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(One week after the battle)

It was a week after the battle of West Genetics that now we see the school grounds slowly being cleared of any rubble and what remains of any NOVA. Some of the students were mingling about and chatting with their friends while others prepare for the party being held tonight, the reason for the party is to allow the students to relax and let their minds forget about the tragic battle a week ago and mostly to have fun but for our protagonist he was having anything but

The silver haired Archer scowled for what could be the hundredth time as he walks down the hallway of the school. The reason for his current mood is because of a few circumstances after his contribution to the battle, he knew that the nurse was going to report to her superiors about what he did and from there was a shit load of headaches that he didn't really like.

The first was a tiring and lengthily talk with the rest of the staff about his new weapon where he nearly faltered when Dr. Aoi almost hit the mark about his powers being able to create weapons from nothing, after that was dodging a certain bloodthirsty Pandora who's been hounding him for a fight everywhere he goes, even ambushing him a few times before Miya put a stopped to that with the headmistress

Still he could swear that she was looking at him like a rabid dog to a piece of meat, despite his years of fighting bloodthirsty enemies on the fields of battle, he felt for some reason that her stare was a little more than just itching for a fight to the death as evident when he saw her licking her lips at him which brought a cold shiver down his spine

If that wasn't enough, his sister had somehow found out about it from where he doesn't know so while he was mentally cursing a certain troll he was subjugated to his sister's constant over protection of him and then screaming at him about how reckless that was and so forth along with him trying to figure out just what was up with the dream he had

All in all it was a hectic week for our former Counter Guardian as he sighs once more before wandering aimlessly for the day since class was canceled for today. It was then though he saw someone leaning onto a wall after passing by a corner, to his surprise he saw Uzume there looking out at the window for a moment before she turns around to look at him with a grin on her face

Having experience with certain people in his lives made Archer knew that he was going to be dragged into something he was not going to like, which was further enhanced when he saw her walking towards him with a sway of her hips and the smile still etched onto her face. He could feel a lump in his throat as he knew that he wasn't going to like what she was going to say to him

Nevertheless he sucked in his gut and prepared to take whatever she was going to dish out in stride knowing that running away was not going to be an option.

(A while later rooftops)

"So, mind telling me what we're doing up here?" asked the former Counter Guardian as he was dragged up here by Uzume who was now walking along the railings on the roof, now a normal person would tell her to come down but considering that she was a Pandora that fought NOVA'S the size of buildings it would have been redundant to do so

Said girl was humming a tune as she walks along the railings before turning to him and said "well~ I'm sure you know the reason why class is out right"

Hesitantly, the silver haired former Counter Guardian nodded for a bit as he knew about the party being held to help let the Pandoras and limiters relax and forget about the battle and the loss of their friends and comrades

He knew she was going somewhere with this and he had an inkling from years of experience during his time as Shirou Emiya, even then he couldn't help but answer her hesitantly "yes, are you going somewhere with this?"

The grin she had on her face was enough to send a shiver down his spine and that was no mean feat considering what he faced during his time and before he knew it, she skipped from the railings and started to walk towards him with a sway of her hips that would send most males ogling at her until she stopped right in front of him. Her grin never leaving her face she got right up to The Beast of Alaya's face and she said to him "mmm well considering that the dance is compulsory for everyone to join in, and unlike most of everyone in my year I don't actually have a Limiter"

She ended that with a fake sad tone before suddenly perking back up again and continued on "and since you're the only guy I found interesting so I thought why not after all he also doesn't have a Pandora though not for lack of trying since everyone here knows who your sister is"

That manages to have the tan skinned archer raises his eyebrow slightly, sure he figured that his sister probably 'politely' asked AKA threaten everybody and anybody to not get any ideas about being too close to him in anyway possible but he figured that Uzume didn't or possibly couldn't care less about it

He could have pondered more but the way she was in his face was making him both unnerving and a little annoyed as the Pandora continued on "so what do you say bro, care to take this sexy girl out for a spin" she ended that with a flirty wink which made Archer stare at her in a slight deadpan for a moment when she bought out her puppy dog pout to persuade him to agree

Try as he might but he knew that he was not going to last long even with the amount of time he spend with Illya as Shirou Emiya and after a good ten seconds later he caved with a nod and that was more than enough for Uzume to cheer and whooped for joy as she gave him a hug and a peck on the cheek before she ran out of there with a smile on her face, leaving behind a slightly dumbfonded Archer standing there like a statue as his brain tries to figure out what just happen

