I had just finished reading Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard and it was AMAZING (which is an understatement). So I had this idea when Thor talked about Loki, and now this is the result… Enjoy.

Thor had just finished killing another giant, when his hammer got an email. It's rare for him to get emails, and when he gets emails from his hammer, it means that it's from other gods (one time, he got an email from Freya, and she only asked for him to visit her).

It was from Loki. Thor only sighed and read it anyways. How can a prisoner get to get Wi-Fi? It says; Hi.

He sent him an email just to say 'Hi.'? "You could've just said that to my face!" Thor shouted at his hammer. "There's no need to shout at your hammer like that…"

"But this is Loki! For god's sake, he could've made some kind of apparition if he just wanted to tell me that," he said and turned to see who it was. It was Loki. Freaking. Loki. And strangely, he was with Freya. Or Frey dressing up as Freya, which Loki could manage to do when he wanted to.

"Loki! Why aren't you in your prison?"

"It's my birthday! How mean of you to forget…" Loki sounded whole-heartedly disappointed. As his mutual nemesis, Thor felt bad. "Sorry, Loki. You know how my memory is, when it comes to remembering stuff. I forget it almost instantly when I fight!"

"I'm heart-broken now, Thor. Whatever are you gonna do…?" In the background, Freya snickered, clearly enjoying the show. "I'll do anything! I'm sorry if it's my fault that your heart broke, so I'll do anything I can!"

"Really?" Loki sounded hopeful. "Really," Thor nodded and Freya clapped her hands. "Well, then, how about you and Loki star in my play for my worlds' people?"

"A play?"

"Yep! And we'd invited the other gods to watch us too! It'll be magnificent! And, guess what…" Loki said with a malicious grin. Thor thought about it. "Are we gonna kill giants?"

"No, but close enough," Freya said, not exactly listening to him. She was thinking about what costumes Thor should wear. "You'll have to see for yourself if you wanna know what it is."

"Okay then! To Freya's world we go!" Thor said and they all teleported to her world.