Wheee…. This is strictly humor, people.

The path where he had to walk on was extremely long for no reason. And it was also too bright to even see the podium until he was 5 meters to it. He saw Freya… holding a bible-like book, and the one dressed up as the groom was… Loki.

All the colours drained from his face.

'I'm supposed to marry Loki?!'

But he had made his resolve to not stop until he is in front of Freya, so he did. He and Loki stood side-by-side, and Thor was totally NOT pleased with that. Loki looked prim and proper in a grooms' suit, and he looked extremely handsome, if one must add. He started comparing his frilly dress, which, in his opinion, looked rather messy after the long walk.

Freya read those things you're supposed to hear in weddings where you had to read those marriage stuff, and Loki had this menacing grin on his face, but he closed his eyes, which made him look calm and vulnerable, yet deadly. Then, he said, "I do."

Then, Thor snapped right back into reality. "Do you, Thor, accept Loki as your husband?" Freya winked. That was his cue. "Yes, I do," he said spontaneously. "I declare you… Man and husband! Cheers everyone! CHEERS!"

All around them, Freya's people cheered, and in the midst of that, Loki said, "With this, I seal our marriage," and kissed him on the lips. Thor wanted to push him away, but by some magic Loki cast on him beforehand, he couldn't do anything but kiss him back. The audience cheered louder.

That had been something sacred, a kiss is. Once you kiss someone, a seal shall be sealed, and Loki had said 'marriage'. It applies to Thor in quite a literal way, that even now, that memory haunts him. Every time he remembers, he'll be reminded of that time where he had married a man.

And that fact hasn't changed ever since….

Even now.



Let's just say that those two had been single their whole lives, okay? Because, truth to be told, I don't know much about Norse myths, and I had just learnt the name from Magnus Chase. Let's face it; I'm bad at facts, but I love making stories. That's what counts… I think.

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