"Well!" Pearl said dramatically. "That could have gone a lot worse."

"Yes." Garnet agreed. "But it could have gone a lot better too."

"I think I'm gonna be sick." Luna mumbled, sitting down in the sand.

"We won!" Amethyst rejoiced, giving everyone a big hung up on Connie as he saw Greg coming down the beach. Luna sat looking at the ocean as Steven told his father about what had happened. Luna only turned back to look when Greg was hyperventilating in his van.

"Let's get back to the temple," Garnet sighed.

"Luna, you can stay for a while, but I know you'll have to get back to.. your school," Pearl muttered.

"Hogwarts," Luna sighed. "But I don't think I want to go back considering… recent events."

"Yeah," Amethyst said. "School's no fun," Luna didn't bother to tell the gems about Voldemort, they already had their own problems.

"I think I have to leave now," Luna said. "My Dad… he hasn't seen me in a while," The Gems nodded.

"If you ever need help, please don't be afraid to come to us," Garnet said. Luna gave a half-smile. Steven trudged up next to her.

"Steven, I'm going to have to leave now. It's hard for me too, you know," Steven gave her a quizzical look. "If you ever need anything, please just send me a message."

"Awww… You have to leave now? Why? Is it something at Hogwarts?" Steven complained.

"Yes, and no. I have another battle to fight. I promise you I'll send letters. I know I'll miss you guys," She gave Steven a hug. She even fought back a few tears as she apparated away to her father's house.


"Father!" She cried, running up to hug him.

"What happened? Are you okay now?" Xenophilius asked as Luna wiped tears of joy off her cheeks.

"Oh, there's so much I need to tell you. You wouldn't believe it!" Luna sat down and told her father everything. Her capture, her rescue, Dobby's death, the Homeworld Gems, an explanation about who gems are when her father didn't understand, who Garnet really was, and Lapis' sacrifice.

"Please don't be upset," She said, remembering how Steven's father had reacted..

Her father looked quite shocked, but suppressed it for his daughter. "I'm not upset. I'm proud of you, Luna. I couldn't ask for more," Luna hugged her father again.

"I don't ever want to leave you again."

Once Voldemort was defeated and never coming back, Luna began having a more normal life. She sent an owl letter to the Gems, telling them about Voldemort and what had happened during the battle. One day, she noticed her owl flying back with a letter.


Woah! That sounds dangerous. I'm really glad you were okay! That Voldemort guy sounds really mean. I'm glad you and Harry were able to beat him up! Soooo much has happened since you left. Remember Peridot? She kept trying to kill us until we captured her. Turns out she's actually small and she used limb enhancers to make herself taller! (She's actually kinda nice, too, once you get to know her.) We also are still looking for Lapis and Jasper, but we don't see any signs of them. Also, my birthday's next week. The gems said you could come over for a WHOLE MONTH, since it's summer. (And if you wanted to stay longer, you're more than welcome!) We all miss you and have a lot more to tell you.


Steven Universe

Luna smiled. She would give anything to spend some more time with the gems, especially if there won't be any big threats this time, although she was a bit wary about Peridot. She ran upstairs and packed her bags. This summer was going to be fun.

Hey guys! This was my last chapter. I hope you liked this fanfiction. As you can see, I left on a small cliffhanger there, so if you want I can write a part two about Luna's summer with the gems. I've been practicing my writing, so hopefully the sequel (if you guys want me to do it) will be even better than The Mirror. Please, please, please tell me what you think of sequel. Bye!