Greetings it is I Phantom Plasma Dragon with Secrets of the Heart. This story is the combined work of myself and Ten Tailed Jackal Of Doom-sempai.

TTJOD "Yo Mizuki-no-traitor do the disclaimer."

Mizuki "Phantom Plasma Dragon-sama and the idiot do not own Naruto only original jutsu and characters."

TTJOD holding a purple light saber with a sickly sweet smile on his face asks "Who sea you calling idiot, traitor?"

Mizuki gulping said "I was talking about Naruto."

Chapter 1

A blonde haired boy could be seen unrolling a very old scroll that looked to have seen better days. This boy had sparkling blue eyes, and tan skin. He was dressed in a orange and blue jumpsuit and was known as a trouble maker. This boy is Uzumaki Naruto and he is the container of the Kyuubi. Earlier today he had once again failed his genin exams and now was doing a supposed secret test his sensei Mizuki told him about. All he had to do was steal the secret scroll, and learn a jutsu from it.

He with a happy smile on his face looked over the scroll and instantly scowled spotting something called the Shadow Clone Jutsu. He skipped this one along with the two under it. He landing on one that caught his interest read it. The jutsu was called Five Pillars; Enhancement of the Five Elements Jutsu. If Naruto was reading it right, it basically gave him all five of the basic elements and then enhanced them. It even had an example. Fire Style could be enhanced to Blaze style. It had two handsigns and they were Bird and Snake. He smiled and practiced the two handsigns. He getting that down moved to the next jutsu and blinked as this jutsu also sounded kick ass. It was called Animal Kingdom; Summoning of the Inner Animal. If he read this one right it would bring forth his inner animal and give him a major boost. This one had five handsigns so he took a little more time remembering this one.

He nodding to himself moved to the next jutsu and blinked as this one was a truly forbidden Jutsu. It was called the Earth Grudge Fear. This one confused him as it seemed to talk about threads and clay. This one had a bunch of handsigns and he knew that it would take him a while to learn all of these. He wanted this jutsu though so he decided to look at any other jutsu hopefully it would help him get these handsigns down. He looking at the Shadow clone jutsu blinked as it gave all of the information it learned back to the user. He quickly learned the handsigns to this one. He smiling did the Shadow clone jutsu and cheered when about 400 clones appeared. He getting the attention of 100 of them had them write down the handsigns to the Earth Grudge Fear and go practice them. The clones nodding took off. He looking for another jutsu blinked spotting one called Sword of Legends; Awaken The Soul Slayer. If he read this one right, this jutsu basically summoned a weapon from somewhere, and if he could bond with it, he would own it. This had ten handsigns. He waiving to 100 more clones had them go practice this one along with the Kunai Shadow Clone, Shuriken Shadow clone and Exploding Shadow clone.

He looking over the scroll one last time blinked finding a forbidden ninjutsu called Bone Dragon's Roar. It he was reading it and looking at the images correctly he would be able to fire a powerful destructive beam out of his mouth. It had forty handsigns. He assigned this to another one hundred clones. This left him with 100 hundred clones. He nodding made them practice the other jutsu, so that he could get them down to one handsign. He rolling the scroll back up yawned as he was sleepy. With good reason as he had been up all night trying to get that stupid clone jutsu down. He laying his head on the scroll curled up and went to sleep.

It would be about two hours when Iruka Umino would wake him up with a yell. Naruto popping to his feet and putting a hand over his heart, glared at Iruka and said "Don't do that Iruka-sensei. You nearly gave me an heart attack."

Iruka with an twitching eyebrow asked "Naruto why did you steal the forbidden scroll?"

Naruto blinking said "Because Mizuki-sensei said it was part of the test."

Iruka hearing this narrowed his eyes and asked "What test?"

Naruto blinking said "Mizuki-sensei told me that there was a secret test. He said that I had to steal the forbidden scroll and learn a jutsu from it." Naruto smiling brightly said "I learned a Jutsu from it, that means I passed."

Iruka hearing what Naruto said quickly put the pieces together on who had been messing with Naruto's scores. He then spotting something gleaming heading towards Naruto pushed him out of the way and was hit in the back by a Shuriken. Naruto spotting this, ran over to Iruka and asked "Iruka-sensei are you alright?"

Iruka said "Run Naruto."

Mizuki then appeared with a smirk on his face. He asked "Hey Naruto wanna know why the village hates you?"

Naruto hearing this looked at Mizuki. Iruka quickly said "You can't it's forbidden."

