From The Corners of the Earth

Starry*Eyez07 : Kkkk, isn't my best work. But hey, its a little out of the ordinary from what I write. I usually write Serena goes out gets a new look and become spopular. But I just checked out a story, and I really liked it. It was based on a fairytale. Its not the same fairy tale as mine. Its about a belly dancer and a saltan. But anyways. That got me to thinking. I would like to expand my writing, but I'm not sure if I'm going the right direction. See, I want to know what people like reading. And its kinda hard when I ask people to email me with suggestions, and they don't. I don't know why. Maybe they don't read my authors notes or they are embarressed or afraid. I don't know why. But all I'm asking is to just give me an idea, cuz I don't have any other ideas of what readers like to read, other than my own. And I need a second opinion. So what I'm going to do now, is ask for 2 people to email me. I am in DEEP need of a second and third opinion on my stories. They will receive my stories and then email me back with their opinion. If I get no email, then I have no second opinion. But, I would really like it! Thanks! Enjoy this new story I put up!


Once upon a time, when there were five continents, a god grew angry at the earth. He was angry for all of his wives were not as beautiful as the women on earth. Oh, they were beautiful, but not enough for the great god.

One morning the god had made a decision. He would seek out the five most beautiful women on earth and keep them. To admire and watch. To be his own.

On the following day he set out to find the perfect woman from each continent. His first lady would be the goddess of the first element, Fire. So he searched over the continent of India. He looked over markets, mansions, and villages. He traveled from the north to south. Until, he found her, his goddess of Fire. She was working in the fields in the far south of the continent. She had beauty and grace like no other. Her long black hair cascaded down her back, and her fiery dark purple eyes shined. He called to her one day as she worked out in the fields. And she followed him. She followed him into the sun, never to be seen again by her family.

As soon as he caught the fiery one, he searched for the queen of the second element, Ice. For this task, he searched Arctica. He swept over the ice- covered barrens and the snow capped mountains. He looked in the crevices and over the frozen tundras. Until the day he found her. She was dancing in the snow, swaying to the grace of the winds. Her feet light on the ice, her hair as blue as the water, her eyes as deep as the ocean. He called out to her. He guided her into the blizzard and she disappeared into the storm of ice. Never would any mortal lay eyes on HIS goddess.

After his second triumph, he set out on his third task, to capture the third element, Nature. For this he traveled to the continent of Africa. He swept over towns and roads. He gazed over the jungles and rivers. He followed people to places and animals to caves. He went with the east wind. And followed the river running north. And one day, he found her. In the midst of the jungle. Her hair as dark as natures earth. Her eyes as green as the plants around her. She was an amazonian, and once again, he called out to her ,at first she withdrew. But soon, her curiosity took over, and she followed him deep into the jungle. Never again, did her friends or family see her. Never again.

But three was not enough, no, he wanted five. Five young beautiful girls.

He set out yet again, to find the grace of the next element, Love. He searched the land of Europa. He traveled among the meadows and looked out on the brooks. He traveled along the fields of flowers and watched over the grazes of cows. And then he caught sight of her. The light on her face, the clearness of day in her eyes, and the taste of gold in her hair. He called her name, and she did not run, she did not hide. He whispered her name and as she closed her eyes in deep thought. In a swirl of wind she disappeared. She was never to be in the sight of another loved one.

With a sense of happiness he set out for the last and the most beautiful of all these women. He went to the continent of Amerasia. He followed the mountains and searched through the pines. He searched through the mist and fog that lay on the ground. He could not find anyone worthy of his name. Until he heard her. He heard her voice. The enchantment. And that is when he laid eyes upon her. She sat on a rock. In the middle of a fog-covered lake singing. His breath caught in his throat. There sat before him, a girl of silvery blue hair, and dark blue eyes. But something was different. He could not tell. He started chanting her name. 'Serenity'. Her eyes shot open and looked into the direction of his voice. But after a few callings she could not tell where it was coming from. It surrounded her, engulfed her being. And she gave up to its hypnotizing voice. And she calmed her breathing and relaxed her mind. She let the mist swirl around her, and soon she could not be seen. And when the fog cleared. The dear Serenity was gone.

The god laughed at his achievements. And summoned for his beautiful earthlings to be brought to his throne. The five beauties appeared before him, each kneeling. He spoke to them of their duty and each of them knew that they could not escape their fate. With that, he sent them off to a remote island, where no man or woman would be able to catch the sight of them. He did not trust them yet however. He knew they would try to escape his wrath. But he had a plan for them, oh he had a plan. He tattooed their ankles and placed jewels on their foreheads. Not only did he mark them as his territory, but he chained them to the island. But the chains were not of silver or gold. They were of darkness and disaster. If they were to leave the island. Their family and friends would suffer. All would be lost. So there they resided on the tiny island. To each, their own cage of their existence.

For Fire, she had a red cage composed of fire at the floor. Her cage had four points at the top that had a fire that grew and lessened depending on her mood. The fire was low at first but then it grew, as she grew to love her friends. The child of fire could not escape her destiny though. She wore a red cloth around her chest with only one strap. She had a pair of red short shorts to cover her bottom and intimate area. The only other piece of clothing she owned had been a huge scarf that she wore over her head and wrapped around her body.

For Ice, she had an ice-covered cage, with snow covering the ground around her. Her cage had icicle bars dripping from the top to the floor. It snowed around the cage when she was happy but it stopped completely when she was unhappy. Most of the time it snowed. But as the first few months of her being there, no one saw snow. She wore a shirt with long bell sleeves, which showed her stomach and back, but covered her chest. It was a light blue. She had on a skirt that was shredded at the bottom to look like icicles. The only other piece of clothing that she owned was a long hooded cloak, which was dark blue.

For Nature, she had a vine-covered cage with rocks sticking out of the ground around the bottom of her floor. Her cage had exotic flower growing on the top edges and around the steps to her cage. The flowers were in full bloom when she was happy, but closed up when she wasn't. She wore a green top that had strips of cloth covering her stomach and a solid cloth around her chest. She had on a pair of shorts that were shredded an inch at the bottom. The only other piece of clothing she owned was a skirt that wrapped around her waist.

For Love, she had a gold cage that had four swirls at the top with hearts on each end. The cage was solid gold and had doves and colorful things surrounding it. In the middle of each bar that went around her cage was a heart that glowed when she was happy and was dark when she wasn't. She had on a scarf that wrapped around her upper body making an X on her back and covering just her breasts. She had a skirt that was knee length, which was composed of orange red and yellow scarves hanging from the waist band. The only piece of clothing that she owned was a cloth that had a hole in it, for you to put your head through, then the res just hung on your body.

For Illusion, she had a white gold cage with stars that glittered at the top. Swirls of mist surrounded her cage as you could hear soft music in the background. This girl was never unhappy though. Even when she first came. So they did not know how to tell if she was unhappy. For her uniform she wore a silver cloth just covering her chest. Beads of diamond, silver, and stars dropped from it to cover her stomach. She had a skirt that swept the floor that was silver and diamonds all in one. The only other piece of clothing she owned was a scarf that she wrapped around her arms that had tassels at each end.