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Robin refused to break eye contact. If he did, he would forfeit any chance he had of winning this argument.

"So," he said, almost at a whisper, "Can I?"

His question was met with silence, and that time gave Robin the chance to reflect on exactly how he could have done this better. He and Batman had just gotten back from a routine patrol, and while the larger of the two sat at the Bat Computer and began typing, Robin had finally gathered the courage to ask if he could reveal his secret identity to the Team.

It wasn't a dumb question, the team had been working well for a year and a half, and most of them had been included in Robin's adopted family tree. They were his brothers and sisters in crime fighting, while the League were like his aunts and uncles. It was family. But they still didn't know his name. However, there were a few major problems with telling them, mostly along the lines of 'Oh! Dick Grayson is Robin? Then Bruce Wayne is Batman!'. And that was a major problem. So during the very tense silence, Dick was mentally preparing for the worst. He was so caught up in his own thoughts he almost didn't hear the Dark Knight respond.

"I'm sorry, what?" Robin exclaimed, partially confused and very shocked.

Batman sighed from his seat in front of the Bat Computer. He noticed with a small amount of amusement, that Robin had fallen off of the table in shock. "You heard me." Bruce said, standing up. "You can tell them. But you need to know why I'm allowing this." He continued, helping his son to his feet. "In our... profession, secret identities protect our other half of our lives from the enemies we are constantly fighting."

"I know-" Robin said, hopping back up onto the table.

"I want to make sure you do." Batman interrupted. Pausing to make sure Robin was listening, he continued. "Working and fighting together in the Justice League takes a huge amount of trust. We work well together because we all know each other's limits. We put our lives in each other's hands."

"Yeah, and you guys are awesome-"

"Will you let me finish?" Batman scolded with no real malice, as he sat back into his chair.

"Heh. Yeah. Sorry."

"When I say lives, I mean our lives as superheroes." Bruce explained. "And that isn't all we are. When we share the other half, our 'true' identities, it shows that we trust them with all of our life. Not just our chosen one."

Robin ran his hand through his dark hair. "But the League trusts us, and only founding members know who we really are."

"Think of the ones that don't," Batman replied, "Do you really think that they can trust us completely, when we don't do the same?"

"...No, I guess not"

"Exactly. When we give someone our identities, we show that we can be vulnerable, and we trust them not to take advantage of it." Bruce paused and took his cowl off over his head. Placing it beside him, He turned around to face the computer. "Make sure you understand that before you tell your team."

Robin took off his mask as Dick contemplated Batman's words. The silence in the cave continued as Batman worked, and Robin studied the mask in his hands. Soon, Batman had finished his work and stood up. "Have you made a decision?" He questioned, even if he already knew the answer.

Robin nodded and placed the mask on the table beside him. He smirked up to his father "If the team trusts Robin with their secrets, then Richard Grayson can trust them with his."

Nodding once, Batman went to the changing rooms. Finally out of his armor, he walked towards the entrance to the manor. He stopped when he saw that Dick had not moved from his spot on the table. Turning back to his son, he heard Robin mumble, "Now I have to think of how to tell them."

Bruce stopped walking. Robin had the look on his face. The one that promised chaos to anyone in his way.

"Try not to traumatize them too much. The team has a mission soon" Bruce said, and turned right back around. There was no way he was going to get into the middle of this.

Batman's comment was met with a cackle, and Bruce only felt slightly sorry for the team.

Robin had trouble not jumping with joy when he reached Mount Justice. Today, he decided, will be a good day. Hundreds of different ideas of how to tell the team his identity raced through his head, each more ridiculous than the last. I need to do this just right, he thought, I've only got one chance. I guess I could tell them seperately, but I don't want to wait...

As he thought, He turned his broad smile into a small smirk and sauntered into the living room. Can't have them catch on to me and ruin the surprise.

