Chapter 7

"Ow. Ow. Ow."

"Oh stop it you big baby." said Hank.

"Can't help it, this shit hurts." Bella protested wincing at the needle that was currently in her arm.

Much to her dismay Hank had decided he wanted to run some tests to check out what was going on with her DNA using a blood sample.

"No it doesn't." Hank argued.

"Do you wanna try?" Bella asks raising her eyebrows. "I'm telling you. This. Hurts."

"Says the girl who willingly stabbed herself yesterday?"

"Yeah...well...that was different." Bella tried.

"How so?"

"Well it's like you said, yesterday was my choice. This however..." Bella gestured to the needle, "Had to literally be done with me kicking and screaming."

"Point taken." Hank chuckled.

"Is it almost over yet? I gotta be honest I'm starting to feel preeetty queasy here." Bella complained whilst doing all she could to keep her breakfast down.

"All done." Hank said having removed the needle and watched astonished as the wound heeled over. "That wasn't so bad now, was it?"

Bella not saying a word just rolled her sleeve down and gave him a look that said, 'what do you think?'.

"How's it going?" asked a new voice as the two turned around in time to see Charles walk into the lab.

"All done here. Though this one wouldn't quit being a wuss the whole time." Hank said gesturing to Bella, teasingly.

"I am not a wuss Mr. Science geek. I just don't like needles." Bella pouted.

"You work in a hospital." Hank pointed out.

"Yes, I think we've established that by now."

"You're around injections all the time and your telling me you're not used to them by now?" Hank asks raising an eyebrow.

"Let's just say that if I had my way I'd personally insure that no one would have to endure such torture. Especially when fifty percent of the time one must face the wrath of puny sharp teeth." Bella muttered.

"Are you saying... "

"I'm saying that kids do tend to have a very mean bite, and that nurse had it coming when she damn near stabbed me in my arm."

This had Charles and Hank laughing at the young woman's refreshing sense of humor. To Charles it was nice to see Bella opening herself up more instead of being so closed off. He wanted her to get to know herself again. To have Bella feel like the girl she once was before Shaw came along and ruined her life. He'd already called in a favor from Moira to have someone fly over to Dublin and find Chris as a surprise to Bella. A family reunion was long overdue, and desperate times called for desperate measures. He just hoped that this one went off without a hitch.

"Come on, time to start your training." Charles says to her holding out his hand for Bella to take.

"Hallelujah!" she sings and hops down from the stool she'd been sat on to clasp his hand in her own.

"So dramatic." Hank mutters shaking his head.

"What was that Hank?" Bella suddenly turns on the man.

"Nothing, I didn't say anything."

"Mm hm, that's what I thought."

Charles sniggers at the scared look on the Doctor's face as he then led Bella from the lab. Since Raven had caught them making out yesterday it was now no secret to the rest of the group that he and Bella were in fact an item. Safe to say though they'd been rather shocked at how fast it was, but not one of them could deny that both Charles and Bella made a striking couple and just hoped that things worked out for them. Not even half way down the corridor Charles without warning pulled Bella into a closet and locked the door behind them.

"What are you..." Bella found herself cut off by the feel of Charles's lips instantly colliding with her own.

He backed her up against the wall with one hand holding her waist and the other caressing her neck. Charles's tongue brushed her lips as Bella then sucked it into her mouth causing her to moan at the taste of him. Her hands gripped his ass making Charles both chuckle and groan against her lips as he felt himself become harder as she continued to have a cheeky wander of him. Christ, he would never get tired of this, not ever. Bella then whimpered as Charles pulled back to rest his forehead on hers as the two panted from lack of air.

"So. That just happened." Bella says.

"You'll have to forgive my sudden boldness. It's just that I missed you." Said Charles softly stroking the skin of her neck with his thumb.

"It's only been two hours since we last saw each other." Bella giggles.

"Two hours two long without you by my side." Charles brushes his lips against her temple but freezes suddenly as he hears a set of footsteps approaching outside.

"What is it?" Bella asks him.

"Shh, someone's coming." He hushes her and puts his fingers to his temple.

'A quick job he says. A quick job! Yeah right. Thanks alot Johnny, really. I just love running around after fucking mutants, you asshole'

"Charles what's wrong?" Bella whispers getting concerned.

