Adrien Agreste, sixteen, a prodigy wizard, currently still a cat, also a familiar to a witch named Marinette Cheng and lastly, freezing.

"Why is this happening to me?" Adrien tried not shiver, but that witch made sure to live by her word, don't get him wrong he was glad to be clean of the dirt and whatever else was in his fur, but he didn't appreciate the collar. It was a pure black ribbon that had a golden bell attached it.

This said cat, was on his witches bed hearing her mumbling chants along with some frustrated groans. With grace Adrien jumped from her bed and went towards her desk which, said witch, was currently studying at. Jumping up he saw her reading a simple spell of summoning fire.

"Can you not conjure that spell?" Meowed Adrien

"Well I know how to chant it...the only part that is hard, is the physical form of it." Marinette sighed, "I mean this spell is basic, one of the basics, five year olds can do this spell better than me!

"Well my lady, how long have you been practicing witch craft?" Adrien sat in front of her swinging his tail.

The witch hesitate before replying,"About seven months."

The cat kept swinging his tail with a ghost of a smile on his lips, even though she was a newbie he could tell she was powerful,"You can't be born a great wizard or witch it takes years of practice, sweat, tears, that's the meaning of magic you can't be born great at something you have to work for it." Adrien nudged his head against Her hand . "Have some confidence in yourself my lady and watch yourself become the greatest witch to ever exist."

Marinette smiled and petted her familiar "Well my little kitten you sure know how to raise someone's spirit." Gently putting him down she went back to her practices.

Three hours passed until Marinette could hold the flame in her hand, " Come here kitty I got something to show you, but I can't move cause if I move the flame will probably disappear" her voice sounded panicky yet excited.

Adrien looked to his witch seeing her beam with pride as a flame danced in her hand.

"Good job my lady but I believe it's time for you to sleep."

"You're right, beside we have more training to do tomorrow." The witch said while extinguishing the flame. Marinette stifled a yawn as she got up, and made her way towards her familiar.

Undoing her pigtails she then picked up chat and took him to her bed, lifting her sheets she took place under them and laid chat beside her,"Goodnight." Marinette whispered before falling asleep.

Adrien didn't move for who knows how long. How could he? This was the first time he was ever close to a girl, he didn't count her picking him up, cause she wasn't putting him to close to her, but sleeping beside her was a whole different story. He had never been physically this close to any other girl, besides Chloe.

Breaking him from these thoughts was a snoring Marinette whom also had drool running down her face. If Adrien could laugh he would have, but at that moment sleep was claiming him, his last thought was that being a familiar didn't sound so bad.

Authors Note:

How long did this chapter take? Really long but my friend edited it so its wonderful now! A bit short know anyway my friend is going to re edit chapter 1 (when she has time) so ciao!