Desire: Chapter Two

Classes were a bore.

I had convinced the three vampire kings to let me attend a college to continue my education.

Knowing, if Charlie were still around and awake he would want to see his daughter graduated from a higher education. Meaning that I actually needed to try.

Well, I had asked before my mate had closed off his feelings in the weeks before classes started, and had been joyed about attending the University in Italy.

I didn't really pay attention to the lecture until a loud voice interrupted my thoughts. I cringe in fear, and stand up.

I had been going to a popular university and classes had about 200 people in attendance. So imagine my unease. 200 pair of eyes were looking at me and all I could think was...shit! I have no idea where we're at.

The Professor asked a question and luckily I answered it right. It was just that..., luck.

Taking a seat, to calm down the nerves for the rest of class. Here I was listening to a boring lecture.

I was essentially a vampire queen surrounded by humans who had no idea of what really existed in the outside world.

There was a condition, however, and that condition was sitting in the back of class keeping an eye on me.

It was Alec in plain clothes and not the heavy clothes that all Volturi simply must wear. Or else, there would be a lot of staring and questions involved, and I so did not need that. And, as much as I've been looking forward to when I become vampire and Queen I wasn't overly excited about the dresses that came with it. I wasn't the wearing dresses type of women.

This was one of the many conditions that I made before my turning. I needed to feel human just a bit more. And, the Volturi were nothing but happy to accommodate me.

The loud ring sounded ending classes for the day.

I pack my books into my bag, before I stand up Alec is there beside me.


"Alec, don't even say anything when we get back. "

"I wouldn't dream of doing so. "

"Thanks. "

"Don't mention it. If it my majesty wishes it so. I shall see it done. "

"I'm not Queen, yet. And, ssh no one needs to know that there is more things out there. "

"Things?" Alec questions.

"Yes, vampires." I answer in a whisper.

Alec returns with a laugh. "Glad I can amuse you. "


Shortly after arriving back at the clock tower in which housed the reigning kings of the vampire world Aro had greeted me back with open arms.

"Where's Caius?"

"He's out searching for the vampire that was missed in the battle of the newborns. "

"Who is he?"

"An old enemy. I'm afraid that's all I can tell you Bella. " I frown. Wishing that they could trust me with more information.

"I think I'll retire to my room if that's alright. Lots of homework to do. "

"That is perfectly fine. I'm sure Alec would be happy to escort you back. " I nod to Alec as he resumes his spot at my side.

I open the doors of the throne room and exit. To tired to deal or even think about Caius and how alone he had made me feel.

"Do you want to talk about it?"

"No. But thank you for asking. "

I continued to walk down the halls until I opened the doors of my room. I knew Alec was just trying to make me feel better, but I wasn't that fragile of a human. Taking off my clothes and changing into some comfy clothes. I snaked my way through some covers and laid my head on a feather filled pillow.

Not even realizing I was going to sleep and thus starting a dream that would change what I knew I felt for Caius that would make me doubt him.

Author's Note: I know I haven't updated in a long while and I'm so sorry. School has gotten in the way and as I previously mentioned this story helps me to alleviate my stress and is something fun for me. I love writing and this story is my baby. Please leave a comment on what you loved or didn't. Thanks,