Hello this is Phantom Plasma Dragon here with the 10th chapter of Secrets of the Heart. This chapter is Naruto and Leo vs. Orochimaru! In this chapter we witness the full Bankai of Oathkeeper and witness Naruto's hidden doujutsu. I killed off Orochimaru because Kabuto will be taking his place much earlier and he is the one who kills Sarutobi Hiruzen instead of Pedomaru. Anyway my plan is for Naruto to eventually have four swords that he'll be able to use at one time. One of these swords is the Kusanagi and another is going to be the Nuibari. Also this is the tenth chapter of my story so please notify enjoy the bonus scene at the bottom! It's a little Naruto and Setsuna fluff!

Chapter 10; Snake Vs Lion and Troubles!

Naruto and team seven now moving through the forest of death had already secured the other scroll they needed. Leo and Naruto had both detected a team following them and had quickly dispatched of the team gaining the scroll. So now they were heading towards the tower in the middle of the forest but Naruto had the strangest feeling that things were about to get real. He was right when he sensed a huge blast of wind chakra heading towards them. He and Leo both snorting turned to the wind chakra and said "Howling Wind Style; Kamikaze Assault jutsu!"

Two huge balls of howling wind shot from the two and swallowed the wind coming towards them. Naruto and Leo using their noses both started to growl getting the heavy scent of snakes and blood. A grass kunoichi then appeared and with a sick smirk on her face said "My what power Naruto-kun."

Naruto growling and baring his fangs asked "What the hell are you doing here Orochimaru?"

All eyes except Leo's widened hearing this. Orochimaru chuckling shed his disguise asked "How did you know it was me Naruto-kun?"

Leo snorting said "Only three mortals smell like snakes. There's no doubt that you're not Anko-chan, and Yamata-sama wouldn't bother with such trifle matters such as this exam. So logic states it could only be you Orochimaru."

Orochimaru hearing this nodded and said "Logical deduction Naruto-kun. Now just let me give Sasuke-kun my present and I'll be on my way."

Naruto snorting said "You're not going anywhere near my girl you sick snake fucker."

Orochimaru scowling asked "Are you challenging me genin?"

Naruto and Leo both smirking said "It's go time snake shit."

Naruto then unleashed his chakra and Leo let loose a forest shaking roar. This made Leo triple in size and Naruto became cloaked in pitch black chakra. Orochimaru spotting this chuckled and then unleashed his chakra as he said "How foolish of you to challenge me Naruto-kun. Prove yourself worthy and I'll give you my gift instead."

Naruto unsheathing Oathkeeper said "Bathe in all of the darkness, kill not the beast in the dark. The tidal wave washes over the wicked and sets free the innocent. Cry out for me my beautiful queens. Become the Ultimate Key. Walk with me into the light Oathkeeper & Oblivion!"

Naruto's chakra once again exploded up, creating a gigantic shell of chakra that alerted the entire village hidden in the leaves and everyone in the forest to his battle. Leo standing beside said shell of chakra roared once more, increasing in size once more, until he was easily as tall as the trees. The shell of chakra then broke down and all of the people who had come to see the source of said power gasped. Floating in the air was a hugely changed Naruto. His blonde hair was very long and reached the middle of his back. It had changed from blonde to black and white with each color dominating a side. He wore no shirt, as his entire upper body was visible showing off his 8 pack abs. Hanging behind him were two snow white wings, looked to be have given to him by Kami herself. His right arm was wrapped in black bandages with ancient runes running up the side. On said hand the kanji for Oath could be seen. In this hand the Bankai of Oathkeeper could be seen, but her blade was purple instead of white. The other arm had a thick white chain wrapped around it revealing no flesh at all. The hand had the kanji for Oblivion in bold black brush strokes. In this hand was a green version of Oblivion. His lower body was once again in hakama pants, except this time they were tattered giving him the appearance of a battle hardened warrior. His feet was bare and that seemed to not bother him. His face was bare for all to see and it was flawless, as not even his trademark whisker marks could be seen. His eyes had been closed, but then he slowly opened them and Orochimaru rightfully shit himself. Naruto's eyes were now a dark gray with three rings surrounding his round pupil. Orochimaru actually taking a step back in fear said "The Rinnegan!"