Charles was about to give her an answer when he hears something that sends a chill down his spine.

'Don't know why the fuck this should be my responsibility. Once this is over I am gone. Split. Out. To hell with Shaw and the rest of his fucking freak kind'

Bella having heard this too unlocked the door and before Charles could protest she'd then flung it open and thrown herself into the person like a bulldozer, knocking them both to the ground in a heap.

"What the fuck?! Get off me you bitch!" yelled the man underneath her.

He looked to be in his late 30s or so. He had blonde hair blue eyes and was dressed to look like a janitor.

"Not a chance you motherfucker." Bella spat in the guy's face. "Your gonna tell me who you are and everything you know about Sebastian Shaw, right now. Or I swear on my father's grave I will drag it out of you by force."

"I don't know what you're talking about. Get the fuck off me!" the man denies trying to push Bella off him, only she refused to move.

"Have it your way." She seethes, and without warning she proceeds to use her telepathy and digs straight into the male's head.

From what she could make out the man's name was Harry Dent. He'd recently been busted out of prison for sexual assault and abuse on women. He'd accidentally gotten himself involved with Shaw after his partner in crime had gotten killed whilst attempting to rip off Shaw's club in Las Vegas. And now Harry had no choice but to work for Shaw and make amends for his partners misgivings. Bella then became aware of the fact that to this day Shaw was still after her and knew exactly where she was. He'd given this man orders to follow her every move but not to touch her, or else.

"What does he want? WHAT DOES SHAW WANT WITH ME?!" she yelled at Harry who was withering under her in a sweat from the agonizing pain in his head.

"I don't know!"


"Bella stop! That's enough, you're going to kill him!" shouted Charles in distress to how far she was willing to take this.

"He's gotta know something. I've waited too long for answers." Bella rebels as she provides Harry with one hell of a migraine that was so bad his nose began to bleed.

"Please stop! I'm sorry!" Harry cry's.

'I'LL STOP ONCE YOU TELL ME WHAT SHAW'S PLANNING TO DO!' Bella mentally yells in his head.

"I don't know anything, I swear! Please, don't kill me!"


'Bella stop!'


'Please, precious girl. Remember who you are. I know it hurts, but you must let him go. This isn't the man who hurt you. Pull back before it's too late. Please Bella, for me.'

Not being able to ignore the passionate plea in her boyfriend's voice, Bella hesitantly withdrew from Harry's mind right before she felt Charles pull her away from the man who had fallen unconscious from the pain.

"Deep breaths precious girl. I've got you." Charles softly whispers into her hair.

Bella's back was to his chest as she tried to relax and calm her breathing. In all her life she'd never once tried to inflict her way through anybody's mental capacity like she just had. But just knowing that this man worked for Shaw was enough to awaken those horrific memories. She could practically hear her mother's screams echo in her ears, and she'd just snapped. She felt terrible now though, that she'd almost broken her promise to Charles. Even if it wasn't Shaw, she'd been damn near close to losing herself if it hadn't been for the voice of reason. What did Charles see in her again?

"I'm sorry." She mutters feeling her eyes water.

"Don't be. Believe me, I understand what you're going through. It was only natural for you to react like this." Charles states whilst gently smoothing her hair away from her face.

"I nearly killed him. If it hadn't been for you I wouldn't have stopped." Bella says trying to not let the tears fall.

"But you did stop, and that's what matters." Charles then cups his girlfriend's cheek and turns her to look at him. "I know this is going to be hard, and that there's going to be moments when your truly tested. But I promise you Bella, I will not let you lose yourself. I'll be by your side, throughout all of this."

Bella shakes her head at this and removes herself from Charles's arms, coming to a stand as reality sinks in.

"And that's what I'm afraid of. If I end up losing control what's to stop me from killing Shaw and hurting the rest of you? Because that's what will happen. No matter how this ends, somebody is going to get hurt. And I'm scared Charles…I am literally terrified, that it'll be you. And not because I wanted to hurt you intentionally, but because you placed yourself in the firing line to save me. I can't bare that thought Charles. I couldn't live with myself if something happened to you because of me."

Closing her eyes she paused and sucked in a breath, braving herself to say the next thing she did.

