Muramasa Senji, the cursed sword-smith. It is said that his blades are his anger, and that the anger in them are passed to the one who uses it.

Two masters from the past used them, sure, they felt the evil spirit within them, but that did not stop them from living their lives.

Here's a story that comes to the future we live in: 2015, no… 2016, actually. This is how the story goes:


The Oboro Muramasa is a sword fighting style cursed by many people, but the fighting style can save various people, like it did once in the Genroku Era of Japan. Now in 2016, a young high-scholar boy, Masamune Hakuseki, is going to find out that in his heritage, lived someone that once was a master of the Muramasa blade, and that he is the successor for the blade style.


Main Male Character: Masamune Hakuseki

A young boy with roughly 19 years old, Hakuseki lives a normal high-scholar life, with animes, mangas, friends and more other things. While reading through the family books, he discovered that one of the persons from his heritage on the Genroku Era was a master of the Demon Blade Muramasa. Discovering this, he finds out a false book, opening up a secret passageway on his family house that leads to one of the Muramasas: The Tempest. After gaining control of it, he discovers that in the sword is the soul of one of his ancestors: Oboro Momohime, once a master of the blade, and now the blade itself. Together, they will discover various enemies who came to destroy the world they know and the Muramasas, but Hakuseki will not let them.

Main Female Character: Oboro Momohime

A young girl that lived in the Genroku Era, where the Muramasas were made, born in 1676, she's 340 years old, but maintains her 19-year-old appearance, thanks to her being sealed within the blade. She can take a human form and transform back into the blade she is. She is incapable of breaking and carries a great power, to be used by Hakuseki Masamune.

Other characters:

Yoshio Mika: Hakuseki's best female friend, she studies in the same school as him, and is also a swordswoman. Later in the story, she'll possess the Muramasa Earth Hornet, that houses the soul of Hiroyuki Kisuke, another Muramasa master in the same time as Momohime.

Hiroyuki Kisuke: The second Muramasa to be found by Hakuseki and used by Mika, Kisuke is 336 years old and keeps his appearance of a 15-year-old Shinobi (Ninja), but know that he is VERY mature.

Keeping the game in mind, there will be some hot spring moments, but one of these moments is VERY ADULT. It contains Hakuseki X Momohime and the story will be K-plus until I reach that scene, where it will jump to M.

Pretend this is an anime.



(Any better titles are welcome)