Leo laughing said "No you fool that is the true eyes of a god. You are staring at the motherfucking Kamigan, the father or mother of the Rinnegan!"

Orochimaru hearing this got really scared as he had faced the Rinnegan before and the eyes in front of him were supposed to be the perfected version of the Rinnegan. Orochimaru then finally noticed something, he couldn't see any chakra on Naruto. He narrowing his eyes wondered if his was a genjutsu so he tried to dispel it. Leo spotting this laughed and said "Foolish little snake, this isn't a genjutsu. The Kamigan grants the user access to the chakra strings of nature itself. This gives the kid absolute control over his chakra."

Orochimaru hearing this shit his pants again along with many of the people watching. Naruto slowly lifting his right hand said "Prepare yourself Orochimaru because here I come."

He then blasted towards Orochimaru who jumped into the air and shit himself again as the tree he had been standing on was slicked into ribbons. He then had to move to the left as Leo slammed one of his giant paws down where he was. He summoning his sword was barely able to block a heavy swing from Oblivion that still sent a tremor down his body. He was then kicked through several trees by Naruto's foot and switched himself with a log, when another of Leo's paws slammed down where he would have landed. He rolling up his sleeve knew he needed help to survive or even get away from this battle alive. He swiping a hand over the tattoo of a snake summoned Manda the boss of the snake summons. Orochimaru had no time to even warn the snake when he was literally pulled towards Naruto who to his shock had what looked like a small compact version of the 4th's rasengan in his hand. Naruto slamming the attack into Orochimaru's stomach said "Spiraling Dark Matter!"

Orochimaru was then sent spiraling backwards as his body was literally trying to turn into a black hole. He screaming tried to shed his skin, but gained wide eyes when he seemed to be locked in his current form. He hearing something hit the ground not far from him gained wide eyes spotting Manda laying on the ground missing a large chunk of his body. Orochimaru screaming was finally able to shed his skin. He snarling at Naruto was floating there with that blank look on his face said "You're dead brat."

He then as if loosing his mind charged directly towards Naruto with rage shining clearly in his eyes. Naruto lifting his right arm up pointed Oathkeeper at Orochimaru and said "Dark Follower Jutsu!"

Orochimaru gained wide eyes when a huge creature made of darkness appeared from the tip of Oathkeeper and swung it's giant fist down on him. He switching places with a log, fired a fire jutsu at Naruto, who to his anger deflected the fire jutsu with one of his wings. Orochimaru then had to dodge to the left as one of Leo's massive paws came down where he had been standing. Orochimaru then screamed out in pure agony as his arm was literally sliced off by Naruto. He shedding his skin gained wide eyes spotting the damage still there. He looking up at Naruto asked "How?"

Naruto staring at him with his cold eyes said "The blade of Oblivion cuts through all and leaves irreversible damage on the victim."

Orochimaru hearing this gained wide eyes and for the first time in a very long time felt fear. He was then forced to jump back as a huge blade of wind nearly sliced him in half. He was then once again pulled towards Naruto who had what looked like a shining version the rasengan in his hand. Naruto slamming the attack into Orochimaru's stomach said "Spiraling Star Explosion!"

Orochimaru was blasted through several trees from this attack, and gained wide eyes as he couldn't feel his chakra anymore. He struggling to his feet screamed when both of his knees were slashed by the blade of Oblivion. Naruto and Leo then appeared in front of him with cold eyes. Orochimaru snarling said "I have one last trick up my sleeves."

