Starry*Eyez07 : I seriously thought about discontinuing this story. I really did...(don'tkillme). But, when I started it I just wanted to get the main idea out. LoL, and now that I, I had some trouble figuring out what I'm going to do.Because, this is one of the hardest type of stories to write...Ahh, it was hard you know since everything is made up. It's hard to remember something that isn't a fact. Where things are located and what they're names are. Names, celestial powers, who had what? AHHHH, I just about gave, BUT I DIDN'T. For I thought about all the people who liked this story ^_^(eyup...all 2 of them [j.j]). Yeah and I decided what if JK Rowling got stuck on Harry Potter...and she gave up. All those people who are Harry Potter fans would be mad and mob her...(didn't want that to happen to me...hehe)'s the fourth chatper to From the Corners of the Earth. I hope you enjoy!

AUTHORS NOTE : From now on, the story will start getting more serious. Um, still there will be jokes. But, the storyline of the chapter will be in a serious note. ^_^



Serenity and Endymion stared at each other for a few brief moments. Neither blinked or breathed.

"The myth is true." Endymion barely got out.

Serenity just nodded.

"It can't be. It just can't be. S-she said it was just a very old tale." Endymion leaned back against a tree truck.

"Who said?" Serenity asked.

"My grandmother. She told me that it was just a tale that parents had told their children to go to bed." Endymion shut his eyes."This can't be happening to me. I must be dreaming, or shipwrecked and delirious."

Serenity sighed. "Nope, I'm real. I'm sorry you don't like the idea of me being real but I am."

Endymion went into deep thought and after a few seconds came out. "Why am I going to be killed?"

"Well, not just you. You and everyone that came with you on this island. You see, you're not supposed to see us. And you're not supposed to land on this island. Even though you aren't stopped from coming onto the island, you're not supposed to. And now that you matter where you go or where you hide, you won't be able to escape his wrath." Serenity's eyes dropped to the ground where she was making little drawings in the dirt.

"You mean, everyone is doomed?" Endymion asked unrelievedly.

"Basically." She drew a sun.

"There has to be someway? I have to save Jewel." Endymion said almost in despair.

"Can't be done." She drew a heart.

"Even if we sailed off the island before he noticed us." Endymion asked hoping for a positive answer.

"He knew you were on the island the minute your foot pierced the sand. Your fate is inevitable." She drew a star.

"But someone? Another god?" He kept searching for an idea.

"Verdonis rules over all other gods. He is the god of the gods. He's a direct decedent of Zeus. And the stars are in perfect position to give him his heightened power. The stars won't move out of alignment for another trillion years at least. Verdonis has no weakness. It's hopeless." She drew a moon.

Endymion thought a moment. ' There has to be something here that he's afraid to lose.' He looked around the jungle. He searched the skies and the trees. He looked at the water and stared at the ground. But all he saw was Serenity's hand and her little drawings in the dirt. He followed her hand, and up her arm, to her shoulder, and finally to her face. She was like a little child sheltered from the harm of the world. Verdonis didn't want her to be corrupted. Just then he got an idea.

"You." Endymion said as if he just realized Serenity was there.

"Me? What do I have to do with this problem?" Serenity looked up from her drawing of a turtle.

"You and those four other girls. You're his weakness."Endymion said excitedly.

Serenity arched an eyebrow. "You don't honestly think you can pull off kidnaping one of us?"

"Not kidnaping one of you! You'll help us. I mean. He won't hurt you."

"You don't think he's hurt us before. We get in trouble for saying something bad about him. Imagine what he'd do if we rebelled. He'd kill us." Serenity said a little surprised.

"He's hurt you before? It doesn't look like it." Endymion lifted up her arm to inspect it of any bruises.

Serenity pulled her arm out of his grasp." No he's never hurt us himself. He always sends us to a special punishment place where demons and other things hurt us."

"But he's never hurt you himself? And what does he do, pick you up and throw you into a cell?"

"No he tells us to go to our cages, then he pulls us up to some place and that's where we're punished." Serenity seemed to sadden at the memory of being caged many times.

