Jaune always wondering how would be to have women fighting for him. And now he had the answer.

It was terrifying, utterly terrifying.

It was like being in the Great War with all the explosions, clash of blades and yelling. The upside was how all of them decided to toss him around, and every receiver took the chance to share a kiss with him. He never was kissed so much like that day, and he decided he liked the kissing. He could do without the fight though.

"OOOF!" He landed on Yang's arms, and she winked at him and kissed his lips, before smothering him on her chest.

"See, Jauney? This all could be yours. Hey!" Pyrrha took him from her and did the same towards her partner.

"I'm his partner, he belongs to me!" Then Nora grabbed him and started running with him above her head and crackling like a maniac. She was stopped by a glyph as Glynda tried to contain everyone.

"Children, let's talk about this! We can't go around destroying the school!" She said as she helped Jaune up. And then pecked his lips and blushed.

"Hey!" Everyone yelled and the situation was escalating quickly until a loud whistling sound could be heard.

Soon what at first appeared to be a robot landed in the middle of them, the shockwave forcing them to back down. It revealed to be some type of power armor, orange with purple details, mostly legs, arms and a back pack with wings and turbines. In the middle of all this was a petite girl with long golden hair tied in a low ponytail, scanning the situation with her deep purple eyes in a shade darker than Yang's lilac ones.

"Who's she?" Ruby asked first.

"Yang's lost sister?" Blake chimed in.

"I don't have a lost sister! I think… She could be Jaune's sister."

"No, she isn't my sister." He answered and sighed. "She's my mom."

"MOM?!" The girls yelled in shock. The girl smiled as she found Jaune and floated towards him, grabbing him and taking him a few meters away from the girls, hugging him tightly. A little bit too tightly.

"Mom! Can't breathe!" Jaune was able to say and his mother alleviated the hug.

"Jaune! I was so worried! How are you? Are you hurt? Have you eating properly? Are you using washed clothes?" She asked quickly and Jaune smile.

"I'm fine, I have being eating properly thanks to my partner Pyrrha, yes, I'm wearing properly washed clothes. And I missed you, mom." They shared a proper hug this time, eliciting a few aws from the crowd. "Let me introduce you. Girls, this is my mother, Charlotte Dunois Arc. Mom, those are my friends… though I think it's a little more complicated than that now."

"Yes, your headmaster informed me. That man is worse than your aunt. And you're worse than your father! He was oblivious as you, but he only managed to make seven women fall for him while being all but ignorant of our feelings!" Charlotte protested with a small pout, making Jaune chuckle and scratch his head. "Fifteen Jaune! Fifteen girls you're making suffer because of this thick skull of yours!"

"Actually, fourteen. I'm not in love with him; I was just around to make sure they don't kill each other." Weiss stated with a raised hand. Charlotte gave an angelic smile at her and waved for her to come close.

"Thank you, sweetheart. You must be Weiss. Jaune told me you're a proper lady." Weiss smiled and nodded while Charlotte put Jaune down and stared at the other girls, still wearing her angelic smile. "Now, who here is in love with my son?" Fourteen hands got up, and all of sudden her smile changed. It was still the same facial expression, but a demonic aura formed behind her. "I see. But I don't think any of you is worth my son."

"Sorry, Mrs. Arc, but I'm in love with him, and I'll do anything needed to be with him." Pyrrha stated, already readying her weapons.

"Ah, you must be Pyrrha. Thank you for taking care of my son all this time. He speaks dearly of you." Pyrrha blushed madly at that. "But it doesn't mean you're fit to be his future wife."

"Hey, I love him too! I will fight if I need to!" Ruby stated as she armed Crescent Rose.

"How cute. Aren't you luck, son?" Charlotte spoke and then made two assault rifles appear from thin air. "So many girls willing to die for you?"

"You make a delicious tea, Ren." Charlotte said as she sipped the beverage from a delicate cup while having breakfast with Jaune, Weiss, Glynda and Ren. The rest of the girls were tied up with chains near the table, after being easily defeated by Charlotte.

"Thanks, Charlotte. Please, try the pancakes." Ren offered.

"I want pancakes too!" Nora shouted from her position.

"Mom, please, let them go." Jaune asked as he drank some tea too. Charlotte sighed and stared at the girls.

"I don't know, son. Glynda was smart enough to not challenge me. But they are still young and hot headed…"

"The girls will behave now, right?" Jaune stared at them and the girls quickly nodded.

"You're really good hearted like your father." Charlotte sighed again but unchained the girls. "Now, I hope I made it clear none of you have any chance against me and you will behave."

"We promise, Mrs. Arc." Pyrrha said.

"Talk about yourself OUCH!" Yang was elbowed by Ruby. "Yikes, OK, OK, I promise!"

