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"Spirit Talking"

Harry sighed heavily as he packed his books away in his trunk. Yesterday had been a rollercoaster that had mentally exhausted him, and even now he had trouble focusing on what he was doing as his thoughts kept coming back to the day before.


"I see..." Dumbledore said thoughtfully. Bill and Harry had just finished the re-telling of their conversation with Dobby and the elf's warning. "This is certainly troubling news." he raise his head to gaze at the two younger wizards before him. "And while I would normally question the veracity of what you have told me, I do not think you would lie or play such a distasteful prank on this matter. But I must ask: have you ensured that this elf was telling the truth? For all we know, he might have lied to you on his master's orders."

The eldest Weasley brother and Harry exchanged a look before Bill shook his head. "While we have no proof that he didn't lie to us, he admitted to stealing Harry's mail since the start of summer break. Moreover, he seemed to have come here without approval from his master, which, I must say, baffles me."

Dumbledore stroke his beard, humming. "In theory, a house elf cannot do anything outside of his master's wishes and orders. The possibility of a subterfuge is very much high, but there are many things we still don't know about magic and its creatures, particularly the house elves."

"He was telling the truth." Harry interjected. "One can twist their words and body language, but his eyes... There was too much emotion in them for it to be a lie."

The Headmaster's twinkling eyes looked at the soon-to-be second year for a moment. "I understand. Rest assured that I shall do everything in my power to prevent this plot from happening. Still..." he shook his head slowly. "Intending to harm the school. Who would wish for such a thing?" the elderly wizard wondered aloud.

"Professor." Bill spoke up. "From what we could tell, this Dobby probably belongs to a Dark family, perhaps one of You-Know-Who's 'former' supporters. It would be judicious to keep an eye on the children of those families once term starts, just in case." he said, with Harry nodding in agreement.

Dumbledore smiled at them as he slowly stood up. "Fear not, Mister Weasley, Mister Potter. I do love Hogwarts, and I have no wish to see either her nor her residents come to harm." he replied. "But I'm afraid I must cut our discussion short. Being Chief Warlock and Supreme Mugwump on top of Headmaster is not easy for one as old as I am, which means that my schedule is very much full at the moment. Thus, I bid you farewell and a good summer."

"Same to you, sir." Harry and Bill responded.

With one last nod, Dumbledore went to say goodbye to Mr and Mrs Weasley before taking his leave and flooing back to Hogwarts.

-End Flashback-

That had been yesterday afternoon.

Since then, an underlying tension seemed to have settled upon the Burrow. One that, for all oftheir efforts, no one had been able to dissipate. And while Ron and Ginny had no idea what the reason for it was, they too were affected by the atmosphere. As for Percy, he had stayed silent even though he clearly knew something was afoot.

Bill had left once he had updated the wards around the Burrow, telling everyone that he would be back on his shift for the Goblins was over. But before that, he had taken Harry apart for a quick word alone and advised the younger wizard to keep an eye out despite the headmaster's reassurances.

"As much as Dumbledore is a great man of many talents, he is just that : a man. And one who holds many important positions in our society. He cannot truly watch out for everything and anything that is happening." Had been the eldest Weasley brother's words before he had clapped Harry on the shoulder and asked of him to watch over his younger siblings for him.

Harry had simply replied that Bill didn't even need to ask and that he knew all too well that Dumbledore wasn't immune to mistakes. The curse breaker had looked at him for a moment, and had seemed on the verge of saying something but had settled for a simple 'thank you' before portkeying away after a final farewell to his family.

As for the past twenty-four hours? Harry had spent the most of them reading his Defense book again and continue his mental training with the Four. He had still taken the time to send a letter explaining the situation to Amelia. Even though Dumbledore had told everyone to keep Dobby's warning to themselves, Harry felt that, as Head of the DMLE and the mother figure of his friend, Amelia had the right to know.

He only hoped that, come the beginning of second year, everything would turn out alright. Still, better safe than sorry, which was why the Four had decided that, for the rest of summer, they would be pushing his training to the next level until he could use at least cast one combat Art in a dangerous situation. If that meant loosing a couple hours of sleep each night, so be it. Harry was used to not having much sleeping time.

Never mind the fact that the Four could keep his body going for several days without proper rest if need be.