He then opened his mouth to reveal the Kusanagi, which he sent flying towards Naruto. Naruto raising Oathkeeper in a lazy manner, not only blocked the strike from the Kusanagi, but parried it and slashed Orochimaru once again with Oblivion. This time the slash was across the chest and Orochimaru's blood was now starting to stain the forest floor. Naruto floating both of his swords up into the air moved towards the wide eyed Orochimaru. Leo looking at Naruto wondered what he was about to do. Naruto now standing directly in front of Orochimaru placed his hands in the snake handsign. Naruto then said "Orochimaru for you sins against nature, your crimes against life and death, and your inhuman experiments on children I hereby sentence you to death. May Kami-sama have mercy on your soul."

He then unleashing a huge amount of chakra said "Earth Grudge Fear; Pharaoh's Treatment Jutsu!"

Orochimaru gained wide eyes when from Naruto's body billions of tiny black threads appeared and started to slam into him. He then started to scream loudly as his internal organs were slowly and painfully removed from his body. Leo watching this was in pure shock as the jutsu Naruto was using, was a sure kill and nothing would be able to survive being hit with this. He actually shivering started to feel a little pity for Naruto's future enemies, especially if Naruto continued to make jutsu like the one he was using on Orochimaru. When the attack finally ended, Orochimaru's body was nothing but an empty husk. Naruto then closing his eyes sorted through the information he just gained from the now very much dead snake sannin. He slowly opening his eyes dropped his Bankai, and almost all of the changes vanished, with the exception being his eyes. They staid the same, meaning that he had actually unlocked the Kamigan. Naruto turning to Leo asked "So how mad do you think Kurenai and Setsuna are going to be when I tell them that I went toe to toe with a sannin?"

Leo chuckling said "I hope you enjoy the doghouse, because you're gonna be in it for a while."

A little later and Naruto was walking beside a pissed off Setsuna and a still very much delusional Sakura. Setsuna wasn't pissed off because he battled with a Sannin, she was pissed off because apparently she had wanted to test out a new jutsu and maybe show off her new armor for him. Sakura hadn't believed a word that came out his or Leo's mouth, even when he showed the pink haired girl the Kusanagi as proof. So right now the four of them were actually sitting in the room given to them after they entered the tower. Naruto was waiting for someone to come get him so he could tell the old man, Kakashi and Kurenai about his fight with the snake. Leo was in his cub form, laying beside Naruto, glaring at Sakura, who he still refused to acknowledge as a female. Sakura was pestering the shit out of Setsuna, trying to get what she thought was still a male to go out on a date with her. Setsuna was seconds away from testing out her new jutsu on the annoying pink haired girl and bribing Naruto and Leo not to tell anyone.

Suddenly the door to the room opened to reveal an anbu who said "Uzumaki-san follow me to the Hokage's office."

Naruto nodding got off the floor and walked towards the door and said "Normally I'd say come on Leo but I think you should stay and stop Setsuna-chan from killing Sakura."

He then followed the anbu out of the room. Once sure he was gone Sakura said "Okay the gay baka is gone now, you can stop pretending to like him and make out with me Sasuke-kun."

Setsuna with a twitching eyebrow said "My name is Setsuna not Sasuke, I don't like you and I would rather make out with Akamaru than you."

Sakura still the ever delusional fan-girl said "Sasuke-kun stop playing around and have your way with me already."

Setsuna now with both of her eyebrows twitching was slowly starting to reach for a kunai to kill Sakura with, when Leo having enough of Sakura, knocked the pink haired girl the fuck out with a little dose of killing intent. Setsuna once the girl was unconscious sighed in relief and said "Thank kami. I thought that stupid pink haired bitch would never shut up."

Leo having to piss, lifted up his leg and to the amusement of Setsuna pissed directly on the unconscious Sakura, not caring the slightest that he was pissing on a living being.

Naruto now standing in front of Sarutobi, Kakashi and Kurenai turned to Kurenai and said "Promise me you won't get mad Kurenai-chan."

Kurenai narrowing her eyes asked "Why would I get mad?"

Naruto laughing nervously said "Just promise me."

Kurenai still with her eyes narrowed said "I promise I won't get mad."

