A/N I feel like Draco needed a brother. Biological or not, it doesn't matter. He needed someone and I needed an OC that didn't follow the golden trio plot. There aren't many male OC Slytherin inserts so here is one to delve into to your hearts content. I'll try not to make it the stereotypical Mary/Gary Sue, but I've got to give a character description at the start. Without further rambling… enjoy.

Chapter 1

He tossed, turned and rolled in the large double bed. The duvet tightening over the form of the eleven year old boy as he wriggled in his slumber. It was always the dreams that made him restless, made his dormant form come to life without certain consciousness.

"Look after him 'till I get back. Please." A man begged darkly. This 'man' happened to be known to many as the brother of Rodolphus and brother-in-law to the storm that was Bellatrix herself. He was indeed Rabastan Lestrange, and the haughty, fiendish bloke had a tight ball of the most expensive cloth money could buy cradled in his heavy arms. Inside the soft, emerald material was a child. A young, quiet child that was unaware of its surroundings. A boy that had no earthly idea whose arms he was held so tightly in.

"He's your son." Mr Yaxley, a well-respected member of the Ministry, pureblood and death eater associate spluttered in disbelief. Yaxley brushed back his light blonde hair and recomposed himself quickly. "I'd rather not hold onto the boy while you visit the Longbottom's." Rabastan seemed to become even more desperate and literally thrusted the silent child into the arms of his close friend. Yaxley took hold of the boy with a slight frown of annoyance and Rabastan looked visibly relieved.

"I owe you a huge favour." Lestrange attempted to relax himself with an airy sigh. Yaxley had only accepted the child because he knew of Rabastan's predicament. The mother of Rabastan's son was a beautiful French woman that had shared an unlikely connection with the older Lestrange brother. Once the boy had been born, the father of Rabastan's girlfriend discovered the alliance that existed between the Lestranges' and Voldemort. He disliked it immensely and took her back to France, telling Rabastan to stay away and to keep the evil child. That was that. But Yaxley could see that his friend was secretly hurting under his cold persona.

Everyone knew the story of the Lestrange clan from then on. Even Rabastan's son had been informed of the true happenings by his guardian, Mr Yaxley. Reece awoke with a tense amount of distress. The dream of his father leaving was always the same, and even Yaxley had said that it was true. Reece was grateful that Yaxley was so open to discussion – happy that he was incredibly truthful. He had told the young Lestrange that it wasn't wise to hide things from children who could later find out in less honest ways.

Having the charismatic boy around definitely brought out another side of Yaxley. To most he would smile an unpleasant smile, but to Reece he would grin honestly. Over the years he had grown to care for Rabastan's son as if he were his own; even though Yaxley wouldn't admit that to anyone. However, due to Yaxley's intense job at the Ministry, Reece had grown accustomed to spending a lot of time with the house elf, Arrow.

Reece rolled drowsily out of the large bed and threw the jet black duvet to the side. His feet sank into the soft, silver rug that covered most of his bedroom floor and he squinted in the direction of the door. Arrow had apparated into his room, full of energy and ready to start Reece's day.

"Master wants me to tell you that your Hogwarts letter has arrived, and that you will be visiting Diagon Alley today to purchase your supplies." She spoke fairly quickly, and Reece struggled to make out what she was saying. Arrow was clearly more excited about the letter than he was. Reece smirked at the fact that he was finally able to attend the famous school, but kept any further excitement to himself.

"Well there's no point in jumping around like all the muggles will be," Reece muttered arrogantly as he made his way over to the walk in wardrobe that Yaxley had kindly filled with smart, expensive clothes. "When are we going?"

"You'll be going in an hour." Arrow chirped in delight. "Master also told me to tell you not to spend too long on your hair because you need to eat breakfast." Reece couldn't help but laugh at her comment even though it was true. For an eleven year old boy, he spent an awful lot of time on his hair. For Reece, it was all about looking and feeling smart. He made sure that every strand was brushed back and stayed in its quiff formation. The obsession was sometimes so bad that Yaxley would often tell him that he was as bad as a model.

"Thank you, Arrow." Reece said kindly as he grabbed a pair of blue jeans out of one of the wooden drawers. Arrow disappeared and left him to getting ready as Reece swapped the grey t-shirt that he chose to sleep in for a wrinkleless white one. He ended up choosing to wear the white t-shirt with a black blazer over the top of it, along with the light blue jeans and black scuff-less sneakers. Time was ticking and he decided to brush his teeth and relieve himself before starting on the task of doing his hair. Reece was in the middle of plucking at the sides with a small silver comb when Yaxley barged in.

"Come on boy, we're going to be late." Mr Yaxley said sternly to Reece whom was standing in front of the tall mirror. Reece simply nodded in acknowledgement and Yaxley had his jaw wide, ready to speak when Arrow popped into the room with a tray. She lay the tray on the bed and disappeared again.

"Get in." Reece mumbled excitedly as he noticed the mug of hot chocolate and French toast on the tray.

"It's as if you listen to food more than you listen to me." Yaxley sighed humorously. The young Lestrange had already put the comb down and was sipping the mug of hot chocolate that Arrow had prepared. "Hurry up and eat that or we'll be late. I'll be waiting downstairs."

Reece and Yaxley reached Diagon Alley a little later than the latter would have liked. Although Reece had a family vault, Yaxley offered to pay for the school supplies. The two decided to purchase school robes for him first, and on their way there the familiar blonde Malfoy hair came into view. Lucius stood tall with Narcissa by his side and Draco at the front.

"Hello Reece." Draco nodded politely and Recce returned the gesture while the adults exchanged formal pleasantries. Although it was quite an empty greeting, the two boys weren't on bad terms. Quite the opposite in fact. Reece and Draco were best friends. In all honesty, when they were together, the two were right little shits. But they were pureblood little shits. The Malfoy heir and the youngest Lestrange had always had a rather dynamic, sadistic friendship. It was safe to say that Draco brought out the inner 'Lestrange' in Reece. Together the duo were: manipulative, narcissistic, proud, arrogant and cocky among other things.

"Off to get your robes fitted?" Reece asked with a supressed smirk.

"I suppose you are tagging along?" Draco responded with sarcastic dismissal. The adults watched on in amusement.

"After you, your highness." The whole group chuckled at the antics of the two boys and Reece and Draco head into the shop. Once they got their robes fitted they went to buy books and other necessities such as cauldrons.

They were on their way past the Quidditch store when a new broom model caught both Draco's and Reece's eye. The two couldn't wait for Quidditch try-outs in the second year. Malfoy wanted to be seeker, and Lestrange wanted a beater spot. Reece was always quite violent, and Yaxley often trained and honed his Quidditch skills outside their large, isolated countryside home. Due to the intense and frequent games of Quidditch, Reece had already started developing more muscle (Something that he hoped would go down well with the girls) than an average eleven year old, but he was still the average height.

After purchasing the most expensive owls in the store (Reece's being a large, black one with eyes the colour of the ocean) the group of five ended up at Ollivanders to finish off the day.

"Ah Mister's Malfoy and Lestrange." Ollivander said with false joy as he climbed down from the ladder with multiple boxes in hand. Draco only tested about two wands until he found his. Reece wasn't so lucky. After blasting all sorts of spells around the shop interior, he finally found a connection with a mahogany, eleven inch, dragon heartstring. "A very powerful wand you have in your hands Reece." Yaxley was looking extremely smug all of a sudden, whereas Ollivander seemed to have a slight tinge of doubt in his tone.

The group then parted ways after having a small discussion about the boy they recognised to be none other than Harry Potter.

Yeah. A few big names were heading to Hogwarts this term.