A/N: Again, the last chapter I wrote was supposed to be the last chapter in this story, but for those of you who wanted it or might find it interesting, here are the Ending Notes and the Epilogue.


            Over lunch after Princess Lina was revived, Luna asked Lina what she remembered.  Now King, Gourry along with Zelgadis and Amelia, attempted to follow Lina's extensive explanation.  To quote:

            "In order to know what I remember, I have to explain something.  As you know, Mazolina, Kollina, and Angelina all "possessed" me at some point in my childhood.  The day I ran away from home was the day that I had discovered what was actually happening inside me.  So I took off saying that I wanted to see the world before I had to take the throne.  Although that was actually true, my ulterior motive was to enhance my relationship with the spirits so that I could control and communicate with them.  I feel that I did pretty well, but nobody can completely control spirits as strong as them.

            "Recently, as you may have seen, any of the spirits could take over my mind when my spirit was unconscious, and if I wasn't already asleep, they would still take me over and make my body do some things that I normally might not do.  Therefore, when they took over, I had no idea whatsoever of what they were doing unless I was 'awake'.  At that point, if I didn't like what they were doing, I would beat down their spirits inside me until I regained possession of my body.  Other than that, I basically remember everything (Including the wedding).  Understand?"

            Gourry, Zel, and Amelia simultaneously shook their heads and said, "Not at all."

Lina sighed but nodded.

            After that, they talked nothing more of the subject, excluding a comment every once in a long while.  Having retired from the bandit killing business, Lina was free to happily rule alongside her husband, Gourry.  King Inverse and Luna taught them everything that they needed to know.  But since they weren't the official rulers of Zelphilia yet, they had time to dress in the traveling clothes and mingle with the townfolk.  Thus, when King Inverse died of a heart attack when Lina was almost 23 years old, everyone adored their rulers from the start.

            Having been greatly influenced by the spirits, mainly Mazolina, Lina charged high taxes for everyone in the country of Zelphilia.  But the people gladly paid it because of three reasons.  1.) They knew what could be the consequences of angering the former Enemy-of-all-who-Live 2.) They adored Lina very much 3.) Lina also found ways to increase their salaries, overall economy, and food by at least 20 fold.  This allowed the people to upgrade their houses and work buildings (inns, restaurants, shopping, etc.) before Lina's 1st year of reign was over.

            As for Gourry, Lina put him in charge of military preparation, protection, and building of Zelphilia – basically, he was the head handyman.  The townspeople loved him as well, for several reasons. 1.) He was a sweet and loving character to everyone 2.) He could tame even the worst of Lina's tantrums (even though Lina still hit him constantly) 3.) He took the time to train Zelphilia's army and increased their power, speed, and stamina more the 20 fold, enough to make Zelphilia's army the strongest in offense in defense in the Old World as well as the New Outer World.  After training the army, Gourry did a special magic Crystal Ball Show (Like TV in a crystal ball) teaching anyone who watched it, how to defend themselves in case of an emergency.  He also led a special class in self defense in the castle.  Therefore, even the townspeople were strong.

            Working together, not necessarily side-by-side, Lina and Gourry upgraded, changed, and improved Zelphilia to its highest possible potential.  Then, after the improvement period slowed down (in about two years), Lina gave birth to a beautiful red-haired, blue-eyed girl.  From the first hour that they spent together, the new parents knew that their child, Liona (Gourry+Lina=Liona=Li-chan), would greatly resemble Lina as she grew up.

            Zelgadis, now able to transform between Chimera and human at will, married Amelia and lived in the city of Seyruun.  Since Zelgadis had remet Amelia in Xoana (in Slayers Next), he had secretly adored Amelia.  But when Kollina had confessed, he had to admit that he had also liked Lina, but now more like a close friend.  Well, the same year that Lina and Gourry had Liona, Amelia and Zel had a black-haired, ice blue-eyed boy that they named Zeldigas after Gourry's mispronunciation of Zelgadis when they had first met.  Zeldigas, nicknamed Zelly (^_^), proved to also be unique.  On his forehead was a single diamond-shaped stone that glowed whenever Zelly would cry or use his powers.  It was a sign of power, not weakness; just like his father.

            Upon observing the birth and watching them both grow up, L-sama struck an interesting idea.

            Not looking behind her, she asked Kollina, "What do you say to a little matchmaking in the near future?"

            Grim as ever, Kollina replied, "Who, my mistress?"

            With a mischievous grin, L-sama answered, "Liona and Zeldigas – Both special, Both unique, Both will undoubtedly serve well as junior Chaos Absorbers."

            "As you wish.  When should I start?"

            "Hmm… Don't try to appear too soon, their parents might recognize you.  We'll watch for now, but when they turn five, that is when we will begin.  Slowly and in the shadows, but knowing their parents, it's a sure thing that those two will create chaos."

            Kollina bowed and as she was being absorbed into the deeper realms of the Sea of Chaos.  "Yes L-sama.  I shall be departing now."  Then Kollina teleported herself, to her inner realm in the Sea of Chaos where she hibernating.  Kollina then began the ever so slow procedure of erasing her memory and figure for the coming event.

A/N: ^_^  I can never seem to actually end stories, huh?  Well, if you want, I'll to another sequel after I finish my other fanfic stories (might take a while)  but you have to review first.  Oh and if you can't guess, a Chaos Absorber is someone who creates chaos that not only feeds mazoku, but also adds to the vast amount of chaos in the Sea of Chaos.  Now here's a character profile of Crystal Cascata.

Known as: Crystal or Cece-chan

Job or Status: Apparent Apprentice to the infamous Bandit Killer

Slayers Equivalent: An extremely talented kid who could possibly rival Lina's power at her age.

Age: Currently five years old in human years.  25 in Mazoku

Hair: A glossy sea blue, similar to Sherra's, Dynast's General, with the occasional gold streak

Hairstyle: Hair on either side are at shoulder length, getting gradually longer and meeting in the middle.  Layered to look like a blue flame.

Eyes:  Usually a clear sapphire shade, but when feeling particularly angry, will change to an ice-cold blue

Height: Around 2' 5"

Official Outfit: Pale blue shirt, dark blue pants, black boots, black-interior, blue-exterior cape.  Two matching sapphire barrettes in her hair, a black belt with a gold

buckle, and a pair of small off-white gloves on her hands

Extra Appendages: None

Aura Color: Light Blue and possibly Gold or Black when performing certain spells

Personality: VERY smart for her age, catches on quickly, is known to start bawling at a moments notice, looks cute at everything she does

Strengths: Can catch opponents offguard with her looks, could kill if needed to, everything in 'Personality'

Weaknesses:  Loses her cool when people mock her after she shows an example of her power

Abilities: Is capable of defeating virtually any person, monster, or enemy that she comes against, but chooses to stay away from places that she /knows/ will be trouble

Main Power: Ice spells and the occasional destructive spell

Personal Love: None

Personal A/N:  She is supposedly the reincarnated human form of Dynast and Dolphin's DNA formed child. (Mazoku made, not human made)  Unfortunately, Crystal didn't exactly appear like the kind of kid I wanted her to be, but oh well.  I suppose it doesn't matter all that much.

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