After a while his body slowly started to move but if one could look close enough they could see that his eyes were a little hollow, as though his body was moving on its own while his mind was devoid of any thoughts of a destination

(A few hours later)


The sounds of the door knocking was enough for Archer to know that his 'date' was here, at first he wanted to ditch this whole thing but that was quickly shot down when his sister practically all but demanded that he come so that he wouldn't in her words become a loner who doesn't know how to have fun and after that was Uzume's way of inviting him so for the most part he couldn't help but to be drag once again into this

Still it wasn't like he wasn't planning on not enjoying this as he wore a black button shirt with two of the buttons undone and both sleeves were folded up to his elbows along with a pair of black jeans to go with it

Opening the door, he was a little stunned when he saw what Uzume wore for the evening. That was because she was wearing a white high low sequin dress mixes the chic sexy style of a strapless cocktail dress with the glamour of a formal gown. Swirling sequin accents on the bust and pencil skirt add a touch of sparkle to this strapless prom dress and the layered overlay, that is short in the front and long in the back while she had her hair tied into a ponytail at the back with a long bang passing pass her left side along with a red ruby lipstick and a hint of makeup on her face to complete the look

All in all you have to be deaf, dumb, gay and blind to not be affected from this beauty before him, Archer was a little stunned at how Uzume went all out with this. To which the brunette notices as she gave him a saucy grin before dragging him out of his room by his arm while she said to him "glad to see that I manage to wow you bro, if this was enough to wow you then get ready because tonight I am going to rock your world"

He could tell that she meant every bit of it as his right arm stayed trapped in her valley of heaven dubbed by every straight male alike while Uzume has a smile on her face while she started humming for a bit as they headed towards the party being held tonight

When they finally reached the place, the two could see that the party was in full swing as the students were mingling around, relaxing a little as they enjoyed the band playing music and the fine dining here. The Beast of Alaya could spot his sister among the students here as she talked with her friends for a bit, he would have walked towards her but he was then dragged by Uzume towards the centre of the dance floor where the two of them started to dance

Not wanting to be an ass, Shirou decides to look at Uzume only as the two of them stare at each other while dancing along with the music. He could see that she was enjoying it as the smile on her face said it all but he didn't mind that too much as the two dance all the way, ignoring the others as Uzume started to do a little small talk

"So bro, word is that you have some kind of secret weapon that destroyed a NOVA in one hit, care to comment on that"

He could see that she was egging him on as the smile on her face never left, making wonder just how supposedly secure this place is if information like that could spread so easily. Deciding to play with her a little, the Beast of Alaya lean in close to her ear making the brunette blush slightly at how close he was to her until she heard him whisper "that is a secret"

Pulling back, the former Counter Guardian had to chuckle for a bit when he saw the shocked look on her face before she went into pouting mode. In some way Archer thought it was cute at the way she was acting, like a certain white haired homunculus that would do this everytime she didn't get what she wanted

He banish those thoughts from his head for a moment when he felt himself being pull by his arm and all of a sudden he was now being crushed by two soft yet firm pillows as he heard a very familiar voice said outloud "what the hell are you doing with my brother!"

The Beast of Alaya groan for a bit as his eyes look up to see a fuming Creo as she glares at Uzume for a bit before he felt his arm being pulled once again and right now he was the rope for the tug of war between his sister and Uzume while the rest just looks and points at the scene they were making

Archer could only sigh when he felt himself being pulled on both sides, if it wasn't for the fact that he was more than just a normal human being than he would have bet that he would either lose one of his arms or be completely rip in half by the two Pandoras

Getting slightly annoyed, he quickly got out of both their grip as he shouted out "ENOUGH!" the two jump back slightly in shock as they look at a somewhat now fuming former Counter Guardian. Taking a long calming breaths, the former Counter Guardian looks between the two for a moment before he lets out a tired sigh and said "look, this is a party right now and I would appreciate that we not make too much of a scene"

He emphasizes his point by pointing at the now currently gathered crowd who were now whispering and gossiping among each other. Creo had a decency to blush beet red as she let go of the grip she had on him which was where Uzume capitalize on it as she pulled him towards her before sticking her tongue out at the third year Pandora who glare at her in return

He could feel the migraine starting to come back to him, he pinch the bridge of his nose for a moment until he heard something about a drinking contest between Satellizer and Elizabeth. From there a lot of the crowd went towards the new commotion for a bit, leaving the three there for a moment when all of a sudden Uzume had a wicked gleam on her face as she said to Creo "well, looks like someone's having fun over there so how about it old lady, think you can hold your liquor or are you nothing more than a little lightweight"

