A/N: Timeframe on this is about a year before Okeer's death.


STG Report on the Warmaster Okeer

Senior Agent Gherruld to the STG Master

As requested, I've put together an initial briefing document covering everything we currently know regarding Doctor Ganar Okeer. The krogan in question has a number of titles, both honorary and self-claimed, but the most common are Warmaster, Warlord, Eternal, and War-Father.

In particular, 'Warmaster' is a particularly controversial claim, as it implies he, and not the line of Urdnot, should be rightful war leader of the krogan people. This is somewhat disputed, especially in light of the fact that Okeer killed the Emperor who gave him the title in the first place. Given Okeer's wars upon the Urdnot prior to the uplift and his participation in the Genophage project, not to mention his attack at the Spire, Okeer would already be vastly hated. The fact that he freely experiments on other krogan and kills any challengers only fuels such hatred.

As with all reports, by necessity, this document is not all inclusive with details, but instead provides high-order information that can be queried in depth at a later time. Much of the information was gathered via second-hand reporting and in some cases even required archeology. (This is not a typo.) Okeer is extremely old, dangerous and incredibly saavy and cannot be treated as other krogan. He is not only a powerful combatant, but a brilliant scientist, a talented doctor, a skilled war leader, and a masterful politician.

This file is classified Virshan-Orange. The original was classified Dashan-Black. This is the eight hundred and thirty third Orange Section file since the origination of the first Special Task Order given by Dalatrass Shiron herself, and the sixty-fifth reiteration and update of the original dossier on Okeer.

Caution : Read FIRST:

All information on Okeer is based on four sources: existing historical accounts records, eye-witness accounts, extranet information, and accumulated scans and examinations. Under no circumstances can this file be assumed complete, and as always assume that this file is a baseline of his abilities, not a comprehensive coverage. Okeer delights in foes underestimating or mistaking his intentions and abilities, and we cannot assume anything.

Okeer is most likely one of the most lethal combatants in space, combined with genius level intellect and thousands of years of hard experience. In terms of raw physical power he is unequaled. In terms of danger, only Tetrimus, the Broker himself, and the High Solarch can match him. His capacity for forethought and advanced planning is legendary, and his lack of fear and amused dismissal of threat indicates, based on our krogan psychological information, that he is actually uncaring of the idea of dying.

Given that fear of death is the primary tool in preventing most sentient beings from engaging in whatever activities they like, he is considered extremely dangerous. Combined with his durability, experience, and strength, he is an opponent that is best handled with extreme caution should he become hostile. Thus, per standing order eleven-alpha-alpha, STG units engaging into combat with Okeer are to fall back at top speed and call for orbital bombardment. (Yes, this is an order from the era of the origins of the STG. Okeer is ancient.)




Formal Titles: High Warmaster of the Krogan Empire (defunct), Warlord (by right of clan), Doctor of Medicine (Sur'kesh Academy of Science, doctorate; Thessian Ellistory of Medical Arts, doctorate)

Nicknames: The Eternal

Race: Pre-genophage krogan. Genetic markers indicate he is infected but not showing the glandular modifications of the Genophage. This has been flagged as a Black-Collapse-Nine item for over a thousand years. When questioned on it, Okeer merely laughed.

Age and sex: ESTIMATE of age is 5,700 plus. Exact date of birth unknown. Okeer claims he is over seven thousand years old, radiocarbon dating of original inhabitance confirms this range is well within possibility. Krogan male.

Wealth: Difficult to ascertain. Maintains wealth off of Tuchanka in the range of sixty to eighty million credits. Unknown reserves of valuable metals and artifacts housed on several different worlds estimated at fifty million. Ganar Clan assets on Tuchanka roughly six to eight million. Given his age and breath of resources, caches and hiding spots probably hold much more. Okeer has access to at least several light cruisers and a small number of smuggler style craft, and held suites on Ilium, Hestas VI, and even in the Black Rim.

