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Outtake: Biological Father. (7 years after the end of story, 3 before epilogue)

"Seth, use your fork to eat your spaghetti, not your fingers," Edward chastised.

"But, Sasha is using her fingers." He pointed his fingers at his baby sister.

"She's two, you're seven. She's still learning, where you're old enough to know better." He tried to hide his smile.

"Mommy, can I have more milk, please?" Vanessa asked with a milk mustache on her upper lip.

"Yes, you may." I started to get up from the table, for the fifth time.

"Sit, I'll get it." Edward stood and headed to the fridge.

"Here, Sasha, try this." I stabbed a quartered meatball on her small fork and handed it to her.

Her chubby hand gripped it tightly. She plucked the meat off the end and tossed it on the floor—her siblings started laughing.

"Sasha, we don't throw our food." I shook my head.

Before I could retrieve the meatball, Jake beat me to it, gobbling it then licking the floor. He then sat by Sasha's chair looking expectantly for more.

"You can have mine, Jake." Seth held up one in his hands.

"No, he won't, too much human food isn't good for him. Eat it, please." Edward placed Vanessa's glass on the table.

"Sasha, watch Daddy." Edward stabbed a piece of meatball with his fork and popped it into his mouth. "Now you do it."

"O-tay." She stabbed at hers and copied him.

"That's my girl." He winked at her.

Once dinner was over, I tried to wipe Sasha's sauce-covered face with a napkin. Somehow, she managed to get a piece of pasta on the back of her head. I sighed and tossed the balled up napkin onto my plate.

"You need a bath, missy."

"I want one too. Can I share with her?" Vanessa asked.

"Sure. Go grab a pair of pajamas, get one for your sister, too," Edward answered her as he picked up Sasha in his arms. "Which mess do you want to clean up, the girls or the kitchen," he joked.

"I'll take the kitchen." I knew that he loved bathtime with the kids.

"Seth, please feed Jake then start your spelling." I began to clear the table.

"May I play on my Kindle after?" he asked.

"Yes, you may," I replied.

By the time I finished washing the dishes, Seth had finished his homework. I was double checking it when the phone started to ring.

"Hello," I answered.

"Hey, Bella. Can you please tell Alec to come home and that enough is enough." She sounded stressed.

"Uh, Rose, he isn't here. I haven't seen him since he got on the bus this morning."

"He isn't there? Dammit, he is way too old to be pulling this disappearing act," Rose complained.

"Did something happen?" I questioned.

She was quiet for a long moment. "He was asking about his father."

"Is there something wrong with Emmett?" I furrowed my eyebrows.

"Not him, Bella, But HIM," she insinuated

It clicked in my head "Oh."

"He and Alicia have family tree projects for school. Alicia had no problem putting down Emmett's information, but Alec asked for his real dad's name," she said in a quiet voice.

"He was bound to ask at some point. It's only natural that he would be curious," I pointed out. "What did you tell him?"

"I tried to tell him that Emmett was his father. But he continued to press, so I told him the man was a bad guy, like I did when he was young. That had always worked before, but this time it didn't; he wanted to know what he did that was so horrible. I started to get upset, and Emmett interceded by telling him to drop it. That didn't go over well, Alec hollered at him that he wasn't his real father then took off out the back door. I thought he went to your house to cool off," Rose explained, sounding exasperated.

"Rose, hun, you know I love you, but you're going to have to sit down with the twins and tell them eventually." I hated to be the bearer of bad news.

"I know, but I thought they would be so much older. They're only thirteen. Alec is too young to know, isn't he?" She sighed.

"Yes, he's young, but I don't think just telling him that his sperm donor was a bad guy is going to work anymore." I tried to reason.

"I know…I know…I just can't do it. I can't look him in the eyes and tell him. It's so much harder with him and Alicia than when I told Emmett," Rose lamented.

"He's not going to blame you or think less of you. Which is why the questions need to be answered now, rather than letting his mind run away with him, or if he tries to go find Royce himself."

"Ugh. You're right." She groaned.

"What if someone else sat down with him. Like, myself, Em, Edward, or even my dad? Would that take some of the pressure off?" I suggested.

"Am I terrible mother if I said yes." She hesitated.

"No, of course, not," I reassured her. "Maybe he found a way to visit Lucy?"

"Emmett just went there to drop off Alicia for a sleepover, so I'll have him check. I can't leave the house and go looking for him since the boys are sick. I'm getting worried, it's getting dark." She sounded anxious.

"I'll take Jake, and we'll see if we can find him. I doubt he's gone too far," I promised.

"Okay, I'll call around to see if he went to another friend's house," Rose agreed. "And, Bella, thank you."

"No, problem." I hung up with her.

I went upstairs to find Edward. He was in Vanessa's room reading the girls a book on her bed.

"I have to run out. Alec did another disappearing act, and Emmett is over at the Whitlock's," I explained.

"Do you want me to go?" Edward raised an eyebrow.

"I don't mind. I'll take Jake with me. I'll be back as soon as I can," I replied.

I grabbed my coat and hooked Jake up on a leash. "Okay, boy, let's find Alec." I patted his head.