Rising up to the challenge, Creo gritted her teeth in anger as she hissed out "you're on! Don't come crying to me when you get drink under the table"

Uzume return with a glare as sparks fly between the two, Shirou couldn't help but shake his head at the scene as the two headed off to their drinking contest while he turn and was about to head off until he someone calling out to him. Turning, he nearly went slack jawed when he saw Artemis walking towards him

The goddess wore a seductive long silver sequin dress is an obvious must have for prom or holiday parties, the dazzling floor length gown has a dangerously low V-Neck plunging neckline with thin spaghetti straps and exposed bare back while Orion was hanging off her left shoulder and somehow stayed there. To anyone else they would have thought that a goddess had descended upon them which wasn't very far from the truth as the goddess of the moon walk towards Shirou

She then started to chat with the former Counter Guardian as the two headed towards a nearby table "so, I see that your sister is having some fun with the cloth wielder there"

Archer let out another sigh as he pulled a chair out for her to sit before taking his own while he answered her "I guess, makes you wonder if you didn't know who I was you would wonder who the older one is and who was the younger one"

Artemis couldn't help but giggle lightly as she said to him "true, but at least you didn't have a sibling who despite actually being the younger one keeps calling you little sister all the time no matter what kind of proof was there that said otherwise"

That brought on a round of chuckle from the Beast of Alaya as he recall the legend around the twin archers of Greek mythology and remembered that in there, Artemis was the one to be born first and then helped her mother to give birth to her younger twin brother somehow

He was brought out of it when she took out two wine glasses and from there she also took out a bottle of wine but not the kind from this era as the former Counter Guardian could tell that it was really quite old. He raised a questioning eyebrow at the goddess as he saw her pour the wine into the glasses where she return him a kind smile and answering him "a few things that I had won from Dionysus when he was on his drunken binge"

That brought on a sly smirk on the face of the Beast of Alaya as he said to her coyly "oh what's this, is the supposed chaste goddess who's said to be a man hater really such a little troublemaker to do such things to her half brother like this"

All he got in return was a cheeky smile from said goddess as she said to him "well a woman needs to have her own secret now after all I'm sure you of all people would know something as important as that now don't you"

The Beast of Alaya couldn't help but laugh a little at how she sounded; after all it's not every day that you hear a goddess of her reputation in the legends to be such a devious little vixen to obtain fine wine like this from her own family. Taking another sip of the wine Archer then said to her "so, I take it that you too are going to the Alaska base for whatever it is that they're revealing over there"

All he got for an answer was a nod as she said "yes but we both know that it's nothing more than a dick measuring contest between Aoi and Chevalier with what they have"

She then took a small discreet glace at a certain boy in the party too, Shirou didn't need to be a genius to figure out who she meant as he too took a glance at Kazuya who was now guiding Satellizer to somewhere

He sigh as he figured that the goddess also notice something off about him as he said to her "not only him but I guess that the two of us also need to look out for any sign in case those government fools decides to 'persuade' us into fighting for their cause"

Artemis nodded in agreement as she figured that this world's government might try something against them as she said to him "yes but we must also be quite weary of Aoi, I don't trust the man as far as a person here could throw Heracles"

Shirou nodded as he knew that the old man had an agenda but he couldn't figure out what that was though it didn't really bother him much as he figured that things like these would only show themselves when it was time but for now he was going to enjoy what time he still had as he raise his glass to her and surprisingly said to her in Greek "στο μέλλον, τότε (to the future then)"

Artemis giggles for a bit as she raise her own glass and answered him "για το μέλλον (to the future)" the two down their glass of wine before letting out a content sigh as Shirou commented "you know this might not be the first time I had tasted alcohol and I am no sommelier but I have to admit you sure know how to pick these wine"

Once again all he got was a few giggles from the Goddess of the moon as she stir what remains of her wine lightly before standing up, Shirou raise a curious eyebrow for a bit as she then said to him "come on now young one, the moon is shining bright tonight and this is a party so why don't you indulge this lonely young lady just one dance for tonight"

He had a very amuse look on his face after hearing what she was asking off him which made one wonder if this was the so called man hating goddess but then again he was King Arthur's master in his early life so he figured that nothing is ever what it seems when it comes to legends, but that didn't mean he wasn't going to let a young lady wait because that would be rude of him and with that in mind he went ahead and got up from his seat and guided Artemis toward the centre of the dance floor as the two Heroic Spirits danced right under the moonlight sky


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