"Good, and you all can call me Charlotte. I'm too young to be called Mrs. Arc. But that doesn't mean I approve of any of you!" Jaune coughed to call his mother attention. "We're just in a truce right now. With that everyone joined the large table Glynda summoned with her magic, and started eating. After all, none had breakfast till that moment.

"Mom, this mess is my entire fault. I'll solve it… somehow. It's what I was about to do before this happened." Jaune prompted and Charlotte stared at him in a bit of a shock.

"You were? It didn't take as long as it did to make your father realize I was in love with him." Charlotte wondered.

"Well, I kinda realized it for a few days. I mean all the hugs, gentleness, and kisses." Jaune stated and Charlotte stared with dead intent at the girls that coiled back a little. "I feel really bad for not noticing it before."

"You got the obliviousness from your father." She sighed again, and sipped a bit of tea. "At least you realized their feelings. Your father still doesn't know all his friends from school were in love with him." A vein popped on Charlotte's forehead. "He still doesn't realize some of them still do."

"That's why I need to solve this." Jaune stated with a wry smile and sweating a little. "I know how much dad's thick skull created… and still creates trouble for you, mom."

"You tell me. What I don't understand is why they allowed you to cut their hairs freely like this. I warned the staff here to not allow to." Charlotte stared at Glynda.

"This is the first time I heard of this. Whom you told about this?" The teacher asked in surprise, and the guilty party appeared with his multicolored hair.

"Ah, hello everyone. Charl, good to see you again. You look as young as the first time we met." Ozpin stated as he sipped his coffee. "Mr. Arc, glad to see you here too. As you can see I had an 'accident' with my hair, and was wondering if you could fix it."

"I think I can…" Jaune started.

"No you can't!" All the girls and Ren shouted for some reason. Ozpin was about to say something when he felt Charlotte's power armor claw on his head pressing it, while she kept the demonic smile.

"Ozpin. Didn't I tell you to not allow my son to cut the hair of anyone here, or offer a massage?" The Arc woman said as she lifted him by the head.

"Wait, he does massage too? I need one, actually." Blake stated as she caressed her shoulder after the free-for-all fight made her fall in a bad way onto Melanie.

"Wait, Charl, let's talk about it…" Ozpin said as he squirmed under the vicious grip.

"Yes, Ozpin. We will talk." Charlotte answered coldly to him, but before leaving she turned to Jaune with her angelic smile. "I'll have a word with your headmaster, son. I'll let you solve your own problem with them. Oh, and girls…" She once again stared with her demonic smile at the present. "My family is my treasure, and I can get really angry if you hurt them."

With that she left carrying Ozpin to an unknown location, and no one dared to say something about it. Jaune turned to see all his girl friends were shifting nervously on their seats, including emerald and Cinder. He wondered when they got dressed again, but decided it was better that way. He decided to not imagine what his mother would have done if she got them just in their lingerie.

"So, hmmm… First, I'm sorry it took me so long to realize your feelings. I really am as bad as my father." He said while scratching the back of his head. "But I have a question. I mean, I can see why Pyrrha, Nora and the girls from beacon could be in love with me, we spend a lot of time together. I can even see why Mel and Militia would be since we're childhood friends. But why Cinder, Emerald and Neo? Can't be just because a hair cut…"

"It's not… I mean, I know we don't know each other for that long, but I like what I know about you." Emerald stated.

[I believe in love in first sight. Or at least, think of this as me wanting to know you better. If this is just infatuation, it will pass. But if is not, I want to let this feelings grow.] Neo added.

"So as you can see, none of us want to give up on you." Cinder finished their line of thought and Jaune nodded and sighed.

"Jaune, we'll respect your decision…" Pyrrha glared at everyone, most of the girls just whistling, or trying to. "…but our love for you is real."

"Oh, you can marry everyone! Or marry Pyrrha and we all could be your mistresses, as long as Ren can be our butler!" Nora shouted.

"Wait, why I need to be a butler?" Ren asked.

"Because you look cute in the outfit." Nora explained to him and he just accepts that what Nora wanted, Nora gets.

[I don't mind being a mistress, but I want a baby.]

"B-b-baby?" Ruby stated in shock again, but then imagined her with a baby from Jaune and started smiling silly.

"Look… I won't dismiss your feelings. So, why don't we make a deal? We still have a few years here at Beacon, so we can actually get to know each other. I'll take you all on dates, spend time together, so I can get to a decision that won't hurt any of you. Deal?" Jaune suggested, and the girls decided that was the best they could get in such short notice and agreed with him.

"By the way, Jaune, how you'll tell that to your mother?" Coco asked as she sipped her coffee.

"I believe she'll be very relaxed after 'talking' with Ozpin." Jaune answered back. "So, let me just know something… My hair cutting really has this much of an effect?"

"YES." They all said back, including Ren.

