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Don't ask how this happen I was on a fate stay night craze lately and this just popped in there somehow when I read the other crossover, my Nasuverse is rusty so it might not be quite accurate just to let you know so don't flame to much and that's mostly it so enjoy


"So once again I'm here huh waiting for Alaya to call upon me guard it once more."

Those were the thoughts of one tan skin white haired man as he walked through the Throne of Heroes heading for Akasha, the person was wearing a black body armor that emphasized the muscles that he had with lines decorating it along with a metal plate on his throat protecting it. It was paired with a pair of black pants along with steel toed boots.

He was also wearing a red overcoat that was divided into two to cover his arms and connecting them was a small piece of rope with the same kind of metal plate on the back just between the shoulder blades as another piece of red cloth was tied to look like a duster from the old west movies which all in all looked very stylish.

This person was none other than Archer or in his former life of sorts Shirou Emiya, a man who wanted to be a hero but despite all he has done he fell into despair after making a contract with the world thinking it will help in his crusade to become a hero. All he got in the end was an endless cycle of killing and death that made the Counter Guardian to forsake his oath to become a hero and he became something else.

A sword.

An unfeeling heartless steel that cut down those in his way and despite all that what changed him was when he was sent into an alternate universe as a Heroic Spirit for the fifth grail war. It was there he wanted to kill his old self during that time and guessing due to his E ranked luck he couldn't even do it despite there were times others could have or Lancer's case finished the job properly but in the end he asked his master Rin to take care of him so he would not end up like him before disappearing into the sunset that ended the Grail War.

Sighing once more the white hair Counter Guardian just wondered aimlessly with no set destination in mind as he await the time he is called into action once more, it was then his battle sense went into overdrive which made him summon Kanshou and Bakuya at the ready but when he turn to the source all he saw was a flash of light and just like that the Counter Guardian was no more in the Throne of Heroes.

( With Archer )

"What the hell" Thought the Counter Guardian as he got ready for a fight in the sea of endless darkness he was in when all of a sudden his body froze up unable to move anything but his eyes making the Counter Guardian's adrenaline go into overdrive when suddenly a female figure appeared from the darkness walking slowly towards him

Try as he might Archer knew he couldn't get free of the hold he was in but that didn't mean he gave up yet as he tried to overload his magic circuits to counteract whatever held him but no good and before he knew it the figure was now in front of him. Now that he got a look at the female was breathtaking with long waist length pale blond hair and skin so white it was like she never seen the sun before. Her body had all the right proportions as she showed it off by wearing a long blue dress that left the front open except for her breast, she wore what look like panties but he didn't really look out of courtesy and weariness as he try to figure out what this thing is as he knew that it was no human. She also had thigh high blue socks and forearm length gloves but what was interesting to the Counter Guardian was that she had what look like stone like cracks over her body and her eyes were even weirder as she had yellow eyes which had strange uneven lines in it like slits in the middle of each of her pupils.

Before Archer could ponder about it a pair of hands were suddenly on both his cheek and then the strange figure kiss him on his forehead which was no mean feat as he tower at least six feet in height give or take and what he could tell she was around 5'4 more or less but before he could ponder anymore on this the darkness closed in on them and before he realized it he was swallowed in darkness.

( In a hospital room in Germany )

"PUSH PUSH I CAN SEE THE HEAD COMING OUT." Shouted a doctor as he tried to deliver a baby while the woman was screaming in pain as she somehow crush her husbands hand if the rings were any indication


"NO MORE, GOD GET IT OUT OF ME ALREADY ." Shouted the pregnant woman and after a few more minutes it was over as the only sounds heard were the sounds of a baby crying its eyes out before the doctor finish up as he handed the baby to the now happy parents.

"Isn't he gorgeous." Said the mother who had mocha coloured skin with blond hair as she look to her husband who was a contrast to his wife as he had a normal skin tone but his hair colour was silver nearing white like hair who was beaming in pride as he look on at his wife with his baby in hands.

"Yes it is, so is it a boy or girl?"

"Its a boy."

"So what do we call him?"

The wife look at her baby at a moment before somewhere in the back of her mind a name pop out "Shirou its kinda nice." ( A/N yes cause frankly I got nothing on the names so I thought just go with his former real name so the Shirou here will still be Archer just so you know )

Chuckling the man just nodded as he said out "Shirou Brand, interesting name. Well Shirou ready to meet your sister I'm sure she'll be happy to see her new baby brother."