"Which is…"



"Please don't."

"It isn't safe for us to be together. Not now. Not like this. Until this war is over, it's best that the two of us just remain friends." She finishes.

A silence then dropped between the two as the couple looked at each other with a mixture of emotions.

"You're doing it again." Charles chuckles in a slightly vexed manner.

"Doing what?" Bella frowns.

"Shutting down."

"I'm not shutting down."

"Yes, you are. And I now know why."

"Oh really? Then pray tell Mr Xavier. Just what is it that you think you know? Amaze me." Bella scolds him folding her arms.

"It's because your truly afraid of yourself. It's because that you've taunted yourself to believing all these years that you really were the one that killed your parents, and not Shaw. You're afraid that when the time comes to face him again that you won't be ready, just like the last time." Charles explains.

"So you've seen inside my head. Big deal. It proves nothing that I don't already know."

"I don't need my powers to know that whenever something causes you to feel uncomfortable Bella you withdraw and runaway. Like you are now. Cowering away from your own shadow because you've once again allowed Shaw to cloud your judgement and revert you back to the scared little girl who's still to this day haunted by the eyes of her father…"

"Shut your mouth!" Bella snarled.

"Admit it. You just can't let it go, can you? You just can't accept the fact that you did everything you could. For fuck sake Bella, it wasn't your fault. When will you open your eyes and bloody well see that?!" Charles yells at her.


"Love keeps you alive. Not pain. And certainly not anger." He says, his voice becoming softer.

"Love is what causes pain! It makes you weak, and vulnerable. I had to learn that the hard way. It's why we need to put an end to this now before it's too late."

"It's already too late."

"Don't be so stupid Charles. We've barely known each other a day. A DAY! That's hardly enough time to claim undying love for each other." Bella scoffs.

"Don't mock me Bella."

"I'm not. I just want you to understand, that this…" Bella motions between the two of them. "Can't go any further. You can't continue your feelings for me Charles. It will lead to your undoing. It has to stop, here and now."

It literally took everything she had to turn and walk away from her lover, with tears streaming down her face. She'd only been a good few feet away from him when suddenly Bella stopped dead upon hearing his voice in her head.

'I won't give up. I'm not one of these simple-minded men who doesn't know a good thing when he has one. And you are worth fighting for, Bella. Try as you may I won't so easily be pushed away.'

Swallowing back a thick lump in her throat Bella somehow found the will to carry on walking, feeling herself become overwhelmed by the persistence in Charles's words. Though every aspect of her body was practically screaming at her to turn around and run back into his arms, she fought against it and continued to tell herself that she was doing the right thing. Sometimes in life you must be cruel to be kind, and if hurting herself kept Charles from meeting the same fate as her parents, then it had to be this way.

'Sebastian Shaw. I'm gonna fucking ruin you.'

Dublin, Ireland

At that very time Lisa O'Brien had just gotten home after dropping her son off at her mother's for the weekend. Her husband would be due back from work soon and it was straight off to the airport. As a surprise for her birthday Michael had bought her two tickets to Paris where they would be staying at a five-star hotel with all the works. He called it his way of making up for the fact that he'd been a moody bugger as of lately because his boss had been putting alot of pressure on his shoulders. Of course, Lisa had always told Michael that his workplace was a complete joke, but him thinking he knew best had shrugged it off and assured her everything was fine.

Lisa inwardly scoffed at the irony. Her stubborn ass husband was so wrapped up in his job that he hardly even noticed he had a family anymore. It was just all about him. Whenever she tried to tell him about her day he was either too tired to listen, wanted to watch football or was buried nose deep in paperwork. Whatever the excuse he never had time for her or their son Josh.

She never thought it would come to this. But after 5 long years of marriage with Michael, Lisa had come to the end of the road. Once they returned from Paris the Monday that's when she would sit down with Michael and explain how things weren't working out anymore, and that she wanted a divorce.

She'd just walked into her bedroom when immediately Lisa backtracked upon seeing a blonde woman sitting on her bed.

"Who the hell are you?" Lisa asks her with a baffled expression.

"Your worst nightmare darling." The woman smirks.

Lisa then goes to grab the gun she had in the draw of her bedside table. But before she could get the chance she suddenly found herself arching over as a harrowing pain shot through her head like a razor-sharp knife.