Psychological Summary: The best fit we can derive based on his actions is that he fits (roughly) into the Disdainful-Active quadrant of oppressive personalities. Prizes knowledge, honor by his own codes, physical prowess, and deceit. (Curious combination of concepts.) No know pathologies, although exceedingly dismissive of all forms of life and inured to even horrific experiments on his own people much less other aliens. Capable of extreme levels of cordiality and is very capable at diplomacy and dissembling, as well as hiding his true motives.

Military Summary: Last military records during the Krogan Wars against the Rachni. Okeer was instrumental in the final battles and slew the Queen Matriarch in single combat, after she had killed nearly half of the Loresingers and battlemasters in the final combat. Acclaimed battlemaster by thousands of krogan over the centuries. Known skills include EXTREME hand to hand and CQB capabilities, knowledge of piloting, navigation, computer programming, hacking, military planning, tactical planning, traps, chemistry and medical knowledge, genonanotech, and other fields.

Education: Unknown from Tuchanka but possessed advanced knowledge of krogan physiology during the Uplift. Educated himself for fifty years in both salarian and asari universities, earning very high marks. Continued to write scientific papers and books until present date.

Employment: None. Formerly, warmaster of Krogan Empire. Standing offers of employment from over two hundred universities and an open offer to act as 'champion of the asari court', all of which he has ignored for the most part.

Significant Family: At least sixty confirmed children. Extended family beyond count. Given his very long life span, it is possible he has sired hundreds of children. He has at least four living and six deceased asari offspring as well, including one from House T'Armal and two in Clan Steelshape.

Overall Threat Rating: Black-Collapse Eight.

Historical Notes:

The history of Okeer is extremely long, and much of it cannot be confirmed due to the destruction of large swaths of Tuchanka prior, during, and after both the Uplift and the Krogan Rebellions. He claims to have been born of the lost Tribe of Kargan, which splintered into Urdnot, Balur, and Ganar some seven thousand years ago. Okeer's father was supposedly the primogenitor of the Ganar, who broke with the Urdnot and Balur over hunting grounds.

Moving north of the Keplhic Valley, the Ganar (and Okeer) settled beyond the wastelands in a mountain valley region along with several allied tribes. As the krogan moved through their early period of late development the Ganar crushed the Balur almost completely, but in doing so alienated most of the clans. The war was touched off based on resource issues, and it was Okeer who managed to construct artesian well systems below the rocks of the mountains allowing the Ganar to outlast sieges and the like.

Okeer in legends was accounted as brilliant, with endless inventions and weapons of war credited to his name. Most krogan of that time saw his might and intellect only rivaled by that of Urdnot Tharx.

When the krogan Wars of Blood ended with the Crush of Crushes, and the tribes finally united under Clan Urdnot, Ganar was the main clan to oppose them. Krogan histories confirm that as of over four thousand years ago Okeer was already over a thousand years old and considered an elder and Warlord of the Ganar. He claimed to have fought the leader of the Urdnot, Tharx, and was defeated only by the biotic power of the latter – it is notable that Tharx never fully recovered from his wounds taken in this fight. While the rule of Clan Urdnot was light, it rankled against the Ganar, Okeer especially.

Okeer spent a great deal of time after that developing krogan science and culture – he is the father of all krogan medicine, performed the majority of krogan scientific research, and invented gunpowder style weapons of several varieties. Many krogan found no use in such things, or disdained his focus on them, an attitude that infuriated him.

Okeer's history from the end of the Wars of Blood is relatively unimportant until the time of the Uplift, when early salarian exploration teams seeking a counter to the asari military power and threat of the rachni discovered the krogan. Okeer was very polite and made a strong impression on the scouts with his erudition and intellect, even without a level of educational prowess to match ours. When the dalatrasses met to approve the uplift, it was the eloquence of Okeer who made them decide to do so from a position of partners rather than installing strong controls on krogan aggression.

Okeer's darkness manifested when the krogan people selected Urdnot as the ruling Emperor, and further when the Emperor refused to listen to Okeer's warning about what the rachni war would do to the krogan. His predictions were, sadly, correct – the rachni wars slew most of the more level headed and peaceful krogan, shattered krogan verbal traditional loresongs, disrupted their method of governance and left hundreds of millions of aggressive, violent orphans under an Emperor more concerned about glory and power than the welfare of his people.

