Welcome, one and all, to my next fanfic - Leviathan Proportions! And first off...no, this is not your conventional HP crossover. It isn't, "Harry is adopted by (character)" or "Harry runs away after everyone betrays him and finds (character)." I won't spoil any more of the story, but be prepared and have an open mind.

Credits for the idea of fem!Harry's...condition go to DragonFyre400 from their story A Dragon's Destiny. I don't mean to steal their content ideas, but I absolutely fell in love with the concept.

Chapter One: Transylvanian Flight

"Orchid! Orchid, I'm telling you, it's a bad idea. Please don't do this...please." Orchid heaved a sigh as the distinctive click of her cloak being clasped into place magnified tenfold in the sudden silence. She looked up, green eyes glowing unnaturally without any light around, and frowned at Percy Weasley. The redhead looked pleading, even if he was staring into the nothingness to Orchid's right. She was already in the doorway, warped form hidden by her heavy traveling cloak and her wand stowed away in the cloak's pocket.

"Perce, I have to do this. You saw the records, as clearly as I did. I know who's to blame for the living hell I went through because of this." She gestured angrily at her twisted legs, the only thing the cloak couldn't hide. Her femurs were half as long as they should have been, half-bent at the knees most of the time, and the height she'd lost through the mutation was made up for by the length of her feet and the fact she stood almost on her toes out of habit. She was still short, however - and very funny looking. That wasn't even counting the massive, membranous appendages that had grown from her shoulder blades.

"That's why you can't go!" Orchid's eyes widened in shock, the appendages beneath her cloak shifting uneasily. Percy looked surprised at his shout as well, jaw hanging loose and distress written plainly on his face. "I...I'm sorry, Flower, I didn't mean to...I don't want you to get hurt." The wizard bowed his head and backed away a couple of steps, mind seamlessly falling into the couple of years he'd spent at Hogwarts with the twisted witch. Look down, give her space, or bad things would happen.

"Percy, look at me." He barely controlled his instinct to run as he realized his girlfriend had moved silently across the floor and was standing right in front of him, expression soft. "Really look at me. Beyond Orchid Potter. What am I, Perce?"

Percy looked torn, glancing up briefly at Orchid. Her hood was down, showing the ridge of bone-white spines that started a little before her hairline as little bumps and grew into razor sharp rises two or three inches in height closer to the back if her head. He knew they traveled all the way down to the small of her back from the pictures of the Triwizard Tournament. He knew about the leathery, nightmarish wings, a dark red like dried blood, that she kept folded against her back so tightly they looked like a demented cloak. He knew so many different names she had been called when her appearance came to light at Hogwarts. Most of them weren't nice. Most of the others were insensitive.

"Something we've never seen before." He didn't dare to speak above a whisper. He still remembered what had happened the first time someone dared to call her "Smaug" out loud. That half blood Ravenclaw hadn't stood without a crutch for weeks, even with magic. This particular label was what he'd heard the Minister say when Orchid spontaneously learned to fly in her fifth year, a blur of deep indigo and black before she latched on to Ron as he fell, slowing his descent.

A faint warble met his words and he almost melted in relief as Orchid leaned into him, her wings cupping his shoulders. Hope crept into his heart as he lightly held her close to him, and then she whispered in his ear, "Then you know that I can handle this. He won't even know what hit him, because there's nothing else like me."

He held on tighter as she started to draw away, her muscles coiled to throw her out if the door and into the crisp night air. "At least let me come with you. You only just now started learning what you're capable of. If something goes wrong, I can help, give you time to recover."

"...no. I'm sorry, Perce. This is my problem, and I'm going to deal with it."

And then she was gone, her sudden retreat leaving Percy standing alone in a gust of wind. The claws that adorned each of her big toes clacked hard against the stone floor as she ran for the door, and then there was silence as her feet met the rain-softened earth. The last Percy heard of her was the soft thwap of her wings carrying her into the sky, pushed up by the breeze.

"Incoming!" The tall, pale man barely managed to leap out of the way, even with his incredible speed and agility, as close to a dozen wolf pups raced by him, converging on a nearby couch with one mind. He covered his face with one hand as stuffing flew into the air, along with bits of dark fabric and wood.

"Where is Wayne this time? This is the fifth couch I've had to replace in a week, and I would rather it be the last." Dracula looked around, searching simultaneously for the wolfman and for whoever was in charge of the pups at the moment. He didn't see a trace of either Wanda or Wayne, but Frank was stumbling tiredly towards him, holding tightly onto another pup that was trying to escape and join the destructive pack.