Mizuki snorting said "Naruto you and all of the other brats were told that 13 years ago the Yodaime killed the Kyuubi. Well that was a lie, you see instead he trapped it in the form of a child." He now gaining a sick smirk said "That child was you demon."

Naruto hearing this put the pieces together and felt like his world shattered. Mizuki spotting this pulled out another Shuriken and tossed it at Naruto. Iruka moving once again was hit by the Shuriken and said "RUN NARUTO!" Naruto hearing this, took off running with the secret scroll in his arms.

A little later Naruto was hiding behind a tree, listening to Mizuki and Iruka talk about him. He couldn't help but smile hearing that Iruka believed in him. His eyes widened when Mizuki said "I was gonna kill you later but sense you like getting in my way I'll end you now."

Naruto dropping the forbidden scroll blurred forward and kicked Mizuki away from Iruka. He with fury in his eyes said "You stay away from my sensei your dirty stinking traitor."

Mizuki smirking said "Oh look the little demon comes to protect his pathetic sensei."

Naruto narrowing his eyes blinked and went through two handsigns. He shutting his eyes cried out "Kinjutsu: Five Pillars; Enhancement of the Five Elements Jutsu!" Naruto felt energy flood his body. He letting it flow out of him opened his mouth wide and blinked when black fire shot out of his mouth. He then felt what could only be rocks and dirt cover his left arm. He could feel a strong wind current covering his right arm and he could hear the howl it was creating. He feeling lightning wrapping around his left leg, could smell it burning the grass beneath him. His right leg then became drenched in what felt like an ocean. All five elements then slammed into his body forcing him to his knees.

He standing to his feet with shaking hands, went through the five handsigns needed for the next jutsu. He finishing it cried out "Kinjutsu: Animal Kingdom; Summoning of the Inner Animal!" He screamed as his vision was filled with the image of a Lion chasing down it's prey, and walking through a thick grassland. He then roared like a lion would, and felt his muscles bulge out and his nails transform into claws. He panting sent the message to his clones practicing the Earth Grudge Fear to actually do it. He called out "Kinjutsu: Earth Grudge Fear!" He screamed very loudly as it felt like his body was ripped apart and the palms of his hands started to hurt. He looking at his hands gained wide eyes spotting little mouths where his palms used to be. He could also see what looked like thick black thread inside of the mouth.

He then blinked when the clones practicing the Swords of Legend actually did the jutsu. He hating his clones cried out "Kinjutsu: Swords of Legend; Awaken the Soul Slayer!" He wanted to scream but his voice was horse as a long black handle appeared in the middle of his chest. He with shaking hands grabbed the handle and pulled it out. This brought forward a large blue blade , the kanji for Oathkeeper and Wave shining on both sides of the sword. Naruto holding the sword, watched as a long black chain appeared from the end of the sword. Naruto panting for air, looked Mizuki dead in the eyes. He lifting his still shaking right hand said "I'm gonna stop you." Naruto then ran towards Mizuki who laughed thinking that Naruto was going to be an easy fight. His eyes widened when his right arm was turned into dust.

He jumping back snarled and tossed some Kunai at Naruto. Naruto spotting this gained wide eyes when the kunai stopped in mid-air. The kunai turned around and headed straight for Mizuki who was hit in the legs. Naruto spotting this rushed towards Mizuki and slammed his hand on the man's chest. His eyes widened when black thread burst from Mizuki's back covered in blood and holding Mizuki's beating heart. Naruto watching as Mizuki fell to the ground dead grabbed his head as it was filled with images he had never seen before. He could hear words, conversations, he could even feel pain. He wanted to rip his own head off. At this moment his other cloned dispelled and he was hit with the full force of their memories. This was his breaking point and he passed out. At that moment some Anbu arrived and grabbed him, Iruka and the scroll.

Naruto opening his eyes sat up and blinked finding himself on a beach. Standing to his feet he looked around and could see nothing but the beach everywhere he looked. He then hearing the sound of waves crashing turned and blinked spotting a puddle. Walking over to it he peered into it and blinked spotting an beautiful woman smiling at him. She held her hand out to him. He reaching for it, blinked when she pulled him into the puddle. He looking around now found himself standing in the middle of the ocean, with large rocks all around him. He looking for her blinked finding her standing on a rock. Climbing on it he asked "Who are you and what is this place."

She smiling at him said "This place is your mindscape, or it is now. It used to be a dirty nasty sewer, but I think this suits you better."

Naruto hearing this couldn't argue as a sewer didn't sound that appealing. He smiling said "You didn't tell me your name."

