as I slide up and down the shaft. Do you want to cum? Is that what you want? My big breasts are making you want to explode?" she teasingly asked.

Bruce only grunted in the affirmative, and Ivy quickened her pace. She wildly bounced around his spear, juggling her breasts up and down. She alternated her left and right boobs, one going up, the other down, shoving the dick back and forth in her chest cavern. Pressure built inside of Bruce's hard-as-rock erection, and he hummed a warning of his inevitable climax.

"Fucking do it. I deserve your hot, phlegmy load. My titties just feel too good for you to hold back any longer. Blow that fat load," Ivy snarled, her brow furrowing with ferocity.

"I'm going to cum Ivy!" Bruce shouted as his body tightened, his release arriving.

As she revealed Bruce's head from her breasts, Poison Ivy parted her luscious lips and opened her mouth widely. Her tongue stuck out just in time as Bruce cannoned a long jet of pearly jizz directly onto it. The sperm landed along her tongue, the sweetness electrifying Ivy's taste buds. Before Bruce shot another rope, Ivy engulfed the entirety of the tall dick in her mouth. The second shot of the Bat's cum punished the back of Ivy's throat, and she coughed slightly as it rushed down her gullet.

Ivy massaged the heavy ball sack currently supplying her with delicious cum, wanting to coax out as much as possible. The gesture did not go unappreciated. Bruce's teeth clenched as he continued to shoot waves of thick semen into the green woman, his euphoria unbelievable.

Struggling not to choke on the voluminous spunk, Ivy held the base of Batman's prick with an airtight seal. Streams of potent love juice barreled into her, and the evil woman swallowed it like a champ. Bruce's last contraction was strong and long, giving Ivy one last glob of gelatinous goo. Ivy gulped it down and removed herself from the cock, which was wet with her saliva.

"Your spunk is like thick pudding. It is fucking delicious. Why didn't you tell me?" Ivy said with a cheeky expression, smacking Bruce in his firm ass.

The emerald temptress motioned for the World's Greatest Detective to lie on the floor, a position Bruce was now used to. The curvy Ivy climbed onto his muscular form, and traced her fingers on his chiseled abs. She leaned to his face and blew a sweet scent his way, the intoxication aroma muddling his senses. His manhood began to rise as Ivy's power took effect.

"That's it Batman, surrender to me. It's okay. Harley and Selina certainly have," Ivy said, pointing over to the entangled women.

Selina and Harley had progressed in their sensual acts. Selina was between Harley's legs, licking at her sensitive clitoris as a cat would milk. Harley gasped in pleasure as waves of heaven were sent through her, and her legs began to squirm as her climax neared. Harley shouted as she crossed the precipice of her orgasm.

"Suck my clit! I'm cumming you pussy licking pussycat!" Harley cried out in rapture.

Selina wrapped her lips around Quinn's womanhood and lapped at it as her orgasm continued. Harley shrieked as waves of bliss washed over her, groping her own breasts and wildly flailing her legs. When she came down from her pinnacle, she wasted no time jumping onto Catwoman to return the favor.

Harley took hold of Selina's perky breasts, her hands palming the supple flesh expertly. She placed small kisses on her body as she descended to her warm slit. When she reached Selina's entrance, Harley teased the skin around it with her tongue. Moans of anticipation came from Catwoman, awaiting the wet touch of Harley's tongue.

"Lick my cunt you crazy bitch," Catwoman commanded, her wait becoming unbearable.

Giggling at her lover's frustration, Harley finally placed her mouth around the hot crevice.

"Fuck yes! Fucking suck on my pussy you balloon butt bitch," Selina degraded as Harley worked her snatch.

Bruce looked on as Harley Quinn lapped at Catwoman's southern region. The sight of the two villainesses was incredibly sexy, and his cock couldn't stop hardening. He was soon standing with a fully engorged dick as he watched the two women crave each other. Ivy laughed amusingly as she saw her plans come to fruition.

"That's it. I'm going to cum on your pretty face," Selina revealed, her climax impending.

Catwoman wrapped her fit legs around Harley's head as her muscles locked, preparing for her orgasm. The force at which the thighs clung to her head suffocated Harley, but it didn't deter her from bringing Selina to her summit.

