Happy Valentine's Day...technically it's still Valentine's in Honolulu. I agree with those of you who felt like the story didn't feel complete. I instinctively knew this because I kept writing as soon as the last chapter was over. There is a lot of story left but that wouldn't go with the theme of this plotline. I can go on forever writing their love story but that's not what this story was meant to be about. It's about Spencer being the rebound and I went farther than I planned to because it's hard not to make these two fall in love. If I originally ended this story the way I intended all of you would've unfollowed me by now. I'm really glad you guys liked this story, it was a challenge to write, simply because I didn't want it to be a typical Spashley story. I know a lot of the things I did threw a lot of people off but a little changed never killed anyone. Anyway! Hopefully, this chapter gives a more decent sense of closure. It did for me. Maybe I'll see you guys on another plotline. Much love to all of you who supported this story, and encouraged me, reviews are greatly appreciated, even on the last chapter...This is the last chapter. Time for me to move on! Thaks for reading and enjoy!

Day 157

Spencer inhales deeply. She reaches blindly for her phone trying to shut off the alarm that's been set for the entirety of the tour. Ashley groans, burying her face further into Spencer's neck. She turns it off, wrapping her free arm around her girlfriend's back.

"What time is it?" Ashley asks kissing Spencer's neck.

"Half past six."

The Dean groans in disgust. "You woke up that early every day?"

She breathes in Spencer's natural scent, smiling at how sweet she smells even though their activities made them a little sweaty. Spencer lazily drags her fingers up and down the brunette's spine.

"The children are going to wake up soon," Spencer quips as she turns her body, tangling their legs together. Ashley groans slightly miffed that her comfortable position has now changed. "Don't groan at me. I want to kiss you."

She soothes her offense, gently nudging Ashley's face with her own and capturing the woman's lips. Their kisses lazy as they become reacquainted with one another again. Ashley drops her head back as Spencer works her neck.

"I'm so happy you're back."

"I'm happy you're here," Spencer mumbles as she continues her actions. "It's been the longest five months of my life, love."

A kiss on her jaw line. Ashley just moans in agreement as she forces out a confession, "I've never fallen in love with someone the way I've fallen in love with you."

She tries her best not to get too lost into the blonde and her displays of affection trying to keep in mind the warning Spencer gave her earlier.

She's spent enough time with Spencer's roommates, more specifically Stevi, to know that they were an unusual set of early birds. The DJ spent several mornings bringing the brunette a bagel for breakfast before her she'd head to work, walking the Dean to school. Ashley appreciated the company. It was a nice tie to the woman she's in love with while fighting to take the space to figure things out. Stevi was always a good woman to vent to, allowing process without interruption. Often times it'd just be about how scary it is to be falling for someone so quickly. A lot of the times it dealt with the fact that Ashley didn't want to waste Spencer's time if she hadn't been the right person for the blonde. At this Stevi had blatantly pointed out that if she had been the wrong person for Spencer, she wouldn't have cared if the blonde's time was wasted.

The longer Ashley spent away from Spencer the deeper she fell for her. Leave it to the blonde to make everything about their relationship this unique.

"How's that?" Spencer asks, slowly shifting her body to lie on top of Ashley's body.

Playing with the ends of Ashley's long brown tresses. She smirks at the brunette's pointed look. She shrugs awkwardly.

"I don't know what you mean babe."

"You do too, why are you pretending?" Ashley pushes the hair away from Spencer's face looking into her blue eyes.

"So when was it?"

"You tell me first."

"I asked first."

"Secret for secret?" Ashley asks, loving how well they're falling back into their normal way of learning one another.

It's an odd situation, their relationship. The way that they've spent more time apart than they have together and still feel as close as they were. They both knew there's still a lot to learn about each other. That's part of the fun and this had been their own special way of doing so.

Spencer rolls off the brunette and propped her head up, resting it in her palm. She tangles their legs with Ashley's missing the feeling easily. She smiles at the natural lacing of their limbs. Her eyes close as her mind races at all the things to look forward to with the woman beside her.

"Alright." Spencer agrees as she thinks of what she can reveal first. She starts off easy, smiling knowing that Ashley would appreciate this. She stays true to a promise she made on their date.

"Blakely isn't British. He's a drama major at Julliard. He is also Bishop's little brother. He's great at accents."

Ashley's mouth hangs open. Spencer's shoulders shake as she laughs. She does her best not to laugh too loud hoping that her roommates, also known as the children, stay asleep for a while longer.

"Are you serious?" Spencer just nods. "I couldn't even make the connection."

"They do look a lot alike but I think the car was a distraction."

"Where'd you get the car?" She asks loving the reveal of all the behind the scenes of their first date.

"Nope, your turn."

"I was at your first reading, standing in the back."

Spencer tilts her head a little as she looks down at her girlfriend. "My first reading was in Austin, Texas."

"I know."

"You followed me," Spencer states in a confirming manner. The brunette blushes, Spencer rests her hand on the drummer's hip. "You're such a stalker."

"I'd prefer the title groupie."

"I dub you my number one groupie then. I can't believe you flew all the way there to see me do that."