"That is why we are forbidding you from cutting, styling or fixing anyone else's hair. Now, about that massage thing…" Yang winked at him and licked her lips, making him gulp. Thankfully his mother returned with a stumbling but otherwise unharmed Ozpin. For some reason his hair was white again. Jaune explained his decision to them and Charlotte really accepted it easier after beating her stress out on Ozpin.

"Well, seems like the best choice. I'll always be around for helping, OK dear. Just promise I won't be a grandmother before your graduation."

[I make no promises]. Cinder and Emerald slapped Neo in the back of her head, making her pout adorably. She could be as cute as Ruby if allowed.

"I can't wait to see how this will end." Weiss said with a smirk.

"I bet a hundred lien it will end with him married with Pyrrha… and the rest as his mistresses." Ren talked and they shook hands.

Years later…

"Man, I hate those diplomatic trips." Jaune complained as the bullhead landed on the grounds of the Arc castle. Since his family decided to transform their lands on their own kingdom it has being a lot of meetings with politicians and a few skirmishes here and there. The fact the new kingdom, Arcadia, took in lots of Faunus with their equalitarian politics and used its superior technology to keep its independency bothered the other kingdoms a little, especially Atlas.

"At least now that Weiss is the head of the Schnee Company, Atlas doesn't have that much support in re-annexing the land. And we got Mistral and Vale support." Ren added as he become the now Prince Jaune Arc aide.

"I'm just glad to be home. After weeks travelling around I miss them all. I still can't believe mom simply decided to AAAAAHHH!"

Ren smiled as two dozens of children jumped on Jaune while exclaiming 'dad'. The multitude of colored heads always was a good sight to see, and Jaune proved to be an excellent father, even if he had enough children to make a small army. After all, the hundred lien Ren got from Weiss proved he had a talent for diplomacy.

"Hello again." Pyrrha came with two small children holding her hands. With her came a pregnant Nora and Glynda carrying a blonde baby on her arms.

"Heya, Renny. How was the trip?" Nora asked while kissing her best friend cheeks.

"Tiresome. How's the pregnancy?"

"Same old, same old. My new baby girl is ready to arrive to the world and kick her brothers and sisters butts." Nora proudly stated. Jaune approached with at least six kids clinging on him and gave his wives a kiss each. The advantage of being a prince was to declare laws allowing polyamorous marriage.

"So, where's everyone else?" Jaune asked as he and his family walked back to the castle.

"Team RWBY is deployed at the western border to deal with Grimm. I swear you can't stop Ruby of going after them whenever she could. Coco is helping Velvet with her triplets, while the twins are in town shopping for everyone. Cinder and Emerald didn't come back from Mercury and Cardin's wedding party…" Jaune still couldn't believe after all his talk Cardin was actually bisexual and was now marrying Emerald's old partner. "And I haven't see Neo all day, which could be good or bad anyway."

"Thanks, Glyn. I probably would be lost without you." Jaune said and his old teacher and now wife smiled.

"Probably. So, children, I know you all missed your father, but let him take a bath and later he will play with you all." Glynda stated and the children obeyed promptly. Jaune was happy he married her too, as her experience as a teacher allowed them to control his now twenty seven children, with at least five more to come. He really was contemplating getting a vasectomy, as all his wives had at least one child. And in the case of Velvet and Blake, three each. Apparently the Faunus had a twin propensity.

He met with Velvet and Coco first, and the two brunettes were more than happy to meet him again. Coco became a famous Huntress and fashionista, while Velvet helped with bureaucratic work. Her teammates also lived in town and worked as Huntsmen for the kingdom. Miltiades and Melanie worked as guards on the castle, while Glynda kept everyone in line. Jaune and his team still worked as Hunters, but now Jaune and Ren were mostly diplomats. Pyrrha was still competing, and was nicknamed the warrior princess now. Nora… well, she was happier when she was playing with the children and being a mother, something unexpected at first but Ren said it was because Nora never had a family of her own before. Emerald and Cinder completely forget about their plans from before, though now they worked with the Arcadian Intelligence Agency. They were effective at their job, and Jaune had to handle to them that. At least he convinced them that assassinations weren't the solution to everything. And Neo was as much of a free spirit as she always had been.

"I wonder where she is…" Jaune asked himself as he prepared for his bath. It was then that he felt someone hugging him from behind and a kiss on his neck, while the soft sensation of certain body parts made themselves known. "Neo?"

[Love.] She answered. His sisters made a device for her that allowed her to 'speak' hands freely.

"Neo, I'm going to take a bath." He explained as he turned around and she just hugged and kissed him with her usual smirk.

[So I'll wash your back… and you will give me another baby. I still don't have a boy.] She said while smirking seductively at him, making him gulp. Even with fourteen wives, he couldn't get used to how sexy they were.

"Err…" He was about to say when the bathroom doors opened. Ruby, Blake and Yang stared at him and Neo.

"Hello hun, do you know what time is it?" Yang said with a smirk. Jaune gulped hard.

And all hell got loose.


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