"Sorry, Drac. He and Wanda wanted to be alone for a few hours, and Eunice and I thought that we could handle the pups...wow, we were wrong." Frankenstein readjusted his grip on the pup in his arms, the tiny creature now howling in an ear-splitting pitch that caught the attention of the others. "Uh...they split up pretty fast. Eunice went after the other half, and I've got these guys. Hopefully."

"Gah! Wayne! Doesn't he understand that his and Wanda's alone time leads to this?!" He gestured to the pups, most of which had decided to gang up on an unfortunate monster carrying a plate of sandwiches. "The number of pups doubles every year! Has anyone ever explained to him where babies come from?"

"Yeah, yeah, I'm pretty sure. No idea why he keeps getting himself into this mess." With that, Frank lumbered off after the pack, which looked dangerously close to splitting in half and making his job harder. Dracula turned, drifting towards the stairs. He had important matters to see to.

"Housekeeping!" The witches had the couch mess completely vanished by the time he reached the top of the stairs.

The important matters, however, were not as important as he'd led himself to believe. Checking for cracks in the floors and ceilings - he'd done that every Monday and Thursday for the past four months, there was never any damage. Closing the shutters before dawn - slightly more important, but he was the only monster with a particular aversion to sunlight and he was always in his room and drifting off to sleep by the time the sun rose. Repeatedly checking for any messages from Mavis and Jonathan… That was more of a nervous habit, one that was growing to rule his life.

It wasn't that he didn't trust the two (okay, maybe he distrusted them just a bit), it was that Mavis had never been so far from home, and she was with a hum- he stopped himself. He couldn't keep calling Johnny human like that. Yes, the boy was a human, but he didn't deserve to have that pinned to him like a name tag. Besides...he might not be human for much longer. Might not be human right at that moment. According to Mavis' last letter, they'd found an old Italian vampire who'd claimed to be an expert at changing people, and Jonathan wanted very much to accept the offer so that he wouldn't be so out of place with his future family.

Drac sighed and sped his walk a little. He wanted to check on the meals and arrangements for the non-nocturnal monsters before he retired for the day. For some reason, in the late autumn, the number of daylight monsters almost tripled. It was a strange little mystery that entertained him year after year. He could already hear the influx of voices in the lobby, including the playful jabber of the fairies. Ugh. They never failed to arrive, no matter how much he wished his hotel to be rid of their squeaky voices and practical jokes.

This time, however, they sounded anxious.

He didn't pay attention to them. The last time they'd arrived, they'd been thoroughly distraught over leaving one of their dresses at home, and kept getting upset when flower nectar and berries failed to make an appearance on the buffet tables when they wanted them. He drifted past to the kitchens, and a quick, curt talk with Quasimodo confirmed that the special diet for the new visitors was ready to be served. Satisfied, Dracula walked leisurely back to his room.

At sunset, he was woken by a frantic pounding on his door. Alarmed, he zipped out of his coffin and practically flew across the room, a quick snap of his fingers making him presentable as he opened the door. He forced himself to not flinch back as he was met with a pair of glasses bobbing up and down in midair.

"Griffin, what is it? What happened?" He leaned forward intently, eyes wide and muscles poised to run. The invisible man replied immediately.

"Hey, Drac, I just heard one of the fairies talking -"

"Fairies! They never have anything positive to say. Let me guess - not enough of a certain color of flower in the garden?" Drac scowled in annoyance. "I could have slept a lot longer."

Griffin groaned in annoyance. "It's not something dumb, Drac! I heard them talking about a new monster! Even a few other guests saw it - like nothing they've ever seen, that's what they described it as! I figured you'd want to know because apparently they're brand new to the whole monster gig."

There was silence for what seemed like an eternity, and then Dracula took off down the hall. "I need a description and a location. A new monster…" His head was spinning. He hadn't faced the prospect of a new monster for almost fifteen years. Not since he'd found a little seven year old human girl hiding in the forest, convulsing in pain as her bones warped and changed along with her brain and insides. Not since that little girl had been forcibly taken from his hotel by a team of peculiar humans who claimed to be rescuing her.

"Uh...the only thing that's stayed the same in the different accounts is that it has wings. I've heard that its northeast of here, though. No idea how far."

"Griffin, please tell Frank to keep everything running while I'm gone." Drac stepped up onto a windowsill, throwing open the shutters as the last rays of sunlight vanished from the sky.

"What, you don't trust me to manage the hotel?!" Griffin sounded outraged and offended. Drac looked back at him, calculating, reconsidering.

"...no, I don't." Then he jumped from the window, transforming into a bat and flying away before he hit the ground.

Weird, huh? It wouldn't leave me alone, though, so...