1. Kaleidoscope: Part 1.

Notes: Welcome to the start of my new series, please sit back and enjoy.

Summary: Shinichi has always been living his life in black and white. In a world where one would gain the ability to see colour after first meeting their soulmate, he hasn't really had the chance. One day while walking down a busy street, a flash of colour enters his vision but it's gone too fast for him to see who it is. Since then, he has always been catching this bright hum of indigo but never manages to see who it is. Until...


Shinichi glanced once more at his watch, impatience clawing at him with a deep sense of urgency. There had been a murder and he was - of all things - stuck at a traffic light waiting for it to turn green, being smothered in the throngs of people walking to and fro at peak hour when students were heading home after a long day at school and working adults had just ended their workday. Figures it would be his luck that he was called in for a particularly difficult case when he had been seated comfortably at home with a cup of coffee by his elbow and a stack of case files to work through. Megure-keibu had phoned him with an urgency unlike the stern but fatherly man and he found himself on his feet and out the door before he was aware of what he was doing. And to think he didn't even finish his coffee in his haste!

The light blinked green and he merged with the crowd, following the flow of people as he crossed the street. Beside him, a gaggle of schoolgirls, roughly junior high school age were squealing about one thing or another - "Oh, Miya-chan, if you think that he likes you, just go for it!" - and their conversation drifted pleasantly into his ears, merging with the countless other conversations and flowing into background noise that caused him to unknowingly relax. He exhaled slightly and hastened his footsteps, watching his breath leave his mouth in white wisps. Shinichi turned his head, observing the passersby that walk past him with heads down, staring at their phones and basically ignoring the world around them.

From the corner of his eyes, Shinichi saw a mess of hair, coloured in grayish tones and suddenly, his eyes clashed with the other person's and it all clicked. There was just no other way to describe that sensation. It felt as if everything was suddenly right with the world, an electrifying feeling coursing through his body. He saw the widening of the other's - a man, around the same age as him - beautiful eyes, eyes that he just can't place a colour to because he doesn't know what colours are supposed to look like yet now he can see them. The world is vibrant, enrapturing and absolutely breathtaking and he's in love with it. But just as suddenly as the colours appeared, they disappeared and it left Shinichi reeling as he tried to readjust to the complete blandness of the surroundings. When he next scans the crowd, the beautiful-eyed man is gone and he's standing alone in the middle of a busy street.

I wonder who he is…


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