"It was your first one I couldn't miss it."

Spencer smiles bashfully. "Alright let's see." She slowly sucks air through her teeth. "Oh! I know how to pickpocket."

"No, you don't!" Spencer shrugs, slightly proud of herself. "Why do you know how to do that?"

"I was bored and wanted to learn something new. Plus it helps with characters."

"You're insane." Ashley accuses, her mind reeling at who her girlfriend is. "You're always going to keep me guessing, aren't you?"

"Never when it comes to how I feel about you. Everything else I'd always want to discover things about one another."

"What if I don't have that much more to me?"

"I don't believe that and we never stay the same so I'll always have something to learn."

Spencer drops her head against her pillow.

"I love you." Ashley whispers, wanting to say it, knowing that Spencer needs to hear it again.

She smiles widely, stealing a kiss. "I love you too."

"It's weird isn't it?"

"That we're in love with one another?" Ashley nods. "Well I mean, does it bother you because it's not typical or because it wouldn't make sense to anyone else?"

Ashley shrugs. "It doesn't bother me. I just want to know what you think. So I can see if we're on the same page?"

"For your sanity?"

Ashley pouts. "Please."

Spencer nips at the brunette's protruding bottom lip.

"I think it's romantic as hell. I'm trying my best to not seem arrogant but I love that you're in love with me. It's sad that I'm not better at describing this, words are my life, but I'm overwhelmed with joy just being near you. So no I don't think it's weird. I think it's almost as beautiful as you. Almost."

Ashley smiles. "I hung onto the wise words of Levi."

"The rum raisin eater?"

"You remember?"

"Well yeah, the color blue on my notebook from the sprinkle. Hard to forget."

"The more time I spent away from you the more I fell in love with you, the more I tried to make sense of it, the more confusing it became until I just allowed myself to feel and let my head follow."

"That sounds annoying." Spencer deadpans making the brunette laugh.

"Yeah, something like that. I just… I wanted to make sure I love you the way you deserve."

"Oh, Ashley…" Spencer starts her sorrow filling her voice.

"Spence, you wanted me to fall in love with you and I wanted to. I just didn't realize it'd happen so quickly."

The room is silent for a moment. Spencer lets the revelation sink in. She doesn't leave her girlfriend hanging.

"I fell in love with you when I finished my book. The more I poured into it, the more I realized how much better it got. It was like I was trying to make sure the characters in my book could portray everything you make me feel, and I don't think I even got a fraction of it."

"When did you finish?"

"Two weeks after I left you at your doorstep."

"You held out for that long?"

"I'd hold out forever."

They kept falling silent, finding it necessary to take the time and chew on everything that's being said. Like they kept coming back up for air after diving underwater. The brunette breaks the silence first.

"Is this what it feels like?" She asks, her curiosity giving her goosebumps.

"To find the love of your life?" Spencer finishes knowing that's the question, having it scramble in her own mind.


"All the greats say so."

"You're one of the greats, what do you say?"

"I say…no one will ever write a love story as good as ours."

Ashley smiles, cupping Spencer's cheek. "I wish I didn't make us wait so long, we've missed out on so much."

"You're too hard on yourself. We didn't miss out on anything."

She caresses her skin, wordlessly thanking her for her reassurance.

"So this is the real deal, huh?" Ashley asks excitedly.

Spencer chuckles. "Yeah, it is. Ready to start a life together?"

"Can hardly wait."

Ashley reveals her excitement, kissing her girlfriend. She kisses with fervor, smiling as Spencer swiftly slides Ashley's body on top of hers. She sits up sliding her hands under Ashley's shirt and up her back. Spencer bucks her hips up. The brunette drapes her arms over the writer's shoulders, kissing her deeply, she moans at the slip of the blonde's tongue into her mouth. She pulls away, tightening her grip around her girlfriend.


"What baby?"

Ashley simply exhales. Spencer furrows her brows a little concerned with the Dean's silence. Spencer slides her hands down to cup Ashley's ass.

"Have you ever felt so much that you didn't think it was real?"

"Yes, love I have."

"That's how you make me feel…surreal."

"Well good. It's nice to know I'm not alone in feeling this." She teases.

"I'm sorry, I'm just…really happy."

"I know, you don't have to apologize. It's cute. I'm going to make you a promise."


"I will always do everything in my power to make sure at the end of the day no matter if we've had a good or bad day before you fall asleep at night, you'll feel like this."

"You wouldn't have to try very hard."

"But I always will."

"I'm going to need you to stop being so romantic. You're making me look bad."

"That rose petal, candlelight surprise was extremely romantic."

"It was cheesy."

"It wasn't. I can now understand how you must've felt with the sailboat."

"Last night was nowhere near that level!"

"Baby, swear, that was truly the best thing anyone has ever done for me. Let me do me and you do you. We're not competing here. I just want to make you happy love."

"I want the same for you."

"Okay, so just be yourself. I'm easy." Ashley smirks receiving a look from her girlfriend.

She sighs obnoxiously. "Fine, it's too easy anyway."

"Shut up and kiss me."

