Title: Fates of Darkness

Disclaimer: Lord of the Rings characters belong to Tolkien, not me.

Note: Story takes place after the destruction of the one ring.

A young girl walked along the river, looking closely at the rocks on the bottom. Presently, she spotted a reddish stone with a silver streak and picked it up. She put it in the pouch around her waist then looked towards the sun. It was fairly high, marking noon time. She began to set out some food to eat when she noticed two people walking towards her. She hid behind a bush and watched them walk by. When they passed, she noticed they were hobbits.

"He really shouldn't be angry with us," said one.

"You're right. All we did was take a small slice of pie!" replied the other.

The girl stepped out from behind the bush. "Hello," she said. "Who are you?"

The two companions stopped and looked back at her. "I'm Peregrin Took," said one, "but you may call me Pippen."

"And I'm Meridoc Brandybuck, and you can call me Merry" said the other.

"Who are you?" said Pippen.

"My name is Sauralyn. You can call me Lyn if you want," the girl responded.

"Nice to meet you Lyn. Pippen and I were just on our way to have a picnic. Would you like to join us?"

"Sure." The three friends walked for a bit then sat down under a large tree. Merry began slicing a loaf of bread. They ate quietly for a while, then, when they were done, they began to speak with each other. "Where are you from, Lyn?" inquired Merry.

"The east," said Lyn quickly. She quickly changed the subject. "Do you have any stories worth hearing?"

"Yes," said Pippen. He and Merry began to tell what happened to them when they were captured by Orcs. Lyn listened quietly while they told their story.

"Impressive," she said when they finished.

The sun was much lower in the sky now. "Let's head back to the Shire, Merry," said Pippen. "You can come with us if you'd like, Lyn".

"Thanks," said Lyn. She followed the hobbits to the Shire. On the road, Merry turned around "Do you hear that?" he asked.

"Sounds like a horse," said Pippen turning around.

Lyn turned and looked too. Soon the figure began to materialize.

Pippen quickly became scared. "Orc! Run!" he turned to start running. Merry froze and stood still. The Orc came upon them and jumped down and prepared to kill the hobbits. Lyn stepped in front of him. "Grishw├║rz, don't! Leave them alone" she yelled at him. The orc paused for a moment then sheathed his blade. He growled at the hobbits then rode off.