He hearing this nodded and said "Okay well I kinda went toe to toe with Orochimaru of the Sannin in the forest of death."

He instantly noticed how the room got several degrees colder. He knew this was most likely Kurenai's doing, but he dared not turn to check. Sarutobi with the most serious expression on his face said "Tell us everything from the start."

Naruto nodding closed his eyes and started to explain what had happened in the forest of death, even showing the three seasoned ninja his new eyes and the Kusanagi. He with a serious expression of his own said "Old man Orochimaru was planning on invading and attacking Konoha during the finals of the chunin exams, with his village Oto and Suna. His plan was to use that kid who holds the one tails as the major driving force in the attack. Apparently the seal on the kid is unstable and allows the one tails to take over whenever the boy tries to get any sleep. Also that old cripple Danzo Shimura helped Orochimaru with his heinous experiments and has implanted several Uchiha Sharingan into his arm and the bandaged eye."

All eyes were wide hearing this and Kakashi asked "How exactly do you know this?"

Naruto shivering said "The jutsu I used to kill Orochimaru actually removed all of his internal organs along with drained the fluids from his body. I have all of the info he knew stored in my brain."

He then looking Sarutobi dead in the eyes asked "By the way when were you going to tell me that my godfather is the super pervert Jiraiya, or that my father was the Yondaime Hokage, or that apparently my mother and her clan abandoned me in the village?"

Sarutobi's eyes hearing these questions groaned and said "I was going to tell you all of this after the 2nd exam."

Naruto hearing this nodded and then asked "What are we going to do about the invasion and how are we going to deal with Danzo?"

Sarutobi said "Now that we know about the invasion we can take precautionary measures to stop it or make sure it isn't too bad. Danzo is a matter that will have to wait for another time."

Naruto blinking said "If you say so old man you are the Hokage."

Naruto then blinked feeling someone patting his head. He turning blinked again spotting the proud Kakashi patting him on the head. Kakashi smiling proudly said "Good job Naruto, taking out one the biggest threats to the village and protecting your team at the same time. Keep doing the things you're doing and you'll be Hokage in no time."

Naruto hearing this couldn't help but smile and say "Thanks Kakashi-sensei."

He then lifting up his right hand still smiling said "By the way Katsu!"

The book in Kakashi's back pocket then exploded making Kakashi jump into the air and try to put out his ass. Naruto still smiling said "Two down, 29 to go."

Sarutobi couldn't help but laugh hearing this as it seems as Naruto was actually following through with his plan to burn all of Kakashi's books. Naruto then turning to Kurenai could see that she was thinking. He was wondering what she was thinking about until she smiled and said "Kakashi is right. You took down one of Konoha's biggest threats and helped discover a plot to attack the village."

She then grabbing his head slammed her lips to his, giving him a soul searing kiss. This kiss lasted about 12 minutes when she ended it. Naruto literally swooning where he was standing said "Sweet mother of all things ramen."

Kurenai couldn't help but laugh hearing him say this, while Sarutobi was beaming with pride as his favorite grandson was truly the man. Kakashi was still trying to put his pants out, so he hadn't even witnessed Kurenai kissing Naruto.

Bonus Scene: First Date!

Naruto was wondering how he got himself into this mess. Oh wait now he remembers he had rescued the woman currently dragging him on a date from the prison the civilian council and elders had forced her in. He blinked when Setsuna asked "Do you want to catch a movie, go grab lunch or how about shopping."

Naruto quickly said "Lunch sounds nice!"

Setsuna beaming dragged him into the nearest dining establishment. Naruto looking around could tell that this place seemed rather classy, that is until his eyes landed on the Karaoke machine. Naruto quickly turned so white he was making snow look pink. Setsuna grabbing the two of then a table grabbed a menu and asked "Do you think this place has tomato soup?"

Naruto in his seat across from her was praying to Kami that Setsuna didn't want him to sing. He looking at the menu said "They have tomato soup Setsuna-chan!"

She spotting said item smiled and said "Good eyes Naruto-kun!"

