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Love is Easy, but Life is Complicated


It was starting to get dark, and the snow swirled as the wind whipped through the air.

"Alec!" I yelled against a gust of wind that knocked me back. I strained to hear in hopes he answered me.

I bit my lip, the longer that he was missing, the more worried I became. My stomach was feeling sick with knots.

Where was he?

"We will find him," Edward promised, giving my hand a small squeeze.

"Come on, Jake, find Alec, boy," he called.

Jake pulled on his leash as he nearly yanked Edward's arm off as he led us in a direction down the sidewalk.

My phone rang and I let go of Edward's hand, digging it out of my pocket.

"Did you find him?" I didn't even bother to say hello.

There was a sniffle then a sob, and I heard Alice tell Rose to give her the phone. I paused, rooted to the sidewalk, and Edward stopped a few feet in front of me, after getting Jake to stay.

"Hey, there has been no luck on our end. We've called his entire class, and Principal Hunter. He activated the phone tree for the Elementary and Middle schools. He also called Principal Greene at the high school and asked him to do the same. Principal Greene thinks he will be able to get some of the students and parents out looking. Jasper and Emmett are out there too but haven't had any luck. It might be worse than we initial thought. I have something I need to tell you, just stay calm okay."

"Damn, Alice, you can't say something like that, and then tack on stay calm at the end of it, and not expect me to freak out." I rubbed my forehead in frustration.

"Sorry. The bad news is, Royce is out," Alice explained.

"What do you mean Royce is out? Did he escape?" My mind started to race as I processed this information.

"Out on probation. He was released early for good behavior and overcrowding," Alice practically growled.

I could hear Rose start to cry harder in the background.

"Are you saying that he has Alec?" I whispered.

"We don't know. Charlie is trying to get permission to issue an Amber Alert. The only problem is we don't have proof of an abduction."

I felt as if I was doused in ice water, and I nearly jumped out of my skin when Edward wrapped his arm around me. He frowned apologetically and kissed my forehead.

Jake suddenly howled and pulled away from Edward taking off with the leash flapping behind him.

"Jake, heel." Edward ran after him.

"Shit. This is all we need. Keep us posted, Alice." I hung up and chased after them.


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