Fix You

Summary: Abandoned frantic and self loathing, what more can one do when all love is gone and there's nothing left to fight for?

Twilight and X Men Crossover

Pairing: Bella/Charles Xavier

Author's Note: Hi guys, so this is gonna be based round X Men First Class and go from there. I do not own Twilight or X Men.

Chapter 1

New York

Knock knock knock

Grumbling at the noise that had disturbed her peaceful sleep Laura tiredly rolled over to look at her alarm clock to see it had just gone 6.40 in the morning.

'Seriously? Who the hell calls at this time' she bitterly wondered.

Mind you she'd barely had any visitors in weeks so she couldn't really complain.

Knock knock knock

"Alright alright I'm coming just hang your horses!" shouted Laura stumbling out of bed.

She grabbed up her blue knee length dressing gown and placed it on over her black tank top and checkered boy shorts.

Yawning as she approached the front door Laura glanced through the spy hole and saw two gentlemen standing outside.

Who could these be?

Keeping the chain on encase of any funny business Laura opened the door just enough to see who she was dealing with.

"Can I help you?" she asked glancing between the two.

"Laura William's?"

Asked the man with dark brown hair wearing a light blue shirt black slacks and a gray blazer.

"Yes" she cautiously confirmed.

"Charles Xavier and this is my partner Erik Lehnsherr" said Charles gesturing to his friend whilst politely smiling at the young woman.

"Unless you're holding a badge or a warrant for something I haven't done I don't do bible talk or give money to any kind of sales reps" spoke a tired Laura.

"Well we're defiantly not sales reps, Mormons or cops for that matter" said Erik.

"Sooo what are you then?" asked Laura rolling her eyes at him.

"Forgive us, this may or may not seem hard to believe but..."

"We're mutants much like you" said Erik cutting Charles off who gave him a look that said 'you bloody idiot'.

Laura frozen to the spot stood there unblinking for a moment not knowing what to say until she snapped out her baffled state.

"Is this some sort of joke?" she asked.

"I can assure you its no joke" said Charles.

"We know who you are Isabella, and know exactly what you can do" spoke Erik in a stern manner.

Laura...Isabella slamming the door closed locked it with haste resting her forehead against it.

"Miss Swan you've nothing to be afraid of, we're not here to harm you" assured Charles through the door.

"Go away!" she shouted.

How in the hell did they know her name? And what did Erik mean when he said that they were mutants like her? Surely they couldn't mean...

No, it was impossible. There was none else, only her.

"I understand what you're going through Isabella..."

"Understand? You know nothing about me!" Isabella shrieked.

"I know enough to say that abandonment is one of the worst things to happen to someone, especially to an eleven year old girl who saved her brother's life but was unfairly blamed for her mother and father's deaths" said Charles.

This said Isabella's breath hitched. No way. There was no bloody way!

"H-how did you know that?" she stuttered.

"I know many things Isabella, trust me when I say that you are not alone as you think you are. Please just open the door and allow us to explain" pleaded Charles.

She stood there for a moment contemplating whether this was actually happening and that there were in fact more people like her or if this was some kind of trick that would most likely get her killed.

"Trust in your instincts Isabella. Listen to what your heart is saying"

Gasping as she heard the mans voice in her head like some kind of projection Isabella at that point was confounded with overwhelming desire to know more about who these men were and if...IF...they could actually offer her some guidance.

Having made her decision Isabella used her mind to unlock the door watching as it opened to reveal both Charles and Erik standing there with relieved expressions.

"Promise me one thing" she said as the two waited for her to carry on. "If I'm not truly satisfied by what you have to say that you'll leave me alone and never come looking for me again".

Charles and Erik looked at other for moment before turning back to face the young woman.

"You have our word" said Charles nodding in understanding.

"Well then, I suppose you better come in. We have alot to discuss" said Isabella motioning them into her apartment.

Yes there was going to be alot to discuss and god knows Isabella had questions, but could these men provide her with the answers she desperately needed?

Friends or foe there was only one way to find out but if it was the latter then heaven help the poor bastards because they would not be getting out of her apartment limbs attached, if at all.

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