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Another customer came in and I quickly took their order and crafted it, feeling satisfied as I watched them leave the building. I looked back over to realize Sasuke was still standing at the end of the smoothie bar.

"Wait, so now you're here alone?" I stood up rubbing my head and turned to Sasuke. He glanced up at my head before looking me in the eyes. I nodded, feeling the penitence radiate all over me.

"Yeah, only one person closes the store at nights."

"That doesn't sound rather safe." I frowned. I mean, sure it wasn't but at the same time I had never had any issues before. We didn't live in a rundown city or even at the more nighttime active part that resided across town.

"Would you say the same thing if I had just left and Kiba was the one to close?" I saw Sasuke frown.

"Maybe, but it's not safe for anybody to be all alone in a building."

"We're not the only business that does it. I understand the concern, but that's the way hours happen. I also open often all by myself and don't get help for just one more hour. Keeps us from hiring more people and individuals getting less hours. We only count as part time as it stands now, and it's not enough sometimes."

"Still not a business model I like."

"Alrighty then."

A silence fell and I felt weird. I had such strong possessive emotions earlier and yet here I am not being very friendly. I must surely be losing it. Who exactly was Sasuke and why did he exhaust my mind so? Wringing out the extra cleaner water from the rag, I started on my fine detailing on what my so called OCD heart loved. I took every fruit out and wiped the inside of the cooler, putting extra work into some of the hardened sugar crusts.

"I'm sorry, I didn't stay just to argue with you." Peeking over the lid, I saw that he had walked up to the counter and was watching me.

"It's fine, I didn't start it out with pleasantries either. Did Kiba make your usual right?"

"Actually, I tried the goji one since it's a tad late for coffee."

"You mean it's too late for coffee and a shame we don't sell alcohol?" He smirked, walking over more to my right where the bar stools were. The sound of the chair scraping the floor didn't bother me anymore but he still flinched.

"Maybe something like that."

"I've never seen in you here this late. You miss us crazy bunch that much?"

"Maybe I actually just like the product you sell here ma'am."

"Yeah right, I know you missed this cute face of mine!" I couldn't believe I had even joked about that, but I needed some actual confidence to back up my sassy mouth. Rocking on my feet, I leaned back and pointed my thumb at myself with a wink. That didn't come off as too strong now, did it? I probably looked like the biggest dork, but I felt better when Sasuke shook his head and kept his trademark smirk going on strong.

"Sure, that's exactly it since I didn't know you were even here until you decided to start singing." Oh ow, that's what he wants to bring up?

"So that means you stopped in because of Kiba's cute face? I'll have to let him know." Sasuke rolled his eyes and took another sip of his smoothie.

"Actually, I don't think your singing was that bad. You weren't that loud or bothering us."

"Um, thanks I guess. What were you helping him on anyways?" I pivoted and submerged my rag to start on the other side of the cooler. Was that smooth enough of a question or did my Nosey Nancy side show herself? Anything to sidetrack from my shitty singing.

"Best hours for getting in surfing practice down at the beach. Sunrises attracts less people than sunsets." Oh, go figure it was beach related. I noticed Sasuke wasn't in his usual work uniform, opting for more of the casual attire with dark wash jeans, a black Polo and simple black tennis shoes. I still had the feeling that the clothes were more expensive than I could afford when I spied even more to see the designer logos on them. I barely spent any time in regular clothes and most were from the rather awesome Goodwill near by. Benefits to living in a College town with a diverse student body!

"Yeah, makes sense I guess. Not many people wake up early enough for the sunrise. I barely see it through the windows here when I come in to open."

"Have you ever seen it from the beach?"

"No. On my off days, I decide to over sleep until almost noon. Plus, I haven't been to the beach in a few weeks anyways."

"You should. Pretty peaceful." I stopped rubbing the counter and looked up at him. I never met anybody before who had such a powerful and controlling gaze. I felt like he had control of my body, and all of my free will vanished. He leaned in across the bar to my right and looked down into the cooler.