As the couple kept looking on their baby they failed to notice the female figure smiling along the door not realizing what their baby might bring to the world

( 15 years later Hesse Germany )

"Shirou time for breakfast." Said a voice as Shirou open his eyes before shutting them back to block out the sun's rays before his hand went to wipe out the tiredness from them.

The silver hair man got up from his bed and stretch for a bit as he wore no shirt showing his six pack chest to the world. After doing his morning rituals he went down to grab some breakfast.

A while later we see the silver head walking down the road toward his school as he wondered about his new life.

Yes this was none other than Archer the Counter Guardian for Alaya who was apparently having his new life as when he grew up he realized that the connection to Gaia was weak or none existent which surprised him, even more so was when he trace his swords when he was younger as he train back his body back into condition and found out that he can trace them more easily as well as using less of his magic circuits with even lesser strain to go with it.

But despite all that he knew that whatever brought him here needed him for something he just can't figure out what because he learn that this world had invaders in the name of NOVA whose goal is unknown at this time with powers allowing it to freeze anything in a certain field rendering most if not all current weapons useless but despite that they had what people called Pandora to combat these things so that really begs the question

Why is he here?

He didn't ponder much more as he already reach his school and sighing as he got ready for another boring day not knowing that today was the day he took center stage to the whole world.

( West genetics )

"Come on Creo lets go already." Said a perky red head as she had a slight irritation look on her face as she stare down her roommate, her red hair was tied into a waist high ponytail as she wore a maroon coloured uniform with a skirt that barely pass her knees.

"Hold on sec will ya I'm almost done." Answered her roommate as she finish typing something on the computer, she was also wearing the same uniform but she had a mocha like skin tone while her hair was cut short making her look like a tomboy.

"And done all right Arnett lets go." Said Creo to the red head who happily got up from her bed as the two got out of the rooms making idle chat along the way

"So just finish up your letter huh?" Asked Arnett

"Yep just telling them about my time here nothing much."

"Oh and what about your brother?"

"Oh he's fine mom said he's doing good though she ask me if I could recommend someone for him since he's always so uptight despite the lazy look on his face."

That caused the red head to giggle for a bit before she posed slightly "Well I don't mind after all after you accidentally showed us that pic of him washing the car without his shirt on, well lets just say I hope he comes here."

"Haha Arnett, you just want him to cook for you right."

Arnett had a sheepish look on her face as she remember Creo's brother sent her some cookies which she shared and in that time well, she thought Elizabeth might just call her parents to hire him on the spot which she couldn't blame either as the food were literally sent from the heavens and she could swore she heard singing in the background.

Creo couldn't help but shake her head at her friends antics but who could blame her even her mother had asked Shirou for advice when it came to cooking and she use to be a chef at a five star hotel before retiring.

The two continued on their talk until they reach what seems to be the cafeteria, they grabbed some food before heading to a table that was being occupied by a blond haired woman calmly sipping tea in her hand.

"Hey Elizabeth been here long?" Asked Creo

The blond just smile kindly as she look towards her long time friends answering her question "No just got here really, I see your all ready for today activities."

The red head gave a wide grin as she said "Yep and the carnival next week though you can guess who's gonna win anyway."

They chat a little more while enjoying their breakfast when suddenly an alarm blared causing the people there to stand at the ready in case of anything as the speakers rang out

"Attention all third and fourth years head to the transport pad now repeat all third and fourth years to the transport pads now this is not a drill a NOVA has been sighted in Hesse repeat a NOVA has been sighted in Hesse."

That really caught the attention of Creo as her pupils dilated and before long she rush towards the transport pad not caring about anything else as her mind went into overdrive as she prayed that her family was all right

"Please be all right please be all right I beg off you." Thought the silver head as she went into the plane while praying she could get there in time.

( Hesse Germany )

Chaos, destruction, pandemonium

Those were what could be describe as the situation in the city of Hesse got worse as a giant being with a humanoid body with no discernible eyes nor arms which were replaced by tentacle like appendages but among that was a translucent field that surrounds it, people were screaming in fear as they try to get away from the being.

