Hey everyone sorry for such the long wait, I got caught up with a million and one things but I'm back to finish this story so without further ado :)

Eva's Pov

I laid in the bed scared and shaking. Cary held my hand, just like he had done just a few days ago. I fought back the tears inside, because I knew the minute I started I couldn't stop. Brett had left the minute Cary arrived, which I was thankful, cause I couldn't stand the sight of him. Gideon was unreachable and I think that hurt more then I was willing to admit. We had come in thru the ER and now we waited to hear if the baby was okay.

"You want to try Cross again baby girl?" Cary asked wiping away a stray tear. I shook my head, no. I couldn't speak right now let alone to Gideon who hadn't answered the phone. Scott had said he was in an important meeting, and to think I was under the impression that I was the most important thing. Beside both mine and Cary's phone had died, and again I couldn't care less. Just then Dr Cumar, came in. She was clearly young, by the looks of her she probably was an intern.

"Ms Trammel?" She asked. I nodded. She looked thru a chart and then sat and clicked on the computer. "Well as of now you are miscarrying, but the fetal heart rate isn't were we want it. Its probably from shock, but we want to keep you for observation that way if anything changes we can stop it. So someone should be in shortly to move you up to a room. Do you have any questions?" she asked. I shook my head no, and she left. I felt a massive weight lift off my shoulders. Cary squeezed my hand.

"See, everything is fine." He said. As relieved as I felt I still wanted Gideon here. But I was so furious with him for not answering. I wondered then if that's how our lives would be. Him missing the important stuff in both mine and the babies life because of work. I imagined him not being in the delivery room, or missing the babies first birthday or high school graduation. I didn't get to have my dad around as much growing up and he missed a lot of my big milestones, I didn't want that for this baby.

"Thank you Cary." I said. I think that was the first thing I had actually said other then talking to the doctors when I arrived. I saw the pain and worry in his face.

"Anything for you." He said smiling.

A few moments later someone came to move me.

"Didn't you have a job today?" I asked Cary as I was being wheeled down the hall.

"Yea, but I'm not leaving you." He said. I gave him a judgmental look.

"Go. Just come back ok?" That's all I wanted. I did't want Cary to sacrifice his career for me.

"Are you sure?" he asked. And I nodded, and off he went. Once I got to my room I laid back, placed my hand on my stomach and thanked god that even though everything was going to hell, that right now in this moment everything was ok.

Gideon's Pov

I arrived at the hospital and I was desperate to find Eva.

"You brought in my girlfriend Eva Trammel?" I asked the woman at the desk.

"Sorry sir we can't give out patient information. Give me one moment." she said in a tone that made me want to pull her across the desk.

"Cross!" turning to see who it was I was decked across the face, looking I saw Cary. I'll give him this dude had a good swing. I heard commotion surrounding but I waved off the security that was incoming.

"Fuck you Cross. Just when she thinks that you are going to be there for her and her fucking baby you put her off for a meeting, when literally the life of your baby hung in the balance." and just like that he was gone. Getting to my feet, I was still aware of all the eyes on me and tried to ignore, they didn't matter only Eva did. The snobby nurse returned.

"She is in room 443, but she doesn't want visitors at this time." But I continues walking choosing to ignore her. Walking over to the bay of elevators I entered and went to Eva's floor the possibility of what had happened flooded my mind. Just then the doors opened and I realized all my answers lied ahead in room 443.