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Kurama glanced down at his short girlfriend, catching her mumbled word as he met her outside the gates of Meiou Academy, "What's wrong, Kagome?" He asked, hiding his concern with his usual expression.

"How do you deal with... this everyday?" Kagome gestured to the group of girls that made up his fan-club and she shuddered when she felt the stabbing glares piercing into her person, "It looks like they want to eat me."

"I can't blame them," Kurama said smoothly, placing an arm around her shoulder and pulling her close to his side. He held back a chuckle when she flushed at the close contact, "As I would very much like to eat you as well."

"Okay, obviously wrong choice of words there," Kagome muttered, taking a deep breath to calm her quickening heartbeat, "Do they even know their 'precious' Minamino Shuuichi is dating someone?"

"I have no desire to tell them anything of my personal life," Kurama answered, "If they bother you so much, would you like to change it up? I will come to pick you up at your school rather than you picking me up."

"Hell no," Kagome said flatly, "It's best to keep you away from my school," She said, knowing that Eri, Yuka, and Ayumi would definitely would want answers if that ever happened, "Besides, do you really want the girls at my school to start their own fan-club there?"

"Point taken," Kurama conceded, "Though I would eventually like to meet this Houjo." His tone grew slightly annoyed and his green eyes grew icy.

"And I told you, he's just a friend," Kagome said in exasperation, patting Kurama on his back, "An overbearing one who can't take a hint, but still just a friend nonetheless."

Kurama said nothing in response as he began to plot a little prank that would cause this Houjo to back off, though it was interrupted when Kagome tugged insistingly on his arm.

"Let's go," The Miko glanced warily at the group of angry girls, who looked like they were getting ready to approach them, "If this is how they act, maybe I should start wearing a male uniform when I come here," She said thoughtfully, "Nothing strange about a 'guy' coming here to meet his friend, right? Plus, it would be easier to move around in."

"I'd rather you not," Kurama said with a sigh, "Yusuke already believes I'm gay. He doesn't need any more ammo." He said with a slight twitch of brow.

Kagome snickered, "Well, to be fair, I thought you were too with Hiei when we first met," She shrugged when he gave her a glare, "What? Are you saying you wouldn't go for me if I were a boy?" She asked teasingly.

Kurama pulled her close to his chest, smirking at her surprised squeak as he leaned down until they were nose-to-nose, "If you were male, I would make an exception," He pecked the blushing Miko quickly on the lips, "Just for you." He then smiled at her response.

"Damn Kitsune..."