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Chapter Three: Waking

"Mr. Frodo?"

Sam shook Frodo, and he finally was pulled from the grips of his dream... if that's what it could be called.

"Wha?" He asked, whipping his head around, searching for the copse of Legolas. He found that instead of in a high-walled room, he was in a lush forest, Sam's face staring worriedly down at him.

"What is it, Mr. Frodo?" he asked, looking concerned.

"Nothing, it was just a—Ahh!" Frodo yelped. The ring really was burning against his chest- it lay like a burning ember. Frodo felt that the skin on his chest was charring with each passing moment.

Frodo whipped the ring off of his neck, and put it in his pocket. The pocket began to warm up instantly, but Frodo tried his best to ignore it. The fabric grew hotter, then began to cool down after a while.

"Mr. Frodo? What--" Sam began.

"Nothing!" Frodo said, a bit more sharply then he intended. He saw the hurt look on Sam's face, and said, "I'm sorry, Sam. I didn't mean to bite. It was just a dream." Then he repeated, as if trying to convince himself, "A dream."

"Oh, okay, sir. I merely woke you up because you were moaning and crying and saying…never mind. Should we be moving on?" Sam asked, still looking slightly hurt.

Frodo patted him on the shoulder, and got up. "Yes, let's move on now." Frodo said, smiling kindly at Sam, hoping to repair any hurt feelings. Then he frowned as he packed up his belongings and asked, "What was I saying, Sam?"

Sam winced. "Perhaps you are better off not knowing."

"Sam…" Frodo said, staring Sam down.

Sam sighed, giving in. "You were saying, 'Murder, murderer, murdered.' over and over again. It was like a chant, and it frightened me quite badly, Mr. Frodo." Sam said, avoiding Frodo's eyes and blushing.

Frodo paled and shook his head. "T'was but a dream, Sam, and nothing more."

"I know, sir." He said quickly, not sure if Frodo was talking to him…or to himself, as Frodo did often.

"Good. We'll not speak of this. Now, let's hurry; we'd best be on." Frodo said, shouldering his pack.

Sam nodded and shouldered his own pack. Then they moved on, never knowing miles away Legolas was also waking from a dream.


"Frodo!" He yelled, sitting up straight and grasping at his throat and back. "FRODO!" Shortly after his second yell, Legolas came to his senses, realizing he was alive, and Frodo was miles away, probably waking from the same terrible dream he had just woken from.

Aragorn and Gimli had already woken, grabbing at their swords (and, in Gimli's case, axe).

Seeing this, Legolas said, "No, it is all right."

"What happened?" Aragorn asked, looking mildly disgruntled as he blinked the sleep from his eyes.

Legolas thought carefully of the words he would say (for he did not want to worry his friends to badly), then said, "I fear for Frodo."

"We could've guessed that, Elf." Gimli growled. He yawned, eyeing his bed longingly. "We all do. Tell us something new."

"The ring is taking over him. He is…full of rage when it does. I dreamt he murdered me because I failed to answer a question. Murdered me quite painfully." Legolas said, and winced at the startled expression on his friends' faces.

"Frodo is strong; surely he would never give into the ring and murder…" Aragorn began, but was cut off by Legolas.

"No, he wouldn't, but the ring would. It is powerful- and evil- and when he felt that Gandalf had died, something died within him. Something vital that kept his hopes high. He is weaker now because of that, and the ring will take advantage of that. Surely you have felt it too?" Legolas asked, studying their faces hard.

Aragorn and Gimli were silent for a moment, then Aragorn replied, "Yes, I suppose we have."

*~ The end…or to be continued? ~*

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