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Dean Winchester. The name alone was enough to send ripples through a group of teenage girls. With his short blonde hair, sparkling green eyes and the sex appeal he exuded with just a smile.

But Castiel was no teenage girl, he was a grown man for god's sake he really had to stop staring. With that in mind he resolutely turned back to his books and studiously ignored the man who had just rushed through the door of the library he worked at. No need to cause a scene just because a famous rock star he only thought about in his dreams walked in. Oh hell who was he kidding? He was going to stare just like the rest of his clientele well all two of them at any rate.

Dean had been waiting outside the library for his brother trying his best to be inconspicuous, which honestly wasn't that easy when he was standing opposite a billboard of himself, when the rain hit. And hit it did, hard. As such he did the only thing he could do. He dived through the door of the library to wait it out.

Walking through the door shaking off the water that had got him he suddenly felt the hairs on the back of his neck rise. Looking up he found himself on the receiving end of two very intense stares, one from a middle aged woman who looked to be reading some sort of trashy romance novel, Dean would bet it was mills and boons, she seemed the type, and the other from a man who couldn't be less than 80 if he was a day, sitting surrounded by was seemed to be history books. So you know, the typical kind of people you found in places like this What Dean couldn't work out was whether they were staring at him because, well, because he was Dean Winchester, or , and more likely, because some stranger had come in to disturb there solace. In fact the stares were staring to creep him out. Made him remember all those times he had gone to collect Sammy from places like this as a kid. The people already there had always instinctively known that he did not belong.

Shaking off the disapproving stares, he was Dean Winchesters for god's sake, he turned to the reception desk just as the librarian raised his head and Dean found another pair of eyes on him. Though these he would happily stand in front of, they were gorgeous and blue and piercingly beautiful. Damn, he would have come in here sooner if he had known this guy was inside. Cos he really was freakin' heaven to look at.

It was at that point that Dean realised that he wasn't just being stared, he was staring in return, and that was not a good plan. He had gone to some rather extreme precautions so the world won't know that when it came to sex, well anyone hot would do, be they female or male, or hell anything in between. He was open to all. But as far as the public knew, he was a one woman guy, he had to pull himself together and stop staring at the blued eyed, messy haired librarian, like right now. With that he mentally shook his head and placed upon his lips his most charming smile and made his way to the divine man behind the counter.

Castiel stood there and blinked when Dean Winchester smiled at him. To be honest he doubted anyone, even his straight as a dye older brother, would be able to do anything different when that million watt smile was directed solely at them. It was mesmerizing. Just as the way the man walked towards him was. Oh crap he was coming towards him. He needed to pull himself together right now. So putting his most professional smile upon his lips Castiel pushed down all thoughts and feeling he had for Dean Winchester and turned to him to treat him as he would anyone else who walked through the door. He could do that right?

"Hello sir. How may I help?" He asked pleased that his voice stayed at an even professional tone, glad he hadn't said the other man's name, that would surely make his voice go breathless. Yes this was all he had to do. Be professional, he could get through this meeting then. Just remember his job and not get distracted by those beautiful lips which he knew could croon the most heartfelt songs without thought.

Dean was somewhat surprised by the man's voice, and not just because it was deep and smooth, sending a feeling of it reverberating through him, but because it was even and… normal. It had been a long time since he had met anyone who spoke to him like that. Was it possible that this man had no idea who he was? The idea was refreshing and new, and Dean liked it. He liked it enough to try and keep up the pretence for as long as he could. As such he replied in a friendly tone.

"Hi, I was wondering if it would be alright if I waited for my brother in here? Its chucking it down outside."

"Of course, take a seat." Castiel responded evenly inwardly congratulating himself on his professional demeanour and refusing to let his eyes slip to Dean's lips. Even if his voice was enough to make him swoon.

"Thanks." Dean replied with a smile feeling something, a weight he hadn't known he had been carrying, slide of his shoulders at this guy's behaviour. He really had no clue, and Dean loved that. With that Dean moved to a seat and picked up a magazine, making sure it wasn't one with him on the front cover, before pretending to read it, though out of the corner of his eye he was watching every move the librarian made.

And Castiel, well he maintained his professionalism and went back to categorising the new books they had in. He had forgotten that he had already done that and was in fact about to put them out on the shelves. And he didn't even notice that they already had there stickers with the shelf number proudly displaced on the spine. And luckily Dean was too distracted watching the man work to notice that he picked up a book, looked at the spine and put it down. Only to repeat the process a minute later with the same book.