"I'm cumming you lesbian slut!" Selina shouted, her orgasm hitting her like a wall.

Harley did her best to focus on flicking Selina's swollen clit with her tongue without blacking out. Catwoman's back arched as she rode her incredible orgasm, her twat glued to Quinn's face. Shouts echoed through the Batcave as Selina couldn't keep quiet, and she eventually climbed down from her climax.

Catwoman released Harley from her leg lock and allowed her only a moment to catch her breath. She leaned over and kissed her deeply, tasting her own wetness on Harley's lips. When she pulled away, the two lovers smiled at each other, knowing what was next.

Agreeing on the next step of their adventure without speaking, the two rested their backs on the floor. Spreading their legs widely, two pink and perfect pussies were displayed, heat resonating from both. With no more hesitation, Selina and Harley pushed their perfect pussies tightly together.

The two women began to grind into each other, pleasure going off like fireworks inside of them. Their clits brushed against each other, sending extreme signals of need through the entwined bodies. Wedged delightfully, the pussies worked, rubbed, and massaged. The two women acted as one, scissoring with animal like ferociousness.

"Isn't it beautiful Batman? All we really want is our needs satisfied. We walk around thinking we are high functioning beings. We think are philosophies and abstract thinking make as different from animals, better than mindless drones. But that isn't the truth. It doesn't matter who you are. You can always be reduced to a blubbering sex idiot by a pair of grossly gargantuan tits," Ivy preached, groping her own heavy chest hangers.

Poison Ivy straddled Batman, and grabbed hold of his think trunk. She placed her verdant vagina in front of the colonnade, and slapped the mushroom head against her clitoris. Ivy bit her lower lip as a shock of pleasing feelings rippled through her. She couldn't wait to have the broad head push through her small entrance.

"I'm not going to refuse myself this fat fuck-stick any longer," she said to herself, placing the cock at her opening.

Bruce felt cozy wetness at the tip of his penis, and Ivy descended on the wide phallus.

"Oh fuck! OH FUCK! How can your cock be THIS FUCKING THICK?!" Ivy screeched, the first couple inches already testing her tight twat.

The jade goddess forced her small crevice over the pillar, and her face contorted in pain. The invading log stretched her pussy more than ever, and Ivy smiled through her delightful agony.

"I can't believe I've waited so long for a dick like this. It's so pussy numbing; I can't feel my fucking toes," the skewered slut informed, still pushing herself onto Bruce.

The muscles in Bruce's neck tightened and he gritted his teeth as his super sword was sheathed inside of Ivy's snug warmth. Her wetness made the cock slippery, preparation for the impending ride. The head of Batman's penis pushed deeply against Poison Ivy's cervix, causing the woman's body to twist in happy torture.

"I'm going to fuck this super-sized schlong. I am going to fuck it until I coax all of your creamy cum from those big balls," Ivy snarled down at Batman.

The blimp breasted woman began to grind her hips on the titanic tool, slowly rolling her pelvis. The walls of her insides gripped Batman tightly, her vagina stuffed to the limit with dick. The manhood stretched her so thinly; she felt each popping, pulsing vein brush along her canal. Hums, moans, and squeaks of approval came from Ivy as she accommodated the new addition to her womanhood.

Flowing passion heated Ivy's nether region as she increasingly quickened her riding, losing all thoughts other than pure sexual desire. Her large chest lobes shook pleasingly as she bounced, their fluid motion hypnotizing. Bruce fixated his eyes on her dark nipples, which sprung around as her boobs shook.

While Ivy romped on him, Bruce snaked his hands up her fit and tight tummy. His fingertips traced her lean torso, her smooth skin simultaneously soft and taut. He reached up to her prodigious chesticles, and seized two handfuls of impeccably pliable tit flesh. His fingers dug deeply and disappeared in the overly generous bust, exploring every inch of the chest watermelons. Bruce pulled and palmed the dynamic breasts, roughly massaging their cushiony perfection.

"I know you love my beastly big boobs. They are so fucking enormous. I bet you would tell me your identity if I threatened to take them away from you," she wickedly grinned at The Batman.