"Then don't go to your cages. He would never hurt you intentionally otherwise. If he did, you'd be hurt for life. And I don't think he'd want to ruin your beauty." Endymion said as he brushed his thumb over her face.

"My beauty?" Serenity softly smiled.

"Yes, you're very beautiful." Endymion half smiled back.

Serenity looked down to cover her blush. "Thank you."

"It's true."

Serenity drew a flower in the ground by her feet.

"Endymion!" Came a loud yell.

"Endymion!" Came another voice.

"WHERE ARE YOU?!" Came the first voice.

"CAN YOU HEAR US?" Came a third voice.

Serenity jumped up."I better go. I don't want anymore people seeing me. One is too much already."

Endymion looked at her then into the jungle where faint fire torch lights could be seen.

"It was nice meet-" Endymion looked around but saw no one. It was as if she was never there, as if....she was an illusion.

He looked at the dirt where she was drawings. All the drawings, except one, was dusted away. The heart.

"I'M OVER HERE!" He yelled into the dark night.

"Endymion?!" Came the first voice.

"IS THAT REALLY YOU?" Came the second one.

"YEAH I'M OVER HERE!" Endymion cupped his hands around his mouth to make the sound of his voice louder. "FOLLOW THE SOUND OF MY VOICE."

He stopped for a moment and dusted off his armor and attire. Something fell as he swiped his pocket with his hand. He bent down and looked at the piece of paper.

Lady Serenity. Goddess of Illusion.

He reached out his hand to pick up the paper, but suddenly it was caught by a slight breeze, and it danced around on the ground...erasing the heart in the process...

Serenity reached crystal canyons right as dusk was falling upon the island. She was kicking dirt around when she entered the little area of cages.

"Did he catch you?" Mina asked as Serenity walked in.

"No. He got hurt. And I stopped to help him." Serenity bent down by the fire.

"You should have just left him alone." Rei mumbled as she was throwing some sticks into the large bonfire. "I was really worried you know. I thought he had really hurt you."

"I'm sorry Rei. I couldn't help it though. I mean, I just wanted to see what he was like." Serenity shrugged.

"So?" Lita questioned.

"So what?" Serenity looked up at her. The flames caused shadows to jump around on her face.

"What happened?" Lita asked.

Serenity pulled her knees to her chest. "He asked for my help."

"Your help? For what?" Ami had just came and sat down next to her.

"I told him what Verdonis would do to him and his crew. He doesn't want to lose them. He asked me to help him." Serenity leaned her chin onto her folded knees.

"What did you say?" Ami asked again.

"I didn't answer."

"Does he know about us?" Mina asked.

"They're dead." Serenity whispered.

All eyes were focused on hers now.

"Who's dead?" Rei asked curiously.

"Our families. Our loved ones."

"How do you know this?" Lita asked.

"He told me his grandmother told him the story of us when he was a child. He said that the tale of our existence is the oldest fairy tale known to date." Serenity whispered again. "They have to be gone. They can't live forever like us."

The whole group went silent, and watched the flames flicker and dance. A chill went down their spine that night as they all drifted away to their own cages to think about what Serenity had told them.

When Endymion returned to camp, he was greeted by Jewels complaints about not being able to find her wardrobe on the ship.

He looked around, and found his four generals.

He walked over the group and said a brief statement."We need to talk."

They nodded and continued with their conversation. Endymion went to get washed up.

When he came back from the ship, he looked up at the island in front of him. The wind made a low whistle as it danced through the leaves and branches of the jungle.

"She's in there somewhere. And so is Verdonis." He took a deep breath and turned to look out on the ocean.

He words echoed in his mind like the waves crashing on the beach...

'no matter where you go or where you hide, you won't be able to escape his wrath'

'He knew you were on the island the minute your foot pierced the sand. Your fate is inevitable.'

Just then someone laid a hand onto his shoulder. "Milord. You said you had something to talk to us about."

Endymion turned to look at the man."Yes, I do..."

They turned and walked to the campfire...