"Now that wasn't very nice. And just when I was going to make this easy for you." Emma Frost tsked, watching with amusement as the woman before her cried from the current aneurysm she was suffering.

"What do you…ah…want?" Lisa grits as she fell to her knees with her hands fisting her hair.

"Just a little something of yours, nothing much." Emma says just as Azazel appears behind Lisa. "A little birdy tells me that youown a very rare ability Elizabeth. One that you have been very naughty with, haven't you?" she lifts her power from Lisa who slumps forward on all fours. "I bet mommy dearest would just love to know the truth about what really killed daddy. Or should I say…who…killed him."

"What the fuck do you want from me?" Lisa pants in a fright.

Emma glances up at Azazel as the two shared a conniving look of triumph.

"You'll find out, soon enough."

A few hours later after training was under wraps Bella found herself sat outside the Division X base. She needed to be alone with her thoughts. After she'd left Charles before he'd had Moira MacTaggert from the CIA take Harry Dent away to be interrogated. He'd let them in on the details about the man being a spy for Shaw, and that she was the current target in all of this. Yeah, that was her alright. Isabella Swan, the fucked up danger magnet. Every assholes favorite little victim. Life couldn't possibly get any sweeter than this.

"All alone I see."

Or any bitter for that matter.

"Aaaand the Oscar goes tooo…" Bella sarcastically sang rolling her eyes.

"You know for such a talented beautiful young woman you really are quite impertinent with that mouth of yours." Erik chastised her.

"Aww, thank you. I didn't know you cared."

"I sense there's something troubling you, am I right?" Erik asks coming to sit beside her.

"It's none of your business." Bella instantly retorts.

"You know…" Erik sighs crossing his arms over his chest. "You and I are not so different, Isabella. In fact, I'd go as far as to say that out of all those people in there…that I understand you the most."

This caught Bella off guard. Out of all the things she expected to come from Erik's mouth, that certainly wasn't one of them.

"Um, should I take that as a compliment?"

"If you wish. On a more serious note though. If you really want Shaw to suffer. To make him feel your pain... Then don't let anyone or anything stand in your way of doing that." Erik says looking her dead in the eyes.

"You have something against him, don't you? Why else would you be encouraging me like this?" Bella questions him in full suspicion.

"Shaw killed my mother when I was just a boy. It was back before my powers had truly manifested. He wanted me to move a coin with my ability and when I failed to do so, he had my mother shot in front of me. Since then I've dedicated my life to hunting the bastard down and avenging her." Erik explains quickly averting his gaze away from Bella.

Taking pity on the man Bella placed a comforting hand on his shoulder.

"I'm sorry about your mother. I didn't know."

"Yes, well... It's not often I find myself having to build a wall around my own mind to keep others from trespassing." Erik snidely comments turning his attention back to her.

"Point taken." Bella nods.

"I'm also sorry about your family. I know I didn't say it yesterday, but I am."


"Like I said, you and I are not as different as you think."

Bella sighs.

"Look. I'm sorry I punched you and gave you a hard time yesterday. But you must admit that you were being kind of an ass."

Erik shrugs.

"I suppose."

"Well then, now we're actually getting somewhere."

"I heard what happened between you and Charles before."

"He told you?" Bella reels in surprise.

"No… I was passing by before and overheard everything. I saw what you did with that poor chap you had pinned down."

Bella tenses at this.

"You know you did the right thing, yes?"

"Did I? Doesn't feel like it?"

"That's because your empowered by your feelings, and it causes them to rule over your own judgement. It's like a switch. You just have to turn it off. It's what I did. It's how I've gotten this far. Killing comes easy to me, and it will to you to."

"I won't become a monster like him. What happened today was a mistake. One that will never happen again as long as I can help it." Bella hissed in certainty.

"Just think about it, that's all I'm saying. It's either Shaw, or us." Erik says getting to his feet. "Oh, and just so you know. If I were Charles… I wouldn't try to change a thing about you. Not one."

On that note, he walks back toward the building leaving a confounded Bella to stare after him.

Author's Note: So looks like Erik is trying to cosy up to Bella. Think she will fall for it? And how will Charles go about getting her back? See you next time.

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