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Chapter 12

Nothing to Laugh About

"Oh God, we really shouldn't…"

I ignored Sookie completely. Not only have I heard her saying this phrase many times over the last few days, I also knew that she didn't mean it.

"Mhm," I murmured, licking her from her collarbone to her ear and making Sookie shiver.

"He's gonna be here soon and that's not… Trust me, that's not how you wanna meet him!" she said, but her voice was getting weaker and weaker with every passing second.

"We have plenty of time," I insisted and to persuade her, I reached under the hem of Sookie's dress and smiled when my fingers brushed across her damp panties.

"It's never quick with you…" She half groaned, half moaned and my male pride did a small happy dance. Damn straight it was never quick! It was never rushed nor was it sloppy between us. When I had Sookie Stackhouse in my arms, I was doing everything in my power to make her happy. And to keep her. There was no way in Hell I would ever let her go.

Does that sound possessive? Maybe just a bit obsessive? Well, see if I give a fuck.

When Sookie had agreed to move in with me fifteen days ago, my life has been heaven since then. She was like a strand of sunlight shining over me all the time. Sookie was warm and in the matter of a few days, she had made an old townhouse shimmering with life. Even though she insisted on paying me, I stashed the hundred bucks that I had agreed to take, in the old cookie jar in the kitchen cabinet. I liked to think that it was to be the foundation for my baby's trust fund. I experienced small things that I haven't really experienced while living with my Nana. Bless this woman, but she was a shitty hostess... The only food that she was able to cook or rather prepare were tuna sandwiches. Until today, I couldn't look at them without a gag reflex raising its ugly head.

Sookie was used to having fresh milk and juice in the fridge and putting a bouquet of flowers in the corridor once every few days. She insisted that three meals a day is a must and on Thursday, she shocked me by giving me a box with a lunch inside. When I looked at her like she had grown herself a second head, Sookie blushed and mumbled: "Just 'cause I know you're gonna be late today."

It was so… homey… so nice of her that I couldn't stop myself from lifting her into my arms and taking her right there on the kitchen countertop.

We were working in tune, both finding our places in the house. We were cleaning together and I received my first lesson of using a washing machine and making pancakes. I was a pro with pushing a few buttons and sorting color and white clothes, but the kitchen was still dangerous territory for me- a little. The next day after lesson no. 1, I tried to make Sookie breakfast – with pancakes of course – but ended up burning my dish. Or at least this thing that was supposed to be my dish. I added too little flour and my batter felt like dough. My roommate was still moved by my thoughtful gesture though. We had sex in the remains of the pancakes. I believe it was a win-win situation.

We'd been spending most of our evenings staying home and talking or watching TV. It was simple and relaxing and Sookie especially favored it when I was massaging her feet while we were sitting on the couch. When she asked me why I was doing it, I admitted that I saw it as a form of practice. "Your ankles are going to swell up at some point and I'm gonna be one kick-ass masseur when that day comes." My confession made her tear up a little but she quickly collected herself and hugged me, putting the mother of all kisses on me. Couch sex was a little uncomfortable but I wasn't complaining.

Sookie had her own bedroom and she had even slept there for the first four days, but since that memorable Sunday… Let's say that Sunday night was a day when our walls tumbled down and Sookie stopped her "We should remain friends for now" bullshit. The sexual tension between the two of us was so thick that I swear, sometimes there were electrical sparks flying around us. Either way, we usually ended up in my bedroom- snuggling to sleep.

When she surrendered and admitted that we can be friends and lovers while acting civil - and without any unnecessary drama – we just got on with it. Or rather I started to get on Sookie at every possible opportunity. We have been having sex at least twice a day and I swear, we still couldn't get enough of each other.

I was never happier in my life…

My mouth ascended to Sookie's cleavage and I slowly opened a few buttons on her dress. I might have moaned a little when her full breasts came into view, decorated only by almost transparent white lace. Her breasts were magnificent and according to Doctor Holly Cleary, girls' breasts were going to grow a size or two up. Doctor Cleary was a good person, definitely far more professional than this horrid Bellefleur bitch. She didn't laugh when, on our first visit I informed her that Sookie has been pregnant for twenty-four days and approximately seven hours.

What can I say? I was just being thorough.

