Only the dead have seen the end of war.




Years of warfare among rival clans

causes famine on a biblical scale.

300,000 echidnas die of starvation.

Menniker Echidna, the most powerful of

the warlords, rules the capital Echidnapolice.

He seizes international food shipments

at the ports.  Hunger is his weapon.

The world responds.  Behind a force

of 20,000 Mobian Marines, food is

delivered and order is restored.

APRIL 3234

Menniker waits until the Marines withdraw, and then

declares war on the remaining G.U.N. peacekeepers.

In June, the Dark Legion ambush and

slaughter 24 GUN soldiers, and

begin targeting Mobian personnel.

In late August, Mobius' elite soldiers,

Delta Force, Army Rangers and the 160th SOAR

are sent to Echidnapolice to remove Menniker and

restore order.

The mission was to take three weeks,

but six weeks later Station Square was

growing impatient.



One UH-60 Black Hawk flew over Sandpolice on a sunny day.  Inside the Black Hawk are two pilots and two Army Rangers.  The pilot is Chaos 0 and the co-pilot is Amy Rose.  The two Rangers are named Shadow the Hedgehog and Nack the Weasel.  They are flying over the Red Cross Food Distribution Center.



A bunch of skinny and famished echidnas run all around in the Red Cross camps as food is behind brought to them.  Suddenly, two trucks, with mounted machine guns and Dark Legion echidnas, drive inside the camps.

NACK: *points out*  There.  Technicals, nine o'clock.

All of the echidnas run to the truck loads of food.  Many fight and brawl to get the food they need!  All of a sudden, the Dark Legion echidnas fire their machine guns at the hungry echidnas.  A few die as bullets fly everywhere!

SHADOW: Oh, shit!  Did you see that?  Chief, we got unarmed civilians getting shot down here at nine o'clock.

AMY: I got it, Shadow.  I don't think we can touch this.

The shooting stops, then Xenin stands on the roof of the truck and speaks in a megaphone.

XENIN: *through megaphone*  This food is the property of Menniker Echidna!  Go back to your homes!

AMY: *in headset*  Command, Super 64, we got militia shooting unarmed civilians down at the food distribution center.  Request permission to engage.

On the other end of the radio is Remington.

REMINGTON: *from radio*  Super 64, are you taking fire?  Over.

AMY: Negative, command.

REMINGTON: G.U.N.'s jurisdiction, 64.  We cannot intervene.  Return to base.  Over.

AMY: Roger.  64 returning.

The UH-60 turns around and begins leaving.  Xenin looks up at the Black Hawk leaving.  He points his finger at it and pulls the trigger of an imaginary gun pointed at the Black Hawk.  He just chuckles as it leaves.




In the Echidnapolice marketplace, a bunch of Dark Legion echidnas walk around.  The marketplace is full of echidnas selling and buying all different kinds of AK-47's.  Out of all these echidna's, there is only one hedgehog.  This one hedgehog is, none other than, Sonic the Hedgehog!  He leans on a market stand with his arms crossed while wearing red sunglasses.  Sonic leans by the stand as he watches an echidna, named Julie-Su, walk into a shack.


In the room sits a Dark Legion echidna named Kragok.  Julie-Su walks to him.


JULIE-SU: Ready, Kragok.

Kragok gets up and the two exit.

Sonic watches as the two echidnas get into a truck and drive away.  He leans in his pocket which holds a radio.  He then picks up his bag and walks away.

SONIC: *whispers in radio* Leaving.


Three trucks are driving along an empty dirt road in the middle of Sandpolice.  Out of nowhere, a UH-60 Black Hawk and an AH-6 Little Bird fly at low level parallel to the three trucks.  Inside one of the trucks in the back seat is Kragok, talking in a cell phone.  The driver is Julie-Su.  Soon, Julie-Su sees the helicopters flying on both sides of her.


Kragok notices the helicopters.

KRAGOK: Keep driving.

In the Black Hawk are Ari Ram and Athair Echidna.  Ari aims his M-4 rifle at the lead truck using the scope to aim.  He bursts one round in the middle truck's engine and oil starts splashing on the windshield, blinding the driver.

The AH-6 Little Bird then hovers and lands right in front of the truck causing the driver to stop.  Soon, the other two trucks stop.  The UH-60 lands and the Delta Force soldiers run to the truck that Kragok is in, each armed with M-4 assault rifles.  Ari taps on the window of the truck to get Kragok's attention.

KRAGOK: *in cell phone* I'm going to be late.  Call you back.