"He's in the treehouse," Seth spoke up, he stood in the living room doorway.

"How long ago was that?" I asked.

Seth shrugged. "I saw him climbing the ladder when we were eating."

I sighed in relief, at least he didn't go far. He technically didn't break any rules either since he hasn't left the yard.

"Thank you, sweetie." I unhooked Jake since I wouldn't need him.

"Is he in trouble?" Seth asked.

"No, but he did make his mom worry about him." I walked to the back of the house with Jake on my heels.

I headed to the tree house built between the two houses. The night air was cool now that the sun had gone down and the leaves were just budding on the trees. Jake ran ahead and sat by the ladder and gave a small whine. I climbed up the ladder slowly and poked my head through the door. Alec was sitting on the floor with knees pulled up, staring at the ceiling. He glanced at me as I entered and scowled.

"I want to be alone," he huffed.

"Tough, we are going to have a talk. First, off you made your mother worry taking off the way you did." I sat across from him then sent a quick text to Rose.

"Whatever, I didn't leave the yard." He rolled his eyes.

"Lose the attitude. I know you're upset, but I haven't done anything to deserve to be spoken to like that," I scolded.

He gave me a look of regret. "Sorry, Aunt Bella."

I gave him a sympathetic look. "Would you like to talk about it?"

He frowned and looked at his feet. "I just wanted to know about my dad. Emmett isn't my real father."

"Well, he may not be related by blood, but he's very much your real father," I said.

His head shot up, and he looked ready to argue. I held up my finger asking him to wait.

"I know you want to know about Royce. But that man has never been a dad to you or Alicia," I explained.

"Is that his name? I still know nothing about him." His eyebrows furrowed.

"Yes, his name was Royce King, and I'm afraid that he wasn't a very good guy," I said.

"What did he do? I'm tired of just hearing that he was bad," he questioned.

"When we met him, we were in college. Royce was older and belonged to a fraternity. Your mom had a crush on him at the time. However, what we didn't know was that he was heavy into drugs and drinking. One night at a party, he forced himself on your mother and refused to take 'no' for an answer. Do you know what I mean by that?" I knew he had the sex talk already but wasn't sure if he would make the connection.

"Rape?" His voice cracked, and his eyes narrowed.

I nodded and watched him for a moment as he seemed to be thinking hard. His face crumbled and he blinked hard.

"Mom got pregnant with Alicia and me because he raped her?" he concluded.

"Yes, which is why it is so hard for your mom to talk to you about him," I said softly.

"How does she not hate us too?" His eyes welled.

My heart throbbed painfully at his broken look. It was definitely better that Rose didn't see it. I scooted closer to him and wrapped him in my arms.

"Your mother could never hate the two of you. She never has and never will, okay?" I hugged him.

"But he…we…" He looked at a loss.

"Alec, what happened that night was a tramautic experience for your mother. Something that no person should ever have to go through. But she has never hated you or Alica for a moment—I'll swear by it. And so would Aunt Alice. The minute she knew you were alive inside of her, she loved you. You and Alicia were her rays of sunshine through a very dark period. The only person she blamed was Royce and also herself. Never you two," I promised.

"What did she do wrong?" He looked confused.

"Nothing. But for a long time, she blamed herself for not being strong enough to fight him off. After time and with some help, she realized it wasn't her fault, and there was nothing she could have done," I answered.

We were quiet for some time before he spoke once again.

"Is he still rotting in jail," he asked.

"No. Do you remember years ago when you ran away from home? About the same time that I was about to go live with Uncle Edward since I was pregnant with Seth?"

"Yeah, but what does that have to do with anything?" He frowned.

"We found out that same day that Royce was released from prison, and we thought he had kidnapped you. This is why it makes your mother panic when you disappear like this." I wondered if I said too much.

"Oh…" He looked guilty.

"You didn't know. We found out soon after that he had moved away, and wrote your mother apologizing and promised to stay way from you and your sister."

"So does that mean he's still bad, or is he good now?" he contemplated.

I sighed. "To tell the truth, I don't know."

"Is Mom going to be mad you told me?" He looked worried.

I shook my head. "No, I talked with her before coming to look for you. She understands it was time to tell you even though she'd hoped this day would never come. Your mom is always going to be sensitive about this subject, which is why we're having this talk. I also don't think you should go telling your sister until she's ready for it."

"Okay." He nodded slowly.

He looked down at his shoes and scuffed his feet. "I owe my mom an apology, don't I?"

"I think you do. I know you were just frustrated and just wanted to know the truth, but I do think you hurt her feelings," I agreed. "While we are on the subject, I believe you owe someone else an apology."

"Dad." He grimaced. "I shouldn't have said he wasn't my real father."

"It wasn't a very nice thing to say. Emmett has tried his best with you and Alicia. Has he treated you any different than your brothers?"

"No," he said quietly.

"Okay, I think it's time we go home. I'll walk you back," I said.

Once on the ground, we crossed the yard to his house. His hands were in his pockets and the closer we got, the more his feet started to drag.

"It will be okay, Alec," I promised.