"Don't think about it too much, Harry." Efreet's voice snapped the young wizard out of his thoughts. "You've done everything you could in the matter. The only thing left, is to hope for the best but prepare for the worst."

"But that doesn't mean you should focus entirely on this." Sylph joined the conversation. "There is still at least one month before anything can happen. And while I'm all up for training, burning yourself out will do you no favor."

Harry chuckled as he laid down his book. "For you, of all people, to say that, that's just more proof that I should relax."

"Your body and magical core aren't used to SpiritMagic yet. Remember that Spirit Magic, while usable by anyone, wasn't made for humans in the first place. The process is easier in your case as we are bonded to you, but going to fast too far will only yield bad results." Gnome chimed in. "Your determination and will are impressive, Harry, but until you are truly ready, trust in Amelia Bones and your headmaster to handle this matter."

"If the worst comes to pass and you must involve yourself, then we will have done everything we could to prepare for it." Undine finished. "Worrying and exhausting yourself now won't do anyone any good."

Harry closed his eyes and took a deep breath, taking comfort from the words and presence of his new family. With a nod, he exhaled slowly, feeling the tension draining from his being, before he opened his eyes again and stood from the bed.

"Thank you." he said quietly as he put back the Defense book inside his trunk.

"You are welcome." the Four replied before retreating to the depths of his mind.

It was a more relaxed Harry that greeted the Weasley family in the living room as he set his trunk near the fireplace.

"Hello, Harry dear. Are you all set ?" Mrs Weasley asked him, her usual warm smile slightly strained by the recent events.

With a smile of his own, trying to reassure her, Harry replied. "I am, thank you. It took me more time than I expected, sorry. I'm still not used to have so much stuff to pack."

She let out a short laugh. "At least you are better than my boys. I swear, no matter how much I try, they always end up forgetting something and they almost miss the Express."

Harry raised an eyebrow at that. "Are you sure it's not just Fred and George messing around?" After more than two decades of doing this, there was no way this was a coincidence.

She shook her head. "As much as I wish it was the case, it's not. But at this point, it's more of a family joke than anything else."

Harry's eyebrow climbed higher. "I'll take your word for it, Mrs Weasley." he said before looking around, noting the absence of the clan's patriarch. "But I don't see Mr Weasley?"

"Arthur got called for an emergency." she replied with a frown as she put a hand to her cheek. "Something about a telly charmed to be animated, I think. All their technical jargon is lost on me, I must say."

"I can see why he love his job." Harry chuckled. "It sounds like it's never boring."

"If only he didn't bring back so much of the things he finds." Mrs Weasley sighed.

As if on cue, there was a *CRACK* from outside and, seconds later, Mr Weasley came through the door, carrying a TV in his arms.

"I'm home." the man said cheerfully. "And I come bearing a gift."

"Arthur!" Mrs Weasley gasped with a horrified expression on her face as she beheld the contraption in her husband's arms. "How could you?!"

Harry blinked. "Is that one of the most recent models? That thing must be worth its weight in pounds."

"Right on the spot." the red-haired man grunted as he laid down the TV on the floor. "And the first telly to last more than a week after coming in contact with Magic. Looks like the muggles have finally used sturdier components."

The emerald-eyed wizard let out a whistle at that. "So? What does it do?"

"Works without electricity, for one, and doesn't need an antenna." Mr Weasley replied with a delighted smile, ignoring his wife's groan as she put her face in her hands. "The guy who owned it had also charmed it to be animated but that one got a bit out of hand and it started dancing in the streets. That's why I was called in. Ah, but don't worry," he added quickly, smiling sheepishly at Mrs Weasley, who looked close to have a meltdown. "the charm was dispelled so it shouldn't start doing that again any time soon. There was also a couple of durability and unbreakable charms, but that's all."

Harry raised an eyebrow as he asked "And they let you have it? Just like that?"

"Well, no one was interested in it, so why let such a marvelous thing go to waste? Beside," there, the Weasley patriarch winked at him. "being a department Head does have its perks."

Mrs Weasley seemed to have lost even the will to get angry and settled for shaking her head, with it still buried in her hands. When the rest of her children came down, drawn by the noise, and started flocking around the entertainment device, the matron threw her arms up before retreating to the kitchen, away from the chaos. As for himself, Harry ignored the family's antics, already quite familiar with TVs and not finding much interest in them, in favor of double checking his trunk and reviewing his mental checklist to make sure he hadn't forgotten anything.