Batman kept his hold on her ridiculous rack, but terror shone behind his eyes. He continued to knead her ballooning bosom, but fear gripped his mind. He was affected so frighteningly because he knew she spoke the truth. He knew if he was denied the most perfect tits he had ever felt, he would do anything to regain access to them. Though his fear was great, he couldn't stop himself from indulging in Ivy's wonderful body. Sensing his unease, Ivy laughed at him.

"Oh don't worry, I don't want to know. I get so much hotter this way," she admitted, picking up her pace to a fast gallop.

Bruce felt a familiar pressure build near his genitals, and he knew his climax would happen soon. His body stiffened and his ball sack tightened, readying another famously large load. Ivy's nipples tickled his palms as he continued to squeeze her titties.

"Oh my, you are gonna blow aren't you? You are going to blow your fat, thick load! Your cock is getting me so close too. But you have to follow my instructions if you want to finish. Promise?" she proposed, her breathing labored.

"Yes. I promise," Batman said without thinking.

"I want you to do it. I want you to blow your load. And I want you to pump all of it in my cunt. I have complete control over how fertile I am, and you better believe my womb is so fucking fertile right now. Cum inside me. Impregnate me with your potent seed. Knock me up right now," she told him, her voice dripping with lustful hunger.

Bruce had already shot is wad into the fertile Selina and Harley, and he couldn't resist impregnating three women in the same night. The Batman made his decision, nodding to Ivy as he neared the edge.

"I think it's cute you think you had a choice," she mocked, her sprint faster than ever before.

"I'm going to cum!" The Dark Knight bellowed, his cock tensing.

"OH FUCK! YOUR MONSTER DICK IS MAKING ME CUM TOO!" Ivy screeched in elation.

Ivy yelled into the cave's darkness as her toes curled. Every part of her body tingled with intense pressure as she reached her euphoric release. She squirmed on the Bat-cock as Bruce's first powerful shot ejaculated deeply into her fertile womb. Ivy shouted in pleasant surprise as the spurt of jizz splattered against her cervix.

"FILL ME UP! JAM ME WITH YOUR BABY BROTH! FUCKING CRAM ME WITH SPUNK!" Ivy loudly encouraged, riding her orgasm to the fullest.

Ivy's heat only made Batman's climax heighten. His succeeding ropes of cum were longer and bigger, coating her inside in sticky goo. Bruce's hands mashed Ivy's incredible tits together as he impregnated her.

Both lovers came down from their peak after what seemed like hours, and they collapsed in a heap of limbs.

"Watching you impregnate her was so hot, Bats," Harley commented, roughly grinding into Selina's pussy a few paces away.

"You knocked us all up Bats. That is so fucking naughty," Selina agreed, rubbing her pelvis in between Harley's thighs.

The scissoring women breathed heavily, working hard at their fucking. Sweat glistened across their skin as they twisted into each other. Pleasure in both women was building, becoming harder to contain. It wasn't long before they were ready to launch into ecstasy.

Harley's mouth gaped as she prepared for her climax, and her hands slapped against the floor, bracing for her ultimate release. Selina's figure stiffened, her extremities curling as she neared her apex. The pace of the same sex fuck didn't slow, and the end had arrived. A moment of silence fell before the storm, and then the Batcave burst with a roar.

"YOU FUCKING CUNT! I CAN"T STOP MYSELF FROM CUMMING ON YOUR PUSSYCAT PUSSY!" Harley screamed at the top of her lungs, her eyes tightly clenched.

"YOU EVIL BITCH! I'M CUMMING ALL OVER YOUR WET SNATCH! IT FEELS SO FUCKING GREAT!" Catwoman hollered, groping her own breasts.

The women came on the other's spasming crevice, waves of massive pleasure overloading nerves and dizzying heads. Their clits brushed one another as their climax shook them, tremors of heaven shooting through them. Cries of happy bliss echoed in the Batcave as the women lost themselves to their summit of gratification.

Eventually, the two lesbian lovers fell from their high. Reluctant to separate, they lied together trying to regain composure in a post-coital state.

"Oh you made me so fucking hot again girls," Ivy revealed, snapping her fingers.

