Long years of training,sweat,tears, and accomplishments all worth nothing now. So called powerful and all mighty wizard he was. How could he be cursed? To be more on point what did he do to get cursed?

Adrien stared at the reflection in the puddle and well enough he was a cat, a black cat. He couldn't possibly go to his father now and ask him to break this curse for him quite honestly he believed his father would tell him that any great wizard doesn't ask for help and that he should solve it in his own.

Weighing his options he decide it would be best to solve this problem by himself after all this was probably a test, yeah a test would make much more sense to see if he was a worthy wizard and maybe even more powerful than his father.

"I can solve this easily." He purred.

Marinette slammed her on the desk. This new spell was quite hard for her the witch sighed,If only she was like her idol Adrien, the prodigy wizard.

She used to see him at school all the time...well never up close because she was always hiding behind a wall or tree watching him read or practice his magic.

That all changed when Adrien stopped attending school six months ago. Of course there were rumors that he gave up on magic or was chosen to go on a long and special quest which neither could be proved, but no one questioned him being kidnapped or anything of that sort.

Marinette slowly raised her head up she knew thinking of her idol wouldn't improve her magic one bit and the only way to get better was to practice...but that could wait!

Marinette grabbed her coat and quickly left her house heading to the witch workshop.

The witch workshop was a downtown market place that sold all kinds of spell books, talisman, potions, and anything for the witches and wizards. Some of the vendors were sketchy while the others were like your friendly next door neighbor.

Crashes of mixed voices hit the young witch ears calls of "the best in the world" to "make him fall for you with this one drop of honey!"

Marinette passed the vendors with ease looking for her favorite vendor.

"Ah! Marinette ma chérie, come over here quickly!" The black cloaked vendor waved

The witch ran to the cloak vendor,"what new do you have in?"

The cloaked vendor wiggled its finger,"Ma chérie you don't even say hello I'm quite hurt" the vendor broke out into a cheshire cat smile," I do have this book full of spells...but some you can't quite make out and I can't sell it for a good price so..."

Marinette bounced in place waiting for the vendor to finish what they were saying.

"I'm going to give it to you." The vendor chuckled as it handle the book to Marinette," Now ma chérie use the book wisely and I suggest you go home now before it gets too dark."

Clinching the book tightly the witch obeyed and quickly ran home excited to see what the book had in store for her.

Six months of being a cat and you believe you would get used to it, well you don't. If anything it gets worse and you can't even use magic.

Adrien curled up in his cardboard box. The cat was quite tired and hungry not to mention his fur was absolutely atrocious.

"I wonder if anyone misses me." He meowed.

The only thing he found out in his quest to break the curse was that a fellow whom went by the name of Papillon and the reason he was cursed was still unknown and breaking it was still far away.

Adrien broke away from his thoughts when his body starting burning up his felt his limbs tearing apart and then there was darkness.

The book was quite dusty and hard to read, Marinette skimmed the pages looking for something to catch her eye after looking around she found something.

Anima mate accersi.

The witch raised an eyebrow curious what the spell was called but saw she could read the ingredients.

Gathering the ingredients,mixing them together, and lastly the chant that went along with it.

Her legs felt shaky after the chant all that surround was dust she then collapsed on the floor legs numb the witches breathing was ragged.

Sleep sounded so good right, slowly Marinette closed her eyes drifting into a peaceful slumber.

Adrien stared in disbelief. He was no longer in his cardboard box, but instead a girls room which the said girl was asleep. Did she summon him? And if so what for? All he could do was wait for her to wake up.

After what seemed to be forever the girl woke up. Her eyes glazed scanning around her room once she saw him her eye brighten up.

"The spell was for a familiar!" She picked Adrien up," what should I name you kitty?"

"Well for one you can put me down." Replied Adrien

The girl then screamed and dropped the cat,"That's quite rude you know." Meowed the cat

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to drop you its just you spoke and that scared me." Marinette bite her lip, but she quickly smiled,"since you can talk kitty what is your name."

Swaying his tail Adrien replied Cooley,"I'm the great A- he voice wouldn't let him complete his name as he kept trying but could only get out a giving up he decided to make up one,"it's Noir my lady."

"Noir?" The witch tilted her head a bit,"I think Chat Noir would sounded cooler than noir." She glanced at the cat,"don't you agree?"

Reluctantly Adrien shook his head.

"Alright well kitty I say you need a bath."

Author's note:

Well this is the Witch Au from Pisces-royalty I did changed a bit of stuff but anyway I do love this Au well I love anything with witches.

Please enjoy this story and review if you can.