Being punished by your aunt or uncle for simply watching a show was a good incentive to loose interest in TVs very quickly.

"Eager to leave, Harry?"

The raven-haired eleven years old turned to see Bill coming down the stairs with a small smile on his lips. The eldest Weasley brother looked quite disheveled and still sleepy, having returned very late during the night due to his shift at Gringots. Harry had hoped to ask him many questions about his job as a curse-breaker and about ancient runes, one of the electives he was considering for third year. But with the wards needing to be updated, Bill simply hadn't had any time to answer his questions.

"Not really, Bill." Harry replied. "I guess I just want to get away from the tension. Your mother, bless her, is a very nice person but she doesn't handle stress very well."

Bill snorted. "Tell me about it. You should have seen her when Charlie and I announced that we would be leaving the house for work outside the country. She was so beside herself we feared she might faint." He shook his head. "So, how're you feeling about visiting the Tonkses?"

"Not sure." The soon-to-be twelve years old shrugged. "I mean, I know that they're my closest magical relatives, aside from Malfoy's mother, and that their daughter just graduated from Hogwarts, but that's it." He turned to look at the older man. "You know her?"

"Oh boy, do I ever." He chuckled. "She and Charles used to date when I was still at Hogwarts. I swear, that woman tried her best to keep their relationship going, but my brother's even more passionate about his dragons than I am about my job." He sighed. "It's a shame, I think she was very good for him. But I digress. If you must have an idea of who they're like, well, she's a Hufflepuff through and through, although she did inherit a few Slytherin qualities from her mother." He snickered. "She helped Fred and George a few times with their pranks. Did a brilliant job at it too, from what I heard."

"Yeah, I can see what you mean. Tonks seems like to be a very free spirited person and I'm not surprised she and the Twins get on like a house on fire." Harry mused. "To be honest, I'm surprised these two weren't sorted into Slytherin. They're certainly cunning and smart enough for it."

"Harry, true Slytherin don't stand out as much as my brothers, or this Malfoy boy and his friends, do. I'm surprised no one has tried to frame Fred and George for some thing or another yet." Bill replied. "Those that have real power and intelligence in the Snake Pit tend to keep to the backseats and shadows, only revealing themselves when they wish to or if necessary. If you pay enough attention, you'll see that most of the Slytherin house uses the Quidditch team and a few select individuals to project a facade in order to be left to their own devices."

Harry blinked. "Now that I think about it, you're right. It's always been Malfoy, his goons and the Quidditch team that comes up to mind when I think 'Slytherin'." He shook his head. "I don't even know the names of my the other Slytherins in my year. Two of them sent me get-well cards while I was in the Hospital Wing and I couldn't even recognize the names or put a face to them!"

"There you go." Bill chuckled. "Take it from someone who had a few friends in Slytherin, and even dated one, there is a lot of depth to them and the few who are bullies and racist are usually the extremists from Purebloods families or bigots."

"'Or perhaps in Slytherin, You'll make your real friends, Those cunning folks use any means To achieve their ends.'" Harry quoted, remembering the Sorting Hat's song. "Something like that?"

"Somewhat, yes." The red head said with a smile. "While I do encourage you to be careful depending on the way you'll interact with your peers from that House, try to keep an open mind. The two you mentioned more than likely have some kind of hidden motive for sending you these cards, but that's not to say their offer of friendship won't be genuine."

Harry frowned. "I'm not sure I'm comfortable with using friendship as some kind of bargaining chip, but I'll try not to be too paranoid."

"That's all I can ask."

With a tap and a wave of his wand, Bill shrunk Harry's trunk and applied a Featherweight Charm on it, making the younger wizard's eyes widen at the silent casting.

"If there are two charms I have mastered, it's those two." Bill smiled at him. "You wouldn't believe how much equipment we have to carry on expeditions. Knowing how to cast those two charms perfectly is a must in my profession."