She giggling said "I don't know if you're ready for my name yet, but it's…."

Naruto blinked as he hadn't hear a word. He shaking his head asked "Could you repeat that?"

She giggling said "I said my name is Oathkeeper."

Naruto smiling said "It's nice to meet you Oathkeeper."

She blinking smiled brightly and said "You heard my name. Terrific."

Naruto looking at her like she had lost her head asked "Am I missing something here?"

She nodding grabbed his hand and said "If you didn't hear my name this meeting would pretty much be pointless. You see I'm the sword you summoned. I'm your soul slayer or Zanpakto."

Naruto hearing this gained wide eyes and asked "You're that huge sword I had to pull out of my chest?"

She giggling said "Yes. You see unlike what you're thinking I was not summoned from some mythical plane. I Naruto-kun was created from a half of your soul along with your prisoner."

Naruto hearing this gained wide eyes and asked "You came from my soul?"

She nodding said "Yes it's the reason why I'm so gorgeous. Your soul Naruto-kun is as pure as the driven snow, even with the Kyuubi attached to you. Enough about that thought let's talk about my abilities."

Naruto blinked paid close attention to her. She smiling said "In my current form I have the ability to cut through anything, absorb energy, good and bad, create a barrier around you, create waves of energy and using my chain pull items towards you."

Naruto hearing this could see how those abilities would come in handy he then asked "You said current form, are there others?"

She giggling said "Very good Naruto-kun. Yes I have a few more forms. The first two are called Shikai and Bankai. These are the two you should be working for now. I'll tell you now though that you're a long way from achieving Bankai. Shikai not so much."

Naruto nodded to this. She smiling said "Come on. It's time to meet your inner animal."

Naruto blinked when she dragged him below the waters. His eyes turned to circles finding himself in a huge grassland now. He looking around blinked spotting a huge golden lion looking at him. It yawning said "So I'm your inner animal. I'm the noble and proud Lion. With me blah, blah, blah."

Naruto blinked hearing this. The Lion yawning again said "Look I'm gonna be frank with you. I'm only interested in two things. Fighting and women. When either of those two is happening around you I'll be ready to help. That doesn't mean that my wisdom and knowledge isn't ready for you to use." It closing both of it's eyes said "Also because of me you now have perfect chakra control and can now do genjutsu. You should get good with those because Lions are ambush predators."

Naruto nodded to this. He blinked when Oathkeeper appeared and said "Now it's time to meet the Kyuubi."

Naruto watched as his inner Animal popped up and said "Count me in!"

He sweat dropped but blinked finding himself standing in a very dark cave, with the sound of water dripping. He was wondering where the fox was, until two very large blood red eyes appeared. He feeling hot air blow on him blinked when a deep demonic voice said "So my jailer finally comes to visit his prisoner."

The cave then lit up and Naruto got his first look at the actual nine tailed fox. It was laid out on the cave floor somehow trapped by stalagmites. Naruto looking to his left blinked spotting his inner animal pissing on the floor. He shaking his head asked "So are you a male or a female?"

The Kyuubi hearing this sweat dropped and said "Female."

Naruto hearing this nodded and asked "Are all the tailed beast female?"

Kyuubi feeling the sweat drop get bigger said "All except Hachibi."

Naruto nodding asked "Do I get any cool powers from you?"

Kyuubi wanting to face fault said "Yes you have enhanced regeneration. What would take a normal human weeks or even months to heal, only takes you a day or two."

Naruto nodding asked "Am I already healed from the damage those Kinjutsu did to my body?"

Kyuubi snorting said "Yes you little idiot. That damn Earth Grudge Fear was jumbled up with another Kinjutsu. I had to fix it up, and now you have the Earth Grudge Fear and whatever the other one was."

Naruto nodding asked "Do you know if I have the enhanced elemental affinities?"

Kyuubi nodding again said "Yes you have the blaze enhancement to fire, the particle enhancement to earth, the howling enhancement to wind, the absolute enhancement to lightning and the black enhancement to water."

Naruto hearing this smiled and said "Sweet."

Kyuubi rolling her eyes said "You also gained the Iron Sand, Gold Sand, Magnetic, and Psychic elements."

Naruto hearing this blinked and was about to say something when Oathkeeper said "No more talking to the fox. You need to wake up, it's morning time and the one known as Old Man wishes to speak with you about last night."

Naruto nodding said "Sure Oathkeeper-chan."

He then faded away missing Oathkeeper sticking her tongue out at Kyuubi who rolled her eyes. Naruto's inner animal laying down in the cave smirked at this.

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