Though it was not alone as filling the streets were dinosaur like humanoids standing at a hulking 7 feet and despite having no eyes they can apparently see which was indicated as a poor man who could not get away in time was pounced on by one of them before being torn to shreds.

A mother daughter pair fell as they try to escape the invaders, seeing a shadow looming over them the mother shielded her daughter as she prayed for a miracle to happen as she waited for the inevitable but she felt nothing. Feeling brave she open her eyes and look around her, what shocked her was that she and her daughter were alive and that standing before them was a man wearing a white sleeveless shirt and a pair of jeans, on his hands were a pair of identical swords but only one was white while the other was black.

The man turn to her which she knew what he wanted despite not saying it so she took her child and got out of there. It was then Shirou turn back to the beings as his mind raced a mile a minute

"Just great one night out with some friends and this happens damn my E rank luck damn it to hell."

He didn't ponder much as he dodge a swipe from the dinosaur like humanoid, he retaliated with a swipe beheading the beast before reinforcing his legs to disappear in a burst of speed quickly taking down anything in his path which in itself was a huge task as he didn't know how many there were.

Jumping he did a x shaped slash onto one of them before throwing Kanshou at the beasts and like it always has the blade return back to him so as long as he held the other and along the way was the blade slicing through whatever was in its path. He really didn't like the odds for the city so as long as the bigger one was still standing, as if it was reading its mind the giant NOVA turn its attention to Shirou and fired its tentacles at him no caring if its allies were close by.

Seeing this Shirou expertly jumped back dodging the first one before using a burst of speed to run up the tentacle before him with the field doing nothing to the former Counter Guardian. Reaching the chest Shirou jumped across the being with both his blades out slashing it with a big mark on it before landing on a nearby building.

Turning he saw that it didn't work as the wound he inflicted was slowly regenerating, he saw another tentacle coming so he jumped back once more dodging it before using his speed to get some ground. Standing on a building a few blocks away his mind race as he wondered how was he gonna finish this thing until a stroke of idea entered his mind as he remembered a certain weapon with enough force and power to back it up and coincidentally he was on the receiving end on said weapon multiple times in his former life.

With that in mind he dissipated his swords and in its place was a red spear.

Gae blog the spear of Cu Chulainn, the Hound of Ireland said to never failed to pierce the heart when thrown, an anti-army Noble Phantasm with enough stopping power, this was what he wanted when suddenly three more dinosaur NOVA ambush him but despite that they were blown away as he swung the spear sending them flying in each direction.

Seeing as he had no time to waste he crouch down like he remembered the Hound of Ireland did when they fought, seeing his target before him he strike. A small step with reinforced legs creating a small crater before jumping to the skies. The spear surge with power as Shirou felt its bloodlust ready for its next prey and once that point was reached he flung the spear as he called out


In a streak of red the spear shoot off like a bat out of hell maybe even faster as tore through the night sky heading for its intended target and like its legend it tore a hole right through the chest of the NOVA striking its core rendering it completely useless as it shook violently until it exploded it a great white light and it seemed to be the right choice for Shirou as he saw that the dinosaur like beings were dropping one by one which made him realized that they were somehow controlled by the NOVA but before he could ponder anything else a voice broke him out of his thoughts.


Blinking Shirou turn to the voice, only to pale as he saw Creo and her friends behind her looking jaw slacked at the display in front of them and somehow adopting his old persona he sheepishly scratch the back of his head as he look anywhere but there as he said out

"Ummmm hey sis how's it going?"

( With Creo )

This was turning out to be a bad day for Creo, first was the NOVA attack on her home village, next was that her brother went out to have fun when this went down and he was smack in the middle of it but none of that compared to when she saw her brother HER BROTHER somehow threw a red projectile so fast that it not only penetrated the NOVA'S exterior but also the core in one fell swoop. This was really turning out to be a surreal day for her as she now glare at her brother who found anywhere but her direction was more interesting.

The comms opened up telling them to regroup but one looked towards her brother who managed to see he glare told him of one thing

"This is not over yet you will tell me everything."

Seeing her brother nod put a smile on her face as she walk back to her friends who snapped out of it before following her with Shirou in tow and she thought to herself.

"This is gonna be a long day."

Oh she won't know the half of it when the time comes


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