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Sarah Williams sighed as she unlocked the door to her apartment. As she pushed it open, the dancing tappity tap of her dog's paws made her smile even after a hard day.

"I know I know. You're hungry and you want a walk." She said as she threw her purse and keys on the table then crouched to pet and rub the dog's head.

Scarface was a Rottweiler mix. 90lbs and scary only due to the fact he had an ugly scar across his face, hence the name. She had gone to the shelter thinking she would end up with a cute little poodle or something, but those big brown eyes had drawn her in. When the AC officer had told her he would be put down soon as no one wanted him, that made up her mind. Scarface was leaving with her. She tried to change his name but he seemed to like it.

She didn't regret it. Scar proved to be a sweet pile of dog love that also made people think twice before bothering her or her apartment. They didn't have to know he would be more likely to lick them to death than anything else. Truthfully she had been lucky enough he had never really been put to the test, but she had a feeling if there was ever any real danger to her life, the dog would step up.

Goodness knows what had happened to him before, but whatever it was, it hadn't made him wary of loving another human.

She fed him and took him for a walk, then ordered Chinese food and took a shower. By the time she was done the delivery guy was at the door and she could happily curl up on her couch with the tv, her favorite chow mein and her dog. A perfect evening in her mind.

Flipping through the channels she found an old movie and settled in, sharing little bit of food with Scar as he made sure to watch every bite she took, eyes wide and pleading. She couldn't resist.

After the movie was over, she got into her pajamas and got into bed, Scar hopping up and laying loyally beside her as she fell quickly asleep.

tap tap tap...tap tap tap...

A few hours later, a soft but persistent tapping woke her.

"Whaaa..?" Sarah mumbled as she sat up. Then she heard something else.


Looking around she saw Scar was not beside her, but he was definitely in the room. The growl was close.

"Scar. Come here." She commanded.


tap tap tap...tap tap tap..

More growling.

Sarah flipped on the small lamp by her bed and saw the dog. He was sitting on her chair in front of her old vanity staring into it.

Sarah's blood ran cold.

It had been 13 years and still she could not get it out of her head. It was always there in the back of her mind.

She got up and grabbed the baseball bat, carefully approaching the mirror.

tap tap tap..

"Sarah?" A faint voice called. She suddenly had a terrible case of the chills.

Scar's growls got more intense.

She slowly walked into line of sight of the reflective glass, apprehensive of what she might see.

She saw a flash of movement in the glass and she jumped.

"Sarah!" Came from behind her.

She turned swinging the bat as the dog was in front of her in a flash in between her and whomever had appeared.

"S..S..Sarah it's me! Hoggle!" The little man crouched eyes wide and scared as the dog was inches away from him.

Sarah sighed with relief. "Hoggle! You scared me half to death! Come Scar. It's okay..he's a friend!" She said as she tugged him back by his collar.

She shoved between Scar and Hoggle urging the dog to the other side of the room. She petted him for a few minutes and calmed him down as Hoggle sat on the floor and tried to recover from his fright of Scar.

She ended up sitting on the bed holding his collar. He had calmed but was eyeing the small man warily.

"I'm glad to see you, but what are you doing here? I haven't seen you since I left home." She asked.

"Was easy back then. Now ain't so easy. Things have been goin' on. That's what I came to tell ya. I came to warn ya."

She felt fear creep back in. "He's not coming after me is he?" Sarah asked, alarmed.

Hoggle shook his head. "Ain't Jareth. He gave me this." He held out a small crystal.

"He wanted me to tell ya. This gives me just enough magic to come to ya. He wanted ya to be prepared."

Sarah's lifted her brow. "Prepare for what?"

"See, there is this thing. Well 13 is a 'portant number. Ya know that. 13 hours, 13 days, 13 years. 13 centuries. BIG deal to the muckety mucks underground."

Sarah nodded.

"Jareth got in lotsa trouble after you won. They think he let ya win. Which he kinda did. Cause he lost his head over ya then. You weren't s'posed to leave. But you were young. He felt bad about that, though not so much ya noticed, the rat. So he kind of made it easy on ya."

She was surprised to hear that. "He...liked me?' She squeaked out.

"Sure we all knew then. Tried to tell yas. Ya get to the center of The Labyrinth ya never get out again. Wasn't lyin. He let ya leave ya know. There were things he coulda done to make sure ya never won."

"But..what are you here for?" Sarah asked again.

"13 years. It's almost 13 years. He will be facing his trial to regain his throne."

Sarah's jaw dropped. "He hasn't been king all this time?"

"Yes an' no. He has a regent in his place now. If he wins his trial he will get it back."

She was apprehensive about all this. "How does this affect me. I mean, why do I have to know all this?"

"Because Sarah, you're his champion. Ya are the only one he is allowed to call upon for help. He's gonna need it too. he is powerful but the won't let 'im use magic. Ya will expected to appear and agree or refuse."

"Where? The Underground? I can't go back there! I have a job, I have Scar! When will this happen?" Her voice rose with her concerns.

Suddenly there was a distinct whooshing noise.

"Now, as it happens." Came a deep voice beside them.

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