The Emperor made Okeer Warmaster, but did not listen to his advice. Okeer's tactics solidified the Emperor's control over the fractious clans, but the Emperor disdained Okeer's plea to turn the krogan people towards rebuilding their shattered culture. He pushed a militant, aggressive stance that gloried in war and claimed other races were holding them back. For a long time it was only Okeer's desperate diplomatic efforts that staved off the Council stopping the krogan with force, but eventually the Emperor pushed too hard.

When the Krogan Emperor declared war on the Citadel, Okeer and his clan formally revolted, slaying all but one of the Emperor's sons and destroying the main scientific labs and facilities Okeer himself had so painstakingly constructed. He worked closely with the STG to come up with methods of forestalling the obliteration of his people, while remaking them into a race that would one day be able to stand amidst the corridors of the Citadel and interact with other species.

Given that the turian and salarian suggestion for dealing with the krogan threat was to orbitally bombard Tuchanka until it was a glowing pile of slag, he argued – and eventually convinced – the Council that it was krogan birth-rates, unadjusted for the massive drop in mortality to krogan as a result of the Uplift, that was the problem. Shorn of endless hordes of krogan younglings too blind and rage-filled to fight, the Emperor would be forced to surrender.

The Genophage horrified the asari – but Okeer was the one pushing it. It quickly became apparent that the krogan were pushing the turians to the limit, despite the Palavanus blunting many krogan assaults. As krogan committed atrocity after atrocity, Okeer's temper shortened and he grew despondent.

When the Genophage was nearly ready, there was a vast argument about if it should be used, given that the final form the STG wanted was not viable. The original idea – to weaken the krogan by simply reducing fertility – was accompanied by the horrifying side effect that those it affected would give birth to stillborn and mutated krogan. The turians – in heavy combat with the krogan and losing in some areas where the Palavanus did not lead the fight – wanted to use it immediately, but the STG master at the time threatened to destroy it rather than have that happen – feeling an incomplete Genophage could be reversed and unleashing the krogan as a future threat once more.

When the STG decided it would be simpler to completely obliterate the krogan, Okeer slew the lead researcher with his hammer and stopped STG units from disrupting the dispersal while the turians triggered it. Okeer was arrested and tried, but the turians saw him as a patriot and honorable and he was released. The Justicar Order had some issue with this, and surprisingly, Okeer submitted himself to their justice – challenging them, saying that if they could defeat him in single combat he would gladly submit to death for him and all his clan. He battled (and crushed badly) the leader of the Justicar Order, and returned once a century from then onwards to continue to do so. Eventually these fights became merely show, a ritual of penance of sorts.

Not long after the Rebellions collapsed, as Okeer's people spread tales that the Genophage was actually a curse from the Gods.

We are almost certain Okeer (who was involved in both the design and testing of the Genophage) knew enough about how it worked to remove it. Certainly, his own clan was NOT affected, instead following a sick ritualistic culling of all but the most perfect (in krogan eyes) of babies to keep their numbers down. When the truth came out about the Genophage due to a guilty Lythari, the krogan turned against the Ganar clan en masse.

Okeer evacuated them with the cooperation of the CDEM, and for over a thousand years the Ganar clan wandered Citadel space. Okeer himself and his sons mostly studied at universities, educated themselves and consumed asari, salarian and turian culture. He spent over two centuries as a combat instructor to the House of T'Armal, and was much beloved by Thana T'Armal in her youth, doting on her and teaching her how to fight. He spent time among turians, the hanar, even the batarians.

As those who remembered the Rebellions died out, the attitude many developed of the krogan was based on that of Okeer and his brood – that of strong, somewhat violent but ultimately deeply intellectual and spiritual people. As more krogan began to emerge into the galaxy, however, this faded, until Okeer was seen as the exception to the rule – or a sign of what krogan society was before its fall.

