Author's Note: This fic contains M/M slash. Don't like, don't read. You've been warned...

The war was over, and everyone was trying to return to whatever passed as normal at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Many weren't happy about it, but Severus Snape not only survived the final battle, but was officially pardoned of all crimes, presented with several awards, and was given his old position of Potions at the school.

Snape knew he was scarcely liked before the Dark Lord's resurrection, but now he might as well have been teaching in a graveyard with how silent all of his classes were. He found it tiresome. Life moves on, but he felt constantly trapped and labeled. In the end, he just didn't care anymore. He continued to teach the little dunderheads, and did his best to ignore his ever growing depression.

Harry returned with some of the other students to actually pass their seventh year. And while he was glad that he was no longer in any danger, he almost felt bored with the current year. He still received letters of appreciation, interview pleas, and offers from eligible suitors. But he didn't respond to any of them. He just wished that he could just be left alone. His friends understood his dark mood, and allowed him his space. Yet he felt bad for pushing them away yet again.

As time went on, he could see how his Potions Professor just didn't seem to care anymore. His heart wasn't in his insults, and the fire was gone from his eyes. If anything, the man had a dark cloud looming over him. Harry wished he could help the man, but that would be the last thing his Professor would want. Harry thought Snape had died in his arms, and he could not describe the pain he felt in that moment. It helped him do what he had to in order to defeat Voldemort. The thought of Snape being dead made him feel numb. Then, after everything, Harry learned that Snape was going to live, and he was filled with unspeakable relief.

If Harry were honest with himself, he was attracted to Snape ever since he selfishly looked into the man's Pensieve. He found that he wanted to protect the man. He was hurt when he killed his mentor, and he was jealous to learn of his mother's friendship with him. It made sense since Snape drowned himself in Harry's eyes after he relinquished his memories.

All in all, he wanted to help the man. He wanted to give him something to show his eternal gratitude for him. But he couldn't think of anything that the man would willingly accept from Harry.

Just then, an idea struck him like a bolt of lightning. He decided to scope out his friends for assistance.

As the owls flew through the Great Hall with various packages of mail. No doubt full of lovey dovey nonsense, since Valentine's Day was drawing near. Snape had to blink a few times as a letter with hearts bearing his name landed next to his plate. He hadn't gotten personalized mail in eons, and everything else that was war propaganda was automatically sent to the fire.

He opened it up, and read the curious letter.

To Severus Snape.

Come to the Witches Cackle on Valentine's Day, if you do not have any previous plans. We can guarantee you a night of pleasurable delights unlike any you've ever imagined. Choose from a wide variety of Companions, and fulfill your darkest fantasies. We offer you a night of dreams. Do not let this opportunity pass you by. Best of all, you and your partner will be masked. Your identity shall be kept secret, so that you may feel like a different person, or dream of the one you truly desire while remaining guilt free. So come down to our Abode. 8:00 pm. Don't be late!

Severus pondered for a moment. He's heard of this place, but he's heard that it was very expensive, and very exclusive. But no matter how you class it up, a brothel is a brothel. He was just given a free tickle to fuck an expensive stranger. But honestly, if he wasn't a war hero, who the hell would willingly fuck him, if he didn't pay for it? In the end, he decided "What the hell", and made plans to skip the dance that would be going on at the school.