Tap tap tap

Walking down the hallway Kaito kuroba sighed as he walked. Today was a KID heist, by all rights he would be excited and with the other millions of fans but thanks to knowing Nakamori-keibu, being his daughters childhood friend, the head of the Kaitou KID task force he was able to get in.

But back to the problem you see Saguru hakuba a half-Brit detective Holmes geek from England thinks he's KID and was being harassed about it, not accounting the crush he has on the gentleman thief, I know not original thousands of people love the guy why would he notice him a highschool student out of everyone else's.

*sigh* its jus-

"Hey, why the frown" said a deep smooth voice. Kaito looked up to see what he was thinking about earlier.

Kaitou KID, leaning against the wall. And talking to him. "Me." He said pointing at him self. "Who else silly magician." Was the court reply. "Oh,- wait how did you know I'm a magician." Kaito said blushing faintly.

"I tend to... keep an eye on my detectives, you just caught my interest." said KID, "eh? Why me?" asked Kaito as KID walked up to him.

"Well you see, tantei-San suspects you being me, even though your a bit amateurish-" said KID as he stopped in front of Kaito gripping his chin KID turned Kaito's head "-and your cute."

"E-eh" stuttered Kaito as he blushed rose red. "Hmm, your missing something, Oh I know!" Said KID as he snapped his fingers pink smoke erupted around Kaito.

cough cough cough

Kaito coughed as he brought his arm up the smoke dissipating finally taking notice of what happened. "So cute tomatoh-Chan." clapped KID " ba-bastared"* stuttered Kaito, it seems KID put him in a blue maid dress.

KID grinned "awe, but you look so cute."hmph Kaito smiled "But, master the dress doesn't look well on me." said Kaito fisting the hem of the dress, his right arm fisted beneath his chin. "Well then well just have to fix it that." KID snapped his fingers once more and Kaito was put in a green maid outfit, an apron, and a cloth rapped on his head.

KID put a mirror in front of him. Kaito looked at himself as he turned side to side how did it end up like this, the outfit looked as though it made for him as it loosely hugged his figure.

"Why do you have a maid outfit that fits me so well?" asked Kaito as he tilted his head. "Well you see" said KID as he backed Kaito to the wall (an ugly bage wall, the heist being at a hotel**) leaning his head in front of Kaito's so their noses touched, Kaito shivered from the close proximity. "I just happened to have it." Kaito would have replied but being so close he was able to see KID's face, Kaito eye's widened KID looked like-

"Tou-" but before he could finished KID kissed him. Mph

Lime part
Kaito groaned, closing his eyes to better bury himself in the sensations as he opened his mouth, a needy whimper escaping as he tasted KID against his tongue, KID smelled like pine trees and roses and the taste of him that was purely KID himself, caused Kaito to growl, his body pressing forward to meet KID's, teeth nipping at the soft lips over his.

KID back off "well, magician." Kaito panted "you know my name." Kaito said looking at KID "And how would I know that." KID replied.

"One, you said you spied on me. Two, your not wearing a mask tou-San" said Kaito smirking. "Wha-" "Don't lie to me!" Yelled Kaito, "sorry, i-" KID backed up but Kaito pulled him down stealing another kiss, groaning, as KID pushed him against the wall again hands sliding across Kaito's back to grip the his ass.
Lime over

Kaito backed up "Please, tou-San don't lie." KID rested his head against Kaito's "okay, what do you want to know"
* I was watching. Hetalia and when Spain embarrassed Romano, Romano would go red and Spain would call him tomato and Romano just calls everyone a bastard. Thats how I say tomato

**hotel wall are a ugly color

This is a Toichi x Kaito lemon, but really there are Minato x Naruto lemon fics. And its my first lemon. Soo..

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