In a locked interrogation room, Kragok sits behind a table all alone, smoking a cigar.  The door unlocked and inside stepped Max Acorn carrying a cup of tea, which he places on the table.  He is dressed in a desert camouflage uniform, two stars on his collar (Major General) and wearing dark sunglasses.  He closed the door behind him and Kragok can clearly hear it being locked from the other side.

KRAGOK: General Acorn? *holds up a cigar case*

MAX: No, thanks. *pulls out a cigar from his pocket* I got one.

KRAGOK: But these are Cuban.  Bolivar Bellicose.

MAX: So is this.

KRAGOK: *chuckles* Station Square, my friend, is not Cuba. *chuckles and lights his cigar* I see not catching Menniker is becoming a routine.

MAX: We weren't trying to catch Menniker.  We were trying to catch you.

KRAGOK: Me? *chuckles* But am I that important?  I don't think so.

MAX: You're just a businessman. *sits in a chair in front of Kragok*

KRAGOK: Trying to make a living.

MAX: Yeah.  Selling guns to Menniker's militia.

There was a short pause.  Kragok stares coldly at Max.

KRAGOK: You've been here, what?  Six weeks?  Six weeks you are trying to catch the founder.  You put up reward posters.  $25,000.  What is this?  Gunfight at the K.O. Corral?

MAX: *chuckles* It's the O.K. Corral.

KRAGOK: Do you think bringing me in will make him suddenly come to you?  Make him more agreeable?

MAX: You know where he sleeps.  You pay for his beds, much less his militia.  We're not leaving the Floating Island till we find him.  And we will find him.

KRAGOK: Don't make the mistake because I grew up without running water I am simple, General.  I do know something about history.  See all this?  It's simply shaping tomorrow.  And tomorrow without a lot of Mobian colored furries' ideas in it.

MAX: Well, I wouldn't know about that.  I'm from Mobodoon.

KRAGOK: Mr. Acorn, I think you shouldn't have come here.  This is civil war.  This is our war.  Not yours.

Max takes off his sunglasses and looks sternly in Kragok's face.

MAX: 300,000 dead and counting.  That's not a war, Mr. Kragok.  That's genocide.  Now you enjoy that tea, you hear?

General Max Acorn gets up from his seat and walks out.


As Max leaves the interrogation room, two soldiers, Robotnik Jr. and Metal-Tails, stand at attention as he walks by.  Max closes the door behind him, which automatically locks.  Elias Acorn, also dressed in an Army desert camouflage uniform, runs to Max.   He starts walking right next to him.

MAX: How'd he strike you?

ELIAS: Urbane, sophisticated, cruel.

MAX: Yeah, he's a good catch. *stops and looks at Elias* It'll take time, but Menniker will feel the loss.

ELIAS: I'm not sure time is something we got in great supply.

MAX: This isn't Robotropolice, you know.  Much more complicated than that. *walks on*

ELIAS: *follows* Boss, most of Mobodoon might disagree.  I'm just saying they've been calling for these damn situation reports every morning this week.

Max and Elias stop at an exiting door.

MAX: *puts on sunglasses* Well, tell them the situation is *pause* fragile.

Max walks out of the hangar alone, leaving Elias inside.




The Mobian Army is using an Echidnapolice Airport as their headquarters.  There are a bunch of HUMVES, UH-60 Black Hawks, and AH-6 Little Birds as well as furry soldiers!  Three of Delta Forces' furries, named Miles "Tails" Prower, Athair Echidna, and Ari Ram, run inside a rotor-moving Black Hawk.  Inside the cockpit of the Black Hawk are pilot Ray the Squirrel and co-pilot Tikal Echidna.  Tikal is speaking in a cheerful, announcing-like voice.

TIKAL: Ladies and gentlemen, my name is Tikal "Elvis" Echidna.  I'll be your pilot this afternoon.  Federal regulations designate this is a non-smoking Black Hawk helicopter.  For those of you who are in Echindapolice frequent flyer program you will be earning 100 free credit this afternoon.  And as always, the air sickness bags are located in the seatback in front of you.

The three Delta furries just smile from her funny comments.

RAY: Number one indications are good, Tikal.  Put her on two.

The radio tells the pilots that they are clear for take-off.  Soon, the UH-60 lifts off from the ground quickly and heads away from the airport.


Tikal's UH-60 is flying toward Sandpolice, and she can clearly see that Amy's UH-60 is coming in from the opposite direction.  Amy and Tikal begin talking to each other on the radio's from their separate Black Hawks.