"You are done cleaning that thing yet?" Blinking, I noticed I had indeed finished. I threw the rag in the bucket and moved to lean my back on the bar to face my working area. The only things left on the list were bathrooms, floors, and the blenders. All I couldn't clean until the store was empty. Not sure if that meant today had been productive, or slow.

"I still have a almost half an hour until we close. No offense, but are you really straying until then?" I looked to my right to see him holding his head up with his hand, elbow to the counter.

"Now what kind of customer service is this? If you must insist, I'll leave you to your cleaning and write my dissatisfied review in my car with my receipt." He joked so easily that I knew to shrug it off with a smile and roll of my eyes. He got up from the bar stool seat and walked over to the side exit area that also had the doors to the bathrooms.

"Make sure you mess up the bathrooms please. Job security, you know?" He shook his head and pushed on the door for the men's restroom and disappeared inside. I tunred away, and took down one of the blenders to the back. I had to leave two technically until close out of the four blenders. I should probably go ahead and break this one down and come back for the next one and get them started in soaking. I choose the two dirtiest ones, the ones closest to the sink on the right since they had sticky residue inside the blender shield. Hefting the pieces apart and up, I carried them into the back. I dropped the pieces into the sink as I heard a chime. Huh, I guess I was in for a late night customer before closing.

I walked out to a homeless man I recognized from his frequent panhandling at the large intersection down the street. I rubbed my hands down my apron as they now beaded with sweat.

"How can I help you sir?"

"Do you have anything you can lend to a poor fellow? I mean anything, a spare drink or any scrap food?" I felt bad for hearing him pleading but I knew it was against policies and it would just be like feeding a feral animal who then would expect more at another time.

"I'm sorry sir, I can't help you unless you're a paying customer. I can only give a cup of water away."

"Uh, yeah, a cup of water will do for now I guess." He sounded shifty, but I turned away to grab a smaller smoothie cup and go to the sink to fill it with water. I spilled the cup though when a loud thud hit the floor. I turned to see the man trying to pull the money out of the tip jar he had yanked from it's wooden base that now lay on the floor. In shock, I started towards him, trying to stop him. I yelled at him to halt as he decided to just take the entire jar and run from the front to the side door. He shoved me, making me fall to the floor with a screech and watch in shock. Sasuke ran from the bathroom after my scream and collided with the intruder to pin him to the floor. The jar cracked as it hit the floor and money went flying everywhere, the coins rolling aimlessly. I quickly picked myself off of the floor and reached the counter to grab the phone and call police urgently.

Sasuke was yelling at the guy who tried to resist and hit him back. He almost flipped Sasuke off of him, and Sasuke wasn't having any of that. He moved to straddle his back and shove the vagrant's face into the floor.

"How dare you try to assault her you son of a bitch!" I gasped at his anger laced voice that scared me as well. I was shocked to even understand the situation, muchless what Sasuke had said. They fought for a bit but Sasuke kept him on the floor, keeping his face up and out of the way.

Soon the lobby lit up with the blue and red of police lights and I was pulled to the side to answer questions. The police officer asked multiple times if I physically touched the man and I argued that do I didn't, I had simply stood nearby to urge him to stop when he shoved me out of the way. I had been complying with him the entire time. Sasuke was the one who practically ran into him as they collided near the exit.

Soon they were done and I stood near the tables, biting my thumb in nervousness. They asked Sasuke questions as well, and had already detained the assailant in a car outside. Kurenai, my store manager, soon stormed inside. She started talking to the police before running over to me. I was checked over by her, just like the mother figure she is.

"I just suddenly get a call from the police as I go to lay Mirai to sleep and Asuma and I rushed over here as fast as possible. Thank goodness you're not hurt!" I smiled at her warm embrace. She owned 5 other stores with Asuma from the Smoothie Shack franchise and had been helping the newest store the most, leaving my store to just check ups from her.

"Yeah, it wasn't that bad. I'm just glad Sasuke isn't hurt."

"Sasuke? The customer that stopped the burglar?"