A rumble from beneath the cave floor shook the room, and cracks sporadically appeared on the ground. Small, whip-like vines sprung from the earth, answering to Poison Ivy's call. Selina and Harley struggled as the vines wrapped around their wrists and ankles, lifting them. The vines spread the girls' limbs outward and the naked females hung suspended in the air, facing Batman and Ivy.

"What the fuck are you doing Ivy?" Selina angrily growled.

"Let us go, you bitch," Harley Quinn spat.

Poison Ivy slowly lifted her frame off Batman's penis. The member flopped out of her snatch, and Ivy managed to keep all of his semen inside her pussy. Batman heaved, breathing deeply and laying in a near comatose condition.

Ivy made her way to the hanging women and halted in front of them.

"I don't want there to be any misunderstanding. My influence matters greatly," Ivy glared.

With a flick of Ivy's wrist, the vines holding Catwoman flipped her body upside down. Ivy motioned again and the shackled women were brought to face each other. Selina struggled uselessly as her face was positioned at Harley's damp pussy, and Selina's hot entrance was near Harley's mouth. Ivy grinned as she blew another intoxicating scent towards the girls.

Cozy warmth suddenly washed over Selina and Harley, and the vaginas in front of them seemed infinitely more delicious than a few seconds before. The two women stuck out their tongue towards the womanhood in their face happily, as desire overtook them. Selina tickled Harley's clit as she hung upside down, and Harley wrapped her mouth over Selina's slit.

"They always give in," Ivy said to herself.

The green woman motioned to Batman to join her near Selina and Harley's version of a sixty-nine.

Bruce stood with a hazy state of mind, and walked to the woman he had just finished impregnating. He turned his gaze to the passionate women in front of him. He marveled as Selina licked and Harley sucked. Ivy tuned to the Dark Knight, and pointed at Catwoman.

"I want you to stick your big fuck-stick up her pretty ass," she commanded.

Bruce felt compelled by an invisible force, and made his way behind Selina. Ivy used her powers to flip the women, Harley now engaged in upside down cunnilingus. Bruce looked down at Selina's pear-shaped rear, and reached out.

The World's Greatest Detective parted the supple cheeks to reveal her small asshole. The sight of the tiny orifice made him erect, and he pressed his engorged head against the opening. Catwoman's eyes widened as she felt the Bruce's broad tip, but she continued to ravenously lap at Harley's cunt.

Batman pushed on the small hole, and with great force he parted the tight walls. Shouts came from Selina's throat, but they were muffled into Harley's snug snatch. Harley Quinn giggled in pleasurable glee as vibrations rocked her body.

Bruce's cock was hugged with an iron-like grip as he tunneled into Selina's asshole. He pushed inch after inch into her bowels, and the woman squirmed as she was violated. Tears filled her eyes, but she felt compelled to continue orally pleasuring Harley. When Bruce fit his member fully inside Selina, he started to thrust his hips.

"This ass is so tight!" he exclaimed, grabbing hold of her sides as he kept thrusting.

Catwoman took her punishment, but never broke her good work on Harley. The immense invader of her rear entrance fucked roughly, and she felt as if her insides would tear. Loud slapping sounds echoed in the cave as her bum and Bruce's pelvis hit each other. Regardless of the pain, she crept closer and closer to yet another orgasm.

Sounds of excitement escaped Harley, a warning of her climax as well.

"Look at all of you. You disgust me. You will do anything I tell you to," Ivy chided.

A small clump of vegetation sprung from the ground behind Harley's back, and Ivy used it as a stepping stool. Facing Harley's back, Ivy reached up to her two enormous, upside down ass lobes, and parted them. Her asshole was far past the ass cheeks, but Ivy didn't let that deter her.

"I'm going to lick your asshole Harley, and I want you to cum incredibly hard," Ivy ordered.

Ivy stuck her face past Harley's large ass, and her face disappeared. She reached her tongue out and found the tiny butthole Harley possessed. Ivy enthusiastically licked the sphincter and discovered the wonderful taste, while Harley shouted in surprise directly on Selina's cunt.

All four bodies were engaged in lustful acts, their bodies all ridiculously sexy and sweaty. Batman felt his balls tighten as he pummeled Catwoman's butt, and readied his cum. Harley and Selina prepared to reach their limit, and they sucked harder than previously on each other.

