Sorry it took me, like, one week to post this! I mean, stuff happens.

"So!" Freya started when they had just stepped into a place that looks exactly like an upside-down ship, where Freya's throne is supposed to be. "Here's the script and all that stuff… But you don't really need it anyways. You only need to say 'I do' when I wink at you, so watch for me."

"Don't look at me like that," Loki said to him when he glanced at him accusingly. "Freya designed the script 100%, I swear."

"Well… okay, but Freya… Why am I the bride? Why can't Loki be the bride?" he asked after he saw the casts. "Well, it is a wedding play, and my people—well, some of them—wanted to make someone with muscles wear a bridal gown they accidentally made… And the gown, I swear I didn't do anything to tell them your size but, it suits only you, Thor, so…. Please?"

He grunted. "I don't wanna…"

"Oh, come on Thor! Are you planning on turning your fans down? Huh? People whom look up to you and all, they cheered for you in your battles, they love you for what you do!" Loki said, helping Freya. "Imagine their faces when they see you in a wedding dress… They'll be awed by your manliness…"

Freya looked at him with a what-are-you-trying-to-do look, but one look at Thor, she knew he was buying it. "Why does a wedding dress make a man way more manly?"

"Well, for starters, don't you think girls would love to see your awesome muscles over that dress? You'd be a whole new hero in their eyes! Guys would really love to have your kind of muscles, and you might even make new battle companions!"


"And…" Loki said with a seductive smirk, one he always had when he knew he had Thor, all to himself. "A buff guy like you suits really well in white…"

"Well, if you say so…" Thor shrugged and complied to a shining Loki, whom suggested that he helped him wear that unbelievably complicated dress. Freya thought, 'That Loki sure knows Thor's weaknesses…'

The dress fit perfectly on Thor. "You think Freya would like this…?"

"She'll love it because her people loves it," Loki said while he put on the finishing touches to the dress. "What are you gonna be? You're part of the drama, right?"

"Yep, but that'll be a secret~" he said and tightened the frilly hem on him. "Okay, done! Thor, after this, you stand by behind the door in the middle of the field, and when it opens, you have to walk forward, until you're in front of Freya, alright?"

"Oh! So that's where she'll be!" he said, imagining Freya wearing a groom's suit. She'll look like Frey, for sure. After he was stationed in the said position, he waited until the door opened. When it did, he stepped forward.

There is no going back, now!