Okeer began vanishing with his clan into the Terminus systems almost five hundred years ago; coming back once a century so that he could participate in ritualized combat with the Justicar Mistress. On his most recent return, he began buying up odd properties and his clan turned into a mercenary force of surprising strength. Our clear perception of what he was up to during this time – and what exactly occurred with his interactions with the Broker – is still under investigation.


It is the height of arrogance to attempt to grasp the motivations of a being this ancient, especially when he has taken great pains to conceal his ideals. The best projections we can determine are that Okeer's primary goal is the evolution and development of the krogan people – or at least, some subset of them – into a race superior to other citadel races.

His secondary motivation would appear to be the destruction of any form of krogan culture that glorifies what he considers 'barbarism', and to shape krogan into a force using intellect and durability, rather than numbers and brute violence, to win wars.

Keep in mind that these are only guesses. His longer plans and ultimate goals could be literally anything, and given that krogan do not die of old age and that most that make it past a millennia are almost invincible means he has all the time in the world to plan. We have surmised that he probably plans to lead the reformed krogan – but in what manner remains unclear.

Organizations and Affiliations:

Formally, Okeer maintains no affiliations with any group aside being the Warlord of the Ganar Clan. Unofficially he has done work for a dozen biotech firms and participated in all manner of mercenary and possibly pirate activity, is in constant communication with the Justicars and other elements of asari society, and (as you well know) has advised the STG and the SIX from time to time on various krogan issues.


Okeer does not specialize at any particular range, being very dangerous at all of them. His primary weapons include spike launchers, heavy machine guns, ion bombards, grenades, omni-projected plasma fields, and his hammer. His armor is a suit of master-crafted plating (Ghandis armor, the precursor to proper Silaris forged processes) made by Clan Steelshape over a thousand years ago, one of the finest suits of battle armor in the galaxy, plated in the melted bronze of the Krogan Emperor's throne.

Specific Tactical Methods, Ground Combat:

Long range: In long range combat Okeer prefers to use heavy weapons to control range, relying on the shock value and 'splash' to wear foes down before either closing range or attacking directly. He is not above laying traps and forcing targets into them with heavy weapons fire. His preferred long range weapons are elcor ion bombards and krogan grail heavy spike launchers (usually modified to explosive variants).

Okeer is also the only known krogan who regularly engages (and even finds amusement in) sniping, and has long relied on a custom built turian sniper rifle.

Medium range: Okeer is surprisingly nimble at mid-range and a very good marksman. He will utilize heavy machineguns like rifles, fully capable of damping down the feedback of a LMG to almost nothing and thus able to hold long streams of burst fire directly onto a target. Combined with his natural durability this means most mid-range combat involving trading firepower will always end in a loss for his opponent.

Okeer will react to attempts to close with him with grenades, both to wound and disorient. He is not above using traps and ambushes, and will not, unlike other krogan, surrender cover or range advantages to close to melee range if he is winning at medium range.

Short range: As terrifying as Okeer is at long and medium range, close and melee combat is simply not survivable by anything except extremely durable cyborgs or other krogan. Okeer's chosen weapon is a hammer weighing over seventy kilos called 'God-Splitter'. This hammer is equipped with some form of energy generating field, a spray of black electrical discharge that causes nerve disruption or paralysis when it hits. A direct hit from this weapon killed a Shieldbreaker in a single blow. In close, Okeer will disdain the use of grenades for rushes, shoulder checks, and wide sweeping blows. Even one hit is enough to either kill or cripple.

Warning Advisory: Okeer is also very heavily armored. His strength is enormous – nothing has ever matched it - and if he has cybernetics or not is currently unknown. Only a handful of souls have survived fighting Okeer in combat and none of them wished to repeat the experience.

Physical Abilities:

In terms of sheer physical strength and durability, only a yahg – and a strong one at that – can match Okeer. He is extremely strong and nimble, with a staggering knowledge of martial arts styles, melee styles and combat experience. He has shrugged off being directly hit with an anti-tank weapon twice in his life and has walked off, among other things, multiple gunshot and stab wounds, explosives, shrapnel, and a biotic flare.