She scheduled meetings and gave us a long list of what 'to do' and 'absolutely-fucking-never do' and 'avoid at any cost'.

Or just 'don't do', according to Sookie. I have to admit that I was very focused on everything that can be hazardous for my Sookie and baby Northman growing inside her womb.

For example, I learned that Sookie is allergic to lemons and during her pregnancy, the effect of allergens can be amplified. I threw away everything that was related to lemon or citrus in any way. I couldn't understand why Sookie thought that the citrus scented candle is safe. It was citrus, right? I checked this little shit and clearly it contained 'all natural oils'. Using simple deduction - lemons have some kind of oil in them, so… How can you be sure that the burned oils transferring to the air won't cause any damage? The same for lemon-scented dish soap… According to Sookie, the chemical scent of lemon isn't related in any way with her allergy, but I got rid of the soap just in case. And I got rid of every dish that ever got in contact with this substance.

Sookie wasn't pleased when we ended up eating and drinking from plastic dishes that night.

But getting back to the matter in hand…

Sookie gasped when I pushed her flat onto the table and sat down on the chair, staying at the perfect level to be – let's say – face to face with my meal. Sookie was a wonderful cook, but at this moment, I was ready to move straight to the dessert.

"That's a really bad idea…" she chimed in, raising her hips to make taking off her panties easier for me. See? No point in listening to her.

"Okay," I agreed, kissing over her knee and gently nibbling just where her thigh was starting, causing her to giggle a little.

"You won't stop, right?" she asked with a smile, propping herself onto her elbow and giving me a wink.

"Nope," I assured her, throwing her panties carelessly aside. I loved getting down on her. Normally, it was an action that I considered necessary with women, but with Sookie it was different. I loved every minute when I was giving her pleasure, it was making me feel powerful and in control. Being with her, the only thing that mattered was to make her happy and satisfied. Sometimes, I almost felt like being linked with her, like there was an invisible bond between us, because I swear that I could experience her ecstasy as my own.

She tangled her fingers in my hair when my tongue and lips started working her up. I made sure to just tease her at first, gently sneaking over her outer labia and only brushing the place where she wanted me the most. When her hair pulling started to get painful for me, I moved my tongue over her clit and dipped it inside her. I was repeating my action, adding some suction, but when I noticed her legs gently trembling and her chest pinking, I knew that she was on the verge of coming. I held her still while she writhed on the table, experiencing her orgasmic high.

"Oh God… I love you," she mumbled and I froze.

What did she just say?

Sookie's eyes popped open and she looked at me with a scared, almost comical expression.

"What I meant to say was 'I love it'. Like totally loving what you're doing to me, you know?"

I nodded numbly, feeling ridiculously scared. Why was I scared? Her divorce had been finalized, we were both single and our baby was on the way. It could be just a blunder, but…

"I definitely don't love you!" she almost yelled, chuckling a little and it felt like a slap. Just not the slap directed at my face but straight on into my heart. It actually contracted a little. "I like you, but… nothing like this." I again only nodded and Sookie stood up, reaching for her panties and putting them back on. She was avoiding any eye contact with me and clearly tried to run.

I allowed her, watching her disappearing into the kitchen.

I couldn't understand why I felt like shit? Why didn't I just laugh and say something funny. Or embarrassing. I was a pro when it came to spilling embarrassing shit around.

But no, I was sitting here, struck dumb and looking off into space. I was watching Sookie hiding in the kitchen and I swear that I heard her mumbling something in a hushed irritated tone.

I was just sitting here and I felt hurt and just a bit angry… No matter how absurd it was, it's what I felt. I liked Sookie very much. I felt like a liberated man when we were together. I didn't have to try to look good in her eyes nor did I have to pretend to be someone else to please her. Sookie acted like she genuinely enjoyed my company. And God, did I ever enjoy hers. She was beautiful, intelligent and witty. We enjoyed similar things and being in her presence just simply felt right… I felt like I could easily fall in love with her.

Because honestly, was the idea of loving me just unthinkable and laughable to her?

The doorbell woke me up from my pity road and I dragged myself back to open ground. A few hours ago, I had been excited and nervous while I was waiting to meet Sookie's brother. I wanted to do my best to impress and show him that his sister is in good hands. But now, I had this one question bedeviling me – was there any point in trying so hard?

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