Harry opened his mouth to ask another question when the clock on the wall rang, signaling that it was time for him to leave. Mr Weasley would escort him to the Leaky Cauldron in Diagon Alley, where he would meet the Tonkses. Goodbyes were said, the Twins clapping him enthusiastically across his back, Mrs Weasley giving one last bear hug, a shy wave from Ginny and, finally, a forearm handshake from Ron.

With one last promise to write, a call of "Diagon Alley!" and a rush of green flames, Harry left the Burrow.

"So you're Harry, huh? I must say, those silly books about you describe your appearance to a T -well, minus the glasses, but Nymphadora told me that was a recent thing."

"Don't call me that, Dad!"

"Sweetie, when are you going to stop this? It's a beautiful name and I don't see why you hate it so much."

Harry couldn't but give an amused and slightly bemused smile as he gazed at the trio in front of him.

Edward "Call me Ted" Tonks was gazing at him with open curiosity as he ate his beef stew, black eyes framed by a somewhat sharp face and short fair hair. The man was quite tall, in Harry's opinion, but the young wizard also noted he was somewhat big-bellied, even under his robes.

Beside him, Nymphadora "She-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named" Tonks was arguing about her name with who Harry could only assume was her mother, her plate of fish and chips forgotten. The metamorphmagus' spiky hair was colored with an angry red at the moment, reflecting the young woman's mood for all to see.

Andromeda Tonks née Black, however, was like the eye of the storm that was her daughter. Calm, composed brown eyes were focused on Harry while sometime flicking to Nymphadora with somewhat exasperated fondness as she slowly but methodically ate he recognized as Cullen skink. Hair of the same color as her eyes, but a lighter shade, were cascading down her head to stop at her shoulder blades. Despite her casual robes, the woman had an air of nobleness about her that reminded him of the few Purebloods adults he had seen, but in a nicer way.

Internally, Harry also noted that she was beautiful. Something her daughter had obviously inherited.

He blinked. Where did that come from?

"Well... I'm still not entirely sure what most of those books tell about me, aside from ridiculous stories where I'm supposedly trained by Merlin himself. But yes, they somehow managed to get my general appearance as if they'd always know what I would look like." Harry answered Ted as he munched on his treacle tart. "To be honest, I suspect Dumbledore had a hand in this, as he was one of the only magicals to know where I lived."

Ted rubbed his chin, humming thoughtfully. "That would make sense, since he was the one to tell to the public that you had vanquished You-Know-Who."

Harry froze for a moment. "So it was Dumbledore who started the whole 'Boy-Who-Lived' thing? But why?"

"If things were as bad as what you were told, then it is not so difficult to think that Dumbledore did so in order to dispel the fear that this man had created over Magical Britain." Undine answered to his internal question before adding. "No matter how foolish it was to herald an infant as a savior."

Harry grimaced before replying to Ted. "It'd be more bearable if those books were labeled as fiction and not fact. The first time someone in my year asked if it was true that I'd slain a Manticore at seven, I could do nothing but stare dumbly."

The man chuckled. "You'll find, Harry, that wizards, more so than non-magicals, are very prone to gossip and to believe what is presented to them as facts."

"Quite right." Andromeda interjected. "And it's been worse than ever since that Rita Skeeter has become the lead reporter for the Daily Prophet." Her face scrunched slightly in distaste. "Most people tend to see her articles as gospel. If I were you," She turned back to Harry. "I'd stay quite clear of that woman, Harry. Her words are poison to the mind, and she is ready to do a lot in order to get a scoop. It doesn't matter to her if she ruins the entire life of someone in doing so."

Beside her, Nymphadora shuddered lightly. "I still remember that poor Ministry employee that once refused her the interview she wanted. Poor sod had his entire life and darkest secrets aired in the daily two weeks later and left Britain before the month ended."

Harry couldn't help but gulp. "Yeah, she sounds like a nasty piece of work that I'd rather avoid entirely."

"It doesn't help that the Wizarding World has no libel laws." Ted sighed. "But enough about this, how about telling us a bit about yourself, Harry? Likes, dislikes, hobbies... that sort of things."

And with that, the conversation turned back to a more comfortable topic. Harry told them how, while he enjoyed Quidditch, he preferred the freedom of flying to the game itself, or that cooking was something that he liked doing to clear his mind. In return, he learned that Ted was a barrister, both on the magical and the muggle sides of the world, with Andromeda working as his partner for the magical cases while teaching dance to non-magicals on the side.