Greeting his team, he sat down on the couch. Kaldur was reading a book beside him, M'gann was in the kitchen trying out a new recipe and warding off Wally's attempt to steal the sweet ingredients. Artemis and Conner were on the other couch having a silent staring contest. Their showdown was over the most prized possession in the mountain, the TV remote.

Conner had wanted to watch static, and Artemis had wanted to watch, well, anything else. Thus, the battle for the remote. The team used to actually fight for it, but when Black canary had walked into a destroyed living room, she had declared that they needed to find a non-violent way to decide. And because they were the mature, well reasoned partners of the Justice League, they decided on a staring contest.

Somehow Conner blinked first. He groaned as he picked up the remote and flipped away from the static. Robin continued to ponder his multiple hilarious options, when Artemis's voice brought him out of his thoughts.

"Hold up Connor, go back"


"I thought I just saw someone from my school"

Shifting his eyes to the TV, Robin saw a very familiar face on the screen.'Richard Grayson was seen with his adopted Father, Bruce Wayne at last night's latest Charity Gala for the Gotham Police Department...'

"Hey! I know him!" Artemis exclaimed, "He goes to my school!"

"What!" Wally jumped up from the counter and sprinted over to her side, "You didn't say you were friends with a Billionaire!"

"We're not really friends, he just helps me in math sometimes."

"Ah, so he's hot and smart?" said Zatanna, who was just walking in with Rocket. Seeing her, Robin blushed, and like the gentleman he was, gave her his seat. Not trusting himself to keep his cool as his friends watched him on TV, he excused himself to the bathroom. He then stopped in the shadows of the doorway, just out of sight of the team.

... Richard charmed his way into everyone's hearts when he presented the final check of 30,000 dollars to Commissioner Gordon. However, it wasn't until after the ceremony that the young man was seen on the outdoor balcony with none other than the daughter of the commissioner, Barbara Gordon. Is their relationship strictly platonic? Or is something going on between the two? Perhaps Richard 'Dick' Grayson-Wayne is trying to follow his father's shoes as Gotham's playboy prince...

Robin silently snorted in exasperation. Sure, he and Barbara had been spending a lot of time together, but why did the press feel the need to push them together? He hated how whenever they were able to spend good quality time together, the paparazzi managed to get in the way.

Speaking of paparazzi, they were getting worse now that he was older. As Robin he was used to having fans, he was the first kid partner after all. But now Richard Grayson-Wayne had fans too. For a fourteen year old boy, Dick had been ambushed way too many times by reporters, celebrity gossips and fangirls. He had entire websites dedicated to Robin and Richard respectively. It was getting ridiculous.

Robin was so lost in his own train of thought that he missed whatever Rocket had said.

"...really cute after all."

"Really cute?" Zatanna exclaimed, leaning forward and supporting her head in her hands as she studied the television. "More like really dreamy!"

"Yeah..." agreed Artemis, her eyes unfocused as she remembered the times she had seen the boy billionaire. "I guess I didn't realize... but you're right. He's kinda hot. I think it's the eyes."

"Seriously?" Wally huffed, crossing his arms. "I don't see what's so great about that kid. He's What? 14?"

"No, I can see what she means," M'gann interrupted, "He fits the human definition of good-looking." Noticing his girlfriend's distraction, Conner glared jealously at the TV screen.

"Not you too M'gann!" Wally cried, dramatically throwing his hands in the air.

"It doesn't matter if he looks good." Conner grumbled. "He's probably just a spoiled brat."

Zatanna's eyes had a mischievous spark when she turned to the clone. "You just admitted that you thought he was hot."

Conner sputtered and glared at the magician. Sensing an argument, M'gann walked over to the couches.

"Kaulder what do you think?" inquired M'gann.

"I honestly do not have an opinion." He replied calmly, eyes never leaving the book he was reading.

"Ever the peacekeeper, Kaulder." Rocket teased.

Kaulders eyes flicked upward for a moment, "Aquaman had me research the surface world before I came here. All I know is that Richard is the adopted son of Bruce Wayne, one of the most powerful and influential people in the world. As I have never met him, I can have no opinion."

"But he's still good looking." Zatanna said, leaning back into the couch.

"I...Uhh" Kaulder stuttered.

"Just say yes." Artemis prompted.

"Yes?" he asked, and the girls high-fived.

Robin was SO glad he had left the room early. His face had slowly been turning redder and redder from embarrassment. Sure, he had been happy for his recent growth spurt, and it was asterous that he had filled out a bit more. But that was only because it helped Robin pack a more powerful punch. He had no idea that it would affect his team like this. He had enough fans as it is.

He had to suppress a shudder as he remembered some very crazed fangirls. He had honestly thought a horde of zombies had come for his brains.

Robin looked back at his friends. Seeing them react to him, without knowing it was him was really weird. All the girls were looking at his picture dreamily, with varying levels of innocence in their gaze. Kaldur, at least, looked disinterested and was focusing on his book, but both Conner and Wally looked like they wanted to hit 'that Grayson kid' for tempting their girlfriends, it was easy to see that they were jealous of his alternate persona.

Suddenly an idea struck Robin, and it was all he could do to not cackle in glee. Oh this would be Perfect.

"Whatever, I still don't like him." Grumbled Wally.

"Really Wally?" laughed Zatanna. "He's Rich and Good looking! People call him the Prince of Gotham! What more do you want?"

Silently thanking her for this golden opportunity, Robin stepped behind his friends."Gee Zatanna," He snickered, "there's more to people than meets the eye."

The entire team jumped, having not heard the silent bird slip back into the room. Wally turned around to greet his best friend.

"Oh Good, Robin. We need your opinion on-"

Wally's voice cut off.

Everyone looked at Wally, wondering what had managed the impossible task of silencing the speedster. Wally was as white as a sheet, squeaking something that sounded a lot like "help."

While everyone was watching Wally, Artemis followed the speedster's gaze to their youngest member. She soon mirrored Wally's reaction.

"Y-Your mask." she stuttered.

Realization struck the team, and they all whipped their heads around to look at Robin.

Artemis's brain refused to accept what she saw.

Wally had started to vibrate.

The book in Kaulders hand dropped to the floor.

Conner had accidentally broken the armrests on the couch.

With a thump, Megan stopped levitating.

Rocket's mouth dropped open in shock.

It didn't even look like Zatanna was breathing.

There, standing in the doorway, with his mask in his hands, was Robin.

Zatanna looked directly into his bright blue eyes. The same eyes she had just called hot on TV.

The entire room was dead silent.

Wally broke the silence."No. Way."

"Y-your-" stuttered M'gann.

"Yup." Cackled Robin, his cerulean eyes sweeping over his utterly gobsmacked team.

"Why.." Asked Kaulder

"I talked to Batman and we came to an agreement, something about trust going both ways."

Batman's voice came over the intercom. "Team, Report to Mission Room in five."

Robin replaced his mask and began walking away. Smirking, he looked back at his still frozen team, "I don't really like being called Richard, so just call me Dick Grayson." With a cocky wave, he swept out of the door.

No one else even dared breath. Artemis was the first to get over her shock.

Swearing, Artemis turned to her team, "That little troll."

Her voice shook them out of their amazement.

Wally nervously laughed, "Well that's enough world-shattering news for one day" he joked. The rest of the team nodded in agreement, and he reached for the remote. However, as he tried to turn it off, he accidentally un-muted the television, catching the last part of the newscast.

'... whether or not Richard follows in his adopted father, Bruce Wayne's, footsteps, he certainly has the potential.'

Kaldur slammed his book closed and quickly stood up to get ready for the mission, and Conner and M'gann stumbled after him.

Zatanna, Rocket and Artemis only stared at where Robin had been.

Wally screamed.

A few days after the "Robin Revelation" as Wally had so elegantly stated, things had surprisingly gone back to normal. Almost the entire team was gathered in the living room, slumping on the couches, resting after a mission. Robin was especially exhausted, and was extremely grateful for the silence. That was, until the hyperactive speedster zoomed in.

"Guys! Did you see us!" Kid Flash exclaimed. "We totally got them! I was all Swish! and Superboy was like Rahhhh! And-" He was cut off by a collective groan.

"Shut it Wally." Grumbled Artemis.

"Yeah," Agreed Robin. "I've got a massive headache, and your rambling is not helping."

Wally's smile faltered for a moment, and then turned into a devious smirk. "Alright, I get it Robin. No need to be such a Dick about it."

Robin spun around and unleashed the full force of the Bat-glare on Wally, and Kid Flash shrunk under his gaze. The room was tensely silent everyone watching how the Boy Wonder would handle this. Apparently, Robin had managed to convey his message non-verbally, and soon Wally was creeping over to a vacant place on the couch. "Alright. Alright. Sheesh, no more name jokes, I got it."

The room fell back into silence. Then Megan gasped and all eyes turned to her. "Robin do you remember the campfire?" She asked tentatively.

"Yeah, what about them?" He asked

"Well... If you want- I mean..." She stuttered.

Wally caught onto her train of thought. "Ohmygosh. Rob could you?"

Artemis placed a hand on her boyfriend's shoulder. "Slow down. What campfire?" She asked.

"When the team had just barely started, Robin, Kid Flash, Superboy, Miss Martian and I went camping outside of the mountain." Kaulder explained. "We each told our respective origin stories, except Robin."

Robin laughed and looked at the hopeful faces around him. "I thought you guys would have known already. I mean, just google my name and you can find my favorite color."

"Nah, Man, That's not your origin story." Wally argued. "We could probably figure out your secret I.D.s story, but not Robin's story." This was met by sounds of agreement around the room. "What d'ya say?"

Ah what's the harm. Thought Robin. They already know my name. "Sure, why not?" He smirked. Wally jumped up in joy. "Yes!" He exclaimed. "We get to hear how the first partner got started!"

Soon everyone was facing the Boy Wonder. Superboy was sitting on the armrest of the couch that held Artemis, Zatanna and Rocket, while Wally sat on the other side. Megan and Kaldur sat on the kitchen bar stools, and looked at Dick, who was sitting on the armchair by himself.

Robin rested his chin in his hands and began speaking. "Where do I even start?" He asked. "I was born and raised in a circus. Haley's Circus to be precise."

"Whoa, Hold up." Artemis interrupted. "That circus where we busted Parasite?"

Robin laughed nervously. "Heh. Yup. That particular mission might not have been ordered by Batman." Artemis buried her face in her hands, and Robin continued.

"So I grew up in Haley's Circus with my family. Me, my mom, Dad, Aunt, Uncle, and Cousin. Together we were the Flying Graysons, some of the best acrobats and trapeze artists in the world. We performed without nets, and pulled the craziest stunts ever seen." Robin's smile faded, and he paused. "Then, when I was eight years old, we went to Gotham."

A sense of foreboding fell over the team. Something in Dick's tone warned them.

"It was the first show I was allowed to do our signature move in." He said, looking at the ground. "Our entire family could do a quadruple backflip and land on the same trapeze." He took in a shaky breath. "I was about to jump, and the rope snapped." Megan gasped and covered her mouth.

"Everyone thought It was an accident. I knew better, I saw a mob boss named Tony Zucco trying to extort the circus. I told the police. The rest was a blur. Bits and pieces maybe." Robin rubbed his eyes furiously, and everyone knew better than to acknowledge it.

A few moments he began again. "One thing I remember with perfect clarity, was meeting Bruce. He had been in the audience. He didn't say things would be ok, or that I would get better. He said he was sorry, and that whoever did this would be caught. He knew exactly what I needed to hear, because he knew what it was like."

Zatanna cocked her head. "Why-"

Robin cut her off with a sharp glance. "We tell our own stories." he growled. She nodded slowly and he continued.

"Since I was a key witness in a murder, I had to go to a secure place. A normal foster home wouldn't cut it." Robin shifted in his seat. "They looked into the orphanages, and they were filled to the brim. So I was sent to Juvenile hall."

"What?" Rocket shrieked.

"That can't be legal!" Zatanna agreed.

"Sadly it is Zee." Robin answered. "It's supposed to be a temporary stay until another place opens up." The team looked at him in shock. "For me, a temporary stay was two weeks."

The team cried out in shock. "That's Insane!" gasped Artemis.

"That's Gotham." Replied Robin. "Honestly, if Bruce hadn't gotten me out after those two weeks, I would probably be in Arkham right now." His friend's could only gape at him in stunned silence, and Robin took this as permission to continue. "But he volunteered his house as a temporary foster home, at least until another place opened I suddenly found myself to be the ward of the richest man in Gotham."

"And thus, The Dynamic Duo was Born!" Wally exclaimed, jumping to his feet.

Robin laughed out loud. "You really think it was that easy?" he asked. "A week in my new home, I snuck out of the house to track down Zucco."

At this, Kaulder had to interrupt. "Pardon me, but you were eight."


"Is that not abnormal behavior for a child at your age?"

Robin looked over to where Kalder was sitting. "Kalder, I've been many things. Normal has never been one of them." Robin then clapped and rubbed his hands together. "Anyway, back to the story. I snuck out of the house a lot, no one ever seemed to be around. However, instead of finding Zucco, I found Batman."

"What'd you do?" inquired M'gann.

Robin laughed "I ran away as fast as I could. He caught me, of course. But I gave a good chase, and I'm pretty sure that impressed him."

But M'gann was still curious. "And after that?"

"He asked me what the hell I was thinking. I told him, and he let me go, but after that, every time I found a lead on Zucco, Batman would be there. I saw Batman way more than I saw Bruce in my first few weeks at the Manor."

"So what happened?" Asked Zatanna. "What turned you into the Boy Wonder we know and love today?"

"Really, really long story short?" Robin said. "We confronted Zucco, Batman got hurt, I saved both of them from falling to their deaths, I left Zucco for the cops, and the Batmobile autopilot brought us to the Batcave. I'll never forget the moment after he bandaged himself up, Batman asked me why I didn't kill Zucco. When I told him I wasn't looking for revenge, and that I only wanted to bring him to justice, He took off his mask."

"And thus, The Dynamic-"

"No, Wally." Robin cut off. "Maybe after a year and a half of brutal training in multiple types of martial arts, languages, forensics, technology, and psychology, sure. I'm still in training now."

"Yeahhhh, but technically we all are. Soooooo..." Wally teased.

Robin sighed. "Go ahead Wally."

"And Thus!" Wally said, standing up again with a flourish. "The. Dynamic. Duo. Was born! The Dark Knight and Squire against the perils of-" As Wally continued his small rant, Artemis leaned over to Robin.

"Do you think he'll do this for long?" She asked.

"I'm not sure." Robin joked back. "But I know for a fact that Wally was a fanboy before he became Kid Flash."

"-never fear! If the signal in the sky is-" Wally continued walking around the room, completely oblivious.

"Really? Oh that is perfect blackmail material." Artemis said. She looked over to the Boy Wonder. "But seriously, thanks for sharing." She whispered, placing a hand on his shoulder. "I know for a fact that sharing backstories is hard, so... Yeah, thanks."

Robin somberly smiled back to her. "Of course Arty. What are Friends for?"

"-Batman and Robin are on the Case!" Yelled Wally.

He said this, of course, right before he was hit in the face with multiple pillows.

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