Naruto smiling at the compliment turned to the waitress and said "I'll take the Chicken Marsala and a side order of French onion soup."

The waitress nodding turned to Setsuna and asked "For you my lady?"

Setsuna setting the menu down said "I'll take the chicken and cheese quesadilla with a large order of tomato soup on the side."

The waitress nodding said "I'll give the chef your orders until then please entertain the others eating with a song of your choice!"

Naruto hearing this started to curse under his breath as he had been hoping on escaping this place without having to sing. Setsuna finally noticing the Karaoke machine smiled and said "Thank you for pointing that out for me. Come on Naruto-kun!"

She then dragged Naruto up to the stage and started to scroll through the many songs the machine had. She finding one that she liked pressed play and said "Get ready Naruto-kun. I'm about to make you stutter."

A song that made Naruto sweat drop then started to play and a Naruto was subjected to Setsuna singing Bootyliscious by Destiny's Child.

When Setsuna finished singing all of the males in the restaurant where howling and letting out wolf whistles. Setsuna with a smirk on her face said "Your turn Naruto-kun!"

He still with a sweat drop on the back of his head scrolled through songs until he came across one he liked. He pressing play took the microphone from Setsuna and stepped to the front of the stage. The song then started to play just as the rest of the rookies and their sensei walked in

"Stay for tonight

If you want to

I can show you

What my dreams are made of,

As I'm dreaming of your face

I've been away for a long time

Such a long time

And I miss you there

I can't imagine being anywhere else

I can't imagine being anywhere else but here!"

Setsuna and the others all had wide eyes hearing him masterfully sing the intro to a rather popular song.

"How the hell did you ever pick me?

Honestly, I could sing you a song

But I don't think words can express your beauty

It's singing to me

How the hell did we end up like this?

You bring out the beast in me

I fell in love from the moment we kissed

Since then we've been history!"

Ino, Setsuna, Kurenai, Hinata, and Ten-Ten were swooning on their feet by now

"They say that love is forever

Your forever is all that I need

Please stay as long as you need

Can't promise that things won't be broken

But I swear that I will never leave

Please stay forever with me."

The entire restaurant was now paying close attention to Naruto as he sang.

"It goes to show, I hope that you know that you are

What my dreams are made of

Can't fall asleep, can't fall asleep

I lay in my bed awake, in my bed awake at night

As I dream of you

I'll fall in love, you'll fall in love

It could mean everything, everything to me

I can't imagine being anywhere else!"

People outside of the eating establishment were now starting to look in to see who was singing the favorite romantic song of the village.

"They say that love is forever

Your forever is all that I need

Please stay as long as you need

Can't promise that things won't be broken

But I swear that I will never leave

Please stay forever with me."

By now everyone was either on their feet waiving their hands or swooning.

"The way that we are

Is the reason I stay

As long as you're here with me

I know I'll be OK!"

Kurenai and Setsuna were squealing like Fan-girls when Naruto hit the bridge with perfection.

"They say that love is forever

Your forever is all that I need

Please stay as long as you need

Can't promise that things won't be broken

But I swear that I will never leave

Please stay forever with me

(I couldn't love just anyone, I was created to love just one baby)

They say that love is forever

Your forever is all that I need

(I couldn't love just anyone, I was created to love just one girl)

Please stay as long as you need

(I couldn't love just anyone, I was created to love just one baby)

Can't promise that things won't be broken

But I swear that I will never leave

(I couldn't love just anyone, I was created to love just one girl)

Please stay forever with me!"

When he hit the last note a light seemed to shine down on him making his little performance that much more captivating. Naruto ending the song sweat dropped spotting all of the people swooning from his singing. He then feeling his danger senses go wild substituted with Kiba just in time to stop himself be swarmed by a huge group of girls. Naruto grabbing his food said "Thanks for the first date Setsuna it was awesome. Gotta go now bye!"

He then got the hell out of dodge as a literal tidal wave of fan-girls followed after him.

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