All krogan regenerate rapidly, but Okeer regenerates even more rapidly than most. Due to his vast size he can be out maneuvered by smaller foes, but even a single punch can shatter the carapace of a turian or turn the entire ribcage of an asari or human into splintered bones.

Okeer was a professional soldier, general, and admiral for longer than most beings have been alive. His experience in almost every form of combat and terrain is only matched by his ability to grasp and counter enemy tactics, as he as literally seen it all.

Mental and Psychological Notes:

Okeer's intellectual scale was rated as extremely high. The asari/human IQ scale rated him as 192, the turian scale as 68 of 70. He is a highly indirect, multi-linear thinker more akin to a salarian than the normal plodding krogan mentality. Okeer has long mastered his emotions. His anger and frustration are tools, he does not allow himself to get 'sloppy' and he rarely if ever loses his temper completely.

He appears to be an objectivist thinker, focusing on small details and large sweeping concepts with equal skill. He engages enemies based only on their ability to interest him or challenge him.

Okeer will move from strategic to tactical thinking as needed, and often challenges himself to avoid being predictable. He is well known for extremely long range planning and multiple contingencies, while acknowledging that the more complex the plan, the more likely it is to fail. His most famous quip, 'Complex does not mean competent', is his watchword.

Okeer is highly trained in xenopsychology and finds all races endlessly fascinating. Unusually for krogan, he has dallied in romantic or sexual liaisons with asari, turian, and drell females, and was an on-and-off visitor and lover of Matriarch Thessial of Clan Steelshape about three centuries ago. He does not consider most aliens his equal, but he does not condescend or underestimate their danger either.

Psychologically? Okeer is a blank. His legendary politeness and calm demeanor have frustrated attempts to divine much of his thinking for millennia – his psych profile is nothing but guesswork and conjecture, and has not once allowed us to successful predict or model his behavior. He is a fan of playing the game of thorus (thought-seek) and rarely loses. He has written no less than six books of what he calls 'Points of Irrelevance', which while passing as commentaries on krogan history and culture provide the only real insight into his method of thinking.

Based on what we can ascribe to him, if he had a philosophy it would be one of preparing for all things and setting up such plans so that seeming to thwart them actually enables them. It cannot be understated that Okeer has had thousands of years to investigate and understand aliens – even the oldest asari matriarch is a child to him.

Political and Social Notes:

Okeer has spent millennia carefully cultivating friends and allies, balancing one against another to garner influence and offset ramifications for his more troubling or illegal actions. He is close friends with several influential asari matriarchs, admired by many turians, and has been called a "Living Light" by the hanar priesthood. He has had audiences with six Batarian Emperors and is the only known being that an Emperor has EVER addressed with the value-neutral 'vau' rather than the inferior-implied 'veth' when speaking to him. His connections are vast and deep, and even when his actions turn to the appalling, his smooth manner wins forgiveness.

Attempted modeling of his actions and socializing seems to indicate Okeer continues to attempt to present himself as the only logical candidate for krogan leadership. While many krogan on and off Tuchnanka would no doubt laugh at such a concept, the fact remains that only Okeer and a few of his clan retain active citizenship on the Citadel and have free travel permissions to and from areas of CDEM control.

Okeer has not had any interactions that we know of with quarians, elcor, or humans, and only deals with volus on matters legal and financial.

Okeer has written a very popular series of historical novels covering the entire sweep of his life, and special care is taken to place many asari, salarian and turian actions in the best possible light. A more cynical view would see these as blatant flattery, but a more nuanced analysis shows that while he is placing such acts in a good light, he is also commenting on how they often have unintended consequences.

Okeer's personal politics are, given his age, shocking liberal. He considers crime a function of who has the strength to have their way, and law as civilization's hand upon barbarism, rather than a goal of its own. He has often criticized the way the batarians, humans and quarians were handled.


The following advisories are considered mandatory reading.

Combat of any kind, for any reason, is strictly contraindicated. Look, it is simpler and definitely less painful to just kill yourself. This is not a typo.