phoenix wright in undertale

by jakkid166

phoenix wright was in his house after eating his burger lunch with maya. he was fuel so he decided to go to a walk. while he was walking he went out of los angeles and went to a froest. after some walking he saw a mountain with a sign in fromt of it that said "mount ebott". he decided to go hiking up the mountain. after a lot of wlaking he got into a cave in the middle of the mountain and ther was a big hole in it. phoneixe went to look in the hold btu then he FELL IN.


phoneix woked up in a bed of flowers.

"oww my head" said pohneix.

photix went into a door to the right. when he did he saw a flower.

"howdy!" said the flower "im flowey!"

"holy shit a talkin flower" said phoenix

"umm yea so anyway this is the underground" said flowey "if u want to survive u have to get friendly pellets"

"ok" said phoenix

flowey shooted the "friendly pellets" at phoenix and they hit him and tok 19 HP

"you idoit" said flowey with an evil smile "this world is kill or be killed"

and then flowey made a bunch of bullets around phoenix and they close in on him and flowey laughed

but then a FIRE came out of nowhere and hit flowey and he got knocked away

and then toriel appeared who is a goat monster

"hello my child i am toenail" said toriel (author note: i know her names not toenail but my ophone autocorrect me and i thot it was funny so im leaving it XD)

"holy shit a talkin goat" said phoenix

"pleas don't swear" said toriel

"ok" said phoneix and he followed toreil

toriel took him thru the ruins to her house

"here we are" said toriel "i made pie"

"yay" said phoneix and he ate pie

"so when can i go home" said phonex

"im sory you cant go home this is ur home now" said toriel

"but why" said phoenix

"because u'll die" said toriel

"OBJECTION" said phoneix "NO I WONT"

"then prove it" said toriel and she fought phoenix

toriel shot fireballs to phoneix but he blocked them with objection bubble

but phoneix did not want to kill her so he kept saying he wont fight her

"ok i see ur strong you can leave now" said toriel and she went back to her house

"aww" said phoenix and he felt bad for her

phoenix then left the ruins