"Your tight ass is making me cum, Selina!" Bruce yelled as his rock-hard penis began to contract.

Harley Quinn and Selina Kyle crossed the precipice simultaneously, each cumming on the other's mouth. Their cries of ecstasy rippled through their wet snatches, and they got a mouthful of lady juice. Harley loved Ivy's ass licking as she came, and clenched her butt over her green face. Selina's cries were especially throaty, as globs of Bruce's semen fired into her.

The sex act of debauchery simmered down, and all parties involved separated, Harley and Selina still wrapped in vines. Ivy snapped her fingers and her tentacle-like plants dropped the exhausted women. The sated people had only a moment to rest. Ivy stood in front of them.

"You sluts get on all fours. Raise those asses in the air. You can't disobey and you know it," Ivy said, her powers still affecting them.

Selina got on her hands and knees and stuck her tight butt high in the air. Harley responded in kind to her left, her plump rear swaying slightly as she lifted it.

Poison Ivy moved to Selina's left, and knelt. She slowly bent over on all fours, displaying her round butt pleasingly as she did. The green woman spread her cheeks to show Bruce her tiny hole, beckoning him to come closer. The lineup of asses was beautiful, and Bruce could not resist.

The Dark Knight got on his knees in front of the jade bum, his phallus already rising to the occasion. A whimper of anticipation came from Ivy as she felt his manhood tease her entrance, and she took the initiative.

Ivy thrust her hips back onto the powerful pillar.

A second of silence fell as her tiny hole expanded way too quickly.

"YOU FUCKING ASS STRETCHER! HOLY SHIT!" Ivy screamed as her ass was assaulted.

"Now you know how we feel!" Harley giggled, knowing Ivy actually loved her pain.

Batman grabbed her firm ass and welcomed the tight sheath around him. Ivy's anal walls tightly gripped him all the way from tip to base. She squirmed on the long dick, but soon accommodated to its immensity.

"I bet you love the feel of my venus ass trap, don't you?" Ivy asked over her shoulder.

"It is so damn tight, Ivy! Tighter than your cunt," Bruce admitted as he enjoyed her anal cavity.

Bruce held onto Ivy's bubble butt as she backed into him, his shaft disappearing into her warm depths. Ivy pulled her cavern away to the tip of the engorged head, and plunged back down the thick trunk. She rhythmically repeated her butt-fucking, loving every second.

As Batman's head hit far up her bowels, she yelped in pleasurable pain.

"YOUR GIANT DICK UP MY BUTT IS GOING TO MAKE ME CUM!" she yelled, her body's muscles locking in place.

Ivy's orgasm hit her like a brick wall. Her full asshole wrapped even more tightly around Bruce's dick as she came. Her body involuntarily shuddered as waves of ecstasy shot through her. As she rode her climax, Bruce started his.

"I CAN'T HOLD IT!" he blurted out, his orgasm beginning.

Bruce launched his first rope of sperm into Ivy's asshole, backing her up thoroughly. Ivy gleefully laughed as Batman's semen filled her, making her orgasm harder. Bruce fired multiple shots of thick spunk in her rear end, coating it completely. The two climbed down from their heaven, and Ivy gave a command.

"Now, defile them. I don't want to be accused of selfishness," she said, pointing to Harley and Selina.

Batman, still erect, moved to Catwoman and stuck his member in her tight pussy. Selina let out a surprised gasp as she was taken from behind.

"You dirty fucker! Your cock is covered in Ivy's ass! It feels so fucking good," Catwoman shouted as her snatch was stuffed.

Batman drilled his prick into the slender woman, pounding away at her frame. The view of her ass was spectacular as she was bent over. Batman leaned over and moved his hands to her underside, groping at her large breasts. Selina smiled as he kneaded her tit flesh and fucked her simultaneously. Looking at the two lovers have sex made Harley jealous.

"Don't you ignore me, Bats," Harley pouted, sticking out her lower lip.

Batman removed himself from Selina and went to Harley's amazingly plump butt. Knowing she wanted his thick log in her tight cunt, he pressed it deeply into her tiny butthole.

"OH FUCK! I REMEMBER THIS!" she cried, loving her unexpected invasion.