As for Nymphadora, her learned that she liked doing a lot of exercise to keep herself in shape, something that was helped by her metamorphmagus abilities but also, Ted had stage-whispered to him, made her quite clumsy as her body often kept changing either too much or too little. She also liked going out in the Muggle world to party with a couple of friends in nightclubs, something that fitted her free and wild personality, in Harry's opinion.

All in all, the Tonkses seemed like a family that was very comfortable with both the mundane and fantasy sides of the world. Something he could appreciate as, while the Magical World was full of wonders that he had only scratched the surface of, it was also a world that had multiple aspects he was uncomfortable with. The books that Amelia had lent him along with her lessons has made that clear.

Once they finished eating and paid Tom for their meal, the trio led Harry back to the floo point so that they could head home. Andromeda and Ted headed first, asking the young wizard to wait with their daughter for a moment while they finalized keying him into the wards of their house.

A couple of minutes later, Harry stumbled for the fireplace into the Tonks' living room, taking a few seconds to take sight of his surroundings.

The room looked... cozy, for lack of a better word. A wide space that was shared between kitchen and living room, in a way that Harry recognized as an 'open kitchen' style that he had seen a few times on the furniture fliers he found in the mailbox. While neither as warm as the Burrow had felt or richly decorated as Bones Manor was, it was very ordained and inviting. The couch, bookshelves, tables and TV took up most of the available space but without appearing to be too tight. Yet, it couldn't help but make Harry's hackles raise a bit. This was the kind of perfect neatness Aunt Petunia had painfully made sure he would be able to maintain when doing his chores.

"Do not be so tense, Harry. These are different people, who hold different standards and values. As a former Pureblood witch, it's obvious that Andromeda is used to have her living space clean and ordained." Gnome's smooth voice sounded in the young wizard's mind. Then, it took a slightly amused tone. "Beside, I have no doubt she must've perfected various household magic thanks to the wild nature of her daughter."

The image of pre-teen Nymphadora wreaking havoc in the leaving room with her mother doing everything in her power to keep everything in the place it's supposed to be made Harry smile. The ghost of the years with his relatives' wasn't gone, far from it, but Harry knew that he was making progress. The potions regiment, as much as he loathed the taste of them, had already done much to erase the physical damage he had suffered. Mentally wise, however, he still had a long way to go. Only time would tell if he'd be able to put the Dursleys into the darkest corner of his mind, where the memories of those years would lay. Not forgotten, but cast away.

"Alright there, Harry?"

Harry blinked and craned his head up and backward to his left in order to look at Nymphadora, who was gazing at him with a smile, her head tilted slightly in question.

"I'm alright, Tonks." He replied, giving her a small smile of his own. "Just trying to take in the sights. It's yet another different style that what I've seen from magical homes so far."

She laughed. "I suppose it would be a bit weird to see something a bit more mundane after having been to the Burrow, yeah? Mum and Dad prefer to keep things simple, so the only real magic are the wards and a few household charms here and there." she said as she shrugged off her robes and hung them on the coat hanger. Beneath , she was wearing a black shirt with the emblem of The Weird Sisters on it, along with a simple pair of jeans.

All in all, if for the fact that she could change her appearance on a whim, Harry wouldn't have been able to distinguish her from any other punk girl in London.

"If you stare any more than that, I'm gonna start thinking I need to wear more clothes." she said in a teasing tone, snapping him out his thoughts.

Harry blushed. "Sorry, it's just- well, I'm not exactly sure how to put it, but there's just something about you that draws my attention." He blushed harder as he realized what he'd said a second later.

Nymphadora blinked, then burst out laughing, which just made him wish the floor would swallow him on the spot. "Not even twelve years old and already on your way to become a ladies' man, are you?" She chortled, her eyes dancing with mirth. Absently, Harry noted that her hair had turned a sunny shade of yellow. "I wonder how many first year girls would react if you were to say that to them."

Harry was pretty sure his whole face was on fire at this point. The fact that Sylph was laughing in his mind wasn't helping either.

"Smooth, Harry. That was really smooth." The Wind Spirit managed to get out between guffaws.

"I think that was rather cute." Undine joined in.

