Mickey rubbed his temples. The four babies in the basket just looked at their audience with wonder. "How could mundane children get to our world?" asked the small anthropomorphic mouse. He turned to the green skinned sorceress. "Please, tell me that dark magic is at play here."

"There is no magic of any kind at play," said Maleficent.

"For all the good they'll do you," said Ursula.

"'Us', Ursula," said Snow White, "for the good they'll do us. We're all in this together, to coin a phrase."

"All right," said Elsa, "what new intrigue is the first Disney Princess cooking up?"

"Well," said Snow White, "the babies came with a note that said we have to train them as well as be parents to them. So, either we dither here and hope against hope that a couple will raise them,"

"Or?" asked Minnie.

"Or," continued Snow White, "we take the initiative." Grimhilde saw where this was going.

"Oh, no," she said as she pinched the bridge of her nose.

"We raise these babies as our own," said Snow White, "teach them about the different aspects of our family and they can enjoy life to the fullest!"

"On the other hand," said Gaston, "we make fools of ourselves! Not all of us are parent material!"

"Come on Gaston," said Belle, "show some dignity."

"It's losing that dignity to children that I'm afraid of!" said Gaston.

"As if you've had dignity to begin with," said Adam.

"What are you implying?" snarled Gaston.

"Moving on," said Adam. He turned to Mickey. "I second Snow White's motion." Gothel, Hans, and Gaston started giving Adam verbal abuse.

"Gothel, Hans, and Gaston! That is enough!" shouted Mickey. "We will now vote on if we're all going to raise these babies."

"All those in favor," said Yen Sid, "signify by saying…"

"Just a minute," said Dr. Facilier. "Ladies and Gentlemen, I must ask that the vote be unanimous."

"That's absurd!" said Aurora. "On what grounds?"

"No child ever grew up without the love and encouragement of both parents," said Facilier. "Why should us raising these babies be any different?"

"The vote will never be unanimous," said Aurora.

"This one must," said Facilier.

"I second the motion," said Ariel.

"Ariel, why?!" wailed Aurora.

"Facilier's right," said Ariel, "as a whole, we have to decide on what will be best for the kids in total cooperation. If we don't do that now, we never will in the future."

"The motion to be unanimous having been moved and seconded," said Mickey, "we'll vote on that."

"All those in favor of making the vote on raising these children unanimous," said Yen Sid, "signify by saying yes."

"Yes," said Scar, Ursula, Hans, Ariel, Flynn, Facilier, Gothel, Elsa, Eric, Belle, Hades, Meg, and a few others.

"Half the villains and heroes say yes," said Yen Sid. "Against?"

"No," said the other half of the two sides. Yen Sid announced the results. One part of the Disney family didn't vote.

"Mickey," said Oswald, "the Wasteland abstains." Mickey summoned his Keyblade and raised it over his head to strike. He then lowered it slowly.

"Oswald," said Mickey, "WHAT IS GOING ON IN THE WASTELAND?!" Oswald jumped a few inches.

"I'm sorry Mickey," said Oswald, "but the Wasteland legislature never gave us explicit instructions."

"Never?" said Mickey. He dismissed his Keyblade. "That's impossible."

"Have you ever been to a meeting of the Wasteland legislature?" asked Oswald. "There's a lot of contempt for early 21st century people and those that stayed in people's hearts. There's always talk of war and I try to keep it down. The result is that nothing ever gets done." Oswald sat back down. "I beg the family's pardon."

"My sympathies Oswald," said Mickey. He stood up. "It seems that I must cast the final decision. I must vote for unanimity." Aurora stood up.

"What are you doing? You've sunk us!" she said.

"Hear me out," said Mickey. "Can these children really be raised without harmony among the ones raising them? We would pit our own styles against these children. Either we walk together or together we make them fall." Aurora stood for a while with her hands on her hips.

"The mouse started this whole family with Walt," she said as she sat back down.

"Very well," said Yen Sid. "Now that we settled that, let me remind you that a single 'no' vote will defeat the…"

"Just a moment," said Aurora as she stood back up.

"One day without interruptions," said Yen Sid, "that's all I ask."

"I move for a postponement of the vote," said Aurora.

"Now look who's being absurd!" said Facilier. "On what grounds?"

"How can any parent raise a child if they don't know what their parenting style is?" said Aurora. "I move for a postponement to have a written form of that parenting style. This written style will list our goals for the children, how we can combine parenting styles,"

"And so on and so forth," said Snow White.

"And so on and so forth," said Aurora.

"Ditto, ditto," said Snow White.

"Ditto, ditto," said Aurora. "Et cetera, Et cetera."

"We know what those goals and styles are, right?" said Mickey.

"We know our individual styles and goals," said Aurora, "but do we know each other's? What if they conflict?"

"Then you're saying," said Mickey, "that we need a written plan to raise these children to have them reach their full potential."

"Exactly," said Aurora.

"Then we need a committee to write said plan," said Mickey. "Snow White, will you and Grimhilde serve on it?"

"Gladly," said Snow White.

"Aurora," said Mickey, "will you and Maleficent work on the committee?"

"Of course," said Aurora.

"Cinderella, will you and Tremaine work with the committee?"

"Do you really need to ask?" said Cinderella.

"And, of course," said Mickey, "some people from the 21st century. Tiana, will you and Dr. Facilier help?"

"No problem," said Tiana.

"Rapunzel, will you and Gothel work together?" said Mickey.

"We'll do our best," said Rapunzel.

"And, of course, Giselle and Narissa," said Mickey.

"Actually," said Giselle, "my business is booming at the moment, and I need to make sure that it stays at a good profit margin. I must decline."

"Besides," said Narissa, "Maleficent gave me some training exercises to give my dragon form more power. I have to decline as well."

"Well," said Mickey, "I suppose a committee of ten is all right."

"This business needs at least three 21st century heroes and villains," said Aurora. "I nominate Elsa and Hans." Elsa's eyes popped open.

"Hold on," said Elsa.

"Move to adjourn," said Aurora.

"I second," said Cinderella.

"No, I'm going back to Arendelle!" snapped Elsa.

"The motion to adjourn for the day having been moved and seconded," said Mickey, "any objections?"

"Oh, I have objections!" said Elsa. "I have plenty of objections!"

"So moved!" said Mickey. "Meeting adjourned!"

"Mickey," wailed Elsa, "my sister's getting married!" Snow White steered her to the new committee.

"Come on," she said.

"No," said Elsa, "I'm going home now!"

"Of course you are," said Snow White. She turned to a magic broom. "Ein Bier auf mein Zimmer geschickt werden." Rapunzel arched her eyebrow.

"I've never known Snow White to drink beer," she said.

"She's German," said Gothel.

"We're German," said Rapunzel, "and I've yet to see you, my parents, or Eugene touch a drop."

"You've been to that tavern when you left the tower," said Gothel.

"Those were considered uncivilized men by society," said Rapunzel. "I don't see the 'civilized people' drinking."

"Touché," said Gothel.

"Don't worry," said Cinderella to Elsa, "Snow and I will get Aurora to write it."

"I don't know," said Elsa. "She had a funny look on her face."

"She always does," said Cinderella.

"All right, ladies and Gentlemen," said Aurora on the balcony, "let's get started. Who's going to write our parenting style?"