As Batman pounded away at Harley's taboo cavern, Selina scooted over to the two enraptured people. Catwoman skillfully slinked under Harley's body, and began to lick at the now familiar clitoris. Harley began to gasp in bliss as Catwoman extended her legs upward, and wrapped them around Harley's face.

Ivy looked on as the threesome progressed, becoming wet as she did. The jade goddess walked near Selina's butt, and knelt until her face was directly in front of it. Her hands parted the lovely cheeks, and Ivy stuck her tongue on the tasty asshole. Selina made a throaty sound which vibrated through Harley, all while Bruce pounded the big butt with his rod.

Bruce pulled away from Harley's ass and stuck his prick into her wet crevice. As the dick pushed into Harley's cunt, his large balls hit Catwoman in the face. Selina took the abrupt surprise as a sign, and massaged Batman's sack with a free hand as he pummeled Harley's cunt.

"I bet you are all so close to cumming. I want you to do it," Ivy said, pulling herself away from Selina's asshole.

Selina and Harley tensed up, knowing what Ivy said was true. The ecstasy boiling in their southern regions was too much to hold back. The women's bodies became still, simmering in the heat of the moment. Then they exploded in complete passion.

Selina Kyle and Harley Quinn reached orgasm, their bodies receiving signals of immense pleasure. Batman thrust his hips as deeply as he could into Harley as she came, and Harley sucked tightly on Selina's pussy. It seemed like minutes before they came down from pure euphoria.

Poison Ivy pressed her back to the cave floor and spread her legs, revealing her wet crevice.

"Right here, Batman," she ordered, tapping above her entrance.

Bruce pulled himself away from Harley's warmth, and moved to Ivy. He slapped his broad head against her clit, causing her shudder. As his tip teased her, Selina and Harley moved to the two. Selina grabbed the mass of flesh that was Ivy's right breast, and Harley took hold of the left. The women pushed her perfect nipples past their mouths, and they sucked ravenously. Ivy gasped as Bruce then shoved his thickness into her.

"Yes! That's right! Fuck me, while these two bitches suck on my titties!" Ivy elatedly yelled.

Bruce drove as far as he could up Ivy's warm and wet cunt. Her walls covered him in a cozy grip, beckoning his cum forth. Harley and Selina massaged the sides of Ivy's massive mammaries as they tongued the incredible green nipples. The foursome was an organic manifestation of pure sexual need, and it all went according to Ivy's desires.

"Oh I'm going to finish all over your huge cock, Batman. I'M CUMMING!" Ivy screamed, pushing Harley and Selina's faces' into her breasts.

Lust inside Ivy exploded as a tsunami of euphoric feelings washed over her. Her toes curled tightly and her grip on the hair of Harley and Selina was iron-like. The green villainess shouted into the cave air as she rode her climax to the fullest, feeling every nuanced quirk and kick. It was certainly the most intense orgasm she had ever felt, and she knew more were in her near future.

After minutes of orgasming on Bruce's pillar, Ivy pushed herself off him and knelt on the cave floor. Harley and Selina followed suit, knowing her idea.

"Stand up and cum on our titties. Blow your fat load over our big boobs. Coat our breasts in your semen. Do it now," Ivy said, cupping her enormous chest globes.

Bruce stood and jerked his slick shaft. He looked down at all three women, who were holding up their breasts and sticking out their tongues for him. The naked women wanted him to cover them in his seed, and he thought it rude to deny their wish. Bruce clenched his teeth as he felt his testicles tighten.

"Take my load you evil bitches," he snarled.

Bruce cannoned a stream of pearly jizz directly onto Ivy's face, which began dripping down to her huge tits. He turned his second shot toward Harley, drenching her in sticky fluid. Selina caught his third shot in her mouth, which she let cascade down to her big baps. Bruce fired wave after wave, a seemingly continuous river of sperm, onto the women, coating their breasts in white wetness.

The girls giggled and smiled as he drenched them in spunk. They played with their tits, palming the semen into their skin, and licking it off their fingers. The women turned to kiss one another, faces covered, as Bruce blasted more seed over them. It seemed like minutes before his torrent stopped.

"I think we are going to have to live here. This is going to be a daily occurrence," Ivy whispered as the three women collapsed in a pool of cum.