Princess Strawberry: Konnichiwa, minna-san! (Hello, everybody / everyone! -Forgot which is which...-.-;;) This fic was inspired by me...oh, that sounds so dumb -.-;;; Anyways, it was inspired when my relatives and I went to Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort to do winter sports on Boxing Day. And I thought it was an excellent opportunity to do a fic on this, since it is winter and it should be a very fun holiday!

Yami Strawberry: Yes. Did anyone - meaning you, reviewers - go skiing this year? I mean, this would look pretty stupid if only we know how... no offense to anyone that does know.

Yugi: You know what is really funny? Yami fell on the bunny hill when he first tried skiing! *giggles*

Yami: *pouts* Hey, you fell too when it was your first time.

Princess Strawberry: Please direct your attention to for them, just pretend they aren't here. I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh or any characters I use in here, I do not own Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort - and the interior design will be different from the real thing anyways. Yes I know, Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort does not exist in Japan, but I am using the one that is here, so bare with me, people! There would be Yami/Yugi, Ryou/Bakura, and a teeny-weeny bit of Seto/Jou fluff. And I won't forget everyone's - well, almost everyone (excluding those that like this character) - favourite thing. TÉA BASHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

~*~ "Speaking"


/Yugi speaking telepathically to Yami/

//Yami speaking telepathically to Yugi//

\Ryou speaking telepathically to Bakura\

\\ Bakura speaking telepathically to Ryou\\

*___________'s Point of View*

~~~~~~~Time / Scene Change or Warnings...(whatever)...~~~~~~~

((Us interrupting you for a few seconds))

And on with the fic!

Ski Trip

Chapter 1: We're Going to Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort!

It was seven o'clock on a Monday morning. In front of Domino High School was a group of students - approximately sixty people plus six adult supervisors - all bundled up in ski clothings. Some had ski equipment in their hands, and some had snowboards. Everyone had either a backpack slung over thir back, or a suitcase standing beside them. All were looking anxious as they waited for the coach to arrive.

A boy sprinted up towards the group, his tri-coloured hair and blonde bangs flying all wildly behind him. Right behind him was a replica of the running boy, whose face was flushed due to the harsh winter winds and because he had been running for four blocks straight non-stop.

"Hey, Yug'! Hurry up or you will miss the ride!" a blond boy with a Brooklyn accent called out from the crowd.

Yugi, the said boy, waved towards his friends. There was Joey grinning, clad in a red jacket and red snowpants. These colours really brought out his hair. A snowboard propped against his right side. Tristan stood on the left of his best buddy (Joey) and he was grinning too. Dressed in a yellow coat, and murky-green snowpants. Too typical of Tristan. Next to him stood Téa, with a pink jacket and magenta snowpants. ((Me: What does she think this is? Valentine's Day? For heaven's sake, it's winter! More importantly, it is CHRISTMAS! No offense to Mai please.)) Ryou and Bakura were dressed in identical clothings - a white winter coat and light blue snowpants. Bakura looked a bit pleased and pained in that snowsuit. Mai stood behind Joey, her whole purple winter outfit brought out the colour of her eyes. Duke was beside her, dressed in an all green snowsuit. Seto was in his usual colour, except that the clothings he is wearing right now is winter clothes. Yup, it's navy blue. Panting beside Joey, Yugi put one hand on his dark blue snowpants, trying to regain his breath. His light blue jacket was a little out of place. Yami was doing almost the exact same thing, except that his entire outfit is black and it hugged his body more tightly than Yugi's. ((Me and Yugi: *drool*)) Which is something Téa noticed instantly, and she went all ga-ga over it.

"All right, skiers and snowboarders. Listen up!" one of the adult supervisors yelled, gaining everyone's attention. "You all know we are going to Horseshoe Valley Ski Resort for a whole week. Did everyone bring enough clothes to change and other essential equipments?"

"Yes," the group chorused loudly.

The supervisor nodded approvingly. "Good. The coach will be here in fifteen minutes. Meanwhile, let's settle some ground rules. First, once we get there, nobody moves until the manager of the ski resort finishes telling you your daily routines. Second, wake up times are at seven thirty ,and bedtimes are at eleven o'clock sharp. No exceptions made. Third, two people share a room - and there is only one bed. Please try not to fuss and shout in the rooms - the rooms are not soundproof. Make yourself comfortable as soon as possible, then meet the rest of us in the front hall. Understand?" she paused, gasping for breath. The group nodded.

"Okay. Now, when the coach arrives, those who brought their own winter sport equipment please put it where the driver tells you to. Don't fool around. There would be coin laundries there, and if you need to go skiing or snowboarding or tubing everyday, you will need new lift tickets for each new day. That applies for all of you," she ordered sternly, her steely eyes gazing at Joey and Tristan. Figures, they are always the troublemakers. "And your sitting partners on the coach would be the one you are sharing your room with. When I call your name, please come up and stay in that order. Go straight to the back if you are the first pair I call. Start the second row if you are the second pair," she illustrated the diagram in the air to show everyone. "Okay? All right, here are the names:" she cleared her throat and rattled on," Ryou Bakura and Bakura, Yugi Motou and Yami Motou, Tristan Taylor and Téa Gardner, Joey Wheeler and Seto Kaiba, Duke Develin and Mai Valentine..." the rest of the names were called out as the coach drove up. "Decide amongst your partners who sits in which seat."

When the supervisor had called out that Yugi and Yami would be sitting together and would be sharing a room, their face turned crimson red. They hadn't been expecting this. And there was only ONE bed!!!!

~Let's hear the other's thoughts....

Seto: I'm sharing a room with the puppy!? That's an outrage....I REFUSE TO!!!!!! *steam comes out of his head*

Joey: O.o Oh no....I hav to endure with moneybags with a whole week!? Uh uh no way...I am going to ask the teacher to change it before we leave the school!

Ryou and Bakura: Sweet!

Tristan: *falls down and twitches* This is a nightmare. It can not be truly happening!! I have to share a room with Téa, the most annoying girl in the world! No, strike that, it's the whole universe!!! I am so gonna die this week....

Téa: Unh man! I wanted to be Yami's partner...not Tristan's! This totally sucks! *pouts* ((Me & Yugi: Ahhhhhh! It's the monster coming alive! GROSS!!!))

Mai: Um...That doesn't sound so bad....does it? ?____?

Duke: I.Don't.Like.Girls.And.I.Have.To.Share.A.Room.With.One. Oh.No. This is so going to be the worst week of my life!

~End of Thoughts~

All of the people boarded the coach and put all their backpacks / suitcases on the racks at the front. Yugi quickly scampered to the back of the vehicle.

/I call window seat!/

//Is there any difference?//

/ But you get to look at the scenery along the way!/

Yami chuckled over Yugi's antics. //All right.// He finally made it to his seat thanks to the detour Téa created for him. Yugi hugged him hard around the waist and squealed "Thank you!" while Téa looked on jealously. Ryou and Bakura seemed pleased with that childish gesture.

'Maybe they will actually confess to each other during this trip,' they both thought as the coach left for the highway.

~ To be Continued ~

Authoress' Notes:

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