Ashley obeys willingly, Spencer falls back pulling the brunette down with her. They attempt to become more intimate until…

"Christmas has come!" Niko shouts from the living room.

Ashley drops her head in the crook of the blonde's neck. She giggles as Spencer counts down.

"Five, four, three, two…"

"Merry Christmas Charlie Brown!" Stevi bursts into Spencer's room.

"Kids are up," She comments as she removes herself from lying on top of Spencer.

"You're home!" Stevi cheers.

Ashley moves so Spencer can sit up. "You threatened me."

"Pretty good surprise huh?" Stevi asks ignoring her best friend.

"The best." Spencer keeps her eyes on Ashley the entire time as if she were the one that asked.

Ashley blushes and Stevi groans. "You two are disgustingly cute."

"You wish you and Bishop were as cute as us." Spencer throws back in jest.

"Not gonna lie, I do. Alright, come on, presents time. Christmas took long enough."

Spencer tosses the covers off of her and climbs out of the bed. She hold her hand out for the brunette to take and is escorted out of bed, into the living room where Niko is by the tree. Shaking the gifts guessing them to the best of his knowledge.

"You shouldn't have wrapped his gifts Ash, he's a terror." Stevi disclaims as they sit on the couch, she sits at the base of the tree with Niko.

Ashley smirks as she realizes that Spencer's roommates are really like children. She hasn't seen them interact altogether for quite some time. It's refreshing. They spent almost an hour exchanging presents. Turns out a few gifts had been for Ashley from Spencer. Even though the blonde hadn't been sure they'd see each other when she returned she still wanted to get her some gifts. Spencer smiles as her girlfriend keeps touching the diamond necklace she got her. It had been the most extravagant gift she had ever gotten anyone. She wasn't trying to be, she just came across a boutique and bought it. The circumstance hadn't dawned on her at the time that it could be a while before she was able to give it but she's relieved that fate is on her side.

Ashley stares at the scene around her and she feels at home. Grateful for the three people that have come into her life unexpectedly. She's been given more than she thought she'd have at this point in her life. After her heartbreak, she didn't think she'd be in a relationship this quickly, with feelings this strong. Her relationship with Heather seemed like child's play. Her ex is not even on the same level as Spencer, compared to Spencer she's in the negative.

"Hey, where are you?"

"Right here." She gets comfortable in Spencer's arms as they curl into the couch. They kiss sweetly and get interrupted as Niko clears his throat.

"So um Ashley…" He looks shy, sweeping his sock clad foot across the wood floor.

"Yes?" She asks knowing what's coming.

"Will you make us some pancakes?"

"You're not allowed to eat my girlfriend's pancakes."

The room had gone silent for a moment. It had been the first time since the title has been spoken out loud. It caught everyone off guard, except for Spencer since she's currently having a hard time dealing with the fact that she now would have to share the pancakes.

"Babe be nice." She scolds gently.

"I have issues with sharing," She states unnecessarily. She looks at the brunette in defeat then back at her pouting roommates. "Fine, but three max."

"Ten." Stevi counters.

"Three." She stays strong.

"Seven?" Niko asks instead of demands. He isn't as good at this as Stevi is.

"Five." Spencer relents.

They shout in triumph. Spencer shakes her head and catches the brunette smirking. "I'm glad we amuse you."

"You do know I'm not actually going to give them only five pancakes."

"You're too caring."

"I just like making your friends happy."

Ashley throws a glance at the dancing pair, excited that they'll get to eat the notorious pancakes.

"Not just my friends…our family."

Ashley smiles brightly and kisses the blonde. She hops up from the couch and heads towards the kitchen. Spencer follows her, not comfortable with that much distance this early.

"Babe, can you run to the store and get me some stuff?"

"Send the goons," She whines, waving her hand dismissively at the idiots playing with their gifts.

"We can't send the children out by themselves," She says aghast. Spencer smirks.

"Fine, but they get a pancake tax."

"Whatever you say, love, now kiss me before you go off on your journey." Ashley taps her lips and Spencer obliges.

She reluctantly gets ready. She grabs Ashley out of the kitchen, asks her to escort her to the door. She opens the door and points up. Ashley spots the mistletoe and smiles, she doesn't fight the urge and succumbs to the wiles of the woman in front of her.

"I love you."

"I love you too. Come back soon."

"Try and keep me away." Spencer makes her way down the stairs.

"Hey, don't go asking anyone about any tangerines."

Spencer laughs as she bounds down the stairs. She shouts over her shoulder. "The magic happens at Trader Joe's, it brought me you…I don't need anything else."

Spencer leaves the building and breathes in the city air as she walks down her block. She takes in the hustle of the Saturday morning smiling brightly despite the cold weather. New York, a city where it's easy to feel alone. Spencer's thankful that she's never really felt that and her heart pangs at the thought that Ashley at one point did. She swears to herself that she wouldn't ever let her feel that again. She will make sure that Ashley feels the way the brunette makes her feel.


She steps into Trader Joes wondering what adventure the store will bring her next. Whatever it is, it won't top her being a rebound.