"Guys, please! Stop it!" Harry pleaded internally.

His salvation came in the form of Andromeda coming into the living room to investigate what had her daughter laughing so loudly. Coming upon the sight of a beet-red frozen Harry Potter and Nymphadora whose whole frame was shaking with laughter, she raised an eyebrow before clapping her hands, drawing their attention back to her.

"Now now, Nymphadora. Try not to tease young Harry here too much, would you? I'm not sure Amelia would appreciate her niece's friend having suddenly become mute when she gets him back." she said with a smile.

"But you should have heard him, Mum! Give him a couple of years and he'll have witches lining up for him." then, she scowled and her hair darkened again. "And don't call me Nymphadora!"

"Yes, Dora dear." Andromeda let out an exasperated sigh. Then, she look at him, eyes alight with mischief, and Harry's hopes of salvation died a burning death. "But you are right. Give him a few years to gain some height and frame and he'll be sure to become a heartbreaker. And you must admit that those green eyes just seem to pierce right through you."

And just like that, Harry's blush redoubled in intensity. One could almost see the smoke coming from his ears.

"Having fun, ladies?" An amused Ted said from his spot by the room's doorway before peering at Harry. "Good Merlin, the poor boy looks as if he's about to overheat. Come on, Harry. Let me show you around the house and where you'll be sleeping while we leave my wife and daughter to their antics."

"As if you're any better." Nymphadora stage-whispered.

With a slightly frantic nod -and ignoring what the metamorphmagus had said, Harry rapidly walked to Ted, grateful beyond measure that his torment had ended. 'For now' a treacherous part of mind whispered. The man led him up a flight of stairs and to a corridor with a set a five doors before proceeding with his tour of the house.

The upper floor had three bedrooms, two for the parents and their daughter with the remaining one for guests, along with a small library/study and an attic on the far end of the corridor. The ground floor, apart from its massive living room, also had a second, smaller, bathroom, a cupboard -which Harry has spent a moment looking at with an unreadable expression- and a veranda that gave into the house's back garden.

It somewhat perturbed Harry that this resembled a lot the space arrangement that Number 4 Privet Drive had, even if the house's architecture wasn't the same. Still, he tried not to let it bother him. The fact that he knew the Tonkses couldn't be any more different from the Dursleys if they tried helped.

I won't let the memories of these people ruin my life any further than they have. He resolutely thought, taking comfort in the supportive presence of the four spirits in his mind.

"And that's about it." Ted concluded as they came back into the living room. "Any questions?"

Harry blinked before adopting a thoughtful expression. "Anything I should know?"

"Dora usually goes for a run in the morning before Dromeda and I wake up. We'll be at the office for a couple of days in order to finish a case we've been working on, and Dora will be preparing for the Auror Academy exam. So we'll be mostly at home save for perhaps a few trips." Ted replied. "Is there anything you'd like to do in particular?"

Harry didn't know what to answer the man. This was his first true vacation in the non-magical world and his experience of fun activities on that side was very... limited, to say the least. "Nothing comes to mind." he settled for.

"Well," Ted seemed a bit bemused by his response. "I'm sure Dora will be able to entertain you, if nothing else." He said before giving the teen a mischievous grin. "Between you and I, that girl is so clumsy sometimes, that I wonder how we never had to take her to Saint Mungo's for head injuries." he whispered.

Speaking of the devil :

"I HEARD THAT, DAD!" said girl shouted from her place on the sofa

"I'm not hearing any denial in there!" The man shot back teasingly.

"Besides, we all know I'm the reason your sorry asses never had to pay a visit to Saint Mungo." Andromeda's interjected as she started to pour tea into cups. "Someone here has to be responsible, else I'm quite sure you would have burned the house down."

"Mum!" Nymphadora shouted indignantly

"Come on, Dromeda! We're not that bad!" Ted added.

"Yes, yes you are. And you both know it."

At Ted's pout, it was too much for Harry and he started laughing loudly, holding his sides as he tried to stay up. He also felt the Four's amusement in his mind as Nymphadora gave a war cry as she caught him in a headlock before giving him a noogie.

And as he felt the tension from the previous day disappeared from his shoulders, only one thought crossed Harry's mind.

Come what may next year and beyond, he would cherish those summer days for the rest of his life.

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