"She said that to me once. About being a machine."

Lasky stopped dead on his track. He turned around and his gaze fell on to Master Chief. He heard him.

A moment ago they were talking about a soldier's responsibilities and why nothing should stand in the way of it. At least that is what Master Chief told him. There isn't anything special about it to be honest. Just a statement, word by word, being repeated so very often by those who trained people to be soldiers.

Lasky of course knows more than that. Despite all the training and propaganda being drilled into a soldier's head, one thing for certain and that shall never changed, is that they are still human. And that is what he used to counter Master Chief's argument.

He didn't expect that kind of response from the Master Chief though. A response that must have been triggered by none other than Cortana herself. He began to wonder if Master Chief was beginning to turn into someone anyone never envisioned before.

A human.

The proof is there. The lost of Cortana hit the Master Chief really hard. It was not supposed to be that way. At least for a Spartan.

Lasky sighed. He turned around and made his way to the bridge.

The helmsman saluted him as he entered the command bridge. He replied. He went on to sit on the captain's chair and throw his gaze outside the window.

Planet Earth dominated his view. That planet wasn't his home world actually. He was born on Mars. But still, it's the planet where his species originated. The link that connected him with Earth is still there and so is to many others no matter where they are.

Didact nearly destroyed it. Not in a conventional way. The Earth would still be in its pristine condition once the alien done with it. It's just that there won't be any humans left on it.

Cortana was the true hero. She sacrificed herself for the Master Chief and Earth. Never he knew that an AI could do that. Halsey once mentioned to him how special Cortana was. Now he believed her. That was probably why Master Chief mourned for her.

Lasky couldn't help but think that somehow a strong bond developed between the AI and the Spartan. This had never happened before based on what he knew. He had seen how protective Master Chief was of Cortana.

But of course it is all just a speculation. He doesn't think he will be able to get anything out of Master Chief, especially when it involves heart and feeling. Master Chief had always been about tactics and getting the job done.

But still, life goes on. All of them have to go on no matter how bad their history was. Somewhere, someday, Master Chief will once again be needed. Lasky could only hope that the Spartan will remain strong like he always was that he won't let Cortana's sacrifice be in vain.

An old chapter had come to its end. It is time for a new one.

Cortana might have gone but her deeds shall lives on.

The end.

A/n: Confession. I never played Halo but I do have a healthy interest in its lore. I'm still studying it though so if there is any lore mistake in this story, I hope you guys could forgive me.

Anyway, thanks for reading my very first Halo fic after StarCraft. Any input will be most welcome.