"Yeah, I guess it was a burglary. Sasuke is a frequent customer who was keeping me company as I closed. He actually had expressed concern about me being in here alone. I'm glad he was here."

"I guess we'll have to revisit the store's closing model and see into his concerns then. I'm just glad you're okay Sakura. Don't worry about closing the store up, we'll handle it."

"I mean I'm fine, I can stay and finish this. I didn't have much left…"

"Then that means we probably won't need you to stay if there's not much left then, does it?" I gave in and nodded. I glanced over to see Sasuke finished with his own share of questioning and looking over at me as well. He walked over and jerked in surprise when the rather large Asuma clapped him on the back.

"So you're the young gentleman who wouldn't leave Sakura's side huh? We're sorry for your troubles tonight but grateful enough to give you free month's worth of coupons." He took Sasuke's hand and gave a small stack of said coupons. I knew that was probably about $60 worth right there. Sasuke just accepted them and gave a thank you.

"You okay though Sakura?" A shiver swept over me as I was overwhelmed with his sudden gaze on me full of concern. The earlier yelling that had scared me from his same mouth replayed in my head. I knew I wasn't actually scared of him towards me, just how dominating he had been. Now that all was said and done, I felt an odd sense of satisfaction that he had yelled at the guy for hitting me. Not for stealing, not for running into him, but the fact I was hurt. I hugged my arms together and let out a yes.

As soon as Kurenai was done double checking me, she sent me on my way out to the parking lot. Sasuke followed me out the double side doors and stopped next to the side of my car.

"Thank you Sasuke, for everything. From your concern of me being alone earlier, to the company, to when your concerns came true and you helped me. I promise I don't always have things turn to shit when I work." I let out a nervous laugh and tucked loose strands of hair behind my ear. Sasuke took a step forward and place a hand at my elbow, stopping my hand near my neck. I looked up in surprise, just to be lost in his eyes again.

"I'm glad I was there too." I gave in, and just rushed in to hug him. I didn't want to even worry about being too forward, I really needed this and appreciated him. Things always seemed to fuck up when I was around, but lately he's been there to help me even if it's in a small way. I relaxed my shoulders when I felt his arms wrap around me as well. We stood there for a bit before I stepped back to see his face again. I felt a heat across my face and knew I was blushing. Is that a new permanent features when he was around? I knew my heart still loved him for sure, but I didn't dare to ruin this by hoping for more than just a hug.

A tad surprised to see him staring at me so intensely, I took another step back, fully out of his arms, to dig through my purse for my car keys. Damn hair fell back in my face, and I brought my hand up to fix it again when I was dismayed when he did it for me. I peered up in awe to try to grasp if he really had just done that.

"Where's your phone?" I reached into my back pocket and pulled it out. His fingers brushed mine as he took it from me and went into my contacts. I observed as he put his name in along with a string of numbers. He then texted the number and I heard a muted ding from his own back pocket.

"In case you do have another case of things turning to shit, you can always ask for help." I beamed and then let loose a giggle. I couldn't believe a God had just given me his phone number, and then muchless flirted with me about it.

"Glad to know you can be my knight in shining armor."

"In my steadfast blue steed of mechanical horsepower."

"Don't forget your bumbling sidekick." We paused before we both laughed at the thought of Naruto.

I finally opened my car door and before slipping in my seat gave him one more heartfelt thank you before the door slammed shut. I drove back in reverse, watching my headlights hit him and then swing away as I turned around to head out of the parking lot. The police lights now had left and I saw the outline of Sasuke's car at the edge of the front lot, and I waited until I saw him safely enter it.

Now I needed to drive home and not freak out over the fact I had his phone number and how exactly I was going to relay the night's events to the girls.

AN: Nosey Nancy. It's the small things that make me laugh y'all.

I didn't have this happen to me, but almost the same thing happened to an old coworker. Unfortunately, she was 17 and the homeless guy was harassing her and there was no Sasuke to save her. Also, our district manager had no chill and never changed how we closed to store all alone. Crazy times y'all.

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