I saw the curtain in the kitchen move, then seconds later the door opened. Rose came outside onto the deck and was wringing her hands. Alec hurried forward and hugged her and buried his head into her shoulder.

"I'm sorry, Mom. I didn't know he hurt you," he cried.

Rose fought back her tears as she rubbed his back. She glanced at me for confirmation, and I just nodded my head. She took a deep breath and hugged him tighter.

"I know you didn't. I'm sorry too. I just wasn't ready for you to know. But I guess if it were up to me, I never would've been. I love you, Alec." She kissed the top of his head.

"I love you too, Mom."

"There's a plate in the microwave for you. Go on and eat." She ruffled his hair.

"Is Dad home?" he asked.

"He should be back soon." Rose looked surprised.

"Okay. Night, Aunt Bella." He waved at me.

"Night, Alec." I smiled back.

He went inside and closed the door. Rose turned and crossed her arms in front of her.

"Are you okay?" I asked.

"Yeah. I guess it's like ripping off a band-aid. How did he take it?" She looked nervous.

"He was upset at first, and I think that was to be expected. But he understands now why you kept it a secret for so long. I think he'll be okay, he's a strong kid," I told her.

"I guess. I'll have to have a talk with Alicia soon before he tells her." Rose looked resigned.

"I did tell him not to say anything to her," I told her.

"Thank you." She hugged me.

"Anytime. You would do the same." I returned the hug.

"He called Emmett, Dad. That's a first." Rose gave me a watery grin.

"He did. I believe he starting to realize that biology doesn't always make you a parent."

"I should get inside. I'm sure the boys need something before they fall asleep. Have a good night." She reached for the door knob.

"Good night, Rose."

I headed back and slipped into the house. Jake looked up from his doggy bed then settled back down. Everything was very quiet, and I glanced at the clock. I felt guilty that Edward put the kids to bed by himself.

I found him in the living room stretched out on the couch, watching a rerun of a sitcom from the 80s. He glanced at me then muted the TV grabbing me to cuddle in beside him.

"Is Alec okay? What happened?" He wrapped his arm around me.

"Is Seth in bed already?" I didn't want him overhearing our conversation.

"I told him he could read for a bit before lights out." Edward shrugged.

"Okay. Well, Alec had a family tree project in school and got very curious about Royce. He wouldn't settle for Rose's normal answer anymore and wanted to know more. Of course, this upset Rose since she wasn't ready to tell the twins. It blew up when Emmett came to Rose's defense, and Alec shot back that he wasn't his 'real' dad," I explained, resting my head on his shoulder.

"Oooo. I bet that didn't go well." Edward winced.

"He ran out but stayed in the treehouse. I ended up having a long talk with him about Royce."

"Should you have done that?" Edward hesitated.

"Was I the best person, maybe not. But I talked to Rose before talking to him. She agreed that maybe it would be better for someone else to tell him the truth about what happened. He took it a bit hard at first, but I think he understands why she couldn't bring herself to tell him, and that she loves him even after what Royce did. Oh, and later, after we had our talk, he started referring to Emmett as Dad." I smiled.

"That's good to hear. I know he was content with whatever Alicia and Alec were comfortable with calling him. He knew first hand that it could take awhile. But he's going to be over the moon to hear him say it." Edward played with my hair.

He leaned down and kissed me softly while turning off the television at the same time. "Let's go to bed," he whispered against my lips.

"It's barely after eight," I questioned.

"I wasn't talking about sleeping." He wiggled his eyebrows suggestively, making me laugh.

He helped me off the couch, and together we went up the stairs. We stopped inside of Seth's room. He had fallen asleep with his book on his chest, and Jake was now curled up at his feet. I found a bookmark to mark his spot then placed it on his nightstand as Edward tucked him in.

We split in the hallway, I stopped in Vanessa's room while Edward went to Sasha's. I found both girls in bed together and giggled. Edward appeared suddenly in the doorway looking frantic but smiled when he saw them cuddled together.

"I should have known." He chuckled.

He scooped up our youngest, and I gave her a kiss on the head as she mumbled something about kittens. He carried her off to her room. I turned back and tucked in Vanessa. I smoothed her hair from her forehead and kissed it.

I exited the room at the same time Edward exited Sasha's. We tiptoed down to our room, and Edward closed the door and gently pushed me against it. He placed tiny kisses along my neck and jaw.

"I have some news to tell you," he purred in my ear.

"Is it good news?" I asked, feeling lightheaded with him so close.

"Mmmm…the best news." My parents want to take the kids for a week this summer. And I plan to take you back to Victoria. I even got us the same room again." His eyes sparkled with happiness.

"Does this mean I can finally go on a zip line? I won't be pregnant this time," I asked teasingly.

"I could change that very shortly." He grinned wolfishly and pulled me into a searing kiss.

"We have our hands filled with three," I said out of breath when the kiss broke.

His hands slipped under my shirt and cupped my breasts. "Can we still fool around, though?"

"Always." I tugged his shirt off then ran my hands along his pecs.

"Have I told you lately that I love you?" He drew me close.

"Everyday. I love you too." I kissed him sweetly.

He then swept me off my feet and carried me to our bed.

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