AMY: 61, this is 64.  Go to UHF secure.  I've got some bad news.

TIKAL: "Limo" is a word, Rose.  I don't want to hear about it.

AMY: It is not a word!  It is an abbreviation of a word.

TIKAL: "Limo" is a word in common usage.  That is the key phrase in Scrabble, my good friend.  Common usage.

AMY: No!  If it's not in the dictionary it doesn't count!

TIKAL: It doesn't have to be in the dictionary!

AMY: It does have to be in the dictionary!  Listen, when we get back to the base, it's coming off the board.

The two Black Hawks pass each other over the beach.

TIKAL: You touch my "limo" and I'll spank you, Nightstalker.  You hear me?

AMY: *giggles* Yeah, promises.

TIKAL: That's a nice beach down there.

TAILS: How's the water?

AMY: Yeah, it's nice and warm.  And it's loaded with sharks.

The two Black Hawks just continue to fly away to their destinations.


Inside of a registry room is a hedgehog sitting behind a desk, typing on a computer, and a red female fox standing in front of it.  This hedgehog is the one and only Manic the Hedgehog!  The fox is known as Fiona.  After Manic typed something on his computer, Fiona handed a slip of paper to Manic.  Manic took it and laid it close to his keyboard.

MANIC: Name?

FIONA: Fiona.

Manic looked at Fiona sternly.

MANIC: Last name?

FIONA: False Fox.

Manic typed that in on his computer.

MANIC: *to self* First name, Fiona. *types*

FIONA: *happily* So, what's it like?

MANIC: *while typing* What's what like?

FIONA: Echidnapolice.  The fighting.

MANIC: Serial number?

FIONA: 72163427.

Manic stopped typing and looks up at Fiona.

MANIC: *rudely* Firstly, it's "the Ech" or simply "Ech."  No one calls it Echidnapolice here.  Secondly, I wouldn't know about the fighting, so don't ask. *continues typing*

FIONA: Why not?

MANIC: *rudely* Didn't I just say, "Don't ask"?

There was a pause.  Manic stopped typing and looks at Fiona more.

MANIC: Look, kid, you look like you're about 5, so let me explain something to you.  I have a rare and mysterious skill that precludes me from doing missions. *continues typing*

FIONA: Typing.

MANIC: *stops* Can you type?


MANIC: Date of birth?

FIONA: 2-27-25

Manic types in her birthday in the form.  After doing quick math in his head, he typed in Fiona's age, which is "9".  Manic then handed back Fiona's slip of paper.

FIONA: *smiles* Well, I'm here to kick some ass.


Sonic, holding onto a bike, is standing all alone on a beach.  Soon, Tikal and Ray's Black Hawk flies down and landed on the soft sand.  The rotors blow sand around its four corners.

TIKAL: Let's bring it in.

Sonic holds up his hand to shield his eyes as he runs to the helicopter while carrying the bike.  He gets right in with the bike to meet Tails, Ari, and Athair.

SONIC: Nice, man!  Very smooth!

ARI: Single shot through the engine block.

SONIC: Shit, that's a shame.  That was a nice jeep.

The Black Hawk lifted in the air and started flying back to base.


A bunch of Ranger furries are at the rifle range, shooting targets for their marksmanship practice.  The only Ranger not shooting is Shadow the Hedgehog, whom is wearing desert camouflage and a bucket cover.  He is walking back and fourth watching the Rangers shoot.

Not too far away, a hummer, with a driver and a passenger, drives to the range and stops.  The driver is Manic and the passenger is Fiona.  Both are also wearing their desert camouflage uniforms.

The second Shadow saw them, he blew his whistle.

SHADOW: Cease fire!  Cease fire!

The Rangers stopped firing.

SHADOW: Check your weapons.

Manic and Fiona got out of the hummer and walked to Shadow.

MANIC: Sergeant Shadow.


FIONA: Private First Class False Fox.


FIONA: Reporting for duty.

SHADOW: Not to me, you're not.  You're reporting to Lieutenant Acorn.  She should be around here somewhere.

MANIC: Can I leave her with you?

SHADOW: Yeah, go ahead.

Manic turned around and left, leaving Shadow with Fiona.

SHADOW:  You brought your weapon?

FIONA: Yes, sir.  Want me to shoot?  I'm rested.

SHADOW: When did you get in?

FIONA: Just now, Sergeant.


Meanwhile, the Black Hawk helicopter is still flying to the base.  On their way, they see a whole herd of wild boar running through the grass.  Sonic chocked up his M-4 rifle and called out.

SONIC: Hey, who's hungry?

All of the Delta furries smiled.


At the airport, the sun is setting and everyone, Rangers and Deltas are having a barbecue.  The main course, wild boar!  Rouge, also dressed in desert camouflage, walks to Tails.

ROUGE: *to Tails* What is this, Sergeant?  Another taxpayer-funded Delta safari?

TAILS: Not if General Acorn is asking.

ROUGE: I'm asking.

TAILS Have a nice meal, Captain. *walks away*

Not too far away, Sonic cuts in line in front of Trevor to get his barbecued food.

TREVOR: Hey, man, there is a line.

SONIC: I know. *continues to get food*

TREVOR: Well, this isn't the back of it.

SONIC: *in Trevor's face* Yeah, I know. *gets food and steps out of line*

ROUGE: Sergeant.  Sergeant.

Sonic walks up to Rouge.

ROUGE: What's going on here?

SONIC: Just some aerial target practice, Ma'am.  Don't want to leave it behind.

ROUGE: I'm talking about your weapon.  Delta or no Delta, that's a hot weapon.  You know better than that. *points at the "off" safety switch on Sonic's assault rifle* Safety should be on at all time on base.

SONIC: *doesn't-care voice* Well, this is my safety, ma'am. *does the "Redrum" finger* *leaves*

Rouge stands there a bit angry.  Soon, Tails walks up to her.

TAILS: Let it go, ma'am.  The hedgehog hasn't eaten in a couple of days.

ROUGE: You Delta boys are a bunch of undisciplined cowboys.  Let me tell you something, Sergeant.  When we get on the five-yard line, you're going to need my Rangers.  So, you all better learn to be team players.  We're done here.

Tails left.


In an entertainment room, Emerson Squirrel stands in front of all of the other furries wearing a Ranger kevlog (helmet).  He is making jokes about Rouge to them.

EMERSOM: *impersonating Rouge* Speak up.  You say this is your safety?  Well, this is my boot, son!

Everyone laughs.

EMERSON: *continues* And it will fit up your ass with the proper amount of force.

The furries laugh some more.  The only one not laughing is Shadow, who is sitting in an area all alone, trying to write something.

EMERSON: Is that a Jersey accent?

SHADOW: *speaks up* I'm trying to do this, give me a break.

EMERSON: *ignores* Take those sunglasses off, soldier.  Delta wants to wear Oakley's, that's their business.  I don't want to see them on you again?  Hoo-ah?

The Delta furries laugh again.

EMERSON: Is that a hot weapon?


Two furries are at a table playing chess.  The furries are Deltas Ari Ram and Athair Echidna.  Athair has his hand still on his chess piece.

ARI: Is that your move?

ATHAIR: Is my hand on the piece?

ARI: I can mate you in three whatever you do.

ATHAIR: I'd keep my eye on that queen before counseling others.

ARI: Well, she's just lying in wait.

They stare at each other for a while.


In another area, Rosemary "Griz" Prower is drawing on a sketch pad.  Then, Nack, wearing a towel after have taken a shower, walks to Rosemary.

NACK: Griz. *sees what Rosemary's drawing* Yikes.

Rosemary is drawing a scary picture of a knight with a sword.

NACK: It's good.  You're really improving.  If I may make a suggestion—Observation.

ROSEMARY: Go ahead.

NACK: It's a children's book, right?


NACK: They are not supposed to scare the living shit out of the children.

ROSEMARY: This is the part of the story where our knight, our warrior, is about to slay the one-eyed dragon.  That's scary.  Besides, my son loves this stuff.

NACK: Thought you finished that last week.

ROSEMARY: You done?

Nack just pats Rosemary's shoulder and walks away.


EMERSON: Hey, we are at the 10-yard line here, men.  You understand?  Can you count?  One, two, ten.

The furries burst in laughter some more.

EMERSON: Okay?  Where are my running backs?

The furries give a "whoop!"

EMERSON: Where are my running backs?!

The furries "whoop" again happily!  Little did any of them notice… Rouge is coming!

EMERSON: Hey, I didn't see you at church on Sunday, soldier.  You had something more important to do?  Not on Sunday, you don't.  Not anymore.

Rouge steps closer into the crowd, behind Emerson, and soon all the furries stop laughing and they cringe up in fear.

EMERSON: I will make you believe, you understand?

Emerson soon notices the furries cringe in fear, but can't see Rouge.  Finally, he turns his head to see Rouge staring at him with an angry look in her eyes.  He then takes off the Ranger kevlog, takes off a fake bandage off his face, and stands at attention.  Rouge walks in closer and gets right in Emerson's face to the right side, then smiles and looks at the other furries.

ROUGE: Pretty funny, hoo-ah?

The furries stop cringing and start chuckling a bit.

ROUGE: *to Emerson* It was a good impression.  I recognize myself. *to furries* All right, carry on. *to Emerson* I'd like a word, specialist.


Rouge puts her arm around Emerson and makes the two face away from the other furries.  As Rouge began to talk, Emerson game the middle finger behind his back to the furries.  The furries chuckled.

ROUGE: Tell me, Emerson, you understand why we have a chain of command, don't you?

EMERSON: Roger that, ma'am.

ROUGE: *angrily* Cause if I ever see you undermine me again, you'll clean latrines with your tongue till you can't taste the difference between shit and French fries.  Are we clear?

EMERSON: Hoo-ah, ma'am.

ROUGE: All right.

Rouge released Emerson and walked away.  Emerson ran back to the cheering Deltas and sat in the couches next to them.


Not too far away, Sally Acorn, Shadow the Hedgehog, Griff the Goat, Mina Mongoose, and Hawking Echidna are all together.  Sally is reading a small booklet simply titled "Dark Legion." (Note: When they say "dell", they mean a Dark Legion echidna.)

SALLY: Listen to this: if one dell kills another dell, his clan owes the dead echidna's clan a hundred camels.  A hundred camels!

HAWKING: *chuckles* Camels.  I wouldn't pay one camel.

MINA: Must be a lot of fucking camel debt.  Is that really true, Lieutenant?

SALLY: Ask Sergeant Shadow, he likes the dells.

Shadow shot up his head when he heard his name.

MINA: Sergeant Shadow, you really like the dells?

SHADOW: It's not that I like them or I don't like them.  I respect them.

GRIFF: See, what you guys fail to realize is the sergeant is a bit of an idealist.  He believes in this mission down in his very bones.  Don't you, Sergeant?

SHADOW: Look, these echidnas, they have no jobs, no food, no education, *pause* no future.  I just figure that, I mean, we have two things we can do.  We could either help, or we can sit back and watch the whole country destroy itself on CNN.  Right?

GRIFF: I don't know about your guys, but I was trained to fight?  Are you trained to fight, Sergeant?

SHADOW: Well, I think I was trained to make a difference, Griff.

They all chuckle.

SALLY: Like the hedgehog said, he's an idealist.

They all chuckle again.  Then Sally started running to the television.

SALLY: Oh, wait.  This is my favorite part.

Sally jumped into a couch and started watching the Steve Martin movie, "The Jerk."  The screen showed a sniper shooting gas cans next to Steve Martin.

STEVE MARTIN ON TV: Stay away from the cans!

Everyone laughs.

SNIPER ON TV: Die, gas-pumper!

Everyone laughs again.  Sally started to over-laugh, then all of a sudden started coughing.  Finally, she fell out of the couch and started shaking madly on the ground.  Geoffrey St. John jumps from the couch and holds onto Sally.  Everyone around them tries to help Sally.

GEOFFREY: Sally!  No, no, no, no, no!  Stay back!  Stay back!  Pachacamac, she's having a seizure!  Put something in her mouth! *to Sally* Sally, it's okay.  Sally, it's okay.  It's okay.

Shadow looks down at Sally who is having a seizure.  He begins to think that their commanding officer will not make it and will not lead their Chalk in combat.


Deep in Echidnapolice, a bunch of Dark Legion echidnas are in prayer.  They kneel down in the sand, places their faces in the sand and prey.  Each echidna has an AK-47 lying right next to them.


Shadow walks to the entrance of the Army tent hoping to hear what happened about Sally.  Rouge stepped out of the tent and met Shadow.

ROUGE: Well, she'll be fine.  But not in this army.  She's out of the game.  She's epileptic, going home.  *pause* I'm putting you in charge of her chalk.  You got a problem with that?

SHADOW: No, ma'am.

ROUGE: It's a big responsibility.  Your men are going to look to you to make the right decisions.  Their lives depend on it.  All right.

The two stood at attention.  Shadow salutes Rouge.

SHADOW: Rangers lead the way, ma'am.

ROUGE: *saluted* All the way.

They both dropped their solutes.

ROUGE: Good luck, Sergeant.

Rouge walked away.