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It was Kagome's overall impression as she felt his broad chest press tightly against her back, "Aren't you getting a little close?" She asked dryly, raising a brow when she felt the rumble of his laugh through her body due to their so-called 'closeness'.

"Hey, you're the one who wanted to me to teach how to use the Rei-Gun," Yusuke smirked, rather enjoying this situation, "I'm just showing you the proper stance, ya know." He said while placing a hand on her hip.

"Is it necessary to be this close to correct my stance?" Kagome frowned lightly, thinking over his words, "Does the Rei-Gun even need a proper stance? I'm shooting it from my fingertip, not my legs." She almost rolled her eyes at her next thought.

He really was just trying to cop a feel, wasn't he?

"Push me away if you don't like it," Yusuke's voice dropped huskily and his hand left her hip to slowly caress her stomach, "If you can." He teased.

'It's good Keiko-chan moved on with Houjo,' However, Kagome still winced at the idea of the brunette witnessing such a suggestive scene since Yusuke still was her ex-boyfriend, 'I heard her slaps hurt.'

She would much rather face against a Youkai in blood lust than Keiko.

Yusuke probably felt the same.

"I didn't come here to Genkai-sama's shrine to fool around," Kagome stated and smiled when Yusuke cursed, quickly jumping away from her personal space when sparks of her purifying Reiki rose up from within her body, "I'm beginning to think you're a masochist, Yusuke."

The Toushin licked a burn on his hand, feeling himself shudder from the pain-pleasure that her Reiryouku always seemed to induce in him, "It hurts like a bitch," He admitted, his smirk only widening, "You're damn right I love it."

Masochist indeed.