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Chapter 15





Part 3

"I pay 800 Life Points to activate my Continous Spell Card; Yousen Tornado!" Sawatari said as he revealed the cards as his Life Points dropped as he played it

Sawatari x3 - 1300 LP

Konami x3 - 4400 LP

"Yousen Tornado?" Konami asked curiously "For you to give up your Life Points, it must have one lethal effect."

"How right you are!" Sawatari replied "Next, I activate my Continuous Trap Card; Dizzying Wind of the Yousen Realms!"

"Okay are you going to tell me what effects these cards have?" Konami asked him

"Of course!" Sawatari replied smiling mischievously "However I just want you to be patient before I tell you!"


"I hope your ready to meet my Yousen brothers again!" Sawatari said before playing them "Come forth Kamaitachi, Kamamitachi, and Tsujikirikaze!"

The brothers appeared onto the field once again within their respective whirlwinds

Yosenju Kamaitachi -LV4- (800/1600)

Yosenju Kamamitachi -LV4- (1100/1500)

Yosenju Tsujikirikaze -LV4- (300/1000)

"Good thing I have Ojama Country on my side of the field." Konami thought to himself sincerely

"Don't forget my Youkai Shrine gets three more counters now!" Sawatari replied before the altar got three lit candles

"Now I'll be putting it to good use and add 1 "Yosenju" monster from my hand!" He said as got the card to his hand

"Next, I'll activate Kamaitachi's effect!" Sawatari said smiling "I'll get rid of that bothersome creature of yours! Ojama Blue!"

The eldest brother spun around and created his respective whirlwind as Ojama Blue. The monster was caught inside and went back to Konami's hand.

"Well that was too be expected.."

"Allow me to introduce you to Sawatari's Legend Combo, Konami!" Sawatari replied "Yousen Lost Tornado!"

"Yosen Lost Tornado?"

"I activate Dizzying Winds effect!" Sawatari replied "It makes any non-"Yosenju" monsters that are returned from their owner's hand are sent to the deck!"

"Huh?" Konami could say before the picture frame of the Continuous Trap Card let out a tornado towards Konami and send it to his deck as it automatically shuffled itself

"My monster..."

"Now, Kamaitachi, attack Ojama Red!" Sawatari ordered the weasel samurai before he struck him down with his sword as Konami Life Points decreased

Sawatari x1 - 1300 LP

Konami x3 - 4300 LP

"Alright! It's time to activate Kamamitachi's effect!" Sawatari explained "By cutting this monster's ATK points in half he can attack you directly!"

Yosenju Kamamitachi -LV4- (550/1500)

"Attack Kamamitachi!" Sawatari said as the weasel jumped pass the Ojama and cut Konami with his sword

Sawatari x1 - 1300 LP

Konami x3 - 3750 LP

"I end my turn!" Sawatari replied "Return to me, Yosenju brothers!"

The brothers returned to him as his Life Points increased by 1500 due to the effect of Spring Rebirth

Sawatari x4 - 2800 LP

Konami x3 - 3750 LP

"I activate Yosen Tornado's effect!" Sawatari replied "When a "Yosenju" monster returns to my hand, I can return one card from my opponents side of the field to their hand!"

"Excuse me?"

"The cards I return to you will be... Ojama Green, Ojama Black and especially that Ojama Country!" Sawatari declared

The picture frame of the card blew out a strong tornado the selected cards as they disappeared from the field and were sent back to Konami's hand

"I hope you haven't forgotten Dizzying Wind, Konami..." Sawatari spoke with a grin

"It sends my returned cards back to my deck..." Konami spoke with realization before the picture frame of the Continuous Trap Card let out a tornado towards Konami and send it to his deck as it automatically shuffled itself once again

"And with Ojama Country gone!" Sawatari said smiling "Your Ojama Yellow ATK and DEF points are back to normal!"

Ojama Yellow -LV2- (0/1000)

"Behold the awesome might of Neo New Sawatari and his legendary unbeatable combo!" Sawatari said with pride "Yosen Lost Tornado!"

Konami didn't say or do anything but stood like a statue before Sawatari chuckled at the sight of him

"What's the matter, Konami? He asked him "Don't tell me you're getting cold feet? Shame? Regret?"

Konami clapped his hands while carefully holding his hands at Sawatari's performance

"Bravo!" Konami said enthusiastically with a big genuine smile as he kept clapping "That was brilliant performance you just showed me! You skills as a Duelist is truly amazing!"

"Y-You think so..?"

"Think so?" Konami asked him "Dude, I know so!"

Sawatari blushed at the flattery, sure he gets it all the time with Nene, Anshi, and Mikadono but hearing from a Duelist as good as Konami really put him out on the spot.

"W-Well... At least you know greatness when you see it!" Sawatari replied chuckling

"Now, it's my turn!" Konami said as he drew the card

Turn 8 - Konami x4

Konami examined his hand while Sawatari stared at him with curiosity

"I didn't realize it earlier but he doesn't seem the least bit concerned about how easily I sent his monsters and the irritating Field Spell of his back to his deck..." Sawatari thought to himself "How can he be so calm and carefree about what I did to him? Is he bluffing?"

"I switch Ojama Yellow to Defense Mode and set three cards." Konami said as he broke Sawatari's train of thought "I end my turn."

"Huh? Is that it?"

"Yeah." Konami spoke casually

"Okay..." Sawatari replied confusedly "I sort of expect you to make a comeback..."

"Maybe I will..." Konami replied with a smirk "Hard to tell?"

Sawatari grunted before drawing his card

Turn 9 - Sawatari x5

"I summon my three Yosenju monsters onto the field!"

Yosenju Kamaitachi -LV4- (1900/800)

Yosenju Kamamitachi -LV4- (1800/500)

Yosenju Tsujikirikaze -LV4- (1300/0)

"Now my shrine gets three more counters!" Sawatari said before the altar got three more candles

"I'll get rid of them to increase my monster's ATK points by 300 once again!"

The siblings felt power coursing through their bodies as they got even stronger than before

Yosenju Kamaitachi -LV4- (2200/800)

Yosenju Kamamitachi -LV4- (2100/500)

Yosenju Tsujikirikaze -LV4- (1600/0)

"I'll use Kamaitachi's effect to send Ojama Yellow back to our your hand!" Sawatari said before the samurai weasel spun around and send the small creature back to Konami

"Don't forget the effect of Dizzying Wind! That card goes back into your deck!" He informed before card went into Konami's deck and shuffled automatically

"Looks like this is the end of the line, Konami." Sawatari replied "With your defeat, I'm sure to be most powerful and talked about Duelist in all of Maiami City!"

"Yeah you would." Konami replied

"Got anything else to say before I defeat you?"

Konami remained silent before speaking "Remember what you asked me earlier?"


"About Dueling?"


"That's not how I feel about Dueling!"

The Present

"Yeah, if that's not how feel about it then what is Dueling to you?"

Konami remained silent before speaking

"A work of art."

"Art?" Sawatari asked bizarrely as Konami nodded

"Yes." Konami replied simply "You see, Dueling has now become a type of art that disappears as soon as its completed. Decks are the same and even the memories of sweet victory soon fade away after the battle ends. To devote yourself entirely to such a life, made up of fleeting experiences-that is truly artful."

Sawatari chuckled at this statement

"Well, I mean no disrespect Konami but that's just ridiculous!" Sawatari replied with tears "As much as the game improved, it doesn't end that quickly!"

"Ignorance sure is bliss..." Konami thought to himself

"It's time I put in end to this Duel!" Sawatari spoke "Finish him off, Yosenju brothers!"

The brothers ran towards Konami with wicked grins as they were about harm the red-hatted Duelist

"Bye bye, Konami!"

"I activate my three Trap cards!" Konami said as he revealed them "Good Goblin Hunting!"

"What's that?"

"These Trap Cards allow me to draw a card from my deck for equal to the amount in my Graveyard +1. Then I can return one card from my hand and place it at the bottom of my deck." Konami replied

"I don't see how that's going to help you." Sawatari asked "If you draw cards you're about to lose."

"Not if use this!" Konami replied "I activate the Quick-Play Spell Card: Emergency Provisions!"

"Emergency Provisons?"

"It allows me to send any many card from my Spell/Trap Zone." Konami explained "And it increases my Life Points by 1000 points for each card I sent away by this effect."

"What did you say?!"

"I send away my three Good Will Huntings and Ground Collapse to increase my Life points by 4000!"

Konami send away the selected cards as he send them the Graveyard to increase his Life Points greatly

Sawatari x2 - 2800 LP

Konami x1 - 7750 LP

"Don't forget! Since I have three Good Will Hunting cards in my Graveyard! I get to draw nine cards!" Konami explained as drew three cards but send another back and kept going until he had ten cards in his hand

The samurai weasel sibling finally got close enough to hurt Konami but failed to finish him this turn as he fell back, sled on the ground, and lost a lot of points from their assault

Sawatari x2 - 2800 LP

Konami x10 - 1850 LP

Konami groaned

"Amazing..." Sawatari thought to himself "Not only did manage to save himself but even draw that amount of cards in such a situation..!"

"And since I don't have any cards on the field, you can't sent any of my cards back into my deck." Konami clarified

Sawatari grunted "But I can still increase my Life Points too!"

After the siblings returned to his hands again, Sawatari Life Points increased by 1500 once again

Sawatari x2 - 4300 LP

Konami x10 - 1850 LP

"My turn!" Konami drew his card

Turn 10 - Konami x11

Konami looked at the card and smiled

"Just what I needed!" Konami thought to himself

"I activate the Spell Card: Ojamandala!" Konami explained "By paying 1000 Life Points. I can Special Summon 1 of each Ojama Yellow, Green, and Black!"

Konami gave up his Life Points as the trio returned to the field

Sawatari x2 - 4300 LP

Konami x10 - 850 LP

"We're here!" Ojama Black shouted

"We're back!" Ojama Green shouted

"And better than ever!" Ojama Yellow shouted

"Them again? This is getting ridiculous!"

"Hmph! Sawatari!"


"You're Yosen Lost Tornado is indeed a combo to be feared however everyone knows a tornado is nothing compared to a hurricane!" Konami replied "Especially a delta hurricane!"

"Huh?" Sawatari asked confusedly "What are you talking about?"

"I activate the Spell Card: Ojama Delta Hurricane!" Konami said with Manjoume's spirit beside him "This can only be activated when Yellow, Green, and Black are on the field! This card allows me to destroy all cards my opponent controls!"

"WHAT?!" Sawatari asked comically

"Take it away! Ojama trios!" Konami and Manjoume said together

"Right!" They shouted in unison




They pressed their butts against each others as they spun around and giggled uncontrollably before turning into a destructive hurricane that destroyed everything on Sawatari's field, much to the boy's horror and discomfort at what just happened

"My field...!" Sawatari mourned "My Legendary Combo..!"

"I'm not done yet!"


"Next, I play the Spell Card: Shield and Sword!" Konami said as he showed the card "This card allows all monster on the field to swap ATK points with DEF points until the End Phase!"

"It does what?!"

"Go! Offensive Defensive Flip!" Konami said before the field looked like it was undergoing some kind of glitch but it was only because of the effect of Shield and Sword that was making the brothers stronger

Ojama Yellow -LV2- (1000/0)

Ojama Black -LV2- (1000/0)

Ojama Green -LV2- (1000/0)

"Now I summon Key Mouse!" Konami said as he summoned a cute and innocent looking mouse onto the field

Key Mouse -LV1- (100/100)

"Get'em" Konami said as the monsters charged at Sawatari

The brothers punched him a few times but shortly afterwards, Key Mouse jumped and bite his finger as hard as he could but didn't hurt him too much as the brothers did before Shingo shook him off.

Sawatari x5 - 1200 LP

Konami x7 - 850 LP

"I set four cards face-down and end my turn!" Konami spoke "The ATK points of the Ojama siblings return to normal!"

Ojama Yellow -LV2- (0/1000)

Ojama Black -LV2- (0/1000)

Ojama Green -LV2- (0/1000)

Sawatari's frustration was starting to show again

"Those lousy... small-fries...!" He thought scornfully "I won't lose to mediocre cards like these!"

"I draw!"

Turn 11 - Sawatari x6

Sawatari glanced at the card and grinned

"It's here..!" He thought to himself



"I was saving this for my rematch against that lousy cheater Sakaki Yuya but in your case, I'm willing to make an exception!"

"Oohhhh..!" Konami pretending to be afraid and worried "The big bad Sawatari has been holding back on little old "me" this entire time? Take your best shot!"

"Allow me to show you the newest and greatest style of Dueling!" Sawatari said to him "I, using Scale 3 Yosenju Sarenshincuu and Scale 5 Yosenju Urenshincuu, set the Pendulum Scale!"

"Pendulum?!" Konami asked genuinely surprised by this turn of events before Shingo put them into their respective scales

The two Pendulum Monsters were surrounded by in pillars of light as Sawatari was chuckling

"That's right! You didn't know, did you?" Sawatari asked him "I've had Pendulum cards of my own for a while and as you've seen it's pretty damn good!"

"How did you get Pendulums?!" Konami asked him

"Is someone jealous?"

"Just answer the question!"

"Let's just say it came from a "very important person"." Sawatari replied "On with the Duel! With these monsters, I'm able to summon Level 4 monsters! Pendulum Summon! Show yourselves, my monsters!"

A portal appeared overhead as two green rays of light appeared onto the field

"Yosenju Kamaitachi and Kanamitachi!"

Yosenju Kamaitachi -LV4- (1600/800)

Yosenju Kamamitachi -LV4- (1500/500)

"I could just attack but I suppose you deserve to see my ace card!" Sawatari spoke "I tribute Yosenju Kamaitachi and Kanamitachi to bring out the strongest monster in my entire deck!"

"Here it comes." Konami stated as the weasels vanished from the field

"O wind-clad chief of phantoms! Gouge these lands with your raging cloak! Come forth! Mayosenjuu Daibak!"

A giant green tornado appeared onto the field revealing a giant weasel of green wind roared as it not only stood with 3000 ATK points but even frightened the Ojamas and Key Mouse

Mayosenjuu Daibak -LV10- (3000/300) Scale 7

"3000 ATK Points?!" The siblings shouted in unison as they hugged each other

"Since you left your monster in ATK mode, your wide open for some serious damage!" Sawatari informed "This time it really is the end for you, Konami!"

"Konami! Do something!" Yellow shouted in horror with tears coming out of his eyes

"I activate my Quick-Play Spell Card: Enemy Controller!"

"Another Quick-Play Card?!"

"That's right and it give me two options on how to use it but I'll be using option 2!" Konami replied

"And what does that do?"

"It allows to tribute 1 monster on my side of the field to take control of one of your monsters until the End Phase!" Konami informed

"No way!"

"I tribute my Key Mouse to take control of your Daibak!" Konami said as Key Mouse disappeared but the controller appeared in its place and acting accordingly to Konami's voice command

"Left! Right! A! B!" Konami said as it followed his every order and took control of the giant green weasel

"My Daibak...!" Sawatari said before throwing a fit about it "Damn it Konami! I told you I'd give anything as long as it wasn't my precious Daibak!"

"I'm not taking him..." Konami replied smoothly "I'm just borrowing..."

"Well Borrowing Time is over!" Sawatari said as if he was a four year old "I end my turn! So, give him back to me right now!"

"If you insist..." Konami said mischievously with a grin to go with it as Daibak returned to Sawatari's side

"Oh Daibak! Are you okay?" Sawatari asked worriedly "Daddy missed you! He did! He really did!"

"Relax man. It wasn't that long."

"I don't care besides you're just prolonging the inevitable, Konami!" Sawatari replied "I bet during my next turn, you'll be all mine!"

"There won't be a next turn for you."


"My turn!"

Turn 12 - Konami x5

"What do you there won't be a next turn for me?" Sawatari asked "I have you right where I want you!"

"Actually Sawatari, I have you right where I want you."


"I play the Field Spell Card: Ojama Country!" Konami said as the field looked the same way as it was before

"Oh no!"

"Next, I activate the Spell Card: Polymerization!"

"Another Fusion?"

"That's right but only this time! I'm fusing Ojama Yellow, Green, and Black to bringing the strongest Ojama monster!" Konami said as they happily jumped in the air and became one

"Strong yet idiotic ruler! Step outside of that safe little palace and fight for the name of your people and kingdom! Fusion Summon! Make way for his greatness! Level 6! Ojama King!"

The giant ugly-looking beast like king appeared onto the field while giving the "V" sign with his fingers

Ojama King -LV6- (3000/0)

"When Ojama King is summoned onto the field, I can target three Monster Zones my opponent controls and seal them!" Konami explained before Ojama King sealed the selected Monster Zones

Sawatari grunted "I guess this is the end for me.."

"I'm not finished yet."


"I told you not to look down on weak monsters, Sawatari." Konami replied "I also told you that the clouds were gathering and the thunder was about to break on you!"

"I'm sorry but he sounds like a crappy pro-wrestler when he says that..." Sawatari thought to himself

"I now activate my Spell Card: Tri-Wright!" Konami said as he revealed "It allows me to selected three Level 2 Normal Monsters from my Graveyard and Special Summon them on my side of the field! I'm sure you know what monsters I'm bringing back, don't you?"

"Come back to me, Ojama Trio!" Konami said as they returned to the field

"We're back!" They said in unison

"I also activate the Spell Card: Ojamuscle! It lets me destroy all "Ojama" monsters but it increases Ojama King's ATK points by 1000 for each one destroyed by this effect!" Konami and Manjoume explained "Which means Ojama King will get 6000 ATK points!"

The king was flexing his body and muscle fat as hard as he could with the brothers sitting on him as it resulted with the siblings destruction and growing muscles along with a six pack

Ojama King -LV6- (6000/0)


"I activate my other Tri-wright!"

"You had a second one?!

"Of course." Konami replied as they came back again

"I use my other Ojamuscle!"



Ojama King easily flexed his body which destroyed the siblings as his power grew even more

Ojama King -LV6- (9000/0)

"N-No way! It has 9000 ATK Points now?!"

"I'll use my last Tri-wright!"

"You gotta be kidding me! Are you trying to make him stronger still..?!"

"I can't since I don't have my other Ojamuscle..." Konami replied which made Sawatari feel somewhat relieved "I do have something that will more than compensate though."


"Hey wait a second... Are you telling me that if I hadn't Tribute Summoned Daibak... I would've won?!" Sawatari thought to himself

"I summon Key Mouse!"

Key Mouse -LV1- (100/100)

"That thing?" Sawatari asked displeased "What for?"

"To Synchro Summon, of course!" Konami replied which surprised him

"I tune my Level 1 Key Mouse with Level 2 Ojama Yellow!" Konami said as Yellow ran and jumped into the air

"Carnivorous vulture who soars throughout the desert! Sink your talons in the flesh of your prey! Synchro Summon! Take Flight! Level 3! Mist Valley Clausolas!" Konami chanted as a pillar of light appeared over him as he spoke

The bird appeared onto the field as it let out its shriek

Misty Valley Clausolas -LV3- (2300/0)

"Synchro Summon?!"

"Not many people would use this but it's very lethal and effective for an "Ojama" deck."

"Are you going to preform an XYZ Summon too?" He asked him "Is it something cool?"

"Well, I do have an interesting monster but-"

"You do?!" Sawatari asked very interested "Show me!"

"Well, You see..."

"Come on! I showed you my Daibak but you won't show me your cool monster?" Sawatari asked "That's messed up, man!"

Konami then looked around very carefully before speaking to him in a calm yet very serious tone which also caused the brothers to have a look of concern

"He's not going to summon a Number monster, is he?" They thought with concern

"If I show you... Do you promise not to tell anyone..?"

"Yup!" He answered instantly


"I promise."


"Alright, alright! Chill out, I promise I won't tell anyone you are about to show me!" Sawatari replied with complete sincerity "Can I see this card of yours now?"

Konami examined for a moment before speaking

"Alright.." He said before looking around again which answered the brothers question "I construct the Overlay Network with my Level 2 Ojama Green and Black!"

"No, Konami! No!" The two sibling monsters tried to pretest before they became yellow energy swirls as they entered a black vortex

"Noble creature who lives in the wilderness! Emerge from the shadows and strike down the shackles that binds your people! Continue to fight against the oppression! XYZ Summon! Reveal yourself! Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu!"

The XYZ Number monster appeared onto the field as he swung his sword and was ready to attack

Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu -Rank 2- (1000/1000)

"Number?" Sawatari asked bewilderingly "I've never even heard of such a card! Is it legendary rare?"

"I activate Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu's effect! By detaching an Overlay Unit from this card, I can Special Summon 1 "Kagemusha Raccoon Token" with ATK Points equal to the highest monster on the field!"

"The highest monster?" Sawatari asked before looking at Ojama King "You don't mean..?"

"Yup! Ojama King is the strongest monster in play!" Konami said smiling before the token popped up on the field

Kagemusha Raccoon Token -LV1- (9000/0)

"A token with 9000 ATK points?" He asked "Now I've seen everything!"

"You ain't seen nothing yet!" Konami replied "I activate Clausolas' effect! Once per turn, I can target one faced-up monster my opponent controls; it's ATK becomes zero and effects are negated until the End Phase!"

"I know you said you going to teach a lesson but come on!"

Clausolas was using it's wings to blow dust into Daibak's eyes as it blinded the weasel and then started to ruthlessly attack him at every opening the bird could find as the monster wasn't able to fend for himself anymore

Mayosenjuu Daibak -LV10- (0/3000) Scale 7

"Alright! Hit him with Ojama King!" Konami and Manjoume spoke with eagerness and pride

The ruler smiled before spinning his arm around so fast that it look like he was creating a hurricane

"Ojama Delta Hurricane Fist!" Konami and Manjoume shouted before the king gave the weasel a nice uppercut and hurling towards Sawatari

The boy caught one to what was about happen and tried to out run it but was too late as the weasel fell on him and reduced his Life Points to zero

Sawatari x0 - 0 LP

Konami x0 - 850 LP

Konami wins

"Pop goes the weasel!" Konami said smiling

"You did it!" Ojama Yellow "You won!"

"As expected of Konami-aniki!" Ojama Green spoke happily

"Konami! Konami! Konami! Konami!" The entire Ojama siblings chanted happily

"NO!" Konami shouted as he spun his arm around like the real Manjoume and even spoke like him "The name you should be saying is..."

"One!" Konami spoke

"Ten!" Ojama Blue & Red followed

"Hundred!" Ojama Green & Black soon after

"One thousand!" Ojama Yellow afterward

"Manjoume!" Konami spoke and finally

"Thunder!" The all said in unison "Thunder! Manjoume Thunder!"

"Manjoume aniki...!" The Ojamas mourned "We miss you!"

Sawatari groaned which caught Konami's attention

"Damn it! This wasn't suppose to happen!" Sawatari denied

"You alright, Sawatari?" Konami asked

"Konami! How dare you go against your master! You were suppose to serve me as my right hand man!"

"Excuse me?"

"I had you right where I wanted you! If I hadn't Tribute Summoned Daibak, I would've won!"

"I'm not trying smug or anything however this something you should know."

"What's that?"

"Sawatari, you are the only person in this city who has ever came the closest to beating me in my condition." Konami replied "That in itself is a great victory."

"I thought I had finally the perfect Duelist..." Sawatari replied "It appears that it wasn't my powers only that allowed me to achieve my goals..."

"Of course." Konami replied "People learn more from losing then they do from winning and helps motivate to becoming stronger."

"Hmph. You may have showed a side in myself I've never knew existed within me Konami."

"How do you figure?"

"The part of the Duelist in me still yearns for the opportunity to grow even stronger." Sawatari explained "You may have given risen to an even hungrier monster Konami..."

"D-Did I?" Konami asked uncomfortable

"This is the birth of New Neo New Sawatari!"

"Huh?" Konami sweatdropped

"This new Duelist in me is much wiser than the old Neo New Sawatari." Sawatari replied "I didn't realize it until know but the only I felt the strongest and felt truly unbeatable was when I fought with you Konami."


"Yeah, maybe it's me but I kind of like the idea of having somebody watch my body during my time of need." Sawatari replied "I never thought I'd say this but I think this will my chance for a fresh start. I'll train harder than become greater than ever before!"

"Maybe even greater than you Konami! Ha ha ha!"

"If he did something about that arrogance and not get drunk from his level of skill then I'd take him more seriously." Konami thought to himself

"I"ll definitely challenge you again in the future and promise you the outcome won't be the same!" Sawatari said before walking out "Until we meet again my friend!"

"Hmph! I'm coming home, Yuzu and Yuya!" Konami said before leaving as well

LEO Corporation

"Thank you for the information you've provided us..." Reiji spoke calmly from a computer monitor "Red Hat Konami..."

"We are now able to scan his Duel Energy thanks to that Duel Disk we've given him and chip we planted inside of his Disk that allows us to hear everything he is doing but I have to admit he knows how to put on show." Nakajima spoke

"I wasn't expecting him to have such unheard of card and even talking monsters." Reiji commented

"That was a surprise! To think those creatures could speak!" Nakajima replied surprised and impressed "I didn't know our latest technology can do that!"

"It doesn't." Reiji replied plainly


"Well, it is true that Disk we created is new however we've never made a Duel Disk that advance and even if we did then I'd certain know about it beforehand."

"Y-Yes.. This is true."

"Ever since Father left the Company, I kept searching for any possible explanation on why continues to stay in the Fusion Dimension." Reiji thought to himself "The only thing I was ever able to find was an old document with an hypothesis stating the likelihood of Duel Monsters having souls. I thought it was just foolish speculation back then but it seems like they were right about them. What does it mean about Konami? Is he really connected to my Father in any way or could he be some kind of test subject during his earlier years like Reira?"

"Um, President..!" Nakajima spoke which broke Reiji out of his train of thought as he casual glanced at him


"What are thoughts on which dimension Konami resides in?"

"I'm not sure." Reiji replied honestly "His Duel Energy with Fusion, Synchro, and even XYZ is much higher than any ordinary user from our Dimension even among Pros. His Fusion Style energy does seems higher than both his Synchro and XYZ Style energy however we can't rule out the possibly that he was able to produce so much of it due that specific deck he used and that "Number" card of his. I know for a fact that they don't exist in this world however what I do know is that boy is very intriguing."


"Are you an enemy or an ally, Red Hat Konami?" Reiji thought